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tv   What Are You Reading with Sen. Tina Smith D-MN  CSPAN  April 25, 2021 5:45pm-5:56pm EDT

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serious cost by expressing your opinions. so it's great for no reason it's kind of irrational hair. i do not like to use, that the people are talking about. there is this fear what will my colleagues think? what will my boss think? they are real fears. what should people do as individuals? that is my focus of the book. >> and watch the rest of this program a to search or the title of his book, why it is okay just beat your mind. as part of her ongoing interview series with members of congress, book tvs tina smith the democrat representing minnesota what are you reading? >> i don't know about you but
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in this covid word i like to have a balance of books i read. there certainly a lot of serious things to reid priddy also like to have things that are completely i call it covid tourism. i just finished an amazing book that's called the color of law it forgotten history of how our government segregated america written by richard rothstein. it's an incredible in-depth look at how federal government policies literally lead to comic contributes to and supported segregation in housing. it was shocking to me how systematic this was really glad i read it will serving on the banking committee and the senate it's got great, great background. i felt in love with the brittany murder mysteries by john luke who followed an
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inspector needs tons of food, drinks lots of wine and also solve some murder mysteries on the side. >> when do you find the time to read? would you like to read? >> i love to read before i go to bed at night. specially more of the lighter fare. i fight back and forth to minneapolis to washington all the time. airplane readings really good pretty honestly do not time is much time to read a site did. but not time of the massive briefing books i get every night to read also. that keeps me pretty busy. >> what books are you planning on reading in the future? and why? >> i have to say i'm really interested in a book i have just read about by minnesota author name thomas peacock. it is called warm trail in the story told by the wolf.
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it is so interesting, so fun and the culture in minnesota is fascinating to me, so rich and so connected just so much about her state. and really looking forward to that. i have to say my father, harlan flint just wrote his third book called from here to eternity. on some of my story of my mother the loss of my mother to alzheimer's. i've read parts of it but i'm not read all of it in its final form i'm really looking forward to reading that book. >> what is your take away from that book of what you've read so far? based on the fact you've live some of the story. >> my dad writes incredible stories about routing friendships in place he lives in new mexico and northern new mexico. so i take away and shoot move through the terrible sadness of losing someone to
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alzheimer's, moment my moment and day by day when you've gotten through it still so much of that relationship that exists specially in places that you love the most and i love that. >> how do you select the books you read? i read all the newspapers local newspapers and my husband archie and i and the book review. and i will get ideas from their i get ideas from friends my colleagues were often talked about what you read what you reading about? i have big networks all over the place that give me ideas for what to read. i saw them and a wish list for the other thing i do, as i keep a journal of the books i read. which is so interesting. he just read a little bit about stuck in your mind as you read it and keep track in
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sort of remember your journey of the books that you have read. >> how of you involved in your reading regarding theme, topic, >>? >> what i was growing up i love to read from the time that i was able to pick up chapter books as we called them. my very favorite book right now was little women. i must have read that book but a dozen times by the time i was 12. i think it's interesting. it's essential about girls and women growing into the people they are going to be. my interest in people's passage and their trajectory as they grow and change is a theme in my reading that sticks with me today. i love that feeling of being completely immersed in a story that you get from the very best book. >> find that what is next on
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your reading list and why? >> i'm very interested in reading as i said in addition to the wolf trail, i'm very interested in reading cast. this book is got a lot of attention. i picked it up and read just a little bit of it. too really fully understand the intersection between race and class in this country what it means and how to hold us back. to me i'm very much looking forward to reading is about conclusions on that. she is such an incredible writer. it is so enjoyable to read what she has to say and hear her stories. >> what is that about that topic, what draws you to that topic? >> were in this country a won't bracketing around racial justice and racial equity. george floyd was murdered just a few miles from where i sit right now.
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so many of the books i've read over this past year's book about james baldwin america, is another example of that. books that really dive into the history of racism in our country and help us understand how prevalent it has been in our lives and our culture and society. think understanding that helps us to change it. i believe we are in a moments in our country's history where we cannot look away. we really have to see that full force announce what is going to take to get through. statement watch this and other interviews with members of congress about the books they are reading here's a look at some publishing industry news, simon & schuster has announced it will not disturb the forthcoming book by jonathan mattingly print louisville police officers involved in the brown and taylor shooting, the book is scheduled to
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release in the fall by independent publisher post hill press. in a letter sent to simon & schuster's employees, ceo jonathan wrote all of us involved in this decision shared immediate strong consensus about not wanting any role whatsoever in the distributional this particular book. where mindful the unsustainable precedent abridging the judgment of thousands of tiles from independent publishers to books we distribute to our accounts. but we do not control part political reports former attorney general william barton supreme court justice amy koenig barrett have signed book deals. it is reported mr. barr's book will recant his time in the justice department. and justice barrett is said to be writing about how judges rule. also this week governor and her promo may be investigative using new york state resources the publication of his covid response book. in other news mpb books and reports print book sales rep 6% for the weekend in april 10. in the 41st annual los angeles times book prizes were
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awarded virtually elastic pitchers would include isabel wilkerson's cast. vanguard and william souder's biography of john steinbeck. mad at the world. book tv will continue to bring in new programs and publishing news. you can also watch all of our past programs anytime sue beckers looks on the best selling nonfiction books according to harvard bookstore in cambridge, massachusetts per topping the baucus pulitzer prize winning author isabel worker since look at what she calls a hidden cast system in the united states. after that his empire pain, new york staff writer patrick kees report on the sackler families wealth that's built on pharmaceuticals which includes valium and oxycontin. next pro public a alec mcginnis works of the economic impact in fulfillment road
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bite blake bailey's philip roth purred and wrapping up our look at some of the best-selling books according to the harvard bookstore is university of virginia professor lauded without use of subtraction to solve many of our personal and societal problems. some of these authors have appeared on book tv and you can watch them on [inaudible] the agenda republican supreme court is shapingng america. senior correspondent where he focuses on the supreme court, the constitution and the decline of liberal democracy in the united states. he is the author of injustices the supreme court's history of comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted. his writings have appeared in "new york times"


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