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tv   Blue Origin Launches William Shatner Others into Space  CSPAN  October 13, 2021 9:57pm-10:35pm EDT

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actor william shatner and others into space from long aside and let east texas. after the return mr. shatner speaks about his experience this runs about a half an hour. >> everybody. we are about to go where very few people have gone before. ladies and gentlemen it's time to launch this rocket.
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ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, command engines start, two, one. with the second human space flight crew, what a launch. a milestone here on a flight to
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space. you can follow along obviously with the base of the screen as well as the speedometer. they are gaining speed on their claim to space. we have confirmed maximum. this is when the aerodynamics presses on the vehicle at the maximum.
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thank you again for joining live for the second human flight with audrey powers. william shatner, chris onboard. they are wellhe on their way to space. so far a phenomenal flight and clean burn on the blue engine three. shepherd giving them a beautiful flight to space this morning. the rocket is climbing towards an altitude or aiming just over the line internationally recognized line as space 100 kilometers that is about 328,000 feet and a gorgeous view down the rocket. and now we've had a main engine cut off. the engine has shut off and in just a moment we are going to separate the capsule from the booster and at that point the astronauts will have the opportunity to get out of theirr
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harnesses and enjoy the beauties of 0g. let's wait to listen. there you can see a clean separation between the capsule andea the booster. there you can see the capsule from the top of the booster.
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>> they they are. they have just about hit. 351,000 feet. i can just imagine they are having the time of their lives.
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thank you again everybody joining us live from west texas the second human crew a phenomenal flight. so exciting. to have sent captain kirk himself, william shatner to space. i cannot wait to hear his commentary upon return as well as the two customers one from australia and the fans are tuning in from down under baig shout out and audrey powers is
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coming back home the booster will be the capsule back home it is more aerodynamically shaped database is a blunt and it is less aerodynamic will we will see coming up shortly is at the top of the rocket their rings been the pisceans that extend out as well as the wedge fins to help stabilize the vehicle like the feathers of the back of a narrow and then you will see the drag breaks —- you mention it cuts the velocity dramatically. you can seen the wedge fins are out.
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we will expect that engine to re- light. the drag breaks have deployed and here it comes. touchdown welcome back the fourth flight to space to provide a beautiful flight to space for the second human
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crew that gets me every time when you do this live the sonic boom is so cool drag race they are pulling back in just like the wedge fan. >> even when you know to expect the sonic boom it catches you off guard every time. >> talk about a beautiful site of the shepherd rocket but the show is not over the capsule is descending we are waiting for those chutes to deploy it is like the guide parachute followed by that will fully inflate there goes the parachute.
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here come the means. what if light. you can hear the cheers from outsideer. [inaudible conversations]
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>> have about that? unlike anything we've described. astronauts 96, 97, 98, 99. us astronauts. >> standby touchdown. standby touchdown. >> capsule touchdown. welcome back too the newest astronauts audrey powers, william shatner and to our customers. what a day for you. welcome back.
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i cannot wait to talk to them to hear what they experienced up there this morning a clean and beautiful flight for our astronauts. >> a stunning flight and i also love to hear that audio of them on their way back about how the experience was i cannot wait to hear their story. >> you heard william shatner say this is like nothing i've ever experienced anything before then he has traveled the entire intergalactic universe. [laughter] what a day for our astronauts. our team isng preparing landing safety operations. will be on the ground at the landing site to follow the action in just a bit maybe even talk to the world's newest astronauts. some breathtaking stuff you will see the recovery team
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show up shortly because we send them out for the capsule has landed because by now we are very veryhe good at analyzing where the capsule will come good one —- whether it will come down with the wind so we will see the recovery team and of course we will be joined by friends and family as they emerge from the capsule. there in the texas desert after having gone up and back.
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here is some beautiful shots awaiting the recovery team they had communications withio those for astronauts they all gave the thumbs-up they are doing okay after an exhilarating flight to space and back. now i am regretting we don't have a champagne shower for ourselves. [laughter] >> there are some waves from the astronauts. and then the ride to space
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here comes the recovery group. >> beautiful shots think of the parachutes have fallen pretty capsule itself.
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we had to delay one day because of the gusty wind. but today has been a beautiful day for lunch and the landing a for new astronauts. >> talking to chris a few days ago he flew that around the world he is a dj we have a new astronauts and those postcards i just returned fromhe space and some other personal items like this us be full of music we should play that. >> and as a side gig as a dj and then released an album on friday. i cannot wait to see what he does with that music. musicians on board everybody knows of him
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as an actor he also seemed so that is one of the most beautiful things about what we're doing to open the door to more people to go to space yes the scientist and the engineers but now the artist, poets, singers, dj, lets see what they create coming out of this experience. we set up before. going to space changes you with the overviewal affect. i can't wait to hear the stories in the art that comes out of this now going around the capsule to get the thumbs-up from each astronaut.
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>> thank you again everybody joining us live from west texas we just conceded the second human fight of the new shepherd vehicle. our crew on board the great william shatner now the oldest person you have ever flown to space at 90 years old and audrey powers as wello as are two customers and the recovery crew is out there and is about to open the hatch there is our founder to give a big thumbs-up.
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just days else - - jeff bezos. >> very happy. [cheers and applause] >> here comes the friends and family. [cheers and applause] [laughter]
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[inaudible conversations] [applause] >> thank you for joining us live from west texas the
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second human spaceflight crew has gone to space and backup 351,000 feet. we are awaiting jeff bezos to open the hatch. [cheers and applause] >> there is audrey powers a big hug from her sister.
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captain kirk himself, the great william shatner. and our customer the first full australian citizen to go to space and back. big hugs from their loved ones. [inaudible conversations] >> not only is it different from what you thought. [inaudible] [laughter]
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>> i want to hear this. >> the champagne showers have begun. to taken a moment clearly.
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>> it was unbelievable. everybody needs to see this. but to see the blue color then you are staring at blackness. the coloring of blue like a comforter of blue and then you look into blackness the blue over there than the black up there there is mother earth is at the way death is? i don't know. then when it is gone it is peace? this experience to say yes.
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you know. it's all true but what isn't true but the soft blue. it is so thin and you are through in an instant. >> but you go to thousand miles an hour whatever the mathematics are many were throughh the blue then it is
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black of what that galaxies but what you see is black and what you see down there is white and that is the difference. so what you have given me is the most profound experience. i hope i never recover from this. i went to lose it. is a larger than me and life and has nothing to do with the
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enormity with the suddenness of life and death. it is amazing. what i would love to do is communicate as much as possible and that vulnerability of everything so small. this air which is keepingke us alive is bigger than your skin. it is a sliver and immeasurably small when you think in terms of the
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universe. morris doesn't have that nothing. with that carbon dioxide change to oxygen. but then the moment. i am overwhelmed. we were talking earlier before going. and those phrases that you
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have. the have to explain but for me and then to may be so that is a possibility. figure out that there's something here.
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we will hold that. so i am thinking. and then our little more nervous. by the way the situation is only a simulation. everything else is much more. it doesn't capture. so what will happen can i survive? [laughter] >> oh my god.
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nothing. >> it makes you feel you have camaraderie? >> [applause]
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>> live from the call in new jersey this is an j decides 2021 gubernatorial debate. facing up tonight please welcome the sitting governor of the state of new jersey bill murphy. [cheers and applause] and the challenger former state legislator


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