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tv   Sen. Rick Scott Delivers Remarks at CPAC  CSPAN  July 17, 2021 1:39am-2:00am EDT

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>> it's great to be and texas great to be at cpac have a big ground of applause i want to start by thanking the whole team for putting this together the great sunshine state just before coming on stage and give the national committee champion for freedom award honoring all the work he has done to support the cause is give him a big round of applause for that.
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it's great to be here my wife is from dallas she told me it's never cold there is never any i.c.e. storms. not exactly both daughters have lived here 18 years both were born here once to lives and with her family it's a great place to come home to ever tear quite a while i worked along the border when i went there we go across the border into mexico for dinnern but you cannot do that today and has become extremely dangerous. biden and harris are directly responsible for this. clearly this is a border crisis and no one knows that better thann the people on the border and all over the state of texas we should all find it disgustingan that they sit idly
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by with a 14 -year-old nicaraguan boy fight and because he was left in the desert by himself to die. think about that act like there's no problem here 14 -year-old little boy with those two little ecuadorian girls over a 14-foot wall just abandoned in the middle of the night doesn't that discussed you? we think of a three and five -year-old little girl but they were left alone and scared they probably does travel hundredsds of miles with one set of close the whole family is worried about what would
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happen that is a biden and harrisro are doing they are so worried about being raped they cover themselvesin in feces so they are disgusting to man. it isti disgusting and harris has a cavalier attitude to the whole human toll we don't want to call the crisis we don't want the media to go down this is emblematic of washington right now. and el paso a few weeks ago
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she could have, president trump to see the real crisis caused when you don'tu finish the border wall or don't have cameras or lights. and then to call democrats out for exactly what they are doing. new chair of the national republican committee. we will win in 22. and as us senator i will do it every day and fight for secure border. i have been there two years is
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not full of a lot of conservatives like you. strong conservatives are not accepted in dc right now. democrats control washington that they do not control our country. we do. they want to control the way we think, what we say, how we say and what we do. but we will never allow that. [applause] democrats want to say what to say and how to say it we will be canceled for merger churches and jobs they want to cancel us. how me if you are not even sure what you can say right now? were to be socially acceptable? i believe there will be a big
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backlash coming from all of us and there is nothing the democrats can do to stop it. [applause] in dc they went to defend the police get funding for military. and teacher duly elected president twice for nonsense but that's the craziest thing they tried to do the craziest bill is for the people act. have you heard of it? it's not for the people call it what it is it's called the corrupt politicians act. [applause] so far we have been able to
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grab the power grab from the democrats also this is a whole focus they will do anything to gain power to control elections in all future elections in this country. they don't want free and fair elections they want elections only democrats can win. do you believe it is racist to require voters to show their id? of course not. it's common sense to open a checking account you do have to do it o when you get on the airplane also. g1 and monitor dropbox i don't
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think that would be a vote but just pick which ones i want to discard do we want that? the american people don't either. here is the best part it has you pay for their political attack ads. how made you think we should pay for their attack ads with your money? arizona democrat mark kelly is running and we will be tim but he would get as much as 18 million of your tax dollars. what about as much as $25 million of your tax
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dollars? called chris sununu to make sure to run for senate if he does, we will win. to have as much for $9 million. and then to have $11 million was talked about her goodd friend chuck schumer don't you love the guy? he is not partisan at all so save democracy guess someone she would get? $45million of your money to run attack ads. it is corruption for the democrats without the open and
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a complete lie now first off the arizona gop had a historic victory in the supreme court. [applause] so think god with election security lives in arizona so hopefullyha which is all we expect to fight tooth and nail for local control that we have to be reunited as conservatives and republicans to make sure every election is free and fair and we win. this is a complete lie from biden on down if you have any
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election reform we are racist and trying to oppress voters it is a complete lie. we have to stand up and say democrats are lying. voter id is not racist. it is common sense. [applause] preventing ballot harvesting is not racist it is common sense. preventing illegal immigrants from voting is not racist it ist common sense that your direct corrupt politicians act to make sure in a free and fair election we will when. [applause] >> our goal is maximum participation in zero fried
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not a thousand dollars here but zero fried democrats cultivating they don't like racist. the filibuster is racist. right? even though biden many used it to block bills and last year to s block the police reform bill that they are complete hypocrites and teaching your kids that america is racist. we are not racist. we are not a racist country. they are absolutely wrong. [applause] america is the greatest country in the history of the world our president has given more opportunity to live their a more individual dream than anyplace honor. [applause]
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in the past republicans have been intimidated when democrats call us racist we have to stop being intimidated we cannot allow that they know that they lose an actual policy we went w on policy so they play the race card. we cannot stand down or cower to democrats calling us names. they will call us racist no matter whatr we do. the game haswh to be over we have to stand up and fight for what we believe in like from our conservative principles free fair and secure elections and the government in washington but doesn't represent liberal special interest or ceos that want to teach our children that are country and our values are bad. we were fight for the values
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that make her country great because we are the greatest country in the history ofte the world. [cheers and applause] we have to stand up every day and fight for our faith, families, and the country we love. [applause] so ile was just elected chairman so that means my job for the next year and a half is raising a million dollars that we have good candidates also talk about how crazy democrats are to be a strong conservative republicans running and make sure we take back the majority, which we will. my oldest grandson loves military he will be our paratrooper and i recently took him to a military museum
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and ask they knew the pledge of allegiance. my grandson was so excited and raised his hand. let's all stand up and say the pledge. and what we believe in. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you. [cheers and applause] as grandparents you get pretty excited watching your grandkids watching up i think all the way conservatives. we are living in a nation big tech hollywood and the liberal media are attacking our values
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every day democrats attacked the values they embodied in the pledge the national anthem a shaman saying cancel us no more we see groups like this you know we are winning my grandson that day gives me hope there's future generations to lose the end them or the flag and the respect of the values that my father fought for in world war ii we know it will take all of us to fight back with the radical democrats to destroy the values that we allbe believe in this great nation. the backlash against the democrats big tech academia in the liberal media is coming. we are doing it if you want to see a backlash we can do it
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together by winning and 22. we should win in 22 we can win in 22 we will then in 22. thank you. god bless america. god bless every one of you. goodbye. [applause]
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publishing hundreds of nonfiction books in his career now has written a memoir about his own life call then especially good view a national book review rights he's not written a memoir so much is a report from the front we talk with him about his time in vietnam and among other things.


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