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tv   President Biden Visits Training Facility in Howell MI  CSPAN  October 5, 2021 7:50pm-8:02pm EDT

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facts on wednesday the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing to examine the john r lewis voting rights advancement act of 2021. large coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span also watch and you can also watch our coverage of c-span now our new video app. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now president biden visits international union of
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operating engineers local 324 training facility in howell michigan for the president talks but its infrastructure proposals during this ten minute stop. >> mr. president. [laughter] this is mr. john hartwell. >> hey john how are you? >> he is going to go over the simulators and everything not only as training but what they do as outreach as well. so john if you want to take over. >> welcome tort simulator training. you're going to through little bit of technology. eric is a first year apprentice. he is practicing for a cdl for
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his commercial drivers license. so we purchased this simulator and helps us with the wear and tear in our vehicles very quickly is to have a commercial drivers license. >> erickson in automatic mode right now for different transmissions we can program into this simulator. and like i said, it really helps get the basics and safety down before we put them on a truck out back. redoing a lot of clutch repair a lot of truck maintenance. it reduce that. that has been one of the bigger items for our apprentices coming in. >> i will tell you what man, when you are driving if you like you own the world. [laughter] i am serious, you get up there man you feel like you own the world sitting up there. >> it is pretty powerful. we have nine simulators in total in our inventory now. mr. mark zender's running an excavator.
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this simulator we have here cost about $60000 paid the actual excavator if we had a purchase that or put somebody and that we are talking maybe 400,000. it's an economical way to train. these have motion platforms. they move, mark can you make it move some? he can really jostle it around some and get it moving. we have been doing simulator training for about 20 years. when we first started doing it , i was not impressed. now 20 years later that is where the technology has come a long these really feel like the real peace. one of the pieces we do with that comment we take it for our outreach to the different programs in the high schools around the states. we've actually set some high schools up to where they can purchase some so they can train their programs. building trades in high school a lot of times that we are thinking about is homebuilding construction.
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i think with the build aback better agenda, i think the simulators, the training they go hand-in-hand. >> i agree with you. i agree. >> a student could come out of high school nelson experience operating or career exploration across the trades as i want to be an operator they can do a direct application interpreter ship program and help us fill that skill gap. >> when i go around the high schools it excites them. they do not know what they do not know but they sit behind this and see it and go while i like this, not everybody but it turns them on. too actually see what it is like. high school guys like this. [laughter] he and i are in the same high school class. >> so if you look around the room we have today for our staff that's why we need the young people in, right? and you're not going be the trade forever.
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with the money coming into build back better it creates so much opportunity. not only for this the country for but for the communities. >> get new infrastructure improved as we go along. >> by the way not only that but it's going to do is if you put that out over ten years every bit of it is paid for by the way. no deficit, every bit of it is paid for up front. this idea my republican friends so they will not do the debt limit, the whole thing about this a debt limit thing, it's not money in the future it's at money spent in the past by the previous administration and they will not find it now. anyway to make a long story short this is really exciting stuff. one of the things of the last 25 years, the idea of shop and high school, so many high
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schools have cut two things, shop classes and music classes. you've probably changed a lot of that. it is just amazing, think back the first time you said i think i might like to do the stuff. i am serious, i am serious. i think it is great i really do. >> stepped right over this way sir, tim butcher. >> hey timmy, how are you doing good to see a pal. >> tim is actually operate in the same simulator with a loader on it. we've got eight different pieces of equipment that are programmed into this one simulator including train. so it is economical again for us to train that way. the students coming out of high school there will come into our apprenticeship program are coming into a three year, 6000 our department of labor registered apprenticeship.
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all in a garage for a spin in a garage for 50 years and the thing stills runs. >> you're kidding me. >> were in the process of restoring it. of pulling it is how the red screen on the left this will be out there somewhere too. it is they work in progress but we are getting there with it. it was exciting just to find it and it still runs. i like to introduce you to steve mcfarland. steve. >> jimmy mcfarlane termite high school for. >> i don't think any relation sharper. >> hell of an arm to her. >> not me sir. >> he wears multiple hats is not on the shop foreman he's the lead instructor is the apprentice a coordinator for the technician. so this is his room we are in his area. when i walked the door he says way to make this is my spot. >> permission to come aboard sir. >> yes, sir. >> i'll let you take it over
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steven. >> perspective thank you for coming toward training facility what we have to offer here. appreciate it's a good thing. the governors were doing something special here. yes i am in charge of the technicians, apprentices. our program is in its infancy is only seven years old. the operant part of our training center that's been going 70 years. we are getting things rolling. we start with projects that are 75 years old, right? bring them back to life so everybody can see you then. you compare that to the machine on the lowboy when you get outside the difference in how technology has changed over the years and how we have to keep up with the technology in our young people and those who i went to apply to the programmer. >> to think your guys would be flying drones in these bridges come on her. >> honestly when is the military started flying drones i knew that was coming. >> all right.
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[laughter] that helps. >> our military has a future there is no doubt about that's a great place to start for people. the technicians is four years, 8000 hours, they spend 200 hours or the training center and in classroom training which is a good for us because as you see we've got our guys working on forklifts we have spider cranes over here, this was actually battery powered real nice. this was propane powered. once you step outside you'll see your equipment my guys maintain all of that. it's quite a challenge how do i teach all that different technology, we base everything on fundamentals. i can take a fundamental of electronics for my trucks and my crane. and i can expand.
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these young men and women come in together and use what they learn out on the job to teach each other. that is where the learning really starts when they start to talk. and then you are just kind of lead and down the path as they go parade they get more involved they do self investing. apprenticeship is what it's all about. the self investing part it is wonderful, it is wonderful. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more including comcast. >> you thinking this is just a community center? >> notes way more than that. parting with a thousand community centers have students are low income families get the tools they need to be ready for anything. >> come support c-span is a public service with others television providers giving it a front row seat to democracy.
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>> get c-span on the go watch the days biggest political events live or on-demand any time anywhere our new mobile video app. c-span now access top highlights, listen to c-span radio and discover new podcasts all for free. download c-span now today. ♪ ♪ >> senate majority leader chuck schumer that democrats will pass both a reconciliation budget and the infrastructure bill. he also said republicans have manufactured a crisis on the debt ceiling. mitch mcconnell said the budget reconciliation bill would be the biggest tax increase in the last 50 years and addresses medicare costs. here are their remarks from the senate floor. >> mr. president first on build back better, democrats continue their work this week to iron out the details of our build back better agenda. a onceni in a generation


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