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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal Patrick Penfield  CSPAN  October 19, 2021 2:03pm-2:16pm EDT

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coverage here on c-span2. ♪♪ >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more including charter communications. >> broglie is a force for empowerment. trotter invested billions building structure, upgrading technology, empowering opportunity communities big and small. >> charter communications support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers giving up front row seat to democracy. >> patrick at syracuse university, he's here to talk about what you heardut about ovr the last few weeks the supply chain. special thanks for giving us your time this morning.n. what's the best way to think
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about supply chain particular issues currently at play. >> it's pretty simplistic, important transformation output. the supply chain has gotten complicated over the years and a lot of it has been due to cost production trying to get the lowest cost so we have a global supply chain crisis, problems and issues throughout various parts of the project. >> with the biggest problem adding up to the crisis? >> the big one search materials, we have a shortage of ingredients, chemicals so that caused issues. we have long wait times i keep getting longer and longer. if you shipped something from china last year, 30 to 35 days, now about 73 days to get her. we have congestions, 56
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container ships outside waiting to be unloaded, we have a lack of workers, 4.3 million to run it a lot of people have a lack of warehouse space. nowhere to put it once it's unloaded. >> part of the problem because of the pandemic directly where the issues even before that? >> have had some issues with infrastructure so happening behind most of our problems right now sot the pandemic, weather events detects we have. >> relate this to the consumer at home. and of the president talked last week about the holiday shopping season and other issues as far as people reporting things not on shelves. what is the real worry for the consumer at this time in your mind? >> two things, one is they are
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going to see prices going up so that will be constant throughout the holiday season and secondt s lack of availability so you will see stuff there but not the variety we are seeing so it will be there. the things sold for holiday season will become quickly. >> our guest with us untilab 100 p.m. to talk about global supply chain and issues you are hearing, if you live in the eastern and central time zone. ontext us 2-027-488-0003. was the president talking about how they are resolving this issue? r to play a bit of what he said last week it and get your response r. >> after weeks of negotiation and working with my team and major union retailers, parts of
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los angeles announced today is going to begin operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. it follows the port of long beach commitment to 24/7 announced just weeks ago. 24/7 system, what most of the leading countries in the worldld operate on now except us, until now. this is the first key step to remove entire transportation logistical supply chain nationwide to a 24/7 system. >> that's part of thest proposa, how much will i do as far as resolving issues? >> getting involved in trying to fix the situation, it will help a little bit, i smartly to resolve our issues or problems just because the supply chain is complex so it's when you give us some relief.
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it is a bottleneck in the next bottleneck once you enroll, where you place it in where are the truck drivers to move back great? is going to be what's going to happen with that particularla situation. >> moving 24/7 operations, eight exacerbates the problem parks. >> i think it helps the unloading of the ship but will all happen is it will cause because it's going to be sitting there and still has to be moved. that's common within supply chains, usually when you get rid of one bottleneck, there is more. >> how does it work, is it primarily and power, use ofst technology, how does it work that things offload ships and onto ports? >> those are well automated so that's one thing if i were to
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stress the future we need to do a better job automating this facilities. it's labor-intensive rightht now so that is an issue having labor day and there's only so much you can work, 24/7 continuous operations, that's a lot of hard work for people on weekly basis so far other dilemmas to support that type of operation. >> look at the bottom line is increasingns. >> absolutely so you're probably time in half,f, doubletime so me costly than to runim 24/7 operations. >> when it talks about automation, the person writing it looked at what was going on. automation is the key to speeding up cargo, unloading, major bottleneck in the processa smart systems like program, transport technology and automated port management to go
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a long way making it more clean and efficient and dedicated high-speed lines the company major interstate to close the last. >> absolutely in favor of fact, that's a necessity to be done. long overdue, something i hope will happen. >> what does the technology look like? >> this is robotics you have in place, automated vehicles so it's technology there now so if you look at reports in the other parts of thes world, usc technology being in place. >> first call from you is from chuck and jefferson georgia, you are on with our cast, good morning, go ahead. >> one of the problems we are
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having is a back of truck drivers, correct? >> you are correct. >> what i don't understand is truck drivers can get drunk as a skunk on friday or saturday night and he's allowed to drive monday morning but i forgot a little pot friday or saturday, he can't drive. do to solve this problem? i know a lot of people who like to smoke a little joint friday night but then they can't drive. >> i think again, that's an issue outside of this. for the most part, that's something we want to make sure you protect the public safety as much as wee possibly can. i think that is the dilemma we have utilizing marijuana is understanding repercussions, a situation like that so i think the reason it's being done is to safeguard public safety for the most part. this is one think maybe in the
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future for can do more studies to understand what is happening. from my view, the best way to get mark truck drivers is maybe lower the agee limit 21 to 18, i think i would go a long way from another way is maybe to use the military. maybe some of their truck drivers they have to help with the shortage. i could tell you this, we've had a truck driver shortage probably 20 years. what exasperated that was covid when covid hit, we had truck drivers who were tired so because they retired, we had an increase shortage of the truck drivers and so that's my recommendation. lower the legal agey limit 21 to 18 and let's see if we can get the military truck drivers to help with some of the shortages and maybe that would allow that. >> do you think automated truck transport something that will come into play in the future?
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>> absolutely. theth big issue selling automatd truck transport is federal legislation. right now there's no federal laws allowing autonomous truck cross boundaries. you have laws within states to utilize them but there is no law going through different state to state situations. that's limiting those trucks. if weo get legislation enacted and in place, it would go a long way helping truck driving situation. >> this is elaine, good morning. >> i used to work for you in the transportation here in washington but i have a question. i have heard some truckers and fair rates were prohibited from going to the port because trucks were considered old or the driver wasn't unionized. that's number one. the second one you broughter up, get the carriers get trip
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tickets if they cross from stateline to stateline and if there's still a prohibition on what they can carry? >> great questions. i know there are four issues and i'm hopeful for port authorities will be of a more lenient in regards to the truck drivers who come. the problem is scheduling so that's what i've been hearing from the truck drivers for that particular schedule a time, fair told to leave so i think we have to be a little more lenient, we are focused getting trucks loaded and getting them out so i would suggest that if they could do that to make that change to allow for convenient when people show up further time. the second time, you can do that because every state --
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>> you can see the rest of us on our website, right now, will take you lift to the u.s. senate which is fighting and confirmation of the nominee for the u.s. district court in new jersey. live senate coverage here on c-span2. senate will come to order. the presiding officer: the senator from new jersey. mr. menendez: madam president. today i rise in support of the confirmation of ms. christine o'hearn to the united states district court for the district of new jersey. i was proud to recommend ms. o'hearn for this nomination. she has the qualifications, intellect to make an impartial federal judge and i'm confident she will serve the u.s. district of new jersey as well. she was born in


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