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tv   Jack Cashill Barack Obamas Promised Land  CSPAN  September 6, 2021 8:59am-10:01am EDT

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yes, it is entirely possible that avery could have another shot but she has no guarantee and the desperation that follows that, the urgency the fall said something i felt, that when i finished law school and my family, we were very economically precarious. i was a first one with real money and i could make -- could make mistakes. i couldn't stumble and cost as this one opportunity. i have amazing siblings who were all going to dwell eventually but you don't know for sure and a sense of responsibility is what's part of what i wanted to view in the character but also wanted to create space for anyone else who's thinking about do i take a risk, like what is at stake in what am i willing to jeopardize to do what i think is right? >> to watch the rest of this program visit our website and use search box to find all of her c-span and appearances.
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>> welcome to the event tonight. my name is paul schiffer, to make it quick i've been a longtime political activist since the mid-1980s, and that's when i met jack cashill after his first book, first strike came out about the downing of twa 800. i met him in d.c., interviewed him down there and since then, national syndicated show i've interviewed him at least ten times. .. and many others. besides the book authoring he writes every week >> and also, he's an activist in his own right.
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back in 2004 me and him teamed up to bring down john kerry. if you remember the swift boat veterans. jerry who is a best selling author and jack cashill and i worked with him nationwide "unfit for command" and with the vietnam veterans brought town john kerry's candidacy. jack cashill has written a dozen nonfiction books and produced the score of feature length documentaries. jack writes for the american thinking-- thinker, writes for the washington times and weekly standard. he has a ph.d. from purdue
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university in american studies and taught under the auspices of the fullbright program. in conclusion i'd like to bring up one of my favorite versus, 5:11 and i think it applies to jack cashill. it says do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them and that's what he's been doing the past 20 years exposing the evil deeds of the obama administration and the clinton administration. with that, with no further ado, i bring my friend, jack cashill to the podium. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, it's good to be in cleveland. this is my 11th appearance on book tv, i don't know if nip's done more, but i'm certainly
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appreciative and the cancel culture, what i particularly like about book tv. they don't edit you. they don't tell you what to say and what not to say and which is, i suspect, by a purdue grad, brian lamb. thank you all. i was thinking about an experiment where i walk into the new york times news room, if they'd have me, and i'd ask them, where did george washington spend the first year of his life? and they would look at me like, everyone knows the answer to this, of course we know. and they'd say virginia, or some more specific, a county in virginia. and i'd ask them when george washington was born. >> a lot of them to tell the year, without looking it up.
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i can tell you. >> and the day he was born february 22nd. now, if i walked into that same news room and asked that news room, where did barack obama spend the first year of his life? [laughter] >> i'm not sure a single person in that news room could tell me the answer. and a lot of you probably know the answer. in seattle, washington. right? he spent the first year of his life on capitol hill in seattle, washington. you would think it was capitol hill in the news last year he and his mother ann dunham lived at the gates of the capitol hill autonomy zone, chas, and you would think that the media would want to know about that, and make a deal about that, but they do not. if i asked when he was born,
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august of-- and the where is not as much as the when we'll talk about that. and the question then is, people who don't know where obama spent the first year of his life and who are producing our news and the news is turning into history, how can we trust them to know what happened after that first year? and the answer is, we cannot. they literally know more about obama's -- they literally know less about obama's first year than about george washington's first year and that's essentially a disgrace. now, in 2020, obama came out with his newest memoir, much awaited, much acclaimed memoir called "a promised land", giving my background in studying obama, i felt to read the book, i took one for the
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team, 750 pages. the and i read the reviews of the book and it's hard to do, the reviewers know so little about barack obama. they don't know when he's telling the truth and when he's not. they don't know what should be in there and what is not. so the net result of the reviews, which many of them are well-written, new york times, washington post and assign their best reviewers is essentially a compendium of guesses and speculation. they don't know. and the real danger and part of the reason why i wrote this book, is because fake news is on the verge of becoming fake history. and just to give you a case in point is douglas brinkley, you may have seen this guy on tv, prominent historian, written at least-- books about at least six different presidents, many of them current or recent i should say. on the eve of donald trump's inauguration he was asked to sum up the obama presidency,
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and i'm paraphrasing here, but i'm close. first of all, he said, his presidency was almost unimpeachable, that's a quote. he governed with honesty and integrity, quote. and then he said this, he leaves us a lasting legacy of eight scandal-free years. now, those in the audience to studied obama or paid any attention to the news, the real news, know that that is a blow me over kind of comments. eight scandal-free years, what doesn't count? i guess benghazi doesn't count. i guess the suppression of the irs suppression of tea party doesn't count. i guess fast and furious didn't count. pickford doesn't count. the whole libya intervention doesn't count. what counts, the 34 lies told publicly to support obamacare
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that got obama named the lie of the year, if you want your doctor, keep your doctor, if you have got your health care, you keep your health care. and in that definition of the world, the new york times when it's called a scandal on the front page. if that doesn't happen, then it's know the a scandal. so in that respect obama has eight scandal-free years and they were sitting there applauding him for this. now, that leads to a-- something of a conundrum, a problem for obama. and that is, that kind of thinking leads to the history being recreated from the news. the journalism is the first ramp of history. and so c-span, bless their hearts, did a survey, they do this every four years, of 100 to 150 prominent historians and
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douglas brinkley is among them and they asked to rank the presidents in order and then you have to ask yourself where would you put obama among that list, the first year, the most recent one in which polls trump and obama were listed. where do they go? trump gets 41st place out of 44. that doesn't surprise you. what surprises you he didn't get 44th place out of 44. and thank god for james pierce and buchanan and i think chester arthur. barack obama, top 10. number 10. just to put that in perspective, ronald reagan got number nine, right? and this is the way that historians think. again, a scandal is only scandal on the front page of the new york times, from that perspective there were no scandals in the barack obama presidency. by the way as the story goes, the difference between the new york times and the old soviet
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pravda is the readers of the pravda knew they were being lied to and the readers of the new york times haven't figured that out. and part of the reason for the book is to intervene in this process and no one else is doing it. sort of my obligation as a citizen of the united states tells the truth. it's there, it's not that hard to find. now, the stock for obama will likely drop as it's dropping for several presidents, most notably woodrow wilson, he was sixth and now 13th and that will continue to drop. and i'll tell you why the stock will drop. i will summarize an anecdote and just, i double-checked this this morning and make sure i was right, i got the dates right and everything else. in march of 2012, michelle obama goes on the david letterman show to talk about an incident in which she was involved. it was sort of much celebrated
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in the news. and what the incident was she went in the guise of a suburban mom to a target in suburban virginia and this is a regular shopper, she was disguised, you know, so no one would know who she was. i guess the secret service detail had to hover in the other aisles, and she's telling this story on david letterman and she goes, i'm paraphrasing, but very close, laughing, it was so much fun i had a great time, a great thing and i go there and no one knows who i am. and then a woman walks up to me and i'm feeling, oh, i say to my assistant, our cover is blown, and then the woman comes up and she goes, ma'am, could you reach up off that shelf and get something, now? and so michelle was very tall, nearly six feet tall and gets it hands it to the woman and she said you didn't have to make it look so easy, says michelle. that's a telling detail. you didn't have to make it look so easy and letterman says at
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that michelle, in total suckup mode as you can imagine. no one recognized you? >> no one recognized me at all. now, let's fast forward two years. and things have started to fall apart in many ways. ferguson has happened in 2014. people magazine comes to interview michelle and barack together at the white house and the reporter for people recorded the interview, so it wasn't like they were paraphrasing or taking things out of context. and then the subject of the interview was racism in america to understand. and the theme was even the first lady has to deal with racism. so she gets to tell the target story all over again, here she is, barely disguised this time. and she goes into the store and in the original version, the letterman version, we had no idea what the race of the woman who asked her to get something
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off the upper shelf, but in this time it's implied the woman is white. and the woman comes up to obama, to michelle obama and she says to michelle, the same thing, ma'am, could you get something off the shelf? and here is how michelle intemperatures this now. even the first lady gets treated like help, right? and she was-- led the audience to believe this is the message to be taken from this incident, that even the first lady of the united states, if she's black, gets treated like the help. and you could hear the reporter from the people magazine clucking as she tells this story. that's an incredibly pernicious thing to do. you take this funny, charming incident and turn it into another example of racism in america. but that, by 2014, that is all that michelle and barack had to sell. and it didn't have to be this
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way, it wasn't supposed to be this way, but that's the way it was. and that is when the historians evaluate barack obama's presidency, forget the scandals, let's concentrate on the great opportunity barack obama had, and i will say this about obama, i think he was sin veer-- sincere when he came to the convention in 2004 to in boston. and it's a memorable speech and democrats across america were swooning and justifiably, he was a rock star and here was his promise. his promise was, there's not a black america and a white america, there's not a liberal america and a conservative america, there's a united states of america. applause. the people in the audience, even many conservatives, many republicans, yes, this is who we want. if we're not going to vote for this guy, maybe, but if he's elected we want someone who can
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pull us together and that was his promise. now, in the same speech, he started that speech he spent the first three paragraphs talking about his father, barack obama, sr. and his father, if you recall, was a goat herder in kenya and his mother was a little farm girl from kansas. and they meet and they have an improbable love and they have a great faith in the nation. and with that space they give birth to barack obama and obama and the family lived together for two years until barack senior gets a call to go to harvard and unfortunately the little family is over, but for two years they live together with this improbable love and great harmony. that's the story he told in 2008 and every stop on the campaign trail and david recommend remnick, said he
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told it, and premise was false. and leads to the book to promised land. and let me say my own semi involvement in this, that is in 2011, i get a call from a person i didn't know and he says, this is michael cohen. >> and i said michael cohen? i don't know. >> and he says i'm donald trump's lawyer, right? and he says to me, what do you know about the birth certificate? and i said to him, i really don't know anything about the birth certificate. i haven't paid much attention to it, i do know something about the authorship issue and asked him to look into that and trump did talk about it. the media were happy to focus on the birth certificate issue as is barack obama in his memoir and fixated with donald trump and the birth certificate issue which surprised me. donald trump haunts the
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imagination the way that kong haunted the imagination of skull island. he lurks in the back of the book and menaing and making his life miserable. in the spring of 2011, when the book culminates and ends with the raid on the compound. and it's a hit on osama and donald trump and the ending. in doing the research for the book, we've seen on-line and copies of birth certificates floating around may or may not be right. may be forgeries or may not, or what. that's-- evidence is unconvincing to me and unconvincing to most people is what i wanted to find out why the resistance and there was real resistance and who was responsible for the resistance and how much effort they put into it. in my book, there's two
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threads. one is unravelling the true history of barack obama and the other is story telling the true story of the unravelling of the obama presidency. now, as i got into the research on the birth certificate and who is behind it, what i learned right away, and first of all, the initial birther was barack obama himself, many of you know this. when he was a-- probably about 23 or 24 he was trying to put together a book deal after he got out of harvard, and the publishers guide of the agencies guideline, rather, he says, he has described himself as born in kenya. he was lying, but that's what he said. he was not born in kenya. donald trump by the way never accused him of being born in kenya even though he's accused of having accused him of that, he did not. what happens next then is that fades away. no one pays attention to that, but in 2008 a gentleman named phillip berg a prominent pennsylvania democrat and
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attorney, former deputy attorney general of the pennsylvania, he files a lawsuit, he's also a hillary supporter, to get at the birth certificate of barack obama. that's what he wants to see. i want to see the birth certificate, i'm a citizen in good standing and i want to see it. he wrote a book that i don't think anybody read, but me. and he couldn't believe that they weren't taking him seriously. they didn't. at least the media did not take him seriously. the obama camp and dnc did. they hired the most high powered democratic law firm in washington to fight phillip berg and some will recognize as perkens cooey. now, i don't want to go into too much detail about the fight. they spent a whole lot of money and energy making sure that birth certificate wasn't
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revealed. obama's memoir culminates with the production of that birth certificate by the attorneys from perkens cooey who go to hawaii allegedly to get the real birth certificate, bring it back, humiliate donald trump by showing the birth certificate. and now they were not only hostile, they were mocking anyone who dared even suggest that the man who killed usama bin laden might have a fake birth certificate. well, there's something that they have not circled back to as they look at history, and that is that the same law firm that produced the birth certificate also produced or also commissioned the steele dossier. so, that's all i'm going to say about that, i'll let you draw your own conclusions and
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there's a parallel. what it means, i'm not sure i know the answer, but it means you have to be skeptical. people in news rooms have to be asking a few more questions than they ask, and have been asking for the last bunch of years. now, let's get about to the promise again, the promise of that convention and the democrats are very excited about it and a lot of republicans were, too. and throughout the campaign season into 2008 when obama's on the trail, he gives conservatives and republicans and centrists reasons to hope what his presidency will be like. never more so than in chicago on father's day in 2008. and what he says at that church in the south side of sugar, the apistolic church of god is the kind of speech that ted cruz could have given. the kind of speech that marco rubio could have given.
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and it's about fatherhood, and say what you will about barack obama, i think he's really good father and i think he's committed and sincere. his book is a testament. his memoir probably more so than any other written, a testament to the joys of father hood. and the children in america were brought up, showered with as much affection as malia sasha and it would be different. in 2008 in the speech he starts talking about, you know, we hear a lot about, oh, police brutality and racism, et cetera. if we're going to be honest with ourselves, this is what he said. if we're honest with ourselves we have to recognize that the problem is right here, too many men acting like boys, quote. too many men abandoning their children, too many boys growing
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up in fatherless homes, and then he goes into the statistics and i'm estimating here, they're not exactly right, but the spirit of the talk. fatherless boys are 10 times more likely to drop out of schools, 15 times more likely to commit crimes. 20 times more likely to end up in prison. he knows this. he says, you know, and what is the result of this? we hear sirens in the middle of the night and we hear those sirens, we know they're coming for our children. and he's not talking about the police committing this crime, he submits that police responding to the crime because in a city like chicago, and you've seen the numbers, there may be no city in the western world as dangerous and as chaotic as the city of chicago. it doesn't have to be this way, it wasn't supposed to be this way, but it is this way and much of this is on barack obama because he knew, he said if we're honest with ourselves, he
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knew, he had the opportunity. and this is where the judgment of history will have to be incredibly severe. bill clinton spent eight years regretting the fact he never had the big opportunity. he never got to defeat communism. he never got to defeat hitler. he didn't get to fight a depression and glided through eight years and biggest challenge where to hide the cigar, it was a strained presidency, but that's the way it was and he might have risen to the occasion, but he never had an occasion. barack obama had the occasion. he knew what the problem was and he says if we're honest with ourselves, we'll address the problem. something happens three weeks after obama makes his father's day speech in chicago. now, i had hoped in the memoir obama would have addressed this because it would have been the juiciest part of the memoir, but predictbly he doesn't address it, predictbly, the
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media do not note that it's not there. and it's the turning point, and what happens is this, three weeks after obama's stirring father's day speech in chicago, jesse jackson, who is still viable as the civil rights movement and authentic african-american whose roots are in slavery and jim crowe, unlike barack obama who's insecure about that, and is on a hot mic, i think people know they're on hot mics. in fox news studio, and the one news studio has the potential to leak, and it's crude, bear with me, i won't go into real crude parts, c-span wouldn't have that, he's referring to barack obama specifically, i want to cut his nuts, talking
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to them about the father hood stuff and jesse jackson is upset personally and upset because obama is steering the movement in a direction he doesn't want to take it in. and the media addressed this kind of sort of on a-- i had to find the video, it wasn't easy to campaign, on a campaign plane a couple of days after and they say to barack obama, how did you respond to jesse jackson? because the news kind of leaked out. it wasn't front page news or anything. let's face it, the reigning dignitary of the historical civil rights movement dresses down the aspiring dignitary and makes b-12 in the new york times. but makes the news and so obama is interviewed on the campaign plane and says, well, i talked to jesse, we're okay. i was -- he talked about another track, the track basically to systemic racism track, police brutality track, and i talked about another
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track and that's fatherhood and i think they could co-exist, and i think we need to talk about both issues. well, we didn't, we did need to talk about both issues. we needed to talk about one issue, need today talk about father hood, instead only one issue and that was systemic racism, police brutality for the next eight years, barack obama said nothing of consequence on the issue of fatherhood. the issue was dropped and it was-- he had his hands on the fundamental cause of dysfunction in the black community and he let it drop. he had the opportunity, the big opportunity he wanted and he let it drop. and that's the tragedy of his presidency. the question is then, who is pulling him in that direction? and one answer of course is jesse jackson, whether jesse jackson was a fading star in that movement, he was a star. the other person of consequence, and this seems odd to those of us who watch from afar and thinking a little bit of a clown and not to be taken
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seriously, and yet this clown made 72 official white house visits during the obama presidency, and you could probably guess who i'm talking about here, al sharpton. 72 official visits and every time obama might want to rear his head and talk straight and renew that promise of a no black american, no white american, there is al sharpton talking to him, no. talking about systemic racism, police brutality and stay on track and the third person and what three people had over obama were authentic african-american roots. you cannot imagine how insecure barack obama would have felt coming to the mainland as a 18-year-old landing in los angeles, grown up in a white household, white grandmother, white mother, and comes to los angeles and all he knows about
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black culture is what he's seen on the jeffersons. it had to be incredibly enintimidating. because he looks like he should belong, and that's not his culture. that's why he lies and says he's from kenya, he wanted to seem exotic and seem like an internationalist and describes himself in the book not a liberal, an internationalist. so he was forever, once jesse jackson lays the hammer down, he was intimidated and the most intimidating closest to home that's michelle obama. she's the one who says, he has the nerve to get on tv, on people magazine and totally turn an incident 180 degrees because she knows no one's going to fact check her. in his book, a promised land, i
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found strangely disappointing, he doubles down on this phenomenon, and it's racism. any criticism is racism. in 2008 when i broke the story, or the thesis, bill ayers, unrepen dent bill ayers helped barack obama with esteemed of my father, is racist. and people have been contesting the authoritiship of hamlet and never been called racist. if i contest someone half black, there can only be one reason for it because i'm a racist and it gets worse. anyone who defended me was a racist. so andy mccarthy, national review defends me and he gets hammered -- he gets hammered for daring to defend me and
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they attribute his defense of my thesis to racism. andrew brightbart goes on a couple of talk shows and defended my thesis, and he is accused of being racist and that's the mindset of the obama administration. the administration promised us united states of the america, by the time they hit the ground running in january 2009, you know, there was still a black america and white america and dare you say anything about it, you were reminded you're a white america. if you're a black american, you're reminded you're an uncle tom. that's the introduction of that era. what's curious about the book, now, obama's book, apromised land. here is my book. is his choice of enemies. donald trump is one. donald trump looms throughout the book, but he has one other republican that he goes after, and the only republicans that
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he speaks well of are john mccain and abraham lincoln. and one republican he focuses on and surprised everyone who read the book and this person was the one who unleashed the dark spirits in the conservative movement, and these are racist spirits, everything is racist, everything is imbued with racism. who was the one person? sarah palin. i mean, sarah palin shows up throughout the book and maybe 10, 20 times and every time he talks about something negative there's sarah palin and sarah palin unleashes the tea party movement which is now a racist movement and the tea party movement unleashes donald trump who is uber racist. it was nuts, it wouldn't have been if al sharpton was in the white house. this is a guy, only one america, in the united states of america and now we're already on a double track. the united states is filled with people like obama and
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racists. and if you oppose obama you're a racist. it's frustrating. those of us who are critics have had to live with this for the last-- since obama entered the scene in 2004 on the national scene. and in the book, there are several opportunities for obama to talk about, the one incident he goes into in great detail when he first tips his hand to the new obama happens in the summer of 2009 when harvard professor and obama friend henry lewis gates actually has to break into his own house and forgotten his key in the back door breaking in and the neighbor calls the cop thinking someone is breaking into their neighbor's house, and someone was not knowing it's the neighbor himself. the police come, gates is arrested and obama is asked about this at a press conference, i think he planted the question because his answer was timely and rehearsed. first, the police acted
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stupidly, haven't seen the facts, the police acted stupidly and then he sees, you know, this is-- people like us, you know, now he's trying desperately to identify with the authentic african-americans like jackson, sharpton and michelle, and we have to face this all the time. and that's just the way-- that's what life in america is all about and goes on to excoriate the cop in question and to go on just like matter of fact like it's no big deal. well, we didn't count on the cop in question was an obama supporter and he was the head of the diversity unit at cambridge massachusetts police force and his commissioner backed him up 100% and read the police reports and you'll understand why. the guy did everything right. he tried desperately to get gates to comply. gates was calling him your mama, blah, blah, blah, insults and he was saying like to calm down i'll have to arrest you and gates went off and called
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him crazy and this led to the absurd beer summit, with joe biden. remember this is a nonsense thing. now, obama would have two more opportunities and these are the opportunities to turn unfortunately america in a direction from which it has not reversed, from which it's not come back, and that is and unfortunately the book doesn't get into it because he ends the book in 2011. but the one is the two test cases, absolute perfect models of what obama was talking about on father's day. children who grow up in broken homes, who end up, their lives spiraling downwards. one was trayvon martin. i've written a book about the martin case and george zimmerman case. and in that case, what the world doesn't know because the media was in on the game now, george zimmerman at the time was a civil rights activist and obama supporter and hispanic. the media turned him into a white supremacist killer.
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it was shocking to watch. by the time barack obama mentions trayvon martin, it's four weeks after his death. i know what the facts of the case are. obama had no reason for not knowing what the facts of the case were, and the facts of the case were that trayvon martin had been abandoned by his father two years earlier, a kid with real potential, and his life spiralled downward in a classic adolescent spiral, so attractive to young black americans, drugs, guns, mixed martial arts fighting, sex, and a violence of all sorts. and burglary, he'd been stopped and apprehended for earlier. george zimmerman was right to call the police on him and checking out the neighborhood. for some reason and i know the reason, having girl problems, angry, he was high, trayvon martin gratuitously asacked george zimmerman.
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trayvon martin, you would never know looking at the cover of people magazine, he's half a foof taller than george zimmerman and mixed marshal artist, and killed trayvon martin. from that moment on, the media and obama was on the same team and that team was to frame white racists, even if you're hispanic, keep that silent. and the day after george zimmerman's acquittal, black lives matter was formed because of the acquittal. everybody paying attention knew he would be acquitted or a great injustice to be performed. two years later, obama, when obama weighed in he weighed in famously. if i had a son he'd look like trevon. his sympathy was for trayvon martin, the attacker and he idea fully with trayvon martin
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and two years later, michael brown, the gentle giant tried to kill a police officer and attacked him and ended up with his life lost also and yet, there was obama again, there was the justice department trying to frame the cop in this case and trying to identify with the attacker. the message went out and i'm going to summarize this pretty quickly here because we want to move on, but by 2016, the eighth year of obama's presidency, colin kaepernick is taking his fabled knee, he's denouncing america as a racist country. eight years of a black president, eight years of a black attorney general and he's saying that this country is oppressive, it's racist, there are bodies in the streets, he says. yes, there were bodies in the streets because after ferguson, the police realized that they, too, could go through what happened to darin wilson, they could have their careers lost,
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arrested be in prison, they could be sued. there was no virtue in being an aggressive good cop and they began to pull back. the net result was a 10% spike in homicides after ferguson 2015, another 10% hike after 2016 because of ferguson, because of obama's response, reaction to it. . there were more bodies in the streets. 3,000 more people were murdered in 2016 than 2014. by statistics at least 2,000 of them were black and it was on obama's watch. colin kaepernick takes his knee and corporate america embraces him now, nike embraces him and makes him a cultural hero and that's the beginning and we've seen what happened with george floyd in 2020 and mayhem and death that followed. thousands and thousands of lives have been lost. we're talking tens of thousands of lives lost needlessly and gratuitously, this country is too rich, too good, too
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powerful. it doesn't have to happen. these people aren't dying because they're hungry, they're dying because they're bored. they're dying because they're misled and misled by people in power. they've been misled by the media and misled by their first president, first black president, barack obama. it's a tragedy that doesn't have to happen. now, the title of the promised land, obama's memoir, he uses the biblical metaphor moses leading the israelites to the promised land and most who know the bible moses never gets there, it's left to joshua to take it the next step. the civil rights metaphor, the martin luther king generation of civil rights leaders never get their people to the promised land. but obama is the joshua generation, he's the leader of that generation, he will take his people to the promised land. well, obama's near promised land in the form of a $12
9:41 am
million beach front estate in martha's vineyard. he's obviously not too worried about rising tides. he's not worried about the income inequality because not every person can afford a $12 million house everywhere and not worried about energy, his house is four times bigger than the average house and it uses more energy, obviously, than the average house as well. and yet, here is the real tragedy for the people who followed him, he got his promised land, they didn't get theirs. as big as his martha's vineyard estate is, there are no rooms for the israelites. thank you very much. appreciate it. [applause] >> the book is much more amusing than i made it seem. [laughter] >> and we can take some questions and answers here if someone wants to come up.
9:42 am
anyone? >> and be civil, of course. >> so your talk kind of reminded me about the fellow who is talking about his wife in presentation. on the one presentation he would say when i walk in the room, honey, time stands still. or when i walk in the room, your face could stop a clock. it's kind of obama, i think. >> in a way, yeah. >> and so i haven't read your book and forgive me because i'm-- >> it's okay, it's only been a couple of days. so my question is, and i think that we all need to learn a little history, every community, every new immigrant that comes to these shores face some sort of discrimination. >> yeah. >> you happen to be in what i call wild cat land. this is cleveland, so i grew up in the old projects right down
9:43 am
the street, spoke no english when i got here i think i communicate okay now. i was blessed with a-- those that took me in. and so they kind of shared with me how discriminated they were as irish coming to this country. and they kind of gave me that, this is what will happen with you as you become-- or latinos become more present here. i always tell people the first european language spoken in the mainland happens to be spanish, florida was the first place that was there. so we share those cultural things. my question, how do you treat those things when you're talking about those race relations? >> well, you know, and your point is well-made. my first cashills came in black 47, the darkest year of the irish potato famine and they came to the united states and
9:44 am
thank god they did. the average peasant in 1847 in ireland 19. the average american slave to age 35. i didn't suffer a wit. they were probably discriminated against, i wasn't. and 20, 27 people died before they arrived to america, i wasn't on that ship. just like no african-american today was-- has a relative, a living relative who is a slave. there are 9/10 of african-americans today didn't know jim crowe. we all were oppressed in some degree or another, our ancestors were and we've enjoyed the benefits of it and for african-americans, i think one benefit, especially the civil rights people, the original people understood was christianity and that unfortunately has been-- thanks for your question, i appreciate it. >> thank you. yes, ma'am. >> thank you for your presentation. on the back cover of your book,
9:45 am
your last sentence says to divert attention from his own failure obama has cast the right as the other in his melodrama driving a wedge between black and white that will take generations to heal. that's a pretty powerful sentence and do you really think it's going to be generations and how long do you think it's going to take us? do we really have a chance to heal from the damage that he has done? >> i think for us to heal, i think we need a leader as charismatic as barack obama was, who will lead us in another direction and get people to follow in a more helpful and benevolent direction. i think what will take generations is to clear out america's news rooms. that's not going to happen overnight. if the new york times started reporting the truth tomorrow, this would be a different country a month from now, but it's going to take generations to clear out the rot in the
9:46 am
american news rooms. they're beyond bias, beyond corrupt, they're a propaganda arm of the democratic party. it's a shame to see, such good writers and access and i read the stuff they write and memoirs, because they have access i don't have. that's what's going to take time. i think the people are much more malable than the institutions are. there's too many people whose jobs depend on their being racism and there's been a shortage of supply and increasing demand, which means the most trivial incidents are elevated to the level of lynching in the minds of the populous. when i was thinking about this, i worked the polls in blank precincts in november 2008 and i was heartened to see people come in. these are real human beings, they were not bots, they were real people who never voted
9:47 am
before. i didn't vote for this guy, but he makes people embrace the american dream and that's why it's so disappointing to see what's happened to it and it's even more disappointing because the media and historians aren't recognizing it. but the people in streets recognize it. thank you. >> thank you for a very thoughtful presentation. my question is, would you view obama was a rising star or as a fading celebrity trying to remain relevant? >> that's an excellent question because the question i'm asked often is, is obama still running the show? and this is one of the ironies of the media today. the media, or the washington-based major media, big media know what's going on inside the white house. they have contacts. they sleep with these people. they eat with these people. they drink with these people. on the outside, we can only speculate and the problem is they can't acknowledge that joe
9:48 am
biden and kamala harris aren't running the show because they have to pre-tend that they are and that joe is perfectly competent and kamala is heir apparent. on the inside people know there's a power vacuum. and obama is kind of i call it the secretariat making the decisions not powerful enough himself, but a good public front for a whole variety of movements. his best service, the democratic party during eight years was holding all of the intersectional elements of it together. holding together gays, blacks, latinos, feminists, et cetera, who make up that unwieldy coalition, the popular front of the democratic party. i think he's trying to remain relevant, but i think right now, he was sort of a front man when he was president himself. i don't think the real power players need two front men, but good question. thank you. >> i wonder if he mentioned in
9:49 am
his book at all his use of a connecticut social security number or why he had it. >> susan, a good question and right now-- susan, daniel is the private investigator who discovered the fact that barack obama was using a social security based in connecticut. now, tell us how-- what you know about that usage. >> he couldn't possibly have that number. he started using it when he was 26 years old and at that time social security numbers were issued by the address that you lived at when you applied for it. and that continued until june of 2011 when they changed the law. there is no way that he could have had a connecticut number because he would have had a hawaii one. he claims he worked as baskin robbins when he was 15 and he
9:50 am
would have had to have a hawaii social security number like his half sister did. >> you know, i read his memoir, a promised land hoping to find an answer to that question, whether he set foot in connecticut, had any reason of being in connecticut to send in a social security. what's curious in doing the research on this, this is one thing unlike the birth certificate the major media just dismissed, they know he has a connecticut social security number. so the major media will not address this themselves so they leave it to their fact checker like political fact and snopes and those people. snopes says, yes, he does have a connecticut social security. yes, and here is the term, it is a curiosity, right? now, let's say you're in a news room, let's say donald trump has a connecticut social security number or let's say a hawaii social security. are they going to leave it at
9:51 am
cure 0s it i-- curiosity? no, they're going to send fact checkers to hawaii to dig up dirt how he got ahold of a hawaii social security. in obama's case they write it off as a curiosity and it could have been a career ending. is it fraudulent? we don't know, it's a novelty and curiosity. good question, susan, thank you. let me take one more question and call it there and our friends from c-span can wrap it up before we get hit by a tornado here. first of all, you did an excellent presentation. >> thank you. >> it's incredible how you can just keep going with it. when you ended the discussion, you said that barack obama's in a $12 million mansion. >> right. >> okay. so if you have a $12 million mansion, that's a fraction of your income. >> rightments--
9:52 am
right. >> so when he went into politics he didn't have that much money. >> he had debt. >> is anyone looking into how the hell did he get all of this money? >> he was selling paintings. [laughter] >> and he was an artist, too, i heard. >> no, here is actually he made his money semi legitimately and that is, he and michelle were deeply in debt all of their personal, professional careers until obama made his speech in 2004 democratic national convention. his book, which he played some role in writing, "a dream from my father" immediately took off and sold a couple million copies and then he got a contract to do a second book, which just like the first book, he didn't write that letter, but at least he didn't really claim, it was and bill announced the second book as a
9:53 am
political hack book. so he made a bunch of money then. then when he left the presidency he and michelle got a $65 million book deal, right? now, i've got so many for this book, i'd say. [laughter] >> 65 million minus, you know, 10,000, whatever. i don't know. it was a bit less. and sold allegedly a lot of copies, especially michelle's memoir "becoming", and has anybody seen a copy of "becoming" in the wild? i'd like to see is in someone's hand on an airplane, park, beach, let alone "a promised land", and i think i'm the only who read barack obama promised lapped land. on the other hand my book is on the shorter side and easier to
9:54 am
read. i don't have a beach in front of my house. and the beach front purchase, he's not sensitive to this. if he'd bought a place in kansas, no one would have noticed. and the other thing that obsesses him is climate change. he imagines, one chapter, he mantels malia and sasha wandering a cracked earth, and i'll close with this note, when he won the democratic nomination i guess in june of 2008, he gave a speech on the scale, sort of even topped louie the 15's after me the deluge. in obama's case after me the oceans subside. basically he says, people will look back at this day and remember this is the day the oceans stopped rising, right?
9:55 am
and there's hubris on full display. so, he's consumed by climate change. and it's antecedent and there he is he buys a $12 million beach front home, doesn't he worry about appearances? you and i would. he's beyond worry about appearances because he's untouchable. and so, one wag after he buys it on, you know, commenter on one of these on-line sites says, well, i guess he did stop the seas from rising after all. [laughter] >> and that's the life of the obamas, and sorry, you don't get to live it. thank you all for having me. [applause] [inaudible]
9:56 am
>> go ahead. yeah, camera off? yeah. >> okay. >> i brought up in the introduction that jack has done more than write books and investigate journalism. he was heavily involved in a lot of dinner projects. in his previous book unmasking obama, he talks about dad in the soviet union, underground media that confronted the soviet regime and he calls people like us, but he played a major role in that role in '04 with jerry corsi and everything, and he's done countless things for the cause, for the conservative cause, that he doesn't talk about. and just want to know he's more than a writer.
9:57 am
>> and susan played her part in disclosing the social security, and everyone who put the -- who tweets an interesting article is part of that and the amazing thing, in summary, is that for all of the monolithic power the major media, big tech, big media, the government, they are the only institutions that control all the institutions and yet in 2016, we're able to elect a president around them. it is a wonderful country and, one last irony, we'll call it there, on this-- this year's independence day i was -- i was impressed to see this. even though our side, if i could be a partisan here, was i being partisan in that talk? i hope not. totally disenfranchised, literally disenfranchise, no control of the department of
9:58 am
justice, no control of media, no control of big tech. all of these forces aligned against us every major institution aligned against us and every one aligned to the left. and which were celebrating independence day? we were. and they were writing epitaphs, and writing-- and glad you could make and thanks george, paul, boris and whoever else was here putting it together. thank you, guys, too, appreciate it. [applause] >> and i have books to sell over here, i'll sign them, only $20. they cost $28 in the real world, so --. >> i was going to say jack will be happy to autograph the books and we will be here another
9:59 am
half hour. a discount. [inaudible conversations] >> here a look at some of the best selling nonfiction books according publishers weekly. arthur mark levin, the marxist ideology has entered american institutions and threatens the constitution. that's followed by the long slide. tucker carlson's reflections on his journal career and time at fox news. after that, suggests that politics has no place in business and woke, inc. next, mary trump ar gugs-- argues that america has traumas unaddressed by the trump administration. and the weekly nonfiction look
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