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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell Durbin on Inflation Voting Laws Gun...  CSPAN  July 19, 2021 7:27pm-8:00pm EDT

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department's national security and cyber crime investigations during the trump administration. he discussed recent ransom ware attacks and other cyber threats. tonight on the communicators at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cspan2. >> earlier today on the senate floor, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell talked about inflation and democratic legislation on voting rights per he was followed by senator dick durbin who responded to the remarks and also discussed immigration. >> runaway costs and surging inflation arey huge worry for middle-class families. every survey confirms it. every conversation confirms it. over the last 12 months, during this economic recovery, the average american worker earned a 3.6% raise. but, inflation has risen that
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it has turned that into a nearly 2% pay cut. remember at the beginning of the year, divided administration inherited a historically strong economic trajectory. the smart targeted bipartisan policies we passed last year, our economy was primed to get millions of americans back to work with competitive pay while consumers unleashed pent-up demand. but alas that was before decided to pour $2 trillion into a long list of projects and insist on making it less appealing for workers to actually go back to work. today, essentials like gas and groceries have gotten more and more
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bigger purchases, consumers have put off during the pandemic are getting even further out of reach. across the country working families and employers alike are feeling the pinch. effective tax increase on both the wages and the savings of the middle class. now, our colleagues were not flying blind, they're not w believe, they do their passingos with the white house chief of staff which was designed to be the most progressive legislation in a generation. and they knew the risk. which one liberal economists described as quote inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation. sure enough, inflation just clocked the fastest year on year increase since 2008. but apparently cording to present biden himself the solution is, listen to this, even more the same.
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today, instead of deflecting attention from the fact is administration springtime approach was flat wrong, the president actually doubled down. he suggested the right way to shake this inflation was, listen to this, another 3.5 trillion in spending. the same miraculous spending spree the democrats are dreamt of when they assumed our economy would be having the opposite problem. but now, all of that same supposed to be with the doctor ordered to fight inflation? inflate our way out of inflation? let's hope the american people do not have to learn firsthand how that strategy would work out. another multitrillion dollar reckless spending spree, believe me is the last thing american families need.
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now, on an entirely different matter a group of left-wingor activists brought the state of georgia into the national spotlight. tremendous outrage, and air of total crisis was cooked up, cooked up out of nowhere. : : mainstream, commonsense : you will make it easier to vote and harder to keep inventories of black, white and hispanic americans. it doesn't matter washington
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d.c. of our nations law and decided to start shouting at the sky was falling down in georgia. the sky is falling down georgia. unfortunately for the people of georgia, many people in the press and corporate america bought it. major league baseball moved intt ulster out of georgia, actual work opportunities and prosperity for working people sacrifice to serve fake hysteria. today georgia might be what you call a weeker consolation prize. the week after the all-star game was about to happen atlanta democrat descended on the stage a bit ofra partisan theater. the traveling roadshow of democrats coming here to washington to fix democrat
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tutees power from their citizens and local governments. if you get on the subject injustice hysteria and to the conclusion all thehe same. unprecedented power and re- write all 50 state election laws. it's the same shift we been hearing here in this chamber for multiple years now. remember their takeover bill was long once before state laws which they now claim are prompting us. this outrage is wearing thin on the american people. citizens know it isn't attacking democracy to have things like common sense variety and maintenance alongside lots of early voting mail and voting in election day voting.
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that combination is an attack on democracy, it's the definition of democracy, exactly americans want. >> senate president. >> majority. >> madam president, in response to the minority leaders statement about changes in burning cause across america, the record speaks for itself i believe the number 17, 17 states controlled by the republicans in the legislature set out to
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specifically limit previous opportunities under law to vote. when coincidence? seventeen states would do these things? i don't think so. i think it by design that's whys the senate rules committee was in georgia today to talk specifically about the measures they took after the last election. remember, this is all done in the context of a former president, thesaurus loser in the history of the united states and his big lie about what was wrong with the last election. well, i can tell you what was not wrong with the last election. in many states, turnout broke records, more americans eligible to vote turned up to vote and that is a good thing in democracy. when it comes to allegations of fraud, all of the money spent on lawsuits, all allegations of voter fraud investigated turns
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out to be a handful of cases, maybe a dozen out of millions of votes cast in the united states so there's no argument for changing election voting lawsn based on fraud. there certainly is no argument when it comes to the outcome of the election, that was clear has been to everyone except one former president a long time and get thehe republicans, went in control of state legislators are, by design, trying to make it more difficult for some people to vote. why? the answer is simple. the demographics of america are not on the side of the republican party. the new voters in this country are moving away from them, away from donald trump, away from their party creed they preach and instead, they are moving to be independent or vote on the other side.
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through argue and fight against that, republicans legislative headings are reducing and restricting opportunity to t vo, that's what it's all about. reading it to hysteria, it's not. it's a genuiner concern over where, in this country where democracy is our creed and goalw in every election. we have the most participation, their participation by eligible voters with ever had and we continue to build on that. a separate issue -- i cannot imagine what life would be like if i were a kid growing up in america. always wondering if something i said, something i did from action taken by some member of my family would result in a knock on the door of my family
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being torn apart, my father or mother being deported to another country but for hundreds of thousands of young people living in america, that spent the reality of their childhood. most of them brought to this country at a very early age toddlers and young people have nothing to say about the choice of america's home but they always assumed it was their home they grew up in this country, went to the schools, got up every morning in the classroom and pledged allegiance to cap flag believing they were truly americans. it wasn't, for many of them,r until teenage years their parents sat down with them and very quietly solemnly told them you've got a challenge in your life you didn't even realize. your undocumented, brought to this country by us as a little kid if you don't have any
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papers. if you were arrested or challenged, you could be deported in the same think might happen to your mother or your father. i can't imagine what all of the stress of childhood and adolescence, having that worry as well and yet, for hundreds of thousands of young people, through no fault of their own, that was part of their lives. that came to my attention 20 years ago. a case in chicago i've spoken about on the floor many times where a young girl finally realized at the end of high school, the stark choices she had in her life, she reached up to my office and we looked into the situation, she was brought here to the unitedun states, bon in brazil to ring and parent, no legal status in the united states, grew up there and she wanted to know what to do with
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her life, what was next for her. the law was very harsh but clear as well. at the age of 18, our law said a young korean girl in chicago, you have to leave the united states for ten years and petition to return. it didn't seem right or fair or just to her so i introduced the dream act that's when i came to realize her story was not unique. there wereho thousands just like her and over the last 20 years, i've met a lot of them. an amazing group of young men and women who've done remarkable things with their lives with limited resources and always, under the shadow of deportatione dream act has been brought to the board of senate five different times and failed, not just because it didn't when a majority but the filibuster so
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we have tried to get something done and we have had our troublesome moments. i think back to one of the worss president donald trump, doctor, a program created by president obama for the dreamers was an issue from the start that we baked president trump to consider. president obama, a friend of mine and former colleague from illinois told me he spent an extra hour in transition for the president trump and the white house while bible was present and supposed to last an hour, it lasted two hours and he said to me, i spent that last hour talking about darker and dreamers, telling him how important it was to get it right. these young people deserve a chance and he listened intently
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and president obama said i hope he will help you when it comes to these dreamers. the first time i ever met donald trump is his inauguration day as president, not too far from here at a luncheon. the first thing i said to him, i hope that you will give the dreamers a chance to become part of america and he said senator durbin, don't worry, i'm going to take care of those dreamers. well, he did. about halfway through his presidency, he tried to abolish the program subject them to deportation.a it was a very dark. for many of them, they were despondent. several of them said they couldn't take it anymore. the pressure they were under to create a life in america under the shadow of deportation and now they have a president who's determined to make them leave america.
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the court took a look at what president trump had to do all the way up to the supreme court across the street and it was chief justice roberts who wrote the decision which says the message that donald trumps administration used to eliminate daca was stricken as arbitrary and capricious so there's a new lease on life and new opportunity for them until friday, thursday i suppose it was. friday night or thursday, the federal judge in texas made the most recent ruling on friday night, federal judge in texas issued a ruling declaring the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca was unlawful and the judge blocked the biden administration and new daca applications, a new setback for the dreamers. this decision was made in response to a lawsuit filed by republican state attorneys
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general, the culmination of a long campaign including the action of president trump. by republicans to deport the dreamers. what is it about these young people that infuriates the republican so much? i'll tell you what i found, i've come to note that some of the most amazing stories you could imagine, not just the threat i mentioned earlier in the shadow of deportation over their lives but what they have done anyway, becoming doctors and nurses and teachers and engineers serving in our army, working for america, essential jobs in the midst of a pandemic m, it's an amazing group of people. it's the kind of people we want and need for the future of this country but let mee state this unequivocally -- the cruel and misguided decision ofrt this cot will not stand. daca is a lawful exercise of
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executive prosecutorial discretion by the department of homeland security. more than 800,000 young people in our country have received daca protection they help save lives every day nurses and doctors and first f responders. they contribute to our economy and our future as business owners, engineers and teachers. they are a l vital part of our communities as friends, family members and loved ones. america is the only home these dreamers have ever known congress has waited long enough, too long to allow them to finally become american citizens. friday's ruling is yet another reminder of the hell these young people put up with over the past two decades. under that trump administration, dreamers endured one attack
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other. when they attempted to appeal daca, hundreds of thousands of young people at risk of beingy deported to countries they didn't even remember when theat supreme court ruled the former president read the was unlawful, he simply defined the court's decision stopped daca applicants from being approved. for months, president trump refused to reopen the program forea new applicants, despite te clear direction of the united states supreme court, approximately 300,000, these young people were unable to receive the protections they deserve because president trump's unilateral hateful action. in response to court order, daca was finally reopened for the new applicants in december but now, just as the biden administration processes the application, the door was shut again in the federal court in texas friday.
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in the words of one dreamer, quote, it's such an uncertainty to be able to not play in my life. thankfully president biden vowed decision but we icneed to prevent conservative judicial activists on the bench, politicians and black robes from lstriking down the president's lawful efforts to protect dreamers. congress cannot wait any longer. america cannot wait any longer. senate democrats need to provide a permanent legislative solution for dreamers, we need to act swiftly. i hope my republican r colleagu, with conscience, think long and hard about whether they will stand in the way of the dreamers in this moment in history. we need their help and not just some halfhearted symbolic attempt butt, genuinely to give these young people a fighting
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chance to make america a better nation. drop the dreamers out there, ib promise we will work as hard as necessary to get this job done as quickly as possible. i'd like to speak on a different topic, i ask unanimous consent a to be placed into the record. >> saturday night, baseball fans at nationals park here in washington d.c. not far from where we stand were sent into a panic, a sound that's become all too familiar an american citizen. the sound of gunfire. in the middle of the sixth inning, the teams left a sea of people -- teams left the field when it was ported that three people were shot outside the stadium on south capitol street. that burst of gunfire reverberated throughout the stadium, it could be heard on television and radio broadcast in the game.
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it was bad. it could have been worse. thankfully, nobody inside the stadium was harmed many thanks to the first responders of keeping the attendees safe. photos and videos from saturday night tell a clear story, we are a nation that's become traumatized by gun violence. fourth of july weekend, city ofa chicago, a city i dearly love and honor to represent, 104 gunshot victims that we can, 19 deaths. we come to accept, sadly, mass shooting as a possibility anywhere in america, baseball park, a movie theater, houses of worship, even in our schools. mass shootings happen on the streets of chicago almost every
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weekend, this last weekend, more than 50 were shot in our city including seven children and teenagers. the sad reality is gun violence has become as american as baseball. the question before the senate again again and again is, where we do anything about it or we take minimum steps to reduce guv violence in america steps like making it more difficult for convicted felons and unstable people to buy firearms. every american support and get the gaps in the federal gun must continue. right now, it's simply too easy for convicted felon person with a history of serious mental illness to buy a gun from an unlicensed dealer, a person, no questions asked can easily buy a gun from an unlicensed color
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minutes away from the city of chicago in indiana and background will be sold and resold many times over in our city of chicago. many times the same day. in march, the house passed hr eight, a bipartisan way to close the gaps in our background unsystem. senator chris murphy of cynic in west virginia have been meeting negotiations to get bipartisan support for the bill in the senate. i'm waiting for the signal and i hope to receive that we are ready to move on that legislation. i hope senate republik and join us in supporting this and other common sense measures like confirming a director for the haagency enforces gun laws on te books. atf, for the first time since 2015, too many lives have been lost to gun violence in this country. at time for us to come t togethr and put an end to this senseless
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violence. i yelled the floor and suggest the warm. >> tonight on the communicators, the reason why ransomware has become such a problem is that it become a huge threat, not only have a criminal threat also as you mentioned, because of the implications for critical infrastructure like pipeline companies or largest meat supplier in the country, these are significant targets and they have increasingly become something cyber criminals are targeting. ransomware is a concept, it's pretty simple. defending against it has become increasingly complex. >> he oversaw the justice department national security and cyber crime investigations during that trump administration. he discusses recent ransomware attacks and other cyber threats. tonight on the communicators at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2.
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♪♪ >> peter has published hundreds of nonfiction books in his career, founder of the new york-based public affairs book. he's written a memoir about his own life called an especially good for you, why history happened. the national book review right, austin's has not written a memoir so much as the report from the front, make that many funds from a great news event. we talked with him about his time in vietnam and soviet union, among other things. >> reporter, editor and publisher on this episode of book notes live. or wherever you get your podcast. ♪♪ >> c-span's "washington journal" everyday we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and discussed policy issues that impact you.
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coming up tuesday morning, adam brandon on the organization support for republican candidates in the 2022 midterm elections. national housing and from coalition president and ceo, diane talking about the group's new report, or breach about the high cost of housing for low income americans. watch c-span's "washington journal" live 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. during the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. ♪♪ >> the white house reporter for the hill, joining us this morning, good morning, how are you? >> guard morning, how are you, i'm great. >> make or break week congress on the democratic -- particularly in the senate forgetting packages, what can we expect from the white house this coming week in terms of meeting
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with lawmakers to try to lobby to get the measures passed? >> white house officials have been pretty regularly engaged with lawmakers, particularly regarding bipartisan infrastructure framework coming together and the text is still being written. the last several days, i think we will see continued focus on that. when it comes to president biden, today we are going to see him talk about his economic recovery plan importance of passing the bipartisan infrastructure proposal in remarks today so i think he's going to be focusing on building momentum and pushing this package out at all makers white house officials to get the final text of the finished before the wednesday deadline that peter schumer has for moving forward. >> the news habit over the wicked terms of one of the ways to pay for this package was proposed boosting funding for the irs tax collection and fat
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now off the table. any word from white house officials about that and what they think they can do to solve issue?nding >> biden's big redline has been not to raise taxes on individuals making $400,000 or less a year. i think the white house is open to ideas, they do want to see it paid for. status a big hurdle, i think it is something they are obviously going to have to work out pretty quickly to what theyth can reple that with an eye think we will tomorrow what that position is from the white house and what might be an adequate swapout.t >> this is a movable time from a president parking for six months in office. what plans are set to mark that? >> he's expecting to deliver or participate in a cnn town hall wednesday and i think look at a lot of questions on the
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continued recovery amid the pandemic and also economic preparation for broader economic agenda trying to get past to congress. >> we mentioned the president-elect and first lady getting the king and queen jordan to the white house from acquire these infants important for this president? >> i think engaging with foreign leaders is always the something we see every president do but it's important for biden because he's trying to restore relationships abroad or change them after four years ofed unpredictability under the trump administration and they are important opportunities for him to engage in foreign leaders and explain and get them on board with his agenda as well. he saw the president to his first trip abroad last month, honestly a very important moment for the white house to engageor
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with european allies, alliances like nato and meet critically with the russian president about a number of areas and also signaling the white house trying to come to return to normal, a number of foreign leaders visit the last couple of months and it shows times returning to a semblance of comity amid the pandemic and people to meet in person. >> we understand in this election, virginia governor's campaigning for terry mccall and. >> yes, he will, that is on schedule for friday campaigning, one of his major campaign event in his first term as president so i think we will see him really try to build support to return to the gubernatorial candidate on friday.
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>> white house reporter for the bill, you can follow her reporting at the thank you so much for the update. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up on c-span2, the communicators with former associate deputy attorney general on national security issues including oversight of cyber threat and ransomware attacks. and from ftc chairs and commissioners discuss public communications, policy issues. after that, scientists testified before a house subcommittee on efforts to investigate the origin of covid-19. ♪♪ >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. funded by these television companies and more including you,. >> the world changes in that instant, media, was ready, internet tracking, sold and we never slowed down. schools and businesses went


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