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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Kevin Hern  CSPAN  June 16, 2021 7:28pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> dan glicksman's autobiography is entitled laughing at myself. subtitled my education in congress on the farm and at the movies. former representatives serving congress for 18 years, a native of wichita, kansas, he went on to serve as president clinton's agriculture secretary from 1995 to 2001. in 2004 he replaced jack as chairman and ceo of the motion picture association of america until 2012. in our interview we spent some time talking on his interest in humor. >> on this episode of bookmarks plus listen at or wherever you get your podcast. ♪ ♪ joni stout congressman kevin
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hearn a republican of oklahoma member of the ways and means committee here to talk about the president's economic infrastructure proposal. let's begin their server because where there iss a bipartisan group in the senate, five democrats five republicans working on a proposal they hope will come to the floor and get support. what you have heard of it so far whate you like? >> i like the fact they are actually redefining the president's original definition of infrastructure. it was not two-point to 5 trillion ason he first put out. thatat he actually doubled down on himself and negotiated against himself and reduced to 1.7 trillion. obviously the republicans came in with something more traditional as infrastructure roads, bridges, airports and waterways. i think a modern day infrastructure pieces broadband. we are somewhere between 700 billion and a trillion dollars right now. >> is this something you could
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support for came to the house floor?us >> i'm always cautious when i say something i could support. as i'm learning my two short years in congress the devil is always in the details. as far as defining infrastructure wes uc have to start there and i think read a good place. >> what you like to see in an infrastructure bill? >> is i just mentioned in roads and bridges i served five years on the oklahoma turnpike committee. i'm very familiar with what itfa cost to build a mile of road. also to maintain a mile of road. what i will tell you is what i share with so many, it is much more expensive to maintain the infrastructure over its life than to build it initially. that is what we are struggling with the highway trust fund, getting the money where it needs to be to rebuild her infrastructure. we have a responsibility to the american people to do so. >> but about the gas tax? >> i'm a good big user fee. if use the highway should pay for but here you know.
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no taxi drive on the highway. were growing a rate puts them somewhere much higher than a traditional car or truck. they need to pay their fair share. we need to look at all of this. because of my time on the turnpike authority we did not take any federal monday. we did a lot of bonding weeds lot a conversation but the bonding projects, creating bonds where american taxpayer entities could buy these bonds. : : : according to reporting on capitol hill, the administrator yesterday said that this bipartisan group of senators has seven to 10 days to come up with something that could pass. if not, it looks like a biden administration who democrats to go at it alone and that means using reconciliation, not requiring 60 reconciliation requiring 60 votes. your reaction. >> i still think the american
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people need think the two most powerful people, senator manchin and senator sinema. they are not going to stop anything unless it's bipartisan so the president can take what he would like to but the fact while we still have senate and house, we still have to do it that way andst that's not goingo happen. >> you heard democrats say there is the caring economy and other part of infrastructure they want to invest in childcare, elder care, why not invest in those? >> we do every day. we spend $1 trillion a yearr on programs to help those can't help themselves and need a handout. many of us in america early on in life needed that helped but we also want to help the folks move on to jobs so the american jobs plan, as the president pushed and the american family
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plan as you referenced, american family plan is over $4 trillion in spending. the american jobs plan push forward is over 1 trillion so when you look at these times together and other things, that's a 6 trillion-dollar budget in american taxpayers have said enough is enough and democrats are sending letters to the leaders of the house andth senate thanks got to get our house in order. >> make jobs report showed 5.8%, wages grew by 59000 jobs added, the president is proof economic proposals are working. what you say? >> it's funny how in congress, i spent 35 years in business before he came to congress in 2018 and it's funny how weli use different baselines to justify our responses. if you go back tola february last year and sixor months prior to that, we saw thm greatest jobs growth in america, greatest economy in our history.
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we saw wages growing at the lower end of skilled worker, non- skilled worker, we saw all diversity groups, we saw what it looks like when you get american government out of the way, put americans to work and we need to get back to that. there's 10 million job openings across america and we have been7 in the half-million people looking for jobs. we need to quit incentivizing people not to work anded allow them to get back to a job. >> you introduced the help-wanted act, what is it? >> i've done this on multiple occasions, different components but i believe the federal assistance, federal checks cap of the state unemployment, traditional unemployment is to be phased out and if it's on the floor and pushed out and passed, 14 days after the $300 a week would go away. >> let's talk politics, editorial board and opinion
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about the news that surfaced in the last week of e-mails from the trump administration and the president assistant of chief of staff to the justice department, the nation cannot forget donald trump's betrayal of his oath, they write this, given mr. trump's actions after losing the 2020 vote in the newly released ure-mails are unsurprising but consider that fact for a moment, it's unsurprising the president of the united states leaned on the justice department to help them try to steal an election. the country cannot forget mr. trump betrayed his oath most republican officeholders remain loyal to him nonetheless and that it could worse next time. remain loyal to him? >> i don't know if i am loyal to president trump. who elected him in my district and as long as they want me to vote consistent with the constitution, i'm going to be supporting them and representing them in washington d.c. my view is that the president
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asked the department of justice to do something, if i were in that position, i wouldn't have done that but we have seen this with every president history for the president obama, president, we've seen these behaviors go on and investigate those who are investigating them and it'sit politically charged actions in washington d.c. and i don't think there's any surprise when we see these things come forward. >> you were among the committee members who met with president trump last friday, what was the purpose. >> president trump has been engaged. he obviously wants to help in any way he can call republican party to take back the house. he was curious about the committee policies, he gave us no indication whether he was running or not, we didn't ask and he didn't talk about it. he wanted to know what policies republicans were working on and he felt in the minority different get your messaging out and wanted tong know about
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budgeting process and wanted to know policies like how we were looking at voting irregularities, how we were pushing back on the idea that the federal government to take over all election so he wanted to know about our policies. >> we want your questions and comments as well, join the conversation, publicans 202-74-8801.s democrats (202)748-8000. independent 2027 great 8002. text 2027488003. what did you tell the president about their budget proposals and what was his reaction? >> i've been very readable and i wasn't pleased with his budget early on because the balance of 15 years, that's silly to think we can look 15 years down the road and think the budget is going to be that far down the
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road, ten years is too long. we worked on a process we kept a jobs permanent for individuals across the country and looked at how can fix medicare and social security. medicare is in about three years is going to be insolvent. we have to fix that and do the tough work over a five-month and we have looked at large budgets, there a lot of politics around policies in the budget process so i went through these and the time we had together and talked about restoring fiscal responsibilities, claims are taking parents of the taxpayer dollars better than what we have been in the past and i'm being critical of republicans and democrats just as i am critical of president biden's budget, i was critical of president trump budgets . >> monique, independent in texas. go ahead.
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>> i'd like to say the republican party is nothing more than social a substance fascist movement of any other nation that has an autocrat the disinfectant as a way to the virus. the most unintelligent people in the country and yet they have a iorong report and people who actually one election -- >> do have a question for the congressman? >> i do have a d question. $121,000 last year, $29000 income taxes under trump so-called tax cut. i was single and no children. you tell me where that income tax bracket where i release my tax cut was under the so-called donald trump tax breaks? >> i haven't seen your tax return, i hope i don't see it
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leaked as we have seen with others the past few weeks but it sounds like max, it sounds like you paid 22% of your federal wages and taxes but across the board, it's been proven many-b times over 84% of americans got tax cuts. we went from 30% of americans with no taxes to getting refunds to over 50%. we saw businesses become competitive around the world with going is a lot of great things and that's what he saw american money in american people's pockets and an economy that came roaring back. >> mike north dakota. democratic color. >> my question is about the overall living wages in this country. wewe watched wall street screamg and numbers going up now it's considered a natural number. i want to know why all these corporations demand don't want
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to pay taxes for living wage when they are sitting here swimming in the money over the last 40 years have been shoveled into rich people's pockets, making us dependent on financial institutions across the country and now we are working for them. where's the living wage? if you want past $15 minimum wage, it's obvious publican party has no interest in a living wage. >> that's a great question and i have been huge proponent and minimum wages and in the states they should do the. when you talk about democratic colleagues behind closed doors and off camera, they try to figure areas of the country that need adjusting to minimum wage. one prominent democrat figured out these areas that i have as well, he's if you have? i said yeah, called state. state competes for jobs and workers, they compete to have their economies grow and right now we have patchwork of minimum wages across the country.
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the economic basket of goods they have in their state of new york has a higher minimum wage and $15 and my state of oklahoma 7.5 but so is joe biden's state of delaware in pennsylvania minimum wage to be determined by the legislatures and people those states to maken them competitive. >> west virginia, a republican. did i pronounce your named correctly? are right -- color, if you can hear me, turn down your television all right. are you there, color?ve i've got to move on. charlotte, florida. dependent. >> fast question, one of the vice presidential election? >> who want? joe biden, he's the president. >> the did you vote for the
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investigation of the insurrection of january 6? >> i did not. >> -- not. >> we had three investigation going on. this last week, one of the things most don't know is we set in hearings classified hearings democrats and republicans alike listen to the new acting sgt. in arms, new acting head of cattle police, national guard resource general, nancy pelosi and thed hearing, we are all in their as many as practical and those who weren't on the video, on virtual listening to all three of these police that replaced the ones who were fired. talk about lack ofn, communication, lack of information sharing, not one time to are hearing to the ever mention anything about president trump having anything to do with it. when you look at if you're truly
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talking bipartisan and there were a lot of things talked about compared to the 9/11 commission, the only two comparisons when you go back and read the 9/11 commission didn't happen until 14 months after 9/11 a lot of these things were going on. it didn't interfere with investigation is ongoing criminal investigations and federal investigations outside of the political investigation igoing on. doing this three months after the only comparison was the word commission. there is no bipartisan staff is there was in the 9/11 commission so many of these things seemed to be like they would interfere with the ongoing commissions going on between the senate and outside police. >> why ask these questions, what you getting out? >> specific reason is prior former guy is still perpetuating big lies that the election was
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fraudulent. republicans, even you are a constitutional believe in the constitution and you will not perpetuate or allow him to continue these. >> let's get a response. >> i'm not sure what the question was, it was more of a statement that i can't control what president trump says, he can say whatever he would like to as any other american can. >> you agree with them? >> that the election was stolen >> is. >> reference the constitution, look at article one and two, and the time, placet and manner in the elections in the state should be determined by the legislatures of the state. there's always been an proprietors and elections, a free society like ours when you don't have military men and women over about boxes other countries and men and women have lost their lives over, you're going to help improprieties and there's no question that the is
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enough to overturn an election, i have no idea. i know there is a recount going on in arizona but long past has been the signatures on the ballot to determine if they are illegal or not so we have to move on, i think the president knows, president biden knows there are things done, as theres are in all elections so we have to move on and fight the next flight which is winning back the house next year end the senate were the majority we will have the battle for the presidency in 2024. >> alex in miami, republican. >> good morning, thank you for having me. i just want to thank you for the comments you made about infrastructure and as a republican, is important as a party and numbers in congress specifically state what the party is for and against and have a plan what specific projects across thehe country bt the party stands for and should
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be funded democrats are advocating don't make sense ort don't belong so merely stating what the party is for, i feel sometimes republican party doesn't have, doesn't articulate its message and let democrats make the message for us and so we should be more clear, as a iformer intern in congress, a w members including on the committee your own, it's important republicans have a. message and i know president biden deems to be somebody that's open to other points of view so if you just, i know there's some meeting with him are going to make a deal, so hopefully a deal can be made and work on infrastructure. there's a lot of infrastructure in florida decades old especially in different parts so we can always work on that.
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>> thanks, alex. >> you are exactly right. i'm one -- and probably not as political as most in congress but i ammss about defining who e are as you describe. notan have democrats and democrats and i know that's what names like in my republican colleagues out there wanting us to have a plan but i can tell you often difficult to get your message g through having servedn capitol hill, you know this about what you are unless your political about it and i can tell you right now the republican party is about restoring fiscal accountability, it's about getting more money back into your pocket as an individual americans and job growth back where it was, it's about infrastructure and looking at the american workers, repatriating manufacturing back to the u.s. so we can control our destiny and bringing semi conductors back to the united states so we don't have
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incredible dependency on china into is about making sure we do our fundamental response ability protecting great nation at our southern border and military around the world. >> gregory and connecticut. democratic : >> good morning. i'm patriotic american and i feel it's part of my picture duty to pay my fair share of income taxes to the federal government in my state and local taxes. jeff bezos hasn't paid taxes in years. donald trump hasn't paid taxes in years. you pay more taxes and i have paid more taxes than donald trump. where you stand on this insanity? >> unfortunately, as you are aware, you sound like a person whose study the taxax issue. i know there are all kind of tax extenders, i'm forgetting rid of a lot of deductions out there.
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i state that in the budget i worked out on the republican committee. there are way too many tax deals in our federal government, one of the problems we have nobody wants to push back because it's about how you keep your job and i have had budget and every person in america has to have a budget, every community, every county, every school in every state has to have a budget. the same thing with our federal budget, we need to doud our job and look at these things going on.. you mentioned jeff bezos, he didn't pay any taxes but he's got the money to go ride a spaceship and take them up in space. it's appalling what we are seeing right now across america. we were rich people not paying any taxes trying to fix the tax code for all americans we saw
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the numbers and it was published, the tax rate and tax payments by some of the most wealthy and the country, what did you make of it? >> i'm assuming most large businesses, wealthy people have thanks and thanks of tax attorneys looking for every loophole how tog move wages overseas or product moment over seas for tax codes and we have to look at these things as we go forward. height of the president is looking at this, i just got on two months ago so anxiously looking at these, we've got to closehe these loopholes. it's right that every american pay their share of taxes. i am a person who believes every american should pay at least a dollar at the end of the year so they feel enfranchised and part of the process and the f communities and they can havea
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voice, i'm not saying you have to have a voice only when you pay taxes, i'm just saying it makes you part of it so when you look across the table, everybody has skin in the game. >> criticism for publishing that information and they said we have included the public interest knowing this information at this pivotal moment outweighing the concern of privacy violation. taxes are a collective sacrifice. no one else getting hard earned money to the government but the system works m perceived to be fair. jesse eisenberg will be our guest on this program friday 8:00 a.m. eastern time. good morning, sabrina. >> good morning so the truth is, before the pandemic, who were facing economic hardships and now after the pandemic we are
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facing financial destitution so stimulus checks every month for the next two years, doesn't matter 1000 or 2000, as long as we have relief coming down to the bottom. i understand there wanting to do student loan relief and i'm totally for that but i don't y think you are helping enough people. those direct stimulus checks you give to the people has helped a lot of people but with that, i don't know how much you know about federal income tax returns, the people at the poverty level, the problem is the federal department is hindering people from filing federal income tax returns. you're not allowed to touch the money for income return for below poverty. that being said, it's a proposal. 25% taken of the federal income
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tax return. if you do that, you will accomplish three things. one, people can file for federal income tax returns, they can use it to driveer poverty level and debt would be paid in fact what i have to say. >> thank you and we will look at the. >> allen, indiana. democrat : >> good morning and thank you for watching. it's lovely to see you. i was looking at the taxes, republicans are not responsible, you have before the pandemic about three years where the economy was good but each budget had over $1 trillion deficit and added to the debt rather than take it away. i don't know if are aware a couple of chicagoans trickle-down economics pretty
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much a sham, is great for the top 1% but for the majority of the people, it takes the money as more money goes to the richest that they save on and causes huge wealth inequality and recessions and unemployment. they have had the biggest economic boom in history, 50s, 60s and 70s and the nurse wass 91% were dropped to 70. bill over hundred 8000, 70% and corporate tax rate of 52%. that came to a crashing halt in the 80s and ever since then, we have seen huge wealth inequality unemployment and ntrecession. they used to regular balance the budget in the 50s and 60s only including when he raised
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taxes and cut spending. you come back and trickle-down economics there. >> we've got to leave it there. we'll get a response. >> i'll start where he entered with president clinton. if you remember president clint had a republican house and senate, he had to do bipartisan work which is where i'm at, if we do anything in congress, we had to do it bipartisan and you are right, for years we have budget surpluses that is a great thing for american but in addition to his tax increases part of the bargain, he did the 1996 welfare work program which isor when he started moving peoe off welfare back into jobs and job creation in the tech boom and people went into these jobs and we started seeing our economic growth because more people were working than ever before. you go back to the 50s and 60s, we had younger groups of people in america and fewer
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people taking medicare and social security. our population is older now and working on medicare and social security is such that we have got to do something very quickly the next two to three years, we are going to have a real problem for those who have taken their whole life to get their benefits they so anxiously await. >> independent from south carolina. >> hey, how are you doing? >> for money. >> i'm not democrat or republican, i'm independent but the worst thing that's happened to this country in a long time january 6. the publicans don't admit it, the runaround, is ridiculous. the people in this country will never forget what happened and why and we've got to pay for.
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>> i'll get a reaction, weea are short on time.t the worst thing that happened? >> there's a lot worse things but it was certainly an embarrassment on our democracy would happen but with every report let's go out, every hearing with an end, bipartisan hearings, lee has implicated the president on this, president trump. s no while there are some have americans who want to blame him for generally six, it's just not been actually proven i disagree with the caller that every americanve, repugnance never we. 75 million americans are out there supporting president trump and they are as strong as ever and a force to be reckoned with in 22 elections 2024 elections in the cabin, appreciate the conversation with you. come back again. >> coming up tonight on c-span2, federal reserve chair on economic policy and state of the economy u.s. ambassador to the united nations, linda
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thomas-greenfield on u.s. foreign policy. later hearing on the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. ♪♪ >> c-span's "washington journal" everyday we take calls live on the air on the news of the day and discuss the issues that impact you. thursday morning, florida congressman michael member of the armed service committee talking about president biden's with russian president vladimir putin. nato and security issues in the house but committee chair and on looks at president biden's 2022 budget requests and other news of the. watch she spans "washington journal" live seven eastern 7:00 a.m. drink with your phone calls, facebook comments, text and. ♪♪
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