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tv   Nikki Haley Speaks About the Future of the Republican Party  CSPAN  October 14, 2021 7:18pm-8:00pm EDT

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but it's a based on the stuff i have said tens of billions of dollars going into opportunity zones. but unfortunately did not really need the money. they were already improving her went to projects that probably would have been built otherwise by. >> david wessel this book only the rich can play sunday night at eight eastern on c-span q and a. you can listen to q&a in our podcast on c-span now app. get c-span on the go watch the days of biggest political events live or on-demand any time anywhere on your new mobile video app. c-span now access top highlights discovered new all for free download c-span now today.
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>> next former governor un ambassador nikki haley talks about the future of the republican party at an event hosted by the ronald reagan presidential foundation institute in california. >> nikki haley served in the un under the trump administration for nearly two years before stepping down at the end of 2018. she was elected twice as south carolina'sed governor. [background noises] [background noises] >> ladies and general please welcome ambassador key haley.
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[applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] good evening everyone. my name is jon hi bush i have the honor of being the executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation and institute. welcome to all of you this evening thank you so much for coming. in honor of our men and women and uniform who protect and defend our freedoms around the world would you please stand and join me for the pledge of
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allegiance? [applause] i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. please be seated. [applause] before we get started i like to recognize a few special guests we have in our audience this evening. former congressman and his terrific wife. [applause][a [applause] our second special guest with us tonight is a member of our board ofbo trustees. for those of you who have had the chance to work with him you know he is no stranger to >> duty.
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gerry has been a public service by five united states presidents. hehe has served are the assistant secretary under president nixon and a member of president reagan's counsel on productivity. a member of president george h.w. bush counsel and a member of george w. bush commission to strengthen socialso security. closer to home who served on the reagan foundation board of trustees for 26 years and is personally responsible for some remarkable achievements during that time. as the chairman of our investment committee you've seen the i endowment fund one that has quadrupled in size for the last ten years. when he's not busy securing the reagan foundation future other day job includes serving
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the t chairman and investment firm based here in los angeles. his kindly agreed to act as host this evening and has the honor of introducing our featured speaker. [applause] >> thank you very much. good evening, i want to thank jon for those kind words. in on behalf of by fellow trustees, thank all of you for being here. it is an honor to welcome each of the latest installment of the reagan foundation speakers series a time for choosing. as most of us reaganites and now it is a phrase made famous by president reagan's pivotal 1964ag speech.
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as has been said at the start that speech referred to often as in the speech, set in motion a chain of events that would launch a political career, define a movement and reshape a party. today the party once led by ronald reagan is facing its own time for choosing. what are its core philosophies if any? what should the party stand for? what domestic and foreign policy positions are absolutely essential? in may, june, july and september guests at the reagan library could vice president mike pence secretary michael pompeo and governor chris christie. they offered their own views and their own perspectives in
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answer to these questions are critically important to the republican party's future. tonight's speaker will provide her's vision. facing her own times for choosing. c whether it to challenge an incumbent and her own party, to launch a political career. how to lead through tragedy when to step down for a diplomatic post when thehe ambassador ledat so capably the matter of principle for anyone
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nikkig to ambassador haley for direction wide spread praise for our experience in domestic policy and foreign relations. i daresay this speaker series would be incomplete without her. of course, while we ojo all hope tonight speech may give us some insight into the ambassador's next steps. [laughter] it's really all about the direction of the party. as has been said our personal attacks it is a place for serious and thoughtful
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discussion. it's also not a time or place to try to remake the past. president reagan believes in the future and upholding his legacy always means to looking for tomorrow, not longing for yesterday. as he said in the speech quote you and i are told increasingly we have to choose between left or right. while i would suggest, he said, as nothing is left or right there is only up or down. so what will the republican party look like tomorrow? next year or next decade in order to go up? ladies and gentlemen please welcome ambassador nikki haley.
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[applause] thank you gerry for your very, very kind words. and thank you all for being here. it is a great privilege to be back at the reagan library. this is truly an incredible place a most fitting tribute to our 40th president. ronald reagan's life and leadership provide so many important lessons for our country. i wish every american could visit this library and learn from it. especially right now in this extremely challenging time. it has become fashionable in some circles even in some conservative ones to dismiss the relevance of ronald reagan. they sayay we must move beyond a reaganism the times have changed they said and it is only right to change with them.
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while of course it is true that every era has its unique challenges. no period in history has an exact map for today but dismissing the of reagan makes no more sense than dismissing the legends of or washington but we must not reject the found wisdom of our past because it would be a sure way to destroy our future. it turns out there's a great deal of similarity between a reagan's time and hours. history is not exactly repeating but it is rhyming. think about it, growing inflation, or runaway federal spending and debt. rampant crime in our cities. radical leftists running our universities. radical islam is holding americans hostage and evil
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communist empire aggressively spreading its influence in the world. am i talking about 1980 or am i talking about today? the answer is both. many of the biggest challenges of our time look an awful lot like the ones reagan faced. our 40th president saw things clearly. he saw america face and asked essential threats. he knew victory in the cold war and success at home depended on rebuilding our national strength and restoringst confidence in the american cause. he did just thatkn and we know what happened. he rallied the american people to beat communism and preserve your freedom. he brought america to new heights of prosperity and opportunity. more than anything, ronald
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reagan renewed our will to compete and win. and that made all the difference. america has once again in the life or death struggle. in 1981 we were up against the soviet union. in 2021 we faced a series of enemies who want to destroy us islamic terrorists, iran, russia, communist china. they all want to harm america. they all want to drive it freedom from the earth and they all increasingly have the capacity and the will to attempt to do it. i saw a this threat plainly at the united nations. no, the un is a place where diplomats from all over the world gather and exchange pleasantries. [laughter] socializing iss encouraged and confrontation is discouraged. on the surface everyone plays
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nice. but just underneath the surface it is a very different story. a very ugly story. at the united nations and the world at large the unfree countries outnumber the free countries. they do truly evil things and get awaywh with it. when it is time to vote and condemned them a majority of the world usually takes their side. it sickens me too think about what those countries do and how many times the united nations refused to hold them accountable. in sierra of brutal murder uses chemical weapons against women and children. in north korea a tyrant expands his nuclear arsenal while starving his very own people. and iran, lunatics are building their own nuclear
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arsenal and bankrolling terrorists. and venezuela a socialist dictator, crushes freedom and tortures protesters. and in china the communist party is guilty of genocide. genocide that's happening right now at this very hour. yet, as we saw when he spoke to the united nations, joe biden cannot even call out china by name. make no mistake, our enemies are not just people with a different view about how to best to govern. they are barbaric. they want to roll back history to a very dark time. they spent many years of building their strength. and now they are done waiting. the fall of afghanistan has every one of them thinking america's error has ended and
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theirs has arrived. the taliban victory in afghanistan is a total disgrace. it leaves america leaker and the world and less safe at home. as the fall of saigon and the eye ron hostage crisis rolled into one. our country has not been this embarrassed in my lifetime. the american people have every right to be angry because it did not have to be this way. it should not have been this way. we went to afghanistan to stop the terrorists who killed nearly 3000 americans on 911. my husband deployed to afghanistan to fulfill that mission. president biden has thrown away at what michael and his military brothers and sisters fought for. he has thrown away more than 2300 americans died for. let's look at america's
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overseas structure parade we have around 200,000 american troops deployed around the world today. less than 2% were in afghanistan at the beginning of the year. we had fewer troops than we had and a dozen other countries. was it enough to make afghanistan a flourishing western-style country? of course not. no number of troops could have done that and nation building should never have been our mission. but we did have enough troops to stop the taliban from taking over and renewing a safe haven for terrorists. that was vital for american security. then, joe biden pulled everything out with no conditions. our worst fears were realized within days everyone thought coming except the president who promised it would never happen. or i come from that is a fire rebel offensive. now the taliban is back in
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power. their flag is flying over our embassy. last time they gavee al qaeda free reign to plot attacks on america. this time will be no different. al qaeda is still in afghanistan with the tell bibbs a blessing. you can bet they are hatching plans to attack us. that is who they are, that is what they do, thinking otherwise is naïve and dangerous. america is in greater danger today and we wereha just three months ago. joe biden thanks retreat is a sign of strength. he does not even realize his actions have told the world that america is too weak to stand up for itself. the consequences of this failure are echoing across the world. now there are not one but two radical islamic regimes in the world.
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afghanistan and iran. they are different in some ways but they are united in their hatred for america. and because of this administrations policies they are both gaining strength and determination. you can bet they will push idtheir advantages because joe biden has proven he will fold. russia is happy too. vladimir putin is thinking about how he can swalwell more of ukraine and perhaps southern neighbors and is pocketing the president a foolish concession. the media relentlessly and falsely called trump a russian stooge. in eight months and office joe biden has done more to improve russia's economic and strategic standing than trump ever did. it is disgraceful. and then there is the worst threat of all, communist
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china. beijing now sees the biggest opening it has ever had. taiwan is directly in its crosshairs. but it is not just taiwan. japan, south korea, india, australia, they are all starting to wonder if they stand alone. they too are wondering if the american era is over. it matters of our enemies think america will protect their friends andr allies. it matters even more if wheat won't protect ourselves and our way of life. that is exactly what china, russia, and the islamic terrorists believe right now. we are in a clash of civilization and the bad guys think the good guys lack the will toer win. that perception is very dangerous for america and for the free world. our enemies have always hoped this day would come.
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they know from history that when america retreats, freedom falters. but i also thought the united nations that went america steps up our enemies stepped back. the barbarians of the world. fear nothing more than a confident and strong united states with the courage of our conviction the most important mission of our time is to stop self loathing and regain our courage and renew ourur convictions. [applause] protecting our freedom starts at home. inin particular it starts with an uncomfortable reality. i recently came upon an observation by the imminent historian lewis. he said the roman empire in
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the medieval islamic empire were not conquered by more civilized peoples. they were conquered by less civilized but more vigorous peoples. in both cases with the made conquest possible what things were going badly wrong within the society so that it was no longer able to offer effective resistance. is he talking about rome or america? have things gotten so badly wrong and our society that we are unable to resist the forces of evil? for many americans the answer would be yes. a large portion of our people are plagued by self-doubt or america.ed of it is a pandemic much more damaging than any virus. every day more people think living in the land of the free is a curse not a blessing. you hear it on the news you
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readad it on social media and in schoolse curriculum. you see it in a rage and riots on our streets. nowadays were told our founding principles are tools of oppression. we are told the world's freest and most prosperous country is no better than any other. in fact we are told it is worse. we'll lift that is the case, why did so many haitians gather under the bridge in texas last month? [applause] [applause] they did not come here because americaau is evil. they came here because america is free. my parents always right of me, my sister, and two brothers that even on our worst day we are blessed to live in america. [applause]
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this plague of the self doubt is not new. it existed in reagan's time, jimmy carter spoke but it is much worse now. the american doubters are even more powerful than ever. they captured the school classroom, the corporate bold room t, and the back rooms of government. they owned the commanding height of culture and politics and are using their position to turn americans against each other and against our own country. this problem runs deeper than being awoke. it's bigger than critical race theory. those things are dangerous but the greater danger is anger towards america is now the bedrock belief of the american left. has my great predecessor un ambassador kirkpatrick said in reagan's time the left was
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happy to quote blame america first. today's democrats do not even believe in america. we have reached a place where the president and the vice president of the united states routinely accuse america of virtually every elected democratic politicianit agrees with them. this is an astonishing turn of events. just 17 years ago barack obama give the speech that launched him on his way to the white house. it was the 2004 democratic national convention. this is one of the most noted passages from his speech. then senator obama said quote we are one american family. theree is not a black american and white america a latino american and asian america. there is the united states of america. we are one people all of us pledging allegiance to the
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stars and stripes. can you imagine any prominent democrat making that statement today? [laughter] i can't. democrats have given up on america as a colorblind society. they see america's flaws as more profound than its strengths. they denyy the massive progress we have made and they punish anyone who disagrees. they are quick to praise those who attacked america and eager to attack those who praise america. democratscr have abandoned barack obama's unifying pumessage on race and national identity. republicans cannot make the same mistake. that message was our message at first. we must once again take it to the american people. we are fighting for a society where people are judged by actions not color.
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where discrimination is ended not embraced. work censorship is rejected and free speech is protected. we want a country that cherishes its principles and takes pride in its progress. we know the only way to bring out the best in america is to believe in america. we must not be ashamed of the american story. we should tell it everywhere go. we know some of it is hard to hear. the founders were not saints. they lived in a time in which slavery was legal and women's rights were an afterthought. we do not need to make excuses for those obvious injustices. but we cannot act like that is all the country is. the left is so focused on what was wrong they miss the profound things america got right. the american foundinger remains histories biggest leap forward for human freedom. for the first time a nation proclaim to all people are
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createdit equal. we haven't alienable rights in government is legitimate only when it derives from the consent of the government. what happened in 1776 turn history on its head and ttbillions of people are better for it. so no, america is not perfect by the principals at the heart of americao, are perfect. and the story does not stop rythere. the founders set a standard for america to meet and they summoned the american people to meet it. if you are reading a woke history book you would never know it. but if you are reading a real history book, evil meet those who pursued the promise of freedom, equality, justice for all. that promise sparked a fire t and the heart of frederick douglass, abraham lincoln and the abolitionists that brought slavery to an end. it move the minds of elizabeth cady stanton, susan b anthony
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the suffragist and all who made women's rights a reality. that promise filled the air and martin luther king jr. told us of his dream was made more real with the end of segregation and the victory of civil rights. that promise of america has been a constant in my life. i am the proud daughter of indian immigrants. the only indian family and a small rural southern town population 2500. [laughter]my my dad wore a turban, he still does to thisoe day. my mom wore a sorry no one knew who we were, but we were or why we were there. [laughter] i was a brown girl in a black and white world. every day my family faced stayers, whispers, suspicion, and exclusion.
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but then something very american happened. the community looked at beyond his skin color. they got to know my family as hard-working people who share their values. slowly, those stairs turned into smiles. those whispers turn into words of friendship. we went from being left out to be welcomed in, not every day was great. nearly every day was better than the one before it. iry have not just seen the american story, i have lived the american story. and take it for me the first female and minority governor of south carolina, america is not a racist country. [applause] [applause]
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this republicans should tell. it is a story republicans should finish. the moral mandate to make america freer, fairer and better it falls to us. lord knows there are a lot of wrongs to write where there's an education systemai that fails to many students. a welfare system the traps to many and poverty a healthcare system that is too costly and bureaucratic. there is a crime wave that claims to many lives disproportionally brown and black lives. owthere is a crisis at the board that undermines our safety and our national identity. there's too much trust and central planners in the fantasy of socialism and too aslittle trust in the genius of the people in capitalism. more than anything else, we must restore america's moral courage. [applause]
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we need the confidence that our cause is just and our true.ples are if we lose that we lose ileverything. still not have the will to win the fight between freedom and tyranny. america will destroy itself from the inside and our entity shall even have to look for finger. now is the time to remind our fellow citizens that america deserves our hard work and our love. students need to hear that need tobusinesses hear it and we need to take that message to communities or republicans do not go nearly enough. we cannot ignore minorities and women. [applause] the left is feeding them a false narrative about our country and more often than not it is all they hear.
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it's up to us to provide the truth about america. the sooner we lead a newer awakening of a patriotism the quicker we will stop the declaring belief the country is systemically racist. the sooner we rekindle faith and our first principles the faster it will make even more progress towards a justice for all. most of all, by restoring belief in the goodness of our nations international cause will prepare the country to beat the21 challenges of the 21t century. only a confident andnd proud america can win the clash of civilization. ih have faith we will come to this crisis. after all it was only 16 years from the fall of saigon to the fall of the soviet union. when president reagan predicted the soviet collapse it appeared on imaginable. nine years later it happened.
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i firmly believe freedom and democracy will also lead chinese communism and the criminal regime in iran on the ash heap of history. [applause] and when i look to the american future, i see what others don't see. and i marvel at it. i see a country proud of its principles and place in the world. people at peace with each other and protecting our values but a culture shining as a beacon for all to see. to date that vision seems impossible but it's not just my vision, it is what abraham lincoln meant when he called for a new birth of freedom during another terrible time in our nation. the last best hope for earth. that last of beth hope of man
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on earth at another time of great division and our country. like them were called to bring up the best for our country. some the best of our people. for those who america's glory days as behind us. but i don't believe that. how could i after h all i have seen. as a brown girl growing up in a small southern town i saw the promise of america unfold before me. as a governor of south carolina i saw our state move beyond hate and violence and unite to take down a flag but did not belong in our state capitol. [applause] as ambassador i saw america still the standard. when we lead the world follows
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only speak the world listens what we are the world wants. i was reminded of america's special role every day at the united nations. but one day stands out among the rest. it was the day i stood on the boulevard bridge between colombia and venezuela by the thousands of link from socialist tyranny. i can still see their faces. they were hard and sad. many walked many miles the blazing sun did the only they might eat that day. they are coming from ay place where they kill zoo animals for food. entire families of past me what caring what few possessions theyy had. for some it was a stuffed animal. for others a plastic bag with
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a couple of pieces of clothing inside. when i left the bridge and went to a nearby shelter burned by the where they were all gathering. i met a few of them and i hugged them. after a few minutes more and more families did not understand the flock to someone they'd never met then it hit me they did not care who iey was. they carried were i was from. and me they saw america and in america they sawe. hope. the time has come to revive that hope. we must keep it alive for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and yes our world. ronald reagan said freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. america is now putting that to the test. i have faith that we can pass that test like we always have. our challenges are steep but
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they are not too steep to overcome. so long as we believe in america and fight for america. we have no higher calling as a people together with you i pledge to answer that call and inspire our country once again. thank you, god bless you and may god bless america. [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause]
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