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tv   Reel America The First Forty Days in Korea - 1951  CSPAN  July 25, 2021 3:00am-3:29am EDT

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1953, reporter on war crimes committed against americans and other united nations troops during the war. and is followed by 1974 department of defense mutation found use service members assigned to south korea. this is war. war and its massive. war and its men. ♪ ♪♪ war and its machine. ♪ ♪♪ and together the form the big picture. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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welcome to the big picture, i'm captain zimmerman, the big picture is a report to you from your army, normally committed by you the people of the united states to stop communist aggression wherever it may strike. the big picture during the next 13 weeks will trace the course of events of the grant campaign. the first time reports from our combat veterans and failed taken by government of the armored core and these are the men who daily record of film the big picture as it happens when it happens. and today the big picture brings into focus the first 40 days in korea, the beginning of the finding their and what every bridge was a heartbreak ridge. let's go back to june 19 when our troops for the first thrust against the 38th parallel. the story is best told in the language of the soldier who was
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there. the story is hard to tell, painful and we were in training a few weeks ago, some of the boys were with us aren't around anymore. they were good men. good soldiers. they had learned to fight and they had the guts for fighting. it was like a sock in the back of the head. they started rough, the first 40 days were a battle for time with a handful of man against an army. they were good men pretty good soldiers. in the story of the korean war can be told without saying first how well they fought. against great odds. and beginning there were only a couple of companies from the 24th division.
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no brass bands at the airports. two days before some of us had been in the cities spending time at fuji or something like that. we were not scared. we didn't know. we got stuff out of the planes and we moved out. nobody said, this is it. nobody said you what arrived in korea to be back five north korean communist divisions. somebody did say we are here to delay the red, okay, let's go .about 10 percent of us were veterans, and somewhere between paris and. [inaudible]. mostly the soldiers were young, no battle experience. they smiled a lot.
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the main a whole lot of us look like nature yanks glad to see new and some of these boys were enlisted to travel with whoever sees travel close to korea. lex come to the land of the morning calm. and at first the columns look like any calm, that's part of the world pretty the south korean troops like any soldiers and only worried about the same things. you get tired, i mean hired. we all wanted to ask what it was like up there kind of finding and training and tactics and guns. as far as we were concerned those koreans could not talk. we were in a completely foreign country, no time to get appointed.
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they empty to town hardly a thing left. we could not buy anything if he had the time. which we did not have. there are two ways of getting to know the terrain walking over it, and filling out an are needed in her was chafed and sticky. the tools of the soldiers trade, shovel and a gun. when small stuff with us, machine guns. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ it was hard to believe one, two,
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three, we were smack in the middle of the war, guns ready to aim and against an enemy that would look exactly like her friends, the south koreans. they too have seen action and they didn't have to speak. their shoes spoke, their eyes spoke. like i said, when he came, it was fast and it was all around us. they threw everything at us, and we went ahead and it was d-day, no warning. and those kids, they became veterans overnight. they moved as if they had been with us all through germany. there are too many north koreans
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with too much heavy equipment especially tanks. the men with the guts were they doing against tanks. a bazooka was some defense but there were too many tanks and too few bazookas, day after day we would go back and fight again and i were too many of them. it would not know where they would come from. the rice patties like quiet. we would hide in the shadows and trying to look like a pet or cornfield rice happy. and one of our weapons. there were too many of them. the boys pulled back tired as dogs, because whenever they would meet printed on, the reds had enough men to fight us on the front and other flights as well. we knew it was hard to face. we were hurting.
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the kids would drag back so we that they could not be expected to find torres for at least several days and instead of a week and rest area we would grab it anywhere. enemy showering head down. lay down. and the greatest pleasure in life must keep your feet a chance to breathe. we fell back to new positions. if you look around at some of the fossils going and see a deep respect for those red markers. very deep. we were short on man, south koreans carried arsenal, but we didn't know what some of the others were carrying. it turned out the many of them
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silent refugees along the south koreans work north korean communists in disguise. they would think through our lines of finance for the lines predict we caught some but infiltration because plenty of casualties predict we had to watch them more carefully from now on. this was a big police job career. in the attack was callsign had to be stopped read in the united states army, small part of it was here to help it would be men and other uniforms fighting with us as well, whole world is saying this. and we knew what the score was. then near the guns the score was against the enemy and they were losing points and losing time.
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there were tough decisions for leaders to make a general walker and the offense was winning and rolling back the enemy until help could arrive. we didn't feel it yet the reinforcements were on the way rated it takes time for the defense program and was more country with almost nothing. and not all of the stuff can get there overnight even when work used to think probably four and 500 miles an hour. we needed tanks and jeeps. some of the boys in the front and heard the wenches grind at the port. that would've been sweet. and something, television maybe could've shown us the soldiers were going to fight with us soon maybe it would've been easier. as it was the fox old needed every hollister and think they could get and more.
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and the men to go with them. yes, our mission on the lines was delayed. delay the red driving korea. so that we can get jeeps, delay it so that we can get weapons carriers and weapons and more ammo. and get it to us, man and equipment, wet or dry. because it was still rough going for us, it would stay that way for months or maybe longer. until enough men would be in korea district back grade yes, it was operation delay. [gunshot]. [gunshot]. the emma was precious, one are
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artillery battalion is 40 tanks we we would hold them off for a few hours and a blessing attack but they would envelop us on both sides. and always trouble ahead in trouble on the sides. [gunshot]. and off of the river, earned our bridges behind us. people in big cities like pittsburgh or bothered by smoke partied all the smoke was black but it didn't bother us a bit. yes, the smoke and look good. and that's the way we want it read there is plenty of times when the smoke was to close.
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[gunshot]. it got in your eyes so that you couldn't see anything. you can take a lot when your buddies get hit and hit you inside. nobody says this, just on so got it. or so and so has been evacuated and he will be okay. or, so-and-so's been evacuated. and on the units on the 25th calvary division now, with baggage, all of us first-class. in the thanks, it's the north where they were most needed it, smaller than russian monsters but still a wonderful site.
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nothing was too good for take this territory. the boys treated them like babies. what are the top to bottom, they called them pet names. they cleaned them up better than for inspection, that is cleaning. there tanks and have barrier armor predict and it was to their advantage and to our advantage was fine sharpshooters. [gunshot]. they had giants, we had giants. that was the worst, ask anyone
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my fellows the worst maybe a few other names because it was bad over. the most guys would say that area. ♪ ♪♪ in some places we are just out numbered but in tejon we were out tank and outranked. ♪ ♪♪ we pushed out trying to poke a hole in their line. no go. we tried another direction but at the end of every road, leaving out of tejon, there were thousands of north korean troops in plenty of tanks. the guys have to continue, there was one hot day and it was
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100 degrees but we just sat there is no place to go. the war, not the way it that it is in the movies. we were all tired including general team, the tank attacks and cut every escape route. we gassed up ready for a move. we were supposed to hold this down for two days. it was get our be trapped in tejon. we got out. we fought our way out predict general dean stayed behind and he may still be there. [gunshot]. ♪ ♪♪ it was a bad road out of tejon, some guys did not make it.
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♪ ♪♪ [gunshot]. tejon was burning. the town. the men who got out, were heroes. the men who did not get out were they were heroes. there is no better word. by this time the nuance on the lines, fresh ready to shoot. [gunshot]. everything was said, just right. nice to hear the study strum of your own mortars, even nicer be here them slamming them out.
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[gunshot]. and together, they were terrific. [gunshot]. and i went up 5000 percent went up the morale, and we had pressure now, we turn it on and coursed through victory. in a time like this, frontline tasted better than peasant. the rally was short. one might do okay for a day on that same day, five other sections of the frontline would be feeding the enemy's hard blows predict envelopment, infiltrations. some of our strongest was my
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patrols, small groups battered by the enemy and beaten by the mongols, falling down tired. after climbing over half a dozen members, major more tired just to look at them. if you like the bear who went over the mountain and saw another mountain. getting anywhere in korea was backbreaking are you did it the korean way, slowly grade you were the bulldozer. don't pull up here, to build across the stream and for five hours, every rock added up. even the little one. you work to three days but an elephant on the other side of the stream.
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the rainy season and the koran superhighways did not help us get around. where mark we went, we built our way and there was no good adding any drugs the engineers, they had their own troubles, you were the engineers in this battle, you did everything. you build, fight, bold, holdback, and destroy. whenever we were about to move a place we planned it carefully. tnt, planted, just enough so that it would come up way we wanted it to predict the better you planted, the better it comes up. a second story job, this kind of gardening went out quite frequently.
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very relaxing work read we're going to stall them up and down the whole front. and someday they would be a turnabout that would pay those north koreans offer what we had been taking read and then we might have to put back all of these bridges. and we show them that we couldn't stop. we finding is fighting, always rough and is preferably forced to pull back. we gave them grounded and they gave us time. we used every barrier every river to make a stand and it was the best way of saving men. [gunshot]. they beat us back to the next rung and we got there early enough to make it across. and when that tone, it was a party useful river. there was never a voter so wide
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and protected. i felt like a new division was in the line. only about going mail when across the next river. and you've seen combat, you know what it is to have line, the place to fight rated well for their first time this korean business, we had something we can call a line. during the fighting we had air power. if they have had it, we might've been through. airpower did plenty of damage to everything the enemy had wanted to bring up. those guys who so low they should've had something on the
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propellers. in a corner of korea, a little bigger than a beachhead, we dug in to a village of foxholes, only here you cannot dig too deep on account of the rocks. and on the speech had come a lot of the boys who flew in at the beginning were still around. still smiling. there's waiting in every war, time to find out where you were and how you were doing. we faced the enemy. we face ourselves. our enemies were fanatics. and believers in one faith. the man can live together peacefully thinking, feeling, worshiping, each in his own way.
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you cannot think about anything for very long and you are planning new moves, new delaying tactics read we pull down the bridges and we erected the road. [gunshot]. the steep hills around us were rugged and them more rugged, the enemy and beyond our foxholes we unwound some minds of our own with forms. and beyond tight reign of our perimeter the enemy closed in pushing as hard and threatening the deathblow to pull us back into the sea. how long did it hold how long. the battle hung in the balance. and then swung to us a great source of korea in a new strategy again the north korean army a battle from three sides at once.
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replacements, lively ready for business. they stole along the hills and slipped up the ridges and looking for soft spot in the enemy's heart shall. we gave it steady all up and down the lines all at once. the air is dusty and smoky. this was what we used to get when we first had korea. victory never comes easily. yet to be in a fight to see how tough it is and see how an attack and i stumbled back in meeting others to look after them. always plenty of trouble.
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[gunshot]. it takes men and machine to knock out a strong enemy. and as you go forward, you can expect to lose some of those who start out with you. yes some went back there feet heavy in her steps slow, kids who became man, men who solid facebook like they have been in the lines too long. you can't count on a straight road to victory. sometimes it winds, those down in the goes out and sometimes you are forced to detour. and you can kick off in a truce and they walked differently. in other, the once over, when we
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landed, the same smiling yanks, making the best of everything. and little better than that. we battle the first time in korea, and we won. we had the right man. good men. good soldiers. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ those were the first 40 days in korea. nine we took our losses, rate groups and then on the perimeter. we held that ground despite many efforts to throw us back into the sea. those north koreans were yet to feel a strength and army proved to be the greatest the world has yet seen worried the big picture will show the turning of the time next week and you will see
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them to hold on to that perimeter radio see how our troops receive their support from our carriers. invasion in the march. and you'll hear another report of a combat veteran who saw as it happened a part of the big picture. this is captain zimmerman inviting you to be with us then. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ... ...


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