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tv   NASA Officials Hold Post Launch News Conference on SpaceX Launch  CSPAN  April 23, 2021 7:30am-8:13am EDT

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all right so we won't hear it dragon ground communications tot the crew two strawngts onboard dragon "endeavour" crew dragon "endeavour" for a while that you heard that dragon we're hearing with the in front of it. that's the communication -- [silence]
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at 5:49 spacex crew dragon spacecraft "endeavour" launch from the nasa kennedy space center in florida, and successfully launched into space they will dock at the space station international space station early tomorrow morning saturday morning in about 4:30 a.m. eastern. you're watching live coverage simulcast of tv here on c-span2. megyn blows kisses --
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ready for their ride to the space station. and here they come -- the crew two astronauts taking first steps outside before their journey to space. [applause] i love this moment. they have opportunity to wave good-bye -- departure on schedule. right so we just heard that announcement that the crew has departed the operations and checkout building on schedule. and we can see the astronauts inside the crew access arm. commander shane, there he is climbing inside --
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crew dragon "endeavour" call this process -- crew member get buckled in as you can see side hatch is closed -- five, four, three, two, one -- liftoff. "endeavour" -- "endeavour" launches once again four astronauts from three countries on crew two now making their way to the one and only international space station. goes peaching down range from an engine -- hearing good calls -- and performance so far.
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falcon nine. >> good morning, and thank you for joining us -- earlier today at 5:49 a.m., nasa and spacex crew two mission blasted off from kennedy space centers launch complex 39a. the crew two mission is a second crew rotation fight of the crew dragon spacecraft and falcon nine rocket. carrying nasa astronauts shane and megyn macarthur, and essa to beer national space station. my name is jackie mcginniss now to press secretary and here today by acting nasa administrator steve elon musk and exploration operations, mission director steve stech manager of commercial crew
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program, joe -- nasa international program and vice president and director general of human space flight doctorate and manager of the international space station program at european space agency. each speaker will make brief remarks and then we'll open leans for questions from the media. for reporters on the line press star one to get into cue to ask a question. please remember to state your name and media affiliation before you speak and address the speaker you would like to answer your question. please only ask one question and address one per speaker at a team. you may enter the q again and ask additional questions. first up, we'll hear from acting administrator steve. >> hey, thank you jackie it is great to be here today as first i want to thank and congratulate the nasa team -- spacex tell and international partners --
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what we do is really challenging and also we can not do it without our commercial international partners so thank you and congratulations. watching a launch from kennedy spacer in never gets old for me i've watched many launches watching is especially exciting and just visually stunning and this launch was -- a little bit different for me this time as acting administrator.e but again i'm just congratulations team i could not be more proud of the team it is been a really incredible year for nasa -- for all our mission area but particularly for human space flight with three launches in 11 months, and it is hard to believe it was just 11 months ago last may -- where we were in the room we were watching the launch from the day and doing the fist flight, but for human exploration mission in just about a decade. and then we did the demo two
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mission and just been incredible to be a apartment of it. this marks many important milestones but it really -- and technology development able to do on station and really looking forward to what crew, i'm really enjoyed what crew one has been tiebl accomplish and really enjoy what crew two is going to do on their six month stengt on iss. it took, it took ten years to get here. toer achieve this bold vision we have for commercial crew, and it's been amazing what crew can accomplish. you know, what we do on iss is important. not only for the research and technology development that we do for here on earth, but also to prepare for what we're going to do in the future. so iss is not only important for
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our commercial activities and space stimulating those but also for our exploration missions. we'll continue to celebrate marvel of the science and technology development that will be conducting, as we look to the future ofk sending astronauts o orbit and eventually surface and then ultimate goal is sending astronauts to mars so coupled with our robotic exploration, and our mission to look down at earth i'm proud to be a part of this team that makes it all happen and look easy i can assure you it is not easy but we have an incredibly talented team at nasa along with our commercial international partners and i know -- they've gotten the job done. this last year and i know they're going to get job done moving forward so thank you. >> thanks and now we have elon mufng chief engineer at spacex.
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>> thank you. >> i think actually steve said really all of the really important they thinks. tjust really proud of the spacx team and to be partnered with nasa and helping with jackson as well so -- thrilled to be part of advancing human space flight looking forward to yeah going beyond with orbit to the moon and mars. and helping make humanity space civilization, and plant a species one day, thank you. j thank you now we have kathy leader for human exploration operations mission director. >> particularly with the spacex team that diligently stepped to and got us ready to fly once again.
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and really want to thank elon and team from a hero perspective, and thank steve stitch and joel here who have been working really hard to keep this cadence gong. it is a very, very, very exciting team for human exploration like steve said. you know, joel every day, advances science and technology on the international space station. and that has really been enabled with the activities and the flights that spacex has provided for us over the last 11 months like we've said in commercial crew team has been working to keep that science and technology development going. joel has had a busy month we were talking other day about you just had a -- launch a landing now we have a commercialng crew launch, and yu know, we're going to be, obviously, working through and making sure we get the four crew members there and safely to station.
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but then steve and joel will be getting ready for a crew one landing with the spacex folks so very, veryla exciting time for s and in addition we've got a course stage coming in next week -- which will be joining the solid rocket motors now been stacked in the bab, and ryan spacecraft that's now been fueled getting ready for a first -- one uncrew demonstration mission so we're going to be working and getting our exploration system ready to go and very, very excited about that. and in addition, last week, we had announced to spacex the human landing system demonstration mission too. so this is, you know, when i took over for huey i thought after that demo two mission i thought my gosh i'm going to be missing out on fun missions but really i kind of have the begs of both, all worlds now with all of the cool missions that joel
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and steve, team is doing and fur missions going forward to moon and then eventually mars so very, very exciting time for us. thank you. >> thank you kathy. now we have steve stitch, manager of nasa commercial crew program. >> thank you jackie. as i watch the video play before we started our opening remarks is just -- reflected on the last two years steve said we have now three crew missions and just over 11 months. and when i think about -- watch video i think about team with that's is and spacex, and incredible team that refurbished this crew one booster that just flew our crew two theme to the space station refurbishing dragon spaceti over last ten months an just all of the hard work across the country from the spacex team nasa team and certifying. i was thinking about some of the
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meetings we have, and spacex and nasa work so well together. at times during meetings people will finish each other's sentences one person on spacex side mayce say something to nasa knows exactly what that person is thinking that is tremendous dragon is doing quell in orr bet. the crew is out of their suits right now -- therb crew is in the middle of a meal. they'll go to bed this afternoon here about 2 eastern. and sleep in till about 10 p.m. and then0 they'll get in their suits saturday morning at about 2:50 a.m., eastern time for the final rendezvous and final docking around 5:23 a.m. so kind of a busy time for the crew an ground teams as they look over dragon as ebbs dragon is doing well today weather cooperated we moveda to launch and look at abt weather and track wasn't good for thursday we moved that
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launch -- one day and weather cooperated great today. you know vehicle improvements that spacex embarked upon for this flight adding capability to handle wind was a difference in getting off with onshore winds with the vehicle we have for crew one and demo true and count down wase smooth we worked a couple of things checking out coveras on the draco thruster making sure high drolling system was ready to go other than that count down was extremely smooth today and people worked hard to put that together and then -- as kathy alluded to a busy time for us we'll get the crew docked. on saturday after we get them sea ofly onboard we'll start to focus on the crew one return, and preliminarily we're looking at undocking on wednesday april the 28th, at about 787 a.m. eastern time and targeted touchdown tallahassee with a
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landing on wednesday april 28th about 12:40. it is a busy time for us and exciting time it is first time we've done this direct handover, and i am proud to be part of the team. >> thanks steve, now we have joel -- manager of the program at nasa. >> hello great way to engsd week you know we're excited to have another commercial crew mission onboard and space coming comingo international space station and these missions allow us to keep our utilization research and program and technology development and commercialization activities onboard moving forward with an incredible amount of steep. you know these mission it is they enable these activities onboard so we're excited to have it. we're also excited to have eleven people general board after docking and only be a short time but it is something that we've been preparing for and we're looking forward to it.
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after launch we did inform the crew onboard international space station that we have a successful launch and company was on its way. they didn't pass congratulations to the team on the ground and i would like to also pass my congratulations too the commercial crew program and spacex c teams for just outstanding launch today. thank you. >> thanks, joel. now we have vice president and director general of jakscht human space flight technology doctorate. d>> thank you -- [inaudible conversations] and space explorations, first of all, on behalf of -- express my thanks to nasa, spacex and all staff who have been working for this mission.
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crew was launched into the lobby -- it is going on, but i direct, congratulate all of you on the launch. i have already seen crew driver launch for astronauts november -- and i am so delighted again to be part of the team here today. it is really a great not only for me but also the two astronauts on both -- crew dragon -- [inaudible conversations] they meet together, i believe this is brought by the very close tie between japan and u.s. for many years through the iss program. crew two we contribute to 65
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mission as commander. i hope you will join create comments together with the astronauts also with colleagues on the ground. during this mission -- platform -- [inaudible conversations] for the design distributing to people on ground and demonstrations of enhance recovery system preparing the future exploration mission as well. also going to hold with nasa to inspire young people around the world and i'm looking forward to seeing that it will contribute to those activities through the great teamwork i believe that crew two mission is a symbol of international and industry partnership. crew members from nasa and both
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dragon, launch by the spacex. i believe these first time that nasa and astronaut flying to and stay for long duration together. a great that people pushing human boundary from the deal to the moon and even beyond. i have a confident that international partnership is important and power to contribute to take apart by the best use -- such as a ecosystem -- we are going together. once again, for launch, thank you. >> thank you. and finally we have frank, manager of the iss program as
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esa. >> thank you, jackie. what a great day, and what an excitement to see the four crew members and, of course, our esa astronaut -- launch from crew dragon to the international space station. it is l a great time for us. we have permanently now four u.s. crew members on orbit meaning that the crew time that we have available for science and utilization has drastically increased and we thank partners, of course, spacex and nava with all of the international partners to make this happen. tomorrow we'll have a busy schedule on the 15th of july we'll also launch the mlm module colleagues and one that module will be the european and so be involved in cometion and checkout of this robotic arm we've been waiting for long to
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launch the international space station. after tomorrow we'll have a launch in fall of this year and after that, some for additional for the first time we will have three in the road that will be permanently onboard over international space station. so really great time to come for european space agency. all of the science technology that we do it is, of course, for the benefit of people here on earth and for human kind. but it is also to prepare for the future esa together with our colleagues from jakscht and canada are part of the gate program we're looking forward to -- further work on those programs to have our esa strawngts fly to the gateway but not of the air we want to have in the future our esa strawngts walk on surface of the moon so excitings times to be w in human space flight, and really looking forward to further enhance this
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great international corporation. thank you. reminder for reports on the line press star one to get into cue and ask a question first we have marsha with associated press. >> gorgeous launch for elon could you describe your emotions at liftoff and does it get any easier for you on a personal level being responsible for lives after three crew flights, thank you. >> yeah. it is very, very intense. i suppose it does get easier but it is extremely intense, and i usually can't sleep night before a launch and that's true. but night before this one. so i haven't had much sleep. but you know fortunately we've got a great team. i really am proud of the incredible work team has done and nasa, and --
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yeah. i suppose it gets a little bit easier but still pretty intense. i have to say -- [laughter] so yeah. it is hard to believe that we're here doing this quite frankly. you know, feels like a dream. >> thank you, and now we have bill harwood with cbs. >> thanks, and again, congratulations to all of you for this launch crew dragon flight have lifted in the year is quite a record and i guess for mr. musk i realize this current flight is less than two hours old right now but can you tell us anything about schedule for next flight inspiration forward launch schedule, and one question i think a lot of us have is how do you do that flight without working with nasa inou terms of crew quarters suit
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up facilities in general, thanks. >> yeah. well i think we'll still be coordinating with nasa and the -- that will be part of a free fire mission with a -- kind of a big kind of glassed dome in front instead of docking adapter so should give up quit a different feel for you should feel leak you're in space more than one -- you know, because it will just be you are surrounded by glass. or acrylic technically. but yeah. so yeah looking forward to that mission. and obviously will be working, working in coordination with nasa for that mission so that should be -- helpful as name stress inspiration you know, and actually i think that's best thing about human space flight is that it is one of the thins that makes people excited about the future. you know you look forward to
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wake up in the morning and think hey what's going to be great about future is like -- if we're out there and for civilization, and visiting planet and exciting planets i think that's what gets one of the they thinks that gets people fired up, you know, yeah. fired up, obviously -- >> thank you. now we have eric burger with r. >> good morning and congratulations to everyone on this. couple ofon questions first of l maybe for stitch can you comment on the fact that you know in less than four years there's been fourss years since launched falcon nine rocket for second time and ten mission, has it been a rapid process to try to get to certification on the falcon nineth previously rocket for crew, and elon can you comment on the human landing is award last friday how important is it that nasa showed that kind
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of confidence and starship and now talking about using the vehicle for the moon and potentially mars? thank you. >> yeah. i'll take the first question regarding the certification of falcon nine. you know for -- for the first flight for demo two for bob and doug we've gone through a certification of the rocket. for that very for one flight so we have started to understand the wewe actually follow the whole fleet of all of the flights that spacex flies space xx has been a great partner in sharing data and every flight and we were tiebltn look at the performanceo over time we started to understandst how engine perform and rocket itself perform and then with partnership with spacex we went through and looked at every piece of the launch vehicle, the engines, the structures, everything about reentry and heating ten months able to go through on the order of 400 or so certification products, in
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addition to those products delivered by spacex we also did our independent analysis certain key components from structural perspective we looked at the heeding for entry and did independent assessment of that to make sure that we were comfortable with the margins and quite an extensive effort in ten months by our team and incredible partnership between nasa and spacex. >> it was great art to return people to the moon. it's been half a century since humans were last on the moon it is too long we need to get back there, and permanent base on the moon i think like a big permanently occupied base on the moon and then city on mars to become a space rank civilization and multiplanet species we don't want to be sun of the single
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a multiplanet species. yeah. >> thank you -- now we have irene with aviation week. >> thanks jackie, and congratulations on a really exciting launch this morning. for elon, how will the funding from hls impact your design and development and schedule for starship andnd what has been kid of your technological challenge, challenges with the project so far? >> definitely really helpful planning this program -- it's mostly been funded thus far and it is pretty expensive. as you can tell if you've been watching videos blowing upp a fw of them so --
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so it's -- it's a tough vehicle because we're trying to crack this knot of -- rapid fully, you know, rapid and fully rapidly reusable rocket and i'm slow enough to take care of themap going on not much slep at all. but the thing that's really important to revolutionize space is rapidly reusable rocket. that's reliable too. [laughter] so really that's what needs to happen. if that -- if that can be done then the cost of access to orbit and beyond can be reduced by potentially factor of 100 or more. so -- that's really what is -- most important about going to be done by somebody has to do this. and if that is -- if you have rapid complete
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reasonability then that opens up -- that is the gateway to heavens. that's what matters. that's what we're trying to get done and support of nasa is making a huge difference. >> thank you. on the line reminder to focus your questions this morning on crew two l mission, be greatly appreciated. our next up we have the verge. >> thanks jackie, and congrats everyone on a good launch. ... how soon will starship be able to put humans on?
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>> i do not having inside with regard to that but, of course, we would be honored to apply cosmos on dragon but i do not have any insight into any potential objections. process may be just a communications breakdown, i know, but i don't have any insight i into it. >> we are actually working through the agreements right now and and i think people understand and to think we talked about this in the news conference that people understand the importance of crews swaps for supportability of iss and so we are working through that and getting that agreement in place. it takes a while sometimes. i found that there's lots of people to coordinate with, so it doesn't happen as fast probably as i want it to, that we are
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working through it. >> thank you. now we have stephen clark with spaceflight now. >> caller: thank you and congratulations to everyone. my question is for elon musk as well. this was the first time you launched astronauts although far fromom the first time overall preflight history. i'm curious as you develop starship to focus on that rapid whole reusability as you're flying to manifest with falcon ninew how many missions do you think you can get out of a falcon nine booster and is that something you're willing to push the limit on to keep the line 18 tell it breaks, or for starlike mission for example, or do you see a plateau or ceiling in terms of flight number 40 falcon nine booster going forward? >> doesn't seem to be any
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obvious limit to the reusability of the vehicle. we do intend to fly the falcon nine booster until we see some kind of a failure, just have that be a life leader. we were wondering like what the optimal number of launches, do you want to be on a brand-new booster or -- we probably don't want to be on the life leader for cremation, but probably good to have a flight or two under its belt so booster that is that once or twice. i think if it was like an aircraft coming out of an aircraft factory you would want the aircraft will be too gone on test flight or two before you put passengers on. that's probably a couple of flights is a good number to have for a crew booster, and in the meantime we will keep flying the
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life leader pier we have nine flights on one of the boosters. we'll have a tenth flight soon and we are learning a lot about reusability. it's a hard problem for rockets. the reason, right now falcon nine is the only rocket being flown with the, -- we don't use the dragon trunk and so with the starship we are just like hopefully we can reuse the whole thing. that's a a hard problem for rockets, that's for sure. we are like 19 years in now. i think we can see -- the starship design can work. it's a hard thing to solve and the support of nasa is a much appreciated in this regard.
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i think it's going to work. i think it's going to work. >> hanky. next up we have david carley with the discovery channel. >> caller: for anybody nasa/spacex, was bob behnken allowed to leave anything forow megan in the dragon? and elon, it's been a long journey with the hls and everything else. on the arc of what you'reha hopg to do are you going faster or slower? i know you had some frustrations early, but where do you see bigger picture we are we need to go? thank you. >> i guess i'll take the question of bob. i don't know of anything specific that he left for megan. certainly left a lot of love,
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tenderness and care of that vehicle while he flew it. for me as a program manager of the commercial crew is pretty exciting to see bob having flown that vehicle for the first time, testing it out, and taking it for a spin for his wife make it and she gets to to get for a longer so it's kind of cool just to see the two flying the same vehicle, and thet first time we have reused that vehicle. >> actually -- my first inkling, it was this penguin that ts floating around in 0g right now. it's kind of a cute. let's see, i mean, yeah, it's been 19 years since starting spacex, a lot of adventures along the way. tough times and a lot of good times.
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i'd say tony recently though i think that i feel that full rapid reusability can be accomplished. i wasn't sure for a long time that i am sure now. >> thank you. next up we have jeff faust with space news. >> caller: good morning. question for elon musk. it took years of development to get the crew dragon to the point where you could have successful series of missions like crew two this morning. at what point you think starship will be ready to start caring people? thanks. >> i think we're trying to keep these questions to this mission, but i mean, i don't know. i mean, i tend to be, as you know i tend to be somewhat optimistic with respect to schedules. i feel i should technology this --
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[laughing] so take that with a grain of salt, but i think it's not out of the question it could be ready to fly people in a couple of years. we need to -- [inaudible] hop in, were going to mars. not quite, not yet. got some work to do but making rapid progress. we are going to make sure we e accelerating at the rate of innovation and then could be ready in a a couple of years. >> thank you. now we have a recognizer with wired. >> caller: greetings, congratulations to everybody. senator bill nelson mentioned a 2024th timetable for a lunar landing through hls during a confirmation and on capitol hill, and i'm just wondering from elon whether that's kind of
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a crazy talk or is that something you feel optimisticis about? >> i think that can be done. yeah, i think so. i mean, yeah, we're going to build a lot of rockets, but i can -- i think this, i think it will happen. i think 2024 seems likely. we're going to aim sooner than that but i think, you know, i think -- this is actually doable, yes. >> thanks. let time for one more question. camden hall. >> caller: my question is for elon. where were you watching the
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launchin from? were you in the ltc? >> yeah, i was in launch control and, yeah. it's funny, it's the same place, same control a c lunar missions launched from. same windows, same glass. so it's a lot harder to see out at night. but during the day is a lot easier to see him. the view is better from the view from the launch control. but you get to see the data there. ya. i do know, the future is looking good. ira think were at the dawn of a new era of space exploration. >> thank you again to all of our speakers and to our reporters. that's going to wrap things up for us here. our crew two mission coverage continues a nasa tv.
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we will have live coverage of the way to the international space station including crew dragon docking, hatch opening and the welcome ceremony. saturday april 24, hatch opening at 7:15 a.m. and the welcome ceremony at 7:45 a.m. so stay a tuned. thank you. >> the spacex crew dragon endeavor spacecraft launched successfully this morning at 5:49 a.m. eastern. if you missed any of our coverage of today's launch we wish would again tonight at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span, also online the spacex crew dragon launched this morning from the kennedy space center. the crew of format after on way to the international space station for what will be a six-month science mission. they are scheduled to dock at the space station tomorrow morning saturday followed by welcoming ceremony and a news
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conference with the astronauts. that would be live here on c-span2. our coverage starts live at 4:30 a.m. eastern. you can follow that online at or listen in on the life free c-span radio app. next up a portion of this morning's launch from nasa's kennedy space center in florida. >> we are now at t minus 34 minutes 30 seconds and county from crew dragons for lunch with astronauts and the first 42021. today begins the next six-month rotation mission to the international space station. the launch escape system is on which happened just before feeling began at t minus 35 minutes at the dragon capsule was loaded with propellants about a week and half ago just a few miles down the road of what we call dragon land and in order to fly


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