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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cassidy on Infrastructure Deal  CSPAN  July 28, 2021 7:20pm-7:26pm EDT

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we told to the senate today announced a deal on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. up next louisiana republican bill cassidy announces the deal on the floor of the senate. he's filed by senate administrative chair amy klobuchar that talks about a $2.1 billion supplemental security spending bill. >> mr. president, i have good news for the people of louisiana and good news for the american people. we have an agreement on infrastructure package. now okay infrastructure package what does that mean? $110billion for roads and bridges nationwide. 40billion for roads i mean for bridges. by the way louisiana has the third most bridges in poor condition. so if you are stuck right now
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in traffic trying to get over the sabine river, or the mississippi river, or any of our other rivers which have poor bridges in poor conditions there is really for you. there's $47 billion. now my state is flooded more than other states. but every state it seems has had an issue of flooding. there's $47 billion, a significant portion of his for flooding issues, for coastal restoration and other things regarding resiliency. there is reform. right now we know it can take six -- a ten year old for a bridge project and army core to be permanent. sometimes it takes so long to permit the facts on the ground have actually changed and the
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permit is almost inactive. building upon pilot projects which have shown permitting can be shortened from six years to two years, this infrastructure package has that permitting will be less money for bureaucrats what a major advance. by the way, some people are confused this bill with a $3.5 trillion democrat tax-and-spend extravaganza. there are two different bills. this is for roads, bridges, and resiliency including coastal restoration. the other is for who knows what. this bill, the infrastructure bill has been judged by economists to not inflation for the 3.5 trillion bill obviously makes the inflation
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worse. the bill we have does not raise taxes. it is estimated as to raise hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes. when bill i love, the other bill i hate. theri infrastructure bills going to shorten someone's commute time across a bridge to make their home less likely to flood, to extend broadband in areas of our country that are not served at all orlo poorly served. that is the bill i love it. that is the bill that the american people desperately needed. let me conclude by saying this. again, if you are stuck in bridget traffic in my state or any other state right now, wondering why this bridge in poor condition cannot get fixed? help is on its way. if you are in a place in our country and particularly in my state which is either flooded or the risk of flooding or you
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live near a coastline and that beach front which 30 years ago when you brought that home was hundreds of feet out and now waves are lapping upon the road in front of your house for that coastal erosion is endangered your property, your life david is, help on the way. have you seen an initiative to build a bridge but have been so frustrated it's taken so long to get the permits, that is about to change. this is a legislation bipartisan paid for that will address all of those issues. mr. president i conclude the way i started we have good news there is a bipartisan infrastructure bill that begins to address the needs of the american people to create jobs, take away frustrations and provide more security. all americans should support. and with that mr. president i
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yield the floor. wait stop mr. president hang onto the floor. i yield the floor. [laughter] cracks under the previous order these senate stands in recess until 1:55 p.m. >> mr. president i come to the floor today to speak about how we must pass emergency security supplemental appropriation budget legislation to deliver needed funding to the capitol police and the national guard. anyone that watched yesterday the moving testimony of the officers that protected this capitol i think understands that we cannot wait i appreciate the efforts by my colleagues both over in the house as well as here in the senate appropriation changes shall be as well as


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