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tv   Gov. Hutchinson Remarks at NGA Summer Meeting  CSPAN  July 16, 2021 7:17am-7:36am EDT

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go through and i found a lot of support in my colleague governors who in essence were in the same unique position, very few people were going through what we went through and we went through it together and speaking for myself, it was a tremendous personal benefit. governors have a new credibility, governors have a newt status, let us use it well and let us use it to do well. thank you all very much. >> remarks from arkansas governor asa hutchison, here he is discussing the economic recovery and policy decisions for upcoming year. >> thank you very much, welcome back, everyone. our first order of business is to move the resolution to elect the o 2021-2022 nga officers and
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the executive committee members. our immediate past chair and nominated share unfortunately cannot be with us today and offering resolution on governor hogan's behalf is governor doocy of arizona. >> hello to see everyone even if it is virtually. on behalf of governor hogan alwhich includes mcgee, corny, x and scott, i'm pleased to present the slate of the nga executive committee members and officers. for members of the executive committee, the committee nominates governor b charlie bar of massachusetts, governor of alabama, governor michelle
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grisham of new york. myself, governor doug doocy of arizona and governor murphy of new jersey and governor asa. i move to have this resolution adopted.k >> governor doocy, thank you very much, that sounds like a winning slate to me. is there a second in favor of the motion? soe moved. >> please indicate by saying aye? >> aye. >> those opposed, nay. in the opinionav of the chair, e ayes have it and new officer of executive committee members are
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agreed to. congratulations to all. governor hutchins, governor to my neighbor, phil murphy and the committee. before i hand the gavel over to our new chair, let me just say a few final words that i have the mike. i had the pleasure oft serving with asa hutchison last year and i think it's been outstanding partnership. as you know, we had weekly meetings with the white house going through substantive issues that have been very difficult. asa jumped in as vice chair in the middle of the pandemic and helped me as my partner lead this organization. and that's what's truly great about the nga. over the last 18 months, firstgo we had governor larry hog anticipate and myself and then asa hutchison and myself. two republican governors from totally different states and regions partnering together with
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a new york governor, the first chairman from the state of new york and doing it in a bipartisan way and we delivered for the n.g.a. and we never let politics get in the way. and we help this nation through this pandemic and we did the best we could for our states. governor hutchison has been a huge part of our success in securing historic financial assistance for each of you. and for holding each administration's feet to the fire, respectful fully and responsibly. but we've made sure that states and territ but we've made sure that states and territories got what they needed. we worked together as a team and i have no doubt that asa will
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lead days to brighter days and i have no doubt that governor phil murphy will be an extraordinary chair. new chairss of the national governor's association, governor elsas hutchison. >> i want to thank you for placing your confidence in me for taking leadership. thank you for your support in the nominating committee as well. this would be a critical year for our states and territories individually and for the nation asem we navigate through recovey and go to normalcy which we are
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in. governor cuomo, your tenure as nga chairman through this pandemic has certainly not been easy ot been easy. but i have appreciated the way you have handled the job and helped our nation's governors score crucial victories that have provided real results. you have rightly focused on covid during your tenure. and everyone here listening should know that andrew has led with a steady hand, calmness in the face of adversity is the foundation of leadership. and we all appreciate your steadfastness and your work during this time. from a personal standpoint, andrew, i want you to know that my granddaughter will be attending college in new york. so she will be a semi-constituent of yours and we always appreciate that relationship that we can have with new york. as i take the gavel today, one
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of my most important missions will be to help facilitate the state's partnership with the white house to guide the nation out of the pandemic. we have much work to do to overcome vaccine hesitancy but we can do it together. just from a personal standpoint, i want to add that i grew up in a farm, my dad was a farmer, my mom and dad had high school educations but they believed in giving the next generation their children greater opportunities because of their sacrifice i've had opportunities they've never dreamed of opportunities they've never dreamed of. i had the privilege of serving yates attorney under the ronald reagan administration, to serve in the congress, to serve in the bush administration in d.v.a. and homeland security and i came back and i ran for governor of arkansas and and i lost the
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first time and many of you have had similar experiences. but eight years later, i've had another opportunity and it's been a great, great privilege for me to be governor and to my second term of governor of arkansas. and as i look at my life, i've helped guide the security of my nation after 9/11. i've prosecuted neo-nazi thugs and now to work with my colleagues across the nation on the critical issues facing our nation is indeed, a high privilege. now let's talk for a moment about the upcoming year. first of all, we plan to meet in person. i know the necessity of our virtual meetings but it is important that we meet together. and we have to be together to share experiences, ideas, and to encourage one another. substantively, we will focus on information sharing within the administration from pandemic planning and recovery to
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american rescue plan funding and best practices related to that. we will work on keeping an eye on legislative efforts in washington that impact our respective states. the work of the n.g.a. is more important than ever. at a time when our nation seems to divided, it is very important that our states work as laboratories of democracy, where we innovate, determine what works best and share our ideas. it is important that we continue our bipartisan work together. no doubt we will disagree on many issues, but it is important for our states to set the example of civil discourse, debate on ideas, respect and efforts to find ways to work together. that is the history and legacy of the n.g.a.
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and we want to continue it. our advocacy has never been more important. infrastructure, education recovery, and advancement. health care and public safety. these are all issues we face and work on together, every day. and washington needs to hear from us. the states need flexibility. and we'll be good partners to work together to accomplish our mutual goals. my chair's initiative, i'm happy to say, will be computer science education. this is something that we've worked on in arkansas. we've set a good leadership role in that effort. but we want to share our experience during this next year but more importantly, to showcase what the different governors are doing in their states and territories. the specifics of this initiative will be set out in an upcom. -- upcoming nga meeting. so, stay tuned. but i'm excited about it. i'm excited about working with you on that initiative and it certainly relates to our cybersecurity challenges as well as our technology future.
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and now, let me shift to talk about an important announcement. and that is is, we are announcing today that our 2022 annual summer meeting will be in portland, maine. the pine tree state, where governor bills will host our gathering. many of you will recall what was a year ago or more that she got us all excited about going to maine and then covid hit. and so we're to return to the opportunity we heard about before. so governor mills, thank you. the floor is yours. >> oh, wow, thank you t governor hutchison. congratulations. this is a poster of maine. this is the last time the n.g.a. -- the portland, maine, hosted the conference. that was in 1983. i was a young district attorney. i was on on the host committee. i think i'm going to use the same poster because nothing
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about this landscape has truly changed. i want to welcome you to maine at this time next month. a few of you have close relations here. governor baker and sununu, i know you visit here too. about a year ago at this time, we're all debating when to open our racetracks, and whether or not to have full audience participation or not and governor scott and governor sununu were debating. and governor scott corrected me forcefully saying we haded about 12 racetracks in maine and he's won races there in every one of them. so he knows some parts of my state better than i do. but i'm eager to welcome you back next year at this time. the weather in maine and july is perfect. it's about 75 to 80. it's pretty sunny. and we have a minor league
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baseball team, the sea dogs. we have some of the best restaurants. before the pandemic hit, portland, maine, was rated one of the best restaurant cities, foodie cities in the country. and it's making a comeback now with all the covid precautions that they've been careful to adhere to. and we have l.l. bean just up the road from portland if you feel like shopping on a rainy day. and freeport maine. we have a rocky coastline, and sandy beaches some of the oldest lighthouses in the country. craft beers. we've got about 150 craft breweries in maine. i think they exploded during the pandemic, too. you know, expanded. don't know why. but we're also, we boast oysters and scallops and clams and whatnot. but we also know that because we started planning this a year and a half ago, we don't have to reinvent the wheel.
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we are ready for you. the hotels are ready for you. the beaches are ready for you. the shopping malls and the baseball parks are all ready for you. and a new children's museum just opened two weeks ago. and my granddaughters and i cut the ribbon. and my granddaughter was first in the door. everything is right in town. portland is very density to live and one of the most beautiful state necessary country. -- one of the most beautiful in the country. we have the lowest crime rate. and we vie with vermont for most crime rate and highest vaccination rate, vying with vermont and connecticut. sometimes massachusetts. and lowest case rates right now of covid-19. lowest hospitalization rates in some of the lowest death rates. so we've been maintaining our stamina here during the pandemic. and hopefully, the canadian border will open before next year, too.
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you'll be able to visit a little bit of canada on your trip to maine. i'm eager to welcome you back to maine. i know none of you were in 1983. i was. i'm going to crews the same poster. everything is as beautiful as it was then as it is now. thank you very much, governor hutchison and congratulations. governor hutchison: thank you, governor mills. and your announcement has already made my tenure as n.g.a. chairman a success. so we're excited about being there with you next summer. but a lot of work to do between now and then, including our february -- our winter meeting that will be in washington. i also wanted to welcome governor phil murphy. he will be vice chair and phil, i'm excited about working with you. and i look forward to -- our working relationship, along the others on the executive committee. thank you for your continued commitment to the n.g.a.
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>> same right back. congratulations. and i also want to salute my neighbor governor cuomo for great term as chair. looking forward to working with you. governor hutchison: thank you, phil. and hear, hear, to your comment on governor cuomo. i want to thank everyone for giving me this privilege. looking forward to next year and i'm going to turn back to governor cuomo for his final words. andrew, it's been a pleasure. i look forward to seeing you and continue to work with you. governor cuomo: thank you very much, asa. congratulations to you. i'm excited about what you're going to do with the n.g.a. and governor phil murphy, we are neighbors. we've done a lot of great work together and any way i can help, any way any of our colleagues can help, i'm sure as you know, we'll all be there.
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governor mills, we're all excited about going to maine. i've been there many times. but i'll tell you. i made a note if governor scott has been to all 12 racetracks, i'm going to get some tips from governor scott while i'm up there. but governors, it's been a heck of a year. we did it. we did it together. we're going to move this country forward. we're going to do even better going forward. asa, congratulations. phil, congratulations. i ask for a motion to adjourn this summer meeting of the national governors association. all in favor. >> aye. >> thank you very much. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> now state and federal judges testify on judicial branch diversity before the house judiciary committee on courts. topics include access to minorities and nominees to the federal bench, this is just 2 and a half hours. >> committee will now come to order and without objection, the chair is authorized to declare recesses of the subcommittee at any time. welcome to this morning's hearing on the importance of a diverse federal judiciary. before we begin, i would like to remind members that we have established an e-mail address and distribution list dedicated tocu


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