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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  July 2, 2021 10:04am-10:50am EDT

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c-span2. >> good friday morning. we what to begin with some of the headlines for some "usa today" that makeshift memorial and surfside florida as the death toll continues to rise. president biden at the site yesterday paying his respects to those family members who lost loved ones. it has now been eight days since that south tower of the condo collapsed. front page of the "washington post" has the situation in your prosecutors allege fraud at thee trunk from alawites a longtime chief financial officer charged with the manhattan da's calling up a scheme. tax fraud inn front page of the argentine upholding arizona's election law. this came after a challenge by the democratic national committee. inside the question tonight is this headline. statements from tg republican liz cheney, she said
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i am honored to serve on the select committee. congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation into the most serious attack on our capital since 1814 -- capitol since 1814. what about the house republican leader, kevin mccarthy? he is yet to decide what he will do at least publicly. >> why should liz cheney lose committee assignment to serve on the committee to investigate what happened on january 6. >> you know how congress works. you get elected by your district and you get your committees. when jeff van drew left the party and became a republican, he lost his committee
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assignments from the speaker. when justin amash left, he got his committee assignments from the speaker. i don't know in history where someone would go get their committee assignments from the speaker and expect them to have them from the conference as well. >> andrew clyde said it was a normal tourist event that day. >> let me be very clear, i am not threatening anybody with committee assignments. what i am saying is it was shocking to me that if a person is a republican -- they get their committee assignments from the republican congress. from somebody to accept assignments from speaker pelosi is unprecedented. host: questions to the house republican leader, had kevin mccarthy. our phone lines are open on whether or not he should appoint members to the select committee
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or at least recommend those members. democrats, (202) 748-8000 and four republicans, (202) 748-8001 . from punch bowl news, a look at potentially who could be on that list. this morning he is pointing out jim jordan, mike johnson, kelly armstrong from north dakota, congressman jim banks, elise stefanik of new york, kelly armstrong, congressman john rutherford of pennsylvania. they are just some of the names being mentioned on this friday morning. john bresnahan from punch bowl news. we don't need a committee, we will use that in the midterms. republicans had a chance to
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create the bipartisan commission and they lost it. that is looking like a dumb mistake. we have a call on the independent line, good morning. caller: i just want to say i don't know why any decent republican would not want to be on this committee. their lives were in jeopardy too. just watch the film footage. for them to just want to sweep this under the rug like it never happened, i don't understand. as far as i'm concerned, they have no souls to them. i just don't understand why they would not want to be part of the process of getting to the bottom of this mess and find out just what was going on and hold those people accountable for what they have done, thank you. host: nick is next from california, good morning. republican line. caller: it's ironic that liz
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cheney, whose father was a shill for halliburton and lied about weapons of mass destruction. he probably did more to hurt this country than anyone else. she runs into the arms of speaker pelosi so she could be used for political purposes for a sham committee. this is typical of the cheney's and typical of the way they operate. mccarthy should be commended for holding party discipline and stripping her of her assignments. if she wants to get assignments from the democratic speaker, she might as will become a democrat. host: thanks for the call. this is from rick in washington sending us a text message. this should not be a democrat or republican political tug-of-war. serving on the commission would be a patriotic duty. the truth will set us free from the manipulations of the gop.
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pelosi appoints liz cheney to the house select committee investigating january 6. nancy pelosi announcing yesterday that liz cheney is one of eight members that she selected to serve on this committee that will investigate the deadly january 6 capital insurrection. the former chair was ousted from the leadership. she is the only republican handpicked by pelosi to serve on the 13 member committee. the committee will consolidate several house investigations. it was formed after republicans blocked a bill that would establish a bipartisan 9/11 style commission. the remaining members will be picked in consultation with the house republican leader kevin mccarthy. between the lines in a closed-door meeting with freshman republicans on wednesday, mccarthy warning they would be stripped from their committee assignments if they accepted a position on that select committee with pelosi. that was from
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we heard from leader mccarthy and his comments. we will go to earl in alabama, independent line. caller: good morning, thanks for having me. mccarthy is saying it is unprecedented that liz cheney accepted the position on the committee, i don't know that the republicans think that people can't think holistically. this was also an unprecedented task on the capital to try to overturn an election. they need to be very careful about what they have to say. they are definitely misleading to those who are uninformed. to those who are informed, miss cheney is doing a great job and serves as an example for all politicians. host: this is from jason, think republican should serve on the committee? they tend to blame other groups, let them prove it.
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martha joining us next on the democrats line. caller: it is marsha. it's ok. i think if they want to find out the truth they should serve on the committee. mccarthy does not want to find out the truth. he obviously does not want to find out the truth. he wants to spread rumors but they don't want to find out the truth. that is what people need to be aware of. caller: jim is next in franklin, pennsylvania, republican line. good morning, jim. caller: i remember you from hearing news. host: it has been a long time but thank you. caller: i think the republicans should serve, why not? i think there should be equal representation on the committee.
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i think they should be appointed by mccarthy, not nancy pelosi. here's a novel idea to understand more of what happened that day. have the government released the 14,000 hours of videotape at the capitol building and make it public. so everyone could see every bit of it. we need to know who shot the woman that was there. we need to know who opened the doors and let them in, all of it. make it public. host: thanks for the call. this is from lou in washington. unfortunately for the republicans, mccarthy's defiant and will strip other republicans of committees. mccarthy and republicans had their chance, good for liz cheney. i'm not a fan but hate how she has been treated by mccarthy and others. we will go to wilmington,
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delaware next. independent line. caller: everybody calling them today wants to get to the bottom of what happened. there are two questions unanswered. the fbi agent and the crowd directing the insurrection. we have a right to know who killed her. everybody is worried about lives in jeopardy, that woman was killed and they won't name who the person was. host: ed is next on the cult -- on the independent line. caller: it is the scam of the democrats, the scourge of our country. this is a joke. the only person killed was a veteran air force woman shot, the fake news keep saying there
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are four other deaths. none of them died from the riot as they call it. they are not even allowed -- there is a two justice system in our country. it is pathetic. the fbi, and cia are weaponizing against conservatives. these people are sitting in jail in solitary, maybe four years without even a hearing, anything. they are still there. that is ridiculous. everybody's bailed out by the democrats. the vice president set up millions and bail. this is a scam. the country should be outraged about this. weaponizing a two-party system. it is a part of democrats and conservatives, it is terrible. a disgrace to this country. let the truth be that.
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caller: this is -- host: this is from william sending us a text message. the appointed saying yes it by choice but aware of repercussions. is it real leadership or power grab by representative cheney? this is a headline from inside the washington times leading mccarthy blasting liz cheney for accepting the appointment. eddie is next from mitchell, indiana on the democrats line. what is your view on all of this? caller: i kind of think the last eight months of what we have seen out of the united states government kind of tells you everything that is going on. the only thing i can really say is that mr. mccarthy said everybody knows how congress works. sir, in the last eight months, the united states government
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does not work anymore for the people. thank you, sir. host: dan, good morning, your next from massachusetts. caller: thank you for having me on. i would like to point out here, i said this on your program before. the media and its lack of reporting. i just want to point out the fact that on the sixth they were going through state-by-state to certify the joe biden win in each state. when they start in our for medical order, when they got to the state of arizona two senators stood up and said there was a problem with the voting in arizona. at that point -- that has never happened in the history of our country.
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two senators along with a bunch of people in the house stood up and said there were problems. at that point the certification stops. the procedures on the senate floor were laid out on what would happen next. what was on the agenda next was four hours and hours of conversation in the house in the senate about what happened in arizona. as soon as senator langford stood up to start talking about what happened, the police let the people in the capital and the whole process got shut down. the so-called insurrection to stop the counting of the vote,
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that is propaganda. the certification stopped when they got to arizona. host: of course when the select committee does meet, which could begin as early as later this month after the july 4 recess, c-span will be your source of covering the select committee. if you are listening on c-span radio, we are asking should republicans serve on this committee? speaker pelosi making the announcement yesterday of her choices of democrats and one republican, liz cheney. she explained the mission and the priority moving forward. speaker pelosi: it is important for you to know what our purpose is for this. that is the findings of the legislation speak to the testimony for the director of the fbi when he basically said there were more deaths on
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domestic terrorism then from global terrorism in our country. the department of homeland security with concerns that are out there. all of these institutions talking about -- i hate to go there and it's what they had said in terms of white supremacy , anti-semitism, islamophobia. all of these attitudes that have contributed to what happened on january 6. you could go to to read the finding, which established a purpose of what we are setting out to do. to make sure this never happens again. host: that announcement yesterday from the speaker of
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the house, nancy pelosi. from her home state newspaper, the star tribune, the headline is cheney chosen to investigate the capital insurrection. congresswoman cheney had backed an independent, bipartisan committee to investigate the riot at the capital. an attempt to create a panel died in the senate after passing in the house. on wednesday cheney said a select committee was the only option f -- left for a thorough examination. kevin mccarthy, who played a role in ousting cheney from leadership question her republican credentials. leader mccarthy saying i was shocked that she would accept something from speaker pelosi. i didn't hear from her, maybe she is closer to her then to us. the photograph of liz cheney,
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who is the loan representative from congress. this is from jodi. i would think republicans would welcome their day in court. if they want to sweep the insurrection under the rug, we will have to do it without them. maria is joining us here in washington, d.c. on the democrats line. caller: good morning. they should be happy to have the opportunity. this could have been an independent commission. they need to remember that. totally separate from congress. every single republican, senate republican voted against it. it could have been independent. now, they're going to kill this thing and it will be over. this is what is happening now. as for the ashli babbitt thing,
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what is it republicans always stay -- say? don't commit a crime and you won't direct -- get arrested? these people broke the law, that is it. she probably wants to be closer to the truth. everyone should want to know the truth. host: jamie with a question, do bank robbers investigate their own bank robberies? this from lynn saying kevin mccarthy could pick five republicans but nancy pelosi has the right to veto his picks. mccarthy better not sit on it. nancy will not allow anyone on if they are with trump. karen is joining us from new hampshire, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call.
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my opinion is the fact that as far as cheney goes, what she had to say about tv for everybody to hear what she thought about donald trump and how she was going to make sure that he never served again in any position. which makes her -- the republicans know darn well that this is why she went. they all think it is about donald trump. the fact is that he wanted there to be the military people there. on that day he said there was too many people there and the fact was all of the gear for the security guards was locked up in the van. i just think that when it comes to the republicans working with
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the democrats knowing that their whole thing is about donald trump never being in office again. it is a waste of time. the proof will be in the pudding and they will not get what they want. people need to remember way back when biden and obama were in office. it starts with that agenda 21. all of this has to do with that. i thank you very much, have a good day. host: we thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. tony is in cal -- south carolina . congress should investigate as long as pelosi is called in as the first witness. the other story inside usa today, arizona's absentee vote law is upheld. the story pointing out a divided supreme court upheld the controversial arizona law,
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weighing into a raging national debate over voter rights by curving the landmark voting rights act. samuel alito wrote the majority opinion joined by the courts conservatives. justice kagan wrote the dissenting opinion. this morning inside usa today, more from yesterday's news conference with leader kevin mccarthy. he was asked about what happened on january 6. reporter: you just named a number of entities that you think are to blame for -- questions about it. do you believe former president trump is responsible in some way for the events? leader mccarthy: have you read the senate report?
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did you have questions about the prep that we had for this? we're concerned about when they found i.e.d.'s in the morning and did not call the fbi? were you concerned about the idea that the sergeant and arms had intel provided by the fbi but was not passed forward? were you concerned that if we had that information, why didn't we have a different built here? if you were concerned about riots, why would you put the riot gear in a bus that was locked? at the time the riot took place, why was there not communication that had direction from leadership. leadership -- there were so many failures along the way that happened days before that allowed individuals to get into the building. that is what we want to make sure never happens again. host: that was the republican leader in the house of representatives, kevin mccarthy.
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janet saying if the gop thinks the rioters were g -- nt for an blm you think they would be all over wanting to start a committee. caller: good to see you this morning. good to be able to talk to you again. i think we are getting some weather soon. host: we had it last night. we are sending it to south carolina. caller: it is on the way here. hope you're doing well. i'm a big believer in the rule of law and judicial law as it stands. i've always contended from the start that the january 6 situation should've been investigated immediately by the fbi, local police. if congress wants to establish a committee -- here's the problem.
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could members judge this thing without passion or president -- precedent? it sounds to me like pelosi is trying to lure the jory -- jury. use select a jury based on their beliefs and opinions, their politics. if you can find people without passion or precedents, that is fine. bill cosby was just released on a technicality, however unfair that seems, that is our law. i remember after oj was found not guilty, people asked me what do i think? she said not guilty. 12 people sat in a locked room
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and decided he was not guilty. that was it for me. again, deep down inside i have opinions but i just keep them to myself. i knew -- ralph at the time was in the office and died of cancer. i got uncomfortable being on the jury. i said listen, i am trying to get out of jury duty. i said when you are getting ready to put somebody up for a long time, if you as a prosecutor don't have every i dotted and every t crossed i will let them walk. it seems like every committee that has been established by congress to get trump -- the outcome has almost been guaranteed.
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host: do you think this is out to get former president trump or do you think speaker pelosi wants to find out how this happened, what led to it, and how to prevent it in the future? caller: both, i think they will find out what led to it was trump's comments. speaker pelosi said anti-semitism contributed to the riots. does that include anti-semitism by congressional democrats? she should've chosen her words more carefully. i'm big on ruling on these things within the law and without passion or prejudice. if you could find something wrong under those conditions, that is fine with me. host: thanks for the call, don't be a stranger. we appreciate your continued viewership. the new york times, headline says liz cheney joining the january 6 investigation committee.
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next to that, and date has been set for that recall in california. the date is september 14. the recall is on governor gavin newsom. caller: good morning, this whole thing has been ridiculous. caller: this whole thing has been ridiculous. these people trespassed on the white house. cheney has every right to be on the committee. like the gentleman before, they sent an investigator right away and mccarthy wanted to stop it. why don't people try to investigate mccarthy? he tried to be speaker of the house he backed out of it. somebody needs to be accountable for this. donald trump had every right to complain about the situation, but he complained about it too darn much. if he just took it like a man and realized, ok, it's over with
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, start over in 2024. but he carried it to foreign people believed him and they got so doggone angry they marched on the white house. in 1841, william henry harrison became president only for a month. vice --he had the national bank and vice president john tyler came in and he didn't want it. an angry mob marks on the white house. today investigate that?--did they investigate that? i don't know, but this happened before. there is no excuse for this, and cheney has every right to be chosen by pelosi to be on this committee. political partisanship is what it is all about regardless of political party. host: "why doesn't the republican party want to know the truth?" we are getting new pictures and video of january 6, and the justice department releasing recent video.
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we will let you listen to a little bit of it. here is how the events unfolded from the perspective of these least bodycam video's--police bodycam videos the afternoon of january 6. [video clip] [bleep] host: the scene on january 6. that video released just this past week by the justice department. you can see the combinations not only with d.c. please-- confrontations not only with d.c. police, but capitol hill police.
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brenda in south carolina, good morning. caller: good morning. i agree that the republicans should serve on the committee. one comment i would like to make before i get started -- the gentleman from south carolina, i think you guys on c-span need to keep it and a minimum when people are talking because he talked a little too long and he cut off somebody else who had an opportunity to talk. i agree that the republicans should serve on the committee, but i don't understand why mccarthy doesn't want any to serve. it's hard to believe that what we saw on january 6 -- the republicans are trying to make us believe we didn't see that with our own eyes, that it didn't happen. and it makes me angry when i see the way they are operating when it came to the police officers being treated, because my son is a police officer. he is out there to protect us. i don't understand how the republican party can sit there and say it didn't happen, it was
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a cordial visit, whatever. and the young lady that got killed, she knew right from wrong. she shouldn't have been there. they were protecting the congress. i don't understand, i really don't. it is almost like they are hiding something and they don't want the american people to see it. i think there should be a committee. they had an opportunity to choose people they wanted to be on there. they chose not to. i remember benghazi. what is the difference? this is more badder then benghazi was to me. they don't care about the american people. they care about themselves and donald trump in the party for all the republican party need to be voted out. get some young republicans in there who care about the american people. host: live view of the u.s. this friday morning. some of the callers eludes you a cloudy morning, but the temperatures are expected to heat up today, and dry
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conditions for the holiday weekend. if you're coming to washington, d.c., for the fireworks, the parade, the national archive, a tour of the museums. we will have more calls and comments in just a moment. should republicans serve on this select committee announced yesterday by the speaker of the house nancy pelosi? inside "the washington post" is more on the condo collapsed in florida. a photograph of the president and first lady, makeshift memorial with pictures of loved ones lost as the rescue and recovery efforts continue. the president spending hours meeting with the victims and their family members. here is part of what he had to say. [video clip] >> the whole nation's morning with these families. they see it every day on television. they have gone through hell. and those that survived the collapse, as well as those who are missing loved ones. i realize i am a little late because i spent a lot of time with the families, a a lot of t iiem--whole lot of
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time. i apologize for taking so long to get here, because i think it was important to speak to every person who wanted to speak with me. after what you are covered when i open up the meeting, i spent the remainder of the time, and such incredible people. i sat with one woman who had just lost her husband and her little baby boy, didn't know what to do. i sat with another family that lost almost an entire family, cousins, brothers, sisters. and you watch them and they are praying and pleading, god, let there be a miracle, let there something happen for me that is good. i have like you do some idea of what it is like to suffer that kind of life that so many are suffering. --so for that kind of loss that so many are suffering. they had basic heart wrenching
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questions -- will i be able to recover the body of my son, daughter, husband, cousin, mom and dad? how can i have closure without being able to bury them? jill and i want them to know that we are with them and the countries with them. our message today is that we are here for you as when nation, as one nation. that is the message we communicate. we will be in touch with a lot of these families continuing through this process. there is much more to be done. we are ready to do it. again, i thank the governor, i thank my colleagues, senator scott, senator rubio. i think debbie wasserman schultz, for their trouble and --total and complete cooperation. there is no disagreement, no bickering. everyone is on the same team. it is what america is all about. host: that was president joe
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biden in south florida. front page of "usa today," the grief stricken family members awaiting anywhere. "it would take a miracle, as the time continues to dwindle. the threat of instability eating away the hope for rescues in florida. the operation was halted yesterday because of building movement and concern that the other tower was about to collapse. in confirmation of two children, one 10, one four. their parents also died in that condo." front page of "usa today." joe is next from alabama, republican line. good morning, joe. caller: well, didn't have any republicans when they investigated trump for the russian conspiracy, so i guess they are not going to have any republicans on this, either.
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also, it's really strange when cops shoots a black person and kills him, the news has names of the cop, where he lives, for hours. and here this cop murdered a protester on january 6 and you don't hear nothing of who he is. you don't hear nothing. host: joe from alabama. this is from lee -- "democrats served on all benghazi committees. republicans should serve on the committee. what are they afraid of?" independent from hamilton, virginia. brian, good morning. caller: good morning. very interesting topic. i watched part of mr. mccarthy's news conference, and i heard a bit of speaker pelosi's also. one of the problems -- i think republicans should serve on this committee. if they don't, they will claim
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it is a whitewash. but i wish reporters when they ask a question, and asked mr. mccarthy, was he going to appoint republicans to the committee, and he danced around. he can't answer the question. speaker pelosi does the same thing, so they both do it. but i wish it would say, "sir, that is not the answer to my question. are you going to appoint republicans? if not, why not? don't you want to know the answers to this?" he made a good point about the information leading up to the riot -- i won't call it an insurrection. i will call it a riot. and watched a lot of it on tv, live. they need to find out all the information beforehand, during it, what the president said, what the other speakers that day said. it all needs to be investigated,
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and why the republicans are trying to bury it is beyond me. host: thanks for the call. thank for listening on c-span radio. if you are outside the d.c. area, get the free c-span radio app. this is from mac in ohio on the question, should republicans serve on the committee. "definitely. the republicans would be the only honest members of the committee." more from yesterday's news conference with house speaker nancy pelosi. [video clip] >> yesterday we saw patriotism on display in the house when it passed the to establish a select committee to investigate the january 6 attack on the capitol . it has been our hope, all of us, our hope, and the work of artist in which the chairman bennie thompson, for us to be able to have a bipartisan commission. attached in the house in a bipartisan way--it passed in the
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house and a bipartisan way. we got a majority vote in the senate in a bipartisan way, but it did not get the 60 votes. they asked for another week, another week, another week, and at the end of last week we said we can't do this until 2023. we can't wait that long. we went right into motion to establish this select committee. host: that from house speaker nancy pelosi. the full conference available on our website at dorothy in raleigh, north carolina, on the democrats line. caller: good morning, and i hope you give me a chance to finish. i want to make a few comments and i will make a brief. this is about right and wrong. what happened was wrong. when trump and that rally on the six about stop the steal, how was he going to stop the steal? what if they hadn't gotten in there -- do you think he was going in here and start hugging the representatives and shake their hands? no, they wanted to actually harm them. we don't know how much they
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--how much damage they would offend if they were successful in doing that. republicans don't want it because mccarthy had a call with trump. you don't want nobody to know what their conversation was about. i want to make one more quick comment -- we keep talking about the conspiracy about trump and russia. trump did meet with russian agents. trump in the white house wouldn't let no one from the press in there. he hired james comey to stop the investigation of what the russians did. he asked russia to hack emails from hillary on tv. he met in trump tower with russian agents. he met with putin in helsinki and told him about united states intelligence. he was dealing with russia, it was in our face, no doubt about it. host: kathy from massachusetts,
10:47 am
text message. "the incident on january 6 is still being investigated by the 30's and people are being arrested and charged. i think this committee is premature and a waste of my tax dollars at this point. totally partisan to be used as a distraction for 2022 elections." it is july 2, and that means u.s. troops leaving from afghanistan. this tweet with breaking news that all troops leaving the bagram air force base in afghanistan. and this from the taliban, tweeting the following quote, " welcoming and supporting the exit of all u.s. and nato forces from afghanistan. therefore withdrawal from afghanistan will pave the way for afghans to decide about the future between themselves." an estimated 2500 troops leaving afghanistan. there may be some who stay behind as consultants. as far as boots on the ground, they are leaving former representative jane harman will
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be joining us later on the program, and she is out with a book called "insanity defense." we hope you stay tuned for that. we go to terry in woodbridge, illinois, republican line. caller: good morning. i hope you let me speak a little bit, like you did the woman that just went on and on about the russia russia. host: we let you all speak, absolutely. caller: my comment is that they just had -- republicans just had a hearing about the 600,000 murders of american citizens, and they are protecting china. that is what the hearing should be about. but what you are talking about is the public doesn't have to have hearings. all they got to do is look no further than the lawmakers, on both sides. all they do is stand up and lie to the public constantly about everything. democratic party is pushing the
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race against each other, dividing us constantly. people, there have been a couple million people bought legally handguns in the last few years. why do you think people is doing this? you have to stop with the fake news. the democrats need immunity taken away from them, all of them. it is the lawmakers that is causing all this problem. so what's -- and then you look at the fake news, and look no further than c-span themselves. they are peddling this garbage constantly. what you going to do if there is a civil war? why do you think people's retake your life to the white house were president biden is speaking about the june unemployment report which showed 850,000 jobs were added last month. live coverage. >> we get prepared to celebrate independence day, and


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