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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer on Debt Ceiling 2022 Budget Voting Rights  CSPAN  October 5, 2021 8:01pm-8:10pm EDT

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>> get c-span on the go watch the days biggest political events live or on-demand any time anywhere our new mobile video app. c-span now access top highlights, listen to c-span radio and discover new podcasts all for free. download c-span now today. ♪ ♪ >> senate majority leader chuck schumer that democrats will pass both a reconciliation budget and the infrastructure bill. he also said republicans have manufactured a crisis on the debt ceiling. mitch mcconnell said the budget reconciliation bill would be the biggest tax increase in the last 50 years and addresses medicare costs. here are their remarks from the senate floor. >> mr. president first on build back better, democrats continue their work this week to iron out the details of our build back better agenda. a onceni in a generation
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opportunity to rebuild ladders for working families to reach the middle class. to help people stay in the middle class who are already there. and to secure another century of american prosperity. i sighed a health another round of extension talks of extensive talks with top officials from the white house with the speaker and with my senate colleagues. we made good progress and we continue our talks later this week. there is more work to do, so we are going to keep at it. we are going toan work at this everyha day until we can get it done. i want to thank my colleagues the speaker in the white house for a everything they are doing to finalize this important bill. it is a rare opportunity to do something big for the american people. we will press ahead until he passed both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and our build back agenda into law. now on the debt ceiling. night, as you know mr. president, last night
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about closure on legislature sent to us by the house of representatives that provides for suspension of the debt ceilinggo until september of 2022. the senate is going to hold that boat tomorrow. once again the members of this bodyli will face a choice. we can bring this republican manufactured debt ceiling crisis to a swift end, republicans can keep barreling our country ever so close to the first default that american history. now it is perfectly clear which political party is working to prevent a default on the debt and which party is deliberately and almost cynically rooting for one. republicans have been offered multiple opportunities to de-escalate the crisis they have created. each time the republican leaders chose to magnify it instead. last week democrats offered a commonsense proposal that would have addressed the debt
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ceiling on a bipartisan basis. republicans voted instead to default. democrats then offered republicans with the republican leader said they wanted by proposing a simple majority vote. exactly what happened in the early i 2000 and again, republicans blocked it in favor of default. by now it is clear that despite what they say republicans seem intent on seeing the u.s. missed out on its payments for the first timer ever. they seem perfectly at ease telling the american people including our active military social security recipients, and all those who rely on medicare that they are unequivocably the party of defaults. the republicans are funequivocably the party of default and some of them seem proud of it. it's hard to believe one of america's two major parties will be willing to jeopardize our entire economy and
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irrevocably damage our standing throughout the world just because they do not like that that party that won the election is following through on its agenda to help american families. but that it'sie exactly what is going on here. now should be clear, let's be very clear, tomorrow's vote is simply a cloture vote.he it's not about to raise the debt ceiling. it's rather a procedural step to let democrats raise the debt ceiling on our own, just as republicans have called for. let me say that again so all of my republican colleagues can hear it and the american people can hear it loud and clear. tomorrow is about is simply a cloture vote. it is not a vote to raise the debt ceiling. it's rather a procedural step to let democrats raise the debt ceiling on our own. we are telling republicans we are not asking you to vote for it. just let us vote for it.
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that is what you've called for that is what leader called for countless times since july. as recently as yesterday the republican leader pointed to i episodes and 2004 and 2006 while the majority raise the debt ceiling while the minority voted against it. that happened then the minority party can just get out of the way and let the majority supply the votes. tomorrow's vote then it is a chance for republican senators to show they do not have to link arm in arm with those extreme members t of their conference running for president. they have a chance to show they are still responsible. it is not too late but it's getting dangerously close. as i said yesterday this chamber must send president biden legislation to raise the debt ceiling before the end of the week. we do not have the luxury of
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using a drawn out, convoluted and risky process. we can resolve the debt ceiling crisis this week and assure the world the full faith and credit of the united states will never be in question. democrats are going to do the responsible thing tomorrow and vote yes to prevent the default. t there is still time, still time for republicans to get out of the way and allow this bill to pass the simple majority vote. if republicans want to vote no tomorrow, if they really want to be the party of default, that is their choice. now on voting rights, mr. president despite all we must do in the coming weeks, senate democrats remain
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strongly committed to advancing legislation in this chamber to protect the most precious right in our democracy, the right to vote. later today v my friend from vermont senator leahy will introduce the new john lewis voting advancement acts. i am a cosponsor. and it is my intention in the coming weeks for the send to hold ato vote on this bill. as a complement to the freedom to vote act, senator leahy's bill would restore some of the most critical safeguards of the original voting rights act vetted by the supreme court conservative majority in 2013. perhaps most importantly, this proposal would reinstate the so-called crown jewel of the civil rights movement. the preclearance coverage formula retailer to the 21st century. it would also adopt new provisions to address the next generation of suppressive voting already sprouting in states unfortunately across the country.
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critically, this new bill also responds to the court's troubling ruling in the case earlier this year. a decision which further weaken the vra protection against state practices that hinder minorities seeking to vote. i will have more to say on this later. but for now i want to thank my colleague from vermont for his diligence and leadership in our fight to protect our democracy. the senate must act soon if we are to successfully defeat the antidemocracy forcesri of the four rights. and we will, we will do just that. mr. president i yield the floor. >> all the american people are battling inflation, and explore since 2008 the writing another reckless taxing and spending while our economy


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