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tv   Reps. Matt Gaetz Marjorie Taylor Green Hold Rally in Florida  CSPAN  May 10, 2021 10:42am-12:11pm EDT

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secretary. watch live coverage of the senate on c-span2. >> today at the widest president biden is expected to talk about the u.s. economy. live coverage at 1:15 p.m. eastern on c-span2. republicans matt gaetz and marjorie taylor greene were in florida kicking off their america first two were. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> god bless you guys. i just got a check something. i just want to make sure i'm in the right place. tell me, who is your president? [shouting] >> that's my president, too. i just want to make sure i was with friends and families, , not with antifa or blm or -- [booing] or democrat socialists. [booing] did anybody in your vote for joe biden? v [shouting] >> do you guys really think he won? >> no. >> i didn't see this kind of support for a man that stayed in a basement for [ entire year campaign, didse you? no.d
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well, thank youem so much for coming out tonight. listen -- i i love you, too. let me tell you all what we are doing, and it's really important. matt gaetz and i got together and i said we've got to do something. we live in the greatest country in the world, the united states of america. we are a nation of people that are not going to lay down to socialism, are we? no. that's right, screw socialism. that's how i feel about it. so here's what we are doing. we are getting all of you together -- this is very, very important -- because it's time toti bring hope back to the peoe
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of this country that love america. that love our freedoms, that love our second amendment rights, that love the past four years were we had a president that showed is what america first policies looked like, that put our american businesses first, the americanur people first, that wasn't wrapped up. president trump was not wrapped up in identity politics, was he? no, but there's one thing you say and he used to love it and he still says it is in america we all bleed red, white and blue. god bless america for that. so we are starting these america first rallies and we're going to take them across the country.
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because i'll telll you something i may first time congresswoman. i've never held office before. i'm a regular person just like every single one of- you. and there's one thing i believe with all my heart is the people of this country are what matters. and it's the people of this country that makes this country work. it's the small business owners, the people that go to work every single day and work long hours and make ends meet. it's our truckck drivers, it's e people that work in our small businesses, our restaurants, construction companies, all kinds of small companies across this country that love it, that love it so much that don't ask for a handout. you work hard every single day.
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you pay your taxes. you do everythingg right, but nw you are being controlled, and it's a government that is tied to take with all your freedoms. we're not going to let that happen. and i know for a fact when we polled every one together because it's the people in america that can make a change, right? it's i believe in people over politicians. well, like many of you i've been a businessav owner for the past two decades, and i never really was interested in politics a whole lot. i sure as heck never wanted to be a member of congress. his is really dirty rotten job i can tell you that much. but there's a a certain person that ran for president in 2016,
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and i liked what he had to say. i understood what he had to say, and it made sense to me to someone like that running our country. he was a businessman. and then i'll tell you what happened. we elected him.le we got a republican-controlled house, the republican-controlled senate. donald j. trump in the white house and i thought wow, things are about to happen. we are going to build the wall. we are going to defund planned parenthood. we're going to defund sanctuary cities. yes. we're going to repeal obamacare. and and i thought wow this is fantastic. but guess what. that didn't happen. didn't happen in. the first two years under president trump with republicans running the show. what, did you all say rinos?
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okay, let me explain to you all what they don't understand in washington, d.c. and what the political consultants and those the run everything in washington and the staff that never ever leave, they just movee around. they don't understand what you all just said. rinos, republican in name only. they don't understand that how regular people which is all the voters by the way, 75 million people, are tired of republicans saying these things and not delivering it,ic right? weight, say it again. good, , we want everybody to knw that. so here's the deal here fats when i started paying attention when nancy pelosi took the gamble. -- a gavel.
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and so i said you know what, we make it work every single day in the real world. we are able toke pay our bills. we are not in that. were able to achieve things and to think it's time for real people to go to washington. and so that's what i am a member of congress. and they don't like me very much. thank you. and i love you because you are the people i understand. you see, i got to washington and i wasn't there very long. it was literally the second day when we had to vote on the rules in congress. and let me tell you what they decided to do. nancy pelosi and the democrats decided that they wereth going o erase gender in the rules for the 117th congress. yeah, imagine that, you can't say key, she, him, her, mother,
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father, daughter, sister. i'mug sitting there going wait, have these people lost their mind? o, let me tell you i found out a lot more how crazy they are. and they call me crazy. which is really funny. so we voted on that -- well, i voted, against it at the democrats said we don't believe in gender. we're not going to say these pronouns and so forth. and then the days went on. well, let mes tell you the bils that they introduce our atrocious and it went in for me all about something i was shocked to buy. you wouldn't believe how many bills as a matter fact, most of them get passed by people saying their vote. we have 43535 members of congress but yet here's what they do. with a handful of members, maybe ten or less democrats intent or less republicans, they call the
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bill to the floor and we vote on it. and the democrats because they're voting on all other bills go, yale. and that all this republicans are like nay. sadly some republicans say they coat which i still have figured out. and then it passes. 22 the first time i saw a bill passed like that i think it was audible when my chin hit the floor. you v see, i believe that all members of congress should actually vote. what do youy,sa guys think? isn't that a novel idea? the democrats in charge were so sweet to me and then they were i think what, 11 republicans come something like that, ten or 11, i have that list i'm hanging onto it, that were so nice to give me some free time. they decided to get off
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committees over a few things they on facebook some years back, and so it was pretty interesting. they said they did want me on committees and i was like, thank god because the democrats are running the committee's and thing to listen to republicans. and i'm the kind of person, i'm a business owner, i have accomplished a lot, i've been a competitive athlete and i like to compete and i hate to lose. if you want to give me some time oncr my hands, you better beliee i'm going to get smart ways to use it. so i got with him people, some smart people, and i learned a little bit about four procedure, andi floor action and how all this stuff works better in the chamber. and then i found out that i can make things happen, and i don't
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have to be on a committee. and i found out i can force every member of congress to vote on bills that are brought to the floor. because you want to know, right? and i don't think this is a republican issue or a democrat issue. this isne an american people issue. issue. egeland deserves to know how their member in congress votes. so i started calling madam speaker, i would like the yeas and nays. well, let mewo tell you, you would've thought a bomb went off and there and that would be a really bad thing. because everyone was very upset with me about that. the audacity of that marjorie taylor greene calling for recorded votes. how dare she? put us on record.
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lett me tell you all the things that were very offensive. number one, guess what they have to do. when you call for a recorded vote that means everybody stops what they're doing ff to walk down to the chamber with the voting card, put it in there and you vote. well, does that sound so difficult to do? no. you would have thought that it was the hardest thing ever. we were making these people work. the complaining, the complainin complaining. well, the democrats were very upset because it's messing up the schedule because they are trying to ram through all the socialist deals they possibly can, like the equality act that puts me in biological men in our bathrooms and in our girls sports. how do you guys feel about that? all right. i'll come back to that. i've a good story for you all. made a bunch of other bills like
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allowing felons to vote from prison to do you think that's a good idea? murder people, , you get to vot. i don't think so. cori bush likes that went by the way. that was her bill. so here's what we did. so i started calling for these recorded votes and democrats were really upset because it's messing, up the schedule and taking a lot of time in a day but had to stop what they're doing, stop thed lunches and stp the friend raising calls and get up from the nap and all kinds of things and come out and vote. well, it wasn't just the democrats who upset with me. it was the republicans also. well, guess what. as a matter fact i got chewed out quite a few times, it wasn't by democrats because they don't talk to me. it was by republicans. yeah. do you want to know what they said likes yeah.
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marjorie, you don't want to do this, marjorie. i said, why? why not? well, you are going to put people on record. you just need to let these things pass quietly and you can vote conscious marjorie could you can say yeah or nay. like, that's not what i'm here for. i know how to do a job and i like to work hard. just like you, just like all of you, just like the american people, except the ones that love getting paid their bail out checks and staying homei and won't go to work. that's another issue. so i get chewed out for making people vote and it was republicans that didn't like it, well, we can just go with the rinos. you y'all want names, don't y? this is what they don't understand, and it's on both sides of the aisle. they had been there so long that
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they only know how to function together, and they forget who they work for. they work for you. well, once we started putting them on record and calling for recorded votes and i started getting hell for my friends and house freedom caucus by you and i started getting help from people like matt gaetz and we started calling for recorded votes. that changed things, and here's how it changed. for instance, there was one week there were 28 bills that were set to go out there and i said, it's on twitter because evidently twitter is where you tell you everything, and lets you get kicked off, right? i said i'll be calling for the yeas and nays, and then all of a sudden magically point, that list drop-down. there was only five bills that came through that week.
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tell you one more thing that really, really sets them off. it's when i asked for a motion to adjourn. well, that really upset people. a motion to adjourn is very important. it's when you are saying congress needs to go home. congress needs to stop. i want to call for a motion to adjourn every single day because congress is so out of control, congress needs to stop and go home. so let's talk about, let's talk aboutyo science. do you guys believe in science? trust the signs, right? i'll tell you a quick story about my neighbor across the hall. apparently i have a democrat across the hall. i did note because again they don't really talk to me much.
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anyway, i find out because there was a video on twitter and it was the week of the equality act and i've been pretty vocal about that saying that's not a good idea. and there was a video on twitter that was tagging me with my neighbor across the hall, democratn representative newman and i never met her and usually, you know, i'm from the south. when we meet our neighbors we do it with a plate of cookies or brownies or something. .. that is not how i met my neighbor. she put a video up where she started a video on my nameplate on my door that you do not get to see because they do not allow you in the buildings that you pay for in washington, d.c. the video started on my nameplate, and then it went to her where she planted the flag by her door. ok. i was like, okay.
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well, who is this lady? she's across the hall. i said okay, i will do my video to her and evidently it has been seen a lot so we started a video on her nameplate and then it and over to me and i put a sign on the wall and there is only two genders, male and female. that is the science. [cheering and applause] so, i lovingly call her now maria knew person because she does not believe in gender so i called her newman but she should be new person.l i have left my sign up so when nancy blows he decides that the taxpayers can come to washington and go in the capital again in the office buildings again i really hope you all come to visit me and take a picture by my sign. [cheering and applause]
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i would very much like that. let's talk about other things. how do you all -- do you all think that joe biden should be impeached? [cheering and applause] yet, i think so too. as a matter of fact i introduced articles to impeach joe biden. [cheering and applause] i really don't care if republicans are in the minority. i think we still need to work to impeach joe biden. and you do to. you see, joe biden has a certain weakness in his name and that is hunter biden. hunter biden has a certain affinity with doing business in ukraine and china. yeah, i think that's a little problem for the president of the united states and it's a bigger problem for the american people.
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[cheering and applause] the democrats impeached president trump over a perfect phone call, by the way so, you know, i don't think that is the way that it works. i think accountability is important. after all, the emerging people, all of you and all of me and all my life we had to be accountable, right? nobody just lets us off the hook because we are friends with all the right people, isn't that so? no. the american people deserve to see our leaders who are paid with our tax dollars held accountable for doing wrong to the american people s. [cheering and applause] well, that was about two weeks i got kicked off my committees so maybe that had something to do with it. let's talk about a lovely lady
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named maxine waters. [crowd boos] i can't believe you all don't like her. she has been serving in congress longer than i have been alive. how do you feel aboutma a member of congress traveling to another state that she does not live in where there have been riots night after night, going there late night, staying out past curfew, demanding a certain verdict for, a child that was still going on and i think that's inappropriate. don't you? and then telling the rioters, the people that are rioting, breaking the law, by the way, getting arrested at night saying what was she saying, be more confrontational. stay in the streets and take to the streets and break the curfew and be more confrontational. here is the question that we
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need to ask. c after a year that the emergent people had to deal with watching cities burn in cities on fire and businesses looted, innocent people attacked, streets blocked, people in cars and trucks attacked and police officers, night after night were attacked and so much more, innocent people like retired police officer david dorn being murdered. let me ask you all, what is more confrontational then that? what did maxine waters mean? maxine waters should be expelled from congress. [cheering and applause] i introduced a resolution to
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expel maxine waters. [cheering and applause] and i've also introduced a large of legislation that they keep saying marjorie, we can't get that done. i have introduced very strong border legislation. [cheering and applause] yeah. i've introduced very strong second amendment legislation to protect our gun rights. [cheering and applause] many bills i cosponsored many bills but i want to tell you here is what they don'tnd understand and here is what you understand and i understand is you don't get something donee in one day. you lay the groundwork and we may be in the minority and that does not matter but we should be introducing strong legislation and we should be introducing articles of impeachment on joe biden, resolutions to expel maxine waters and you want to
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know why? because they need the message that this is what we are going to do when we get in the majority. [cheering and applause] and the republicans in congress made a lesson from the american people, the republican voters and the republican donors, money talks everybody. that's right. you are the majority. here is what republicans in congress need reminded of. the american people, the republican voters and donors, they don't want to be told stuff on fox news. they don't want to be told things on the campaign trail. they don't want to be told anymore. republicans, voters and donors and people that might or would[a
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join the republican party but don't because they received republicans fail as they want to see action. you want to see action. we did not see that action in the first two years in a republican-controlled congress under president trump, did we? and that is why we ended up with democrats controlling everything in the next two years. they don't think that's true but that is true. exactly. we know that's true. we have been opportunity going into 2022 and let me tell you what america first rallies are all about. need to send a message. [cheering and applause] here is the message: the democrats, the people in charge right now that put a great big fence and put a whole bunch of military up there around the capital to let you all know that
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you can't go there and the democrats that say they won the presidential race, the democrats that are working very, very hard and very fast and aggressively to pass their socialist agenda for america. [crowd boos] the democrats that shame you all the time for supporting trump and the democrats that shame you for supporting america first and the democrats that call you ugly names like deplorable and insurrectionist in all these ugly names that trash you but guess where you hear that from the most? where do you hear it from the most? the media. you hear it from the media. that's right.
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you get told every single day oh, if you want election integrity you are a terrible person but guess what,. [audio difficulties] it is the same people that believe the russian collusion conspiracy lies in the media that preached it and preached it and preached it till everybody wanted to throw up those are the same people telling you you don't have a right d to see transparency in your elections. what do you all have to say about that? [crowd boos] that's right. here is what will happen with america first rallies. this is very important. we are coming out strong. [cheering and applause] and we are coming out very loud and very proud.
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[cheering and applause] and we are coming out like we did for president trump at all these rallies because we have a message for the democrats and the fake news media. you are not going to destroy our country, you are not going to shame us for being proud american[a patriots. [cheering and applause] you are not going to put us down for loving president trump and what he did for the past four years. [cheering and applause]
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[chanting usa!] [chanting usa!] >> you see, they thought you were going to not come out anymore and they thought they have intimidated you and they thought you were defeated and they thoughtno that you people were done. we are not done. no, we are not done. i will tell you why. they don't understand why. do you want to know why? here is why. all of us are people that loved .his country [cheering and applause] we love what it means to be an american and we don't care about people's skin color and gender in all of this identity politics garbage. we don't want to be divided. we want to be americans together. [cheering and applause]
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[cheering and applause] [chanting usa!] [chanting usa!] star i thank you. i love you too. iyou see here is what i know about you because it is the same thing about me. we are grateful and we know that what it means to be an american is something special and we know that it is what people all over the world want. we no, for a fact, people died in blood to give us these freedoms and we are so grateful for it. [cheering and applause]
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that's right. god bless you if you are a veteran in here, stands out, god bless you! thank you, thank you, thank you. [cheering and applause] thank you so much. the veterans that serve this country they are the greatest men and women in this nation and they sign up, none of these veterans signed up to go serve and protect our country because they wanted america to be a socialist nation, no! they signed up for freedom because you love it and you want to preserve it not only for yourself but your family, your children, grandchildren, your great grandchildren and people in the future you know you will never meet red sea, that is something that has been
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forgotten and it means something. you see, there is something else i know about every single one of you. you are tired of the lies. [cheering and applause] you are tired of the moral degradation of our society and we don't want our children taught there is no such thing as gender. that is stupid. we don't want to pray to the climate gods and confess our sins and passed the green new deal. no thank you. electric vehicles are cool and i like them and i think that's awesome technology and we want to keep our earth clean and we want the most beautiful earth in the whole world but do we want to destroy the oil and coal industry? no, we don't want to anything that will destroy our economy. we want to build our jobs but our government has been paying
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people to stay home, haven't they? yeah. yeah, it is, i'm not supposed to say that but i really want to. they have been paying people to stay home for a year and guess what? what does that do? nobody wants to go to work and no one is going to work and it is hurting everything. that's right. we also need to end abortion. [cheering and applause] that is the biggest thing we need to do. over 62 million people murdered in the womb and none of our tax dollars should ever pay for it. we have a lot of work to do, america. and so this is why we are here and we are building hope and pulling everyone together because we are not finished. as a matter fact, we're just just getting started, aren't we? you guys planned to stick around and i hope you will not leave
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any time soon but, you need to stay. so, number one, share this with your friend and share this with your family. america is the greatest country in the world. yes! [cheering and applause] my favorite presidents, president trump. [cheering and applause] your favorite president, president trump. [cheering and applause] he has not quit and has not given up and he loves all of you but he loves you guys. we love him, don't we?ou here is what we need.
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>> and he knows you love him for it he's watching. so, starting today america first policies are the way to say this country. am i right? i need more people in congress that believe in this and that don't want to be a swarm creature and that do not want to be bought off and that actually want to do the job and it's a hard job. we give up a lot to do this job and i guess i have more fun at home with my family and my friends and i have a great life but i'm there because i believe we have to save this country and i'm really happy to be heretr. [cheering and applause] i'm with you. so, i will give up this microphone because there is someone else here that definitely you need to hear from because he is so great and i'm so happy i serve with him but
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most importantly remember this and i want you to rise up and i want you to tell all of your friends and her family that from now on it is people over politicians and we will save americans and stop socialism by putting america first and god bless you guys. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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♪ >> where should we go? marjorie taylor greene asked me to kick off the america first rally tour so the villages, i said. [cheering and applause] thank you all so much. i cannot tell you how much this means to me to have you here, supporting marjorie and i. i may march man in congress.
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i'm a canceled man and some corners of the internet and i might be a wanted man by the deep stage but i am a florida man and it is good to be home. [cheering and applause] you are00 the lucky ones and you got in and there are more than 1000 people outside that wanted to be here and i think two of them might have been anti- fa. there is not a strong anti- fa chapter in the villages. [cheering and applause] i don't think any of the people on the republican side running for president in 2024 could draw a crowd this big if their name was not donald trump. and so, today we send a strong message to the week asked i in
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both parties, america first isn't going away, we are going on tour. [cheering and applause] here in florida and across this great country we love america so much and we will not wave the flag of surrender in the face of the democrats, the socialists, the deep state or the establishment. america is too precious and we love her too much and we will never stop fighting for her. this is our first stop but there will be many more for america's greatest presidents and the undisputed leader of the republican party, donald j trump. [cheering and applause]. we might join him. [cheering and applause] webl have never abandoned trump
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and he has never abandoned america but he is still fighting for us and will continue to fight for us and we will have his back when he does. [cheering and applause] the way forward is not a repackaged, regurgitated version of paul ryan's better way. it certainly is not the green new deal and the socialist way. our way, america first, will rule the day. [cheering and applause] isn't it obvious? it isee our ideas, it is our patriotism and positive populism that fills the rallies from the prairies of wyoming to the' villages of florida. [cheering and applause] on immigration and trade we will
11:25 am
stand with america's workers, not the socialist billionaires or the corporate [inaudible] [cheering and applause] we won't pose the forever warson that send the bravest patriots to faraway lands for unknowable argain and we will stand with american families against the genderless blue haired woke toby ends of the chas. they tried to make part of seattle and autonomous zone and then they took over the democratic party and they made the democratic party there autonomous zone and we will make sure that america is an autonomous zone for freedom and liberty and success and prosperity and we will not apologize for it one minute. [cheering and applause] to my friend congresswoman
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marjorie taylor greene we know georgia needs you and there is a lot going on in georgia but you should consider florida your second home and you would make a great florida woman.or [cheering and applause] you know why they go out for marjorie the weight they do, she is on boston congresswoman. that is the mantra of america first and we will not cave and we will not cave to the foreign interests abroad or the special interests here at home. we will put our people first and we will not make exceptions for that. and so, if you believe that america is a wonderful country, not an intractable racist country but if you believe that maga is patriotic not deplorable and if you stand for the flag and kneel in prayer and if you want to build america up and not
11:27 am
tear her down then welcome my fellow patriots. this is the movement for you and you belong with us to help our country and to be prosperous and patriotic and unafraid commission point. [cheering and applause] >> this tour this tour is an invitation to our fellow patriots and to join a positive populist movement and we need our normal patriots to know because it is no longer the red team against the blue team in politics. it is the establishment against the rest of us and there are more of us than there are of them and they know it and that's why they are so afraid and that is why they hope that this movement dies but we willll nevr let it die because we will never let america die.
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and this is the deep state and government to the deep fakes in media and they tried to defame, the platform and destroy that which they cannot control and they cannot control trump and they cannot control me and they certainly cannot control congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. [cheering and applause] big government, big media, big tech and they would all breathe a sigh of relief marjorie taylor greene and i were no longer in the congress fighting for you. they lie about us because we tell the truth about them and we are not going to stop. [cheering and applause] we are not powerless in this fight. we are a powerful movement and you are powerful people, as president trump reminds us. we are the elites now and so let
11:29 am
our beautiful cherished constitution be our we have a right to speak freely and to assemble and we better use it. [cheering and applause] the terms of service on twitter should never be more important than the values that undergird the first amendment of our constitution. we need more than just a legalistic definition of the first amendment and we need a culture of free speech in america. can you believe the facebook oversight board took president trump off their platform? what does that say? they are afraid of the truth. youtube, thank goodness youtube does notem define the truth or falls related to the coronavirus. i think they think we do but we should not let them.
11:30 am
youtube would've banned galileo if they had the chance. [laughter] t but the internet hall monitors out of silicon valley they can't cancel this rally or this movement or this tour or this congressman. [cheering and applause] we have a right to bear arms in this country and we better use it. [cheering and applause] the second amendment is not about hunting and not about sports shooting. the second amendment is about maintaining within the citizenry the ability to maintain an armed rebellion against a tyrannical government if necessary. [cheering and applause] people may not like that and that might not be politically correct but that is the truth
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and often times truth is politically incorrect. we s have the right to be free f unreasonable search and seizure and we better protect it. [cheering and applause] for anyone that thanks that the deep state doesn't exist, do you have any friends that say if you think the deep state exists you are a conspiracy theorist. look at what we seen. an fbi lawyer changed evidence before a secret court to have the opportunity to surveilled someone that they thought was close to president trump so they could exact their politics through the fbi. former fbi disgraced director jim comey admitted under congress that he leaked information for the purpose of getting a political investigation going and the former director of national intelligence, james clapper, came before congress and said there is not mass collection of
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american data for surveillance. turns out there was mass collection of american data for surveillance. look at what they did to general michael flynn, a patriot for our country and michael flynn was going to reorganize the intelligence community and say that we had to stop just focusing on russia and we needed to rise to the challenge to confront china and they prosecuted him for it. the deep state israel. it is in places you would not even think. the deep state is even at the post office. the united states postal service has an internet covert operations program. the post office. tadeliver my mail on time and on budget before you spy on the social media proclivities and activities of our fellow americans. i am proud to tell you that marjorie taylor greene and i have introduced legislation to
11:33 am
abolish the state internet covert operations program at the office. [cheering and applause] we have a right to confront our accusers in this country. how about that? there can be no due process here if the only process due to conservatives is to see leaks embroidered unto lies and then endlessly repeated by the america last media. [cheering and applause] i hope you guys show a thousand people outside that wanted to be in here to hear this message. there are sometimes exceptional journalists who turned the cameras onto the liars and in that vein let me say thank god for project veritas. [cheering and applause]
11:34 am
is not often, it is not often you get an admission on video but a cnn director, on video, said the reason they were repeating these lies and propagandizing my life is because i'm effective because i stand in the way of an agenda that will hurt my fellow americans and will not silence me and we will not back down and the truth will prevail. [cheering and applause] cnn is the worst. i already know -- today is my birthday. [cheering and applause] i already know how cnn will report it. matt gaetz has wild party surrounded by beautiful women in the villages. just get ready for it.
11:35 am
marjorie taylor greene and i weren't in washington but we are not of washington. i must honestly tell you that the leaders of both parties in washington dc don't work for america first. they work for permanent washington packs fund their campaigns in washington lobbyists broker their power. their place in washington drives every decision they make all throughout the day and unfortunately the wants and needs of the people often suffer. you know, the swamp is not just dangerous because it holds unruly creatures.e there is a muck that sucks you in and drags you down and limits your escape and marjorie and i are not powerful by typical measurements in washington. she has lost her committees for
11:36 am
it i may lose mine. but we have a power that they can never take away and it is tied to our connection to the people in this great country. you know who the fighters are, you can distinguish the phonies and the fakes from the real deal and president trump gave us the opportunity to see who isp fighting for us clearly and decisively. america first means actually leaving washington and going out into america. [cheering and applause] part of being populist is showing that you are popular. maybe our leadership should give that a try. if liz cheney could even find wyoming on a map and went there she would find a lot of very angry cowboys. who are not happy with the fact that she is for war in syria, war against trump and his supporters for it, war against
11:37 am
the republican conference, war against her own voters and it appears that a not for my colleagues on the republican side has seen things our way, the way that we laid out c three or four months ago and it appears that liz cheney may no longer be the chair of the republican caucus. this might be the first war she has ever sought to end. [cheering and applause] you know, the neoconservative war on the world might have been more powerful if it wasn't also a war on the pocketbooks of so many americans. during the obama, bush, cheney era of intervening is him our gas prices were just through the roof and during the trump era of peace and prosperityng and recognition for israel and not starting new wars actually gas got less expensive and so now with the peace dividend we have
11:38 am
fewer of our greatest most patriotic americans coming home without arms and legs and gas does not cost an arm and a lake in the trump era but you see now it is going up because of the bad decisions made by joe biden. we must put our citizens first and speaking of citizens and citizenship i don't think we should give citizenship to people who don't come to our country legally. [cheering and applause] americans are dreamers too. the biden administration plan is no dream but it's more about the nightmare and there is this political coalition on immigration that teams up to screw over the emerging people so on the left is all about political power and that is the whole reason therefore illegal
11:39 am
immigration or whatever they got to do to get people across the border. there are folksrd who were remaining in mexico for theirth asylum claims to be resolved and keep in mind less 1% of these people actually have valid asylum claims that they were staying in mexico and now biden is kept them in mexico and distributing them in the united states. this as if they will show up for some asylum hearing. do not let the republican party regress on this issue. donald trump showed clearly that we are not the party of amnesty. [cheering and applause] and so, why did democrats, why did democrats need this? it's a political refill. when you look at the major cities controlled by democrats, san francisco, la, chicago, new york, detroit they are in ruin. what they have to do is they have to have a political refill of a new population because they
11:40 am
have failed the voters who have trusted them the most, oftentimes or generations. i guess you need new blood when the old blood is toxic with pollutants, spilling in the streets in violence, pulsing with addiction. on the right we got w establishment republicans who are just all too willing to be shields for big corporations. we've got too many big corporations that are just fine with illegal immigration and they sort of diminish their risk by using employed leasing companies and as a basis for keeping wages down for the american people or legal immigrants who have come according to our profits. it is about money and it's about power and we have to stand against it but if we want our politics and our policiesur to t better and if we want our trade
11:41 am
deals to get better and if we want our money to be sounder and if we want our borders to have integrity then our elections must have integrity written? the democrats and the democrats in all their buddies on these boards are telling us that they are getting an id requirement to vote is racist. [crowd boos] keep in mind, the very people who are telling you that getting an id to vote would be racist want to acquire vexing passports. so, if an id or i will put it this way, if requiring vaccine passports isn't racist then requiring an id to vote isn't racist. burgessmy colleague owens -- he's a black republican from utah and was in the nfl and
11:42 am
tackled oj and burgess says requiring an id to vote isn't racist assuming the black people can't get an idea is what it's a racist. so, we support the brave patriots in georgia and in florida and all across this country that want to protect the integrity of the vote and that will be a major part of this tour that marjorie and i bring across the country demanding voter integrity. [cheering and applause] i do not diminish the challenge that is ahead. democrats control some very powerful institutions and they control the presidency, the house, the senate and they are using that power to try to demoralize and, at times, even
11:43 am
target their political enemies but america patriotism shines through when we demonstrate toughness and grit. [cheering and applause] in 1772, sam adams sent james warren around the communities of plymouth and the goal was to try to excite the notion of independence in people and to get them engaged and thoughtful and proactive regarding the notion of a new great american nation. the patriotic spirit was always coming and going and there were times it was more going than coming and warren reported back to adams all are dead and we cannot raise the dead without a miracle speaking of the patriots and that those that we needed to maintain a revolution. adams applied never despair. let that be the motto of you and
11:44 am all are not dead and where there is but a sparkrk of patriotism e will rekindle it. my friends -- [cheering and applause] that spark is a raging inferno here in florida and across the great maga nation. this is not a movement for the timid or the tired but this is a movement about winning, winning so much that we get tired of it. after all, isn't that what we were promised? god bless you, thank you, thanks for having my back and thanks for fighting with us and let's go get themth summation point. [cheering and applause]
11:45 am
♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> we are not done having fun. >> don't leave, wait. you are over here and i'm over there. stick around.
11:46 am
don't go anywhere. >> we just thought we would have a little chat and talk about our time in congress and what we got to do. i know there are more waiting so if you got to go, other folks can come in but i wanted -- there was a moment, there was a moment in congressre kind ofre behind the scenes that i got to observe and i wanted to be able to share with all of you. with some republicans there is a real fear that if you fight hard and if you stick your neck out then gosh, people might write mean blog posts about you or say awful things about your family on twitter and so there was a feeling among some of our fellow republicans that if we would just abandon marjorie or just send her to some basement office and pretend she did not exist then maybe people would be nicer to us and a lot of those folks did not even know this fantastic patriotic woman and marjorie
11:47 am
gave a speech to our conference about her life and about her experiences and about her ideology and about her mistakes and she won so many of them over in my fancy ginger said to me, why can't you do that? and i said i don't know because i'm not really one that many over but marjorie, i wanted the chance to talk less about policies but more about the fantastic life you have blood that has given all of us great benefit of your public service. >> thank you. thank you, matt. thank you. ginger, i don't know where you are but i will talk to you about marriage later. it is okay. i've been married a long time and he will be fantastic. so, i got judged very, very
11:48 am
harshly by the media and they created a character of me that does not exist and decided to tell the whole world about this person and the entire time my husband, my kids and my family and my mom and my dad and everyone we know was outraged at the media for what they were saying about me because they knew that those things were not true and that's not to i am. just as matt said they attacked all the republicans in the conference and wanted all of them to denounce me and say stay away from me and like matt just said basically put me in a basement and makee me write out my two years and they figured they couldn't shame me and i would not say anything. >> thank you. [cheering and applause] you know, it was at a time i had not even met all my republican colleagues yet and you know what i did? i stood up in front of the conference and this was not public because our republican
11:49 am
conference meetings were private and i decided to let all my colleagues know exactly who i am, a wife, a mother, a christian, a business owner and very much a normal person. [cheering and applause], we make mistakes but i'm willing to say when i am wrong and thatn is what all of us are paired we are regular people, right? we don't need the shiny, perfect politicians because those are fake. perfect people don't exist but courageous, bold, freedom loving patriotic people exist and i am so excited and i'm sitting right behind beside one on the stage. [cheering and applause] >> during this time, marjorie, you take a pretty unprecedented tactical move and you hold a press conference and the media brought knives to a flamethrower
11:50 am
fight because you torched and pointed out the hypocrisy in the double standard from these media companies who lied to our country for years about president trump and they have the nerve to now come and question you. why don't more of our colleagues do that? >> they should, matt. you are absolutely right. here is the deal. the media they do lie and they only take a little piece of what they want you to know about or what they want the people to know about and then they twisted and they turn it and they are fact checking us right now on cnn by the way and that is fun. you don't see it? did you know cnn has lost lost half of their radiance? [cheering and applause] >> the other half are just televisions that are left on and some of the nursing homes were governor cuomo put people with covid back in.
11:51 am
>> right because they were there by themselves because of covid-19 and that's a terrible shame. so, they do it to themselves. you know, here we are in matt and i wanted to protect all her freedoms and we do and freedom of the press is an amazing thing and we want to protect that we don't want government state run media but the media does it to themselves and they don't realize that all of you are sick ofsi it. you are sick and tired of it. right? >> marjorie, we've got this battle going on right now for the soul of the republican party and after trump became a florida man again -- [cheering and applause] there were a lot of these people that just thought well, biden presents the perfect opportunity to go back to normal and to put
11:52 am
the lobbyists in charge and to just slowly watch america slip into a state of decline and they want us to go back to being an amnesty party into being a war party and to being a party that is for every trade deal even if it is really hurts our workers to the benefit of some foreign country or some special interests and so give a little flavor to everyone here about the challenge we face in washington because let me tell you something, we don't get this treatment in washington.n. you are being a lot nicer to us than we are used to there. give some -- i love you too. [cheering and applause] >> one of the first times i really went to matt was i think this was literally what they number one or 21st week and i went in this office and i had a question for him because i use to owning and running a company where we make plans and work really hard and achieve our
11:53 am
goals and we serve our customers and i said matt, when do we start getting together and cleaning things? and working on how to stop the democrats and the things we need to work on and matt said -- >> foi'm still waiting. i've been there for four years. marjorie came inid just like a businesswoman is that all right, they got the majority but we've got seats on committees so let'd target the most important objectives and let's find out which members of our team are good in certain areas and let's try to help people c that need o develop more to be good commune caters let's get the right policy guidance for people that might need that and -- >> while, matt that makes so much sense. what? that is what we should be doing. >> right, and we did not go and i did not go to a republican retreat because we felt like the republicans have beenea an ace constant state of retreat. i'm ready for an advance, not a retreat. they go to the cheat and
11:54 am
basically the whole retreat is kevin mccarthy fighting liz cheney and i'm watching this thinking why did they not listen to us like three or four months ago when we said this is not going to work. we are all about inviting people and put in i their thought procs to the political rights but when somebody fundamental view is that we don't need to work on election integrity and we don't need to worry about the crisis at the border and we could just find four more countries to invade beforeca lunchtime tomorw then that person should not be the spokesperson of the republican party. we knew that then and i'm glad our colleagues have caught up and maybe we are the leaders, marjorie? [cheering and applause] they follow us. >> you know, i did not go to the republican conference trip either. i did not go on that retreat. so, i don't know how much you know but we have already tried
11:55 am
to remove liz cheney as our chairwoman and there was a very big effort there and we voted to kick her out a few months ago and we were ahead on this and we don't understand why it took leadership and everybody else to get to this point but that is the problem, isn't it? that's exactly the problem. they don't understand what matt just described about formulating plans inn organizing and putting people in charge where their strengths are in developing something that will work and aggressively work while the democrats are systematicallye tearing down our country to the ground. >> money plays a big role and i could just tell you there are three members of congress who don't take corporate packed money. ted cruz, matt gaetz and marjorie taylor green. [cheering and applause]
11:56 am
>> that's right. as a matter of fact is think te five dollars that someone donates means more to us than and your support and thank youse and kind letters and the wonderful things you say mean more to us than -- >> your prayers. >> yes, >> some of us need those more than others at times. >> that's right. speaking of certain types of republicans and the kinds that really don't appreciate the president and want to go along with insanity and there's another little guy that we both know that might need a little visit, i think, may be on our rally tour, little adam and you know who i'm talking about? he put together a packed and speaking of packs and his is called country first packed and his plan for the next two years is to get rid of matt gaetz and marjorie taylor greene.
11:57 am
[crowd boos] yet, he thanks we are the problem in theob republican par. what do you all think about that? he thanks there should be bipartisanship with the democrat socialists. how about that??bi [crowd boos] yeah, we don't agree, do we? >> no, i think for our movement to remain inspirational and successful and to draw people in we have to show the ability to tell the truth about some of our own. if we have people as republicans who care more about the packs donating to them than the people they are supposed to observe you should know that. liz cheney raised more money from pacs than from actual human beings you should know that. if adam can sing your wants to
11:58 am
be the front man for the establishment to bringwa our pay back to the days of mitt romney and, i'm not going back. this is donald trump's party and i'm a donald trump republican. [cheering and applause] >> trump is the leader of the republican party. [cheering and applause] >> i know what he will say what we talked and he will be like matt, i've got to go to the villages. i missed the villages. they are ready for you, mr. president. >> okay, let's tell them a few little stories. >> go ahead. >> all right, so i did talk to one democrat recently, just one.
11:59 am
it's a lady from new york 14 and i'm from georgia 14 and she is from new york's 14th district and aoc. [crowd boos] wait, wait, i mean sandy cortezn so, little sandy wrote a little 14 page piece of legislation called the green new deal. anyone familiar? [crowd boos] little sandy has a degree in economics and i have a business degree and i'm a successful business owner but sandy is working in the restaurant industry and that's a hard job because i waited tables in college and i commend her for that. i'm serious but i have a real big problem with the green new deal. it will destroy our economy. it will hand over our energy
12:00 pm
needs to china. [crowd boos] >> who, by the way, has no interestse in bowing to the climate gods. president xi has said that he will increase production and increase carbon output to 2035 when joe biden says he's cutting hours and half by 2030. i don't think that's a very smart strategy, do you? so i have been tweeting at aoc because social media seems to be the only way toee talk to her. ... but i've been say, i want a debate about the green new deal. because we owe it to the american people to debate the green new deal from the opposite sides because it's the american people that it would truly affect. and so, matt and i were hanging because it's the american people that it would truly effect. and so matt and i were hanging
12:01 pm
out in the chamber watching the insanity that goes on every day. i think jerry nadler was taking a nap. nancy pelosi was not out there in the chair where she's supposed to be like she never is. where does she go? to even know? >> she's off ripping up speeches. >> she's gettings wr her hair bd out. >> nothing wrong with getting your hair blown out. nothing at all. >> matt does have the greatest care, everybody. so i said oh, my gosh, there's sandy. she's down there. i seeup her. i hopped up, , went down and i s like hey, i'm marjorie taylor greene. >> at this point i gather everybody in the back and say this is going to be good. >> i'm like, let i can't to hear where we work, or something like that. but i'd like to debate you on green new deal.
12:02 pm
well first off, she wasn't very happy to talk to me. i don't understand why. and she said, well, have you even read it? i was like, oh, my goodness come she sounds like my kids did when they were in high school. and i said i read most of it. she goes, well, if you would read it then we could talk about debating it. i was like, okay, i think i'll finish the 14 pages and then we will debate it. and she said, well you want to debate like a national television and pay-per-view. i said, yeah. yes, i do. i want as many people to see it as possible. she couldn't believe that. and i said here's the situation. i am a business owner. i sign paint checks. i have created jobs.
12:03 pm
i built their economy. you've never done that before and you have d no right to introduce the green new deal that's going to destroy our economy. then she told me something i didn't know. she n said, well i've launched restaurant in new york. she's launched restaurant in new york. but here's the deal. guess what. she didn't own one. she did not work through the past year where they could barely keep their doors open and many of them closed down. she has no clue what it's like to try to bring customers in, tried to make and keep your employees on the payroll and pay the rent andmo pay the bills and hope to god that may be of little money left to pay yourself. she doesn't understand that. but she's got a degree in economics and she's launched
12:04 pm
restaurants before. >> she is not my least favorite member of congress. that goes to adam schiff. this guy just, allies, just pour out of him. and what i wonder is like, did they think we're never going to get the truth? did they think we would finally see that the whole rush a hoax was built on a lie? did they think that president trump wouldn't release the transcript from ukraine call? these people had a blood lust for impeachment and it hurt our country. we could of done so much more if they would've seen the potential in coming together and advancing our nation but yeah, if those one member i had to get rid of, it, edified maxine or seen or adam schiff it would be a tough one. it would be a tough one. you know what,t, i have to tell you, aren't we all thankful for the hard work that congressman matt gaetz did during this rush
12:05 pm
a hoax? thank you. he defended our president. he fought for him. he fought for our country against the big lie, a big lie, which is russian collision conspiracy theories. >> thank you. >> thank you. i tell you, they always come for the fighters, don't they? they don't come for the meek. they come for the fighters. you know, it's easy to see now how fake all of that was after we saw mueller testified. but at the time we had a bunch of republicans embracing mueller, paul ryan and to an extent trey gowdy. they were sayingwo like, let mueller do his work and then we
12:06 pm
just have to hope donald trump didn't do anything wrong. there were people like jen jordan and john ratcliffe and others who saw through it. by the way, do you know who was another hero during the rush a hoax? the best government in america, ron desantis. oh, they love ron desantis. you hear that, ron? i remember campaigning with rone desantis a when we could have had the whole campaign meet in an elevator and still had room for social distancing. but he's done a great job. he's shown true leadership, and as we take this tour around the country we want to highlight
12:07 pm
america first leaders all across the country who need that. because when you're willing to draft in theho establishment, there's so much support for you, the lobbyists will tell you how to vote. fundraisers will pour the money on you. they will tell you when the nbc's parties are and it's a nice life. but if you post up on them like ron desantis has come like christine nomads in south dakota, then they come for you. i love you, too. don't say that too loud. cnn will be asking if you're like myy ex-wife or something. >> i want to bring something up to you all. i think it's very important for us to recognize i really want to say how much i'm thankful to my husband and my children and my family, andnk how, and how thankful we are to ginger and
12:08 pm
all of mass family. they really mean the world to us. they are our support. they are our backbones. >> ginger and i will get married soon. and when you say your vows, they say doo you take them for better or worse, and gender watches come with a ring. she'll come with a record. so thank you. >> all right. i got one more request for you guys. how about singing happy birthday to the congressman? all right. ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear matt, happy birthday to you
12:09 pm
♪ >> thank you all so much. thank you for supporting us. thank you forgr forwarding congresswoman marjorie taylor greene, the best iset yet to co. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the senate returns at 3 p.m. eastern lawmakers will consider some of president biden's nominees including andrea palma to be human health education secretary. watch live coverage on c-span2.
12:10 pm
>> go to for the federal response to the coronavirus pendant. if you missed our live coverage it's easy to quickly find the latest briefings and the biden administration response. use the gallery of maps to follow the cases in u.s. and worldwide. go to >> next a look at problems within the u.s. defense supply chain and ways to improve military infrastructure. posted by the heritage foundation. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. my name is john venable and it is a pleasure to welcome you to the sentiments if


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