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tv   Washington Journal Brett Samuels  CSPAN  April 26, 2021 7:52pm-8:04pm EDT

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as he approaches his 100 stay in the office president biden will give his first address to a joint session of congress on wednesday night, unlike coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern the residence address and 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at or listen live on c-span radio app. >> the headline, the president's address to congress dominating a busy week here in washington. twenty is via zoom is covering the white house for than newspaper pretty let's begin the speech on wednesday. what seems to we expect from the president pretty. >> good morning and thank you for having me. wednesday will be sort of everybody will be waiting for weeks now for the president to make his speech to a joint session. to lay out his agenda for the severe and perhaps beyond.
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there will be a couple big items that are people expecting things. in the american families plan which will be in this legislative focus on childcare, family care, education, and so that will be the extra big spending portion we will see how that is pursued. in another items i'm sure and the reformist sort of the big topic breakdown sure the present will call congress to act on that. we make your other items whether it is something along the lines that i'm sure he will urge the congress to act. it will be a his first speech where he'll have a big national audience and members of a congrs and sorta be a chance to outline the provisions moving forward with the country party to. >> have a sense of how this is going look, recessed week for the house and the senate. and at the white house is tying
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this to markse one of the days f the presidents in office and we have the pandemic. so the chamber look likede when this evening. >> we will see sort of the traditional packed chamber of commerce with all of the members finding the roast and trying to shake the presidents hand as he walked by. sort of the usual confident circumstances that we are used to prayed we are expecting the congressional officials and white house have said, were expecting about 200 members of congress potentially to be in the building. space data bit to offer social distancing they won't be allowed to bring guests as they have in the past of the state of the union. the first lady for example in the similar speeches said the past, she is expected to attend. and it will be a little thinner crowd in the chamber but it will be interesting to see and it will be something to watch.
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so that will be something to watch. it would be like her crowd. >> we been talking to some of the calls from "fox news" in terms of the presidents her apartment and track performance on the job getting favorable reviews except in the issue of immigration. yesterday is dated state of the union, and interview the vice president, harris, and your audience is part of that and we will get your comments after pretty. >> this the worker doing but it's not going to be solved overnight, it is a complex issue. if his receipt women handled years ago. >> as long as human president biden said, would you like to do this. you will do this pretty did you say gee thanks mr. president. >> no he asked me just as he was asking to do it pretty joe biden was vice president was asked by president obama to focus on the northern triangle and is asked me to do in a carry-on the work
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that he did. any you get back to the question that you asked, we are making progress butak it's not going to evidence itself overnight. it will not but it will be worth it, tell you that part of my approach to this is that we have got to institutionalize the work and enter life and her international license which is for example i am working with thomas greenfield and we are going to be increasing the quest that we are going to be making of the united nations because again, this is about the western hemisphere. we are a neighbor in the western hemisphere and it is also a better understanding that we ndhave the capacity to actually gete in there if we are consistent predict part of the problem is that under this administration, they pulled out essentially the previous administration, a lot of the continuum work essentially came to a standstill.
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>> that wasa from vice presidet kamala harris, what are you hearing from the vice president more significant what will change moving ahead with the biden's along the border. >> certainly as you mentioned, the polling is sort of minute run of the main issues that they sort of struggled to find the right messaging on the policies on and something the republicans have really attacked this administration and blamed them for what we've seen at the in the first few months in office. i think the vice president is sort of what a she's missing is sort of her few weeks and she has been put in charge of the northern triangle at least, that this is going to take time when some point happen overnight. in then' republicans especially sort of skeptical. i think you're looking for some kind of shiftor in the border whether it is to be able to get the number of migrant children in government custody sort of get that number down read to see
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some sort of meaningful change the migration patterns and central america. i think the voters will be looking for some kind of meaningful shift there in the coming weeks and months to show this administration is sort of getting it under control. obviously is a big issue. the vice president today with the president of guatemala, and mexico and traveling to 40 mala. i believe in june. i think that is something that will see an increase amount of action on the weeks to come from this administration. >> the present thursday will be in atlanta georgia do what predispute so he will be rocking the 100th day in georgia and obviously allowing him to accomplish much of what is to accomplish so far. looking this to senators in january and the democrats the majority in the senate. so he'll be holding oblivious of driving rally telling of the
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cars to hear him speak. he'll be marking his first 100 days and i'm sure were looking forward to the coming months and certainly georgia has a lot of electoral. and for the democrats especially moving forward will be a huge thing. >> was $2 trillion in a covid-19 relief bill, $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan is part of the spinning that we are seeing in the white house of our. the headline from hill .com if you can react to it, the republicans right that the conservativism is losing his rallying cry. what is going on here in washington. >> i think the democrats are sort of seen the republicans are worried about the deficit in the spinning in these things in the bills, they are more concerned with justice bill bill provide direct payments to the americans. does it provide assistance to the people struggling with their increased childcare and
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healthcare in the rent. in the present certainly is among them that they can talk with the spinning mills note won't necessarily pay the price just because americans to price tag or wonder about the spinning of so much that sort of a bygone issue. in thes republicans may have to find a new angle to attack the democrats overnight. ... ... you know, it is something that i think people are certainly mindful of and, you know, it's kick the can today and they will adjust the debt and it's, you
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know, it's an issue or question that i'm not sure that is top of mind for voters but i thinknk certainly for some people it is sort of, you know, the next generation will be the one to pay for the debt so i think it is something that's always in the back of people's minds and it's just a question off of seeing how much people care about it now what the sense of urgency: addresses now. >> bret samuels, his work available at the hilda, he covers the white house, thank you for being with us on this monday. >> thank you. >> c-span's washington journal every day we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and we discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, reid wilson of the hill discusses what the new census bureau numbers mean for reapportionment and then randy does migration policy institute will tell about the biden demonstrations approach to number of refugees allowed into the u.s. and gym
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time and executive director of the american association of safe highway and transportation official discusses infrastructure proposals being considered in congress per it also, since cynthia of the wilson center of the migrant surge from northern triangle countries and how the biden administration is dealing with it. watch and see spans washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning and be sure to watch washington journal saturday morning at eight eastern for a live study session for high school students preparing to take the advanced placement u.s. history exam. co-authors of fabric of a nation, a brief history with skills and sources for the ap u.s. history course. we take your calls, facebook comments, decks and about the exam. >> tonight on c-span2 "the communicators" features jessica director of the competitive enterprise institute talking
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about social media content moderation. then, senate judiciary subcommittee hears from app developers and representatives of apple and google on app store competition. later a hearing on u.s. military operations in the middle east and in africa. >> c-span if your unfiltered view of government we are funded by these television companies and more, including medco. ♪♪ >> they support c-span is a public service along with these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. spee9. >> host: this week of the indicators we w


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