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tv   Isabel Brown Frontlines  CSPAN  April 3, 2021 11:30am-12:16pm EDT

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and writer harriet washington whose books include medical apartheid and deadly monopoly. join in the conversation with your phone call, facebook comments, texts and tweets and at 9:00 p.m. eastern on after words former white house press secretary and fox news host dana perrino talks about her book, everything will be okay. life lesson for young women from a former young woman interviewed by jessica clark in the george w. bush administration. watch book tv on c-span2. ♪ ♪ ♪ .. ..
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i am just so excited to be connecting with you guys in person again. i know you're all feeling the exact same way. most of your hybrids from school and sing some nods on very sorry. turning point hq making this event possible, think youtube mckenzie, to amy and of course to my office production team for making this space look so awesome but let's get everyone on our staff a round of applause for that. [applause] as you guys all know, we are here to celebrate the launch of my book which has been such an incredible few weeks and many years in the making brightness about going to the publication process. an outgoing on my book tour which has been such an incredible last couple of weeks. we'll talk a little bit about that tonight. going to get some cool behind-the-scenes insights into some new projects we have going on at turning point usa. then i want to talk to you
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guys about why your voice of high schoolers and young people in our country honestly is the thing that we desperately need the most when it comes to american culture and saving not just america, but the free world in the next few generations to come. after that will dequeue nac can ask me anything under the sun. whether that's about my book, projects i do hear turning point or anything else you want to talk about. if you've read my book are following me for a few years you might know little bit about my stories. a few years ago i never, ever would have thought that today and march of 2021 oh be sitting here talking to all of you at the turning point usa headquarters office working as a spokesperson for anything let alone a political organization being such an outspoken conservative. i actually went to college to become a doctor. my dreams was to become a trauma surgeon after college and after medical school. i very specifically chose colorado state university in my home state of colorado big
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institution without biomedical sciences program for college. i never thought that indoctrination and hatred for conservative ideas for christians and even honestly objective truth with such a huge part of my college experience. but low and behold that defined the course of my experience at colorado state and now beyond doing what i get to do professionally here for tp usa. i love the truth. you guys feel the same way? that is the entire reason i decided to study science to begin with. i love running after this clear dichotomy of between what is right and what is wrong. what we can prevent what we can't prove. what i know is objectively true and what i know is some fabricated reality from someone who clearly does not understand how the universe works. i love that an elementary school for and let that in high school with what you guys are learning in your biology and chemistry classes and understand the scientific method part i wanted to continue doing that in
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college, and graduate schools and beyond professionally as a doctor. but even in my classes like anatomy and physiology in organic chemistry, by the way if you have to take over camden college and frame for you now that is the hardest class you ever take it definitely tested my patience but it may be a stronger student in the end. even in those classes i was being told free speech should not be a part of our american society. that we should be rewriting the first amendment. i was being taught that strong border security was racist in science classes for anyone who voted for former president was some sort of white supremacist not see. and of course even the objective truth that was supposed to be driving all of my curriculum in those classes, things that i expected to be in my multiple-choice exam are things we talked about in essays, you know the black and white the right and wrong those things were tainted by my professors political ideology for you guys will read a little bit about this in my book if you have a
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copy. for example my physiology class we learned that yes, sir two sets of chromosomes xx and xy only to be told a few months later in our psychology class oh yeah, that thing he learned about chromosomes just forget about that that's outdated science we don't really talk about that anymore. gender is a social construct in state of being in your mind. where in that same class would spend months learning what every tiny thing that has to happen in the womb for a baby to be conceived and make it to nine months of pregnancy when beautiful little fingerprints are formed almost immediately. when his heart starts beating when it can feel pain and of course has unique set of dna different from any other organic being on earth. only to be told a few months later after the exam that a baby in the womb was actually a fetus that has its own specific name for an abortion or as they called it, termination of a pregnancy was not ending a unique human life or even unique biological life it was just a medical
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procedure. i was told and my cellular biology class that i actually had to choose against a test answer option thing that god created the universe. that was the wrong answer on my test. instead i had to say that life just spontaneously erected from a single cell billions of years ago just because. and it was this reality over and over and over again that proved to me even those subjects even those classes that are supposed to be driven by objective truth. the things we can prove the things we study over and over and over again and peer-reviewed and debate go back and forth on, those things are even subject to the extreme indoctrination that's happening on her college campuses. i experienced all of that there my four years and now doing what i do traveling the country and visiting high school and college campuses all over america i am learned that you guys are getting some
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of that too and your high school experience. so i want you to raise your hand if you have ever been told in your classes by your teachers that gender is a social construct? how about that america was founded to be a white supremacist country? how many of you have been called by your peers or your teachers pay not see or white supremacist or trans- phobic or homophobic or antiwoman? or any of the other crazy names of people associated with conservative today? that is not normal. it is today did not used to be. even when i was in high school and a graduate 2015 we never talked about politics outside of ap u.s. government class or ap u.s. history. and even then my teachers never told me with their personal political beliefs were. we never debated whether or not our current president was a racist or if all conservatives were all the sudden white supremacist. this is becoming the norm
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thanks to what's been happening on college campuses or decades in the united states is trickling down to high school. believe it or not middle school and elementary school, and kindergarten and preschool. you guys heard about these new kids book like anti- racist baby and feminist baby? your cousins and your younger siblings and your neighbors are being taught age two and three that they as a baby are a racist. or that they should be confused about what their gender identity is. then it might be different from the gender they were born with. in california, next-door, worse places should love california it's been five just cannot love and eventually bad experiences. they have literally a bill the state legislature right now that's being debated to become law that would make it illegal and any store in the state of california two separate sections for little boys and little girls. for clothing, for toys, for
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books or anything else. and all of this has started at the heart of our nation's culture were on the front lines as i would like to say this culture war that we are fighting on america's college campuses. i experienced a lot of the stuff in the classroom. most of it that was the craziest stuff happened outside the classroom to. i was really involved in my college community going to a big public school give me lots of opportunities for leadership develop joint really fun clubs on campuses get to know a lot of my peers. in my admissions office job for example i was hired to become a missions ambassador. so what does that mean? i meant i give tours to people like you and your parents when you came and visited colorado state university to see if that's what he wanted to go to school. i bet you guys may not know i had a formal letter written in my file for disciplinary action after i dared to address a group of people as you guys turns out that's gender exclusive and i'm not cognizant of the fact that
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women in that group or people who do not identify as a man or a woman might feel excluded when i say you guys. student government over and over and over again we debated the most progressive legislation possible saying that for example the keystone pipeline ending that project was the right thing to do in all 33000 students on campus believe that. we paid tens of thousands of dollars to a lobbyist on behalf of student government to go to the state capitol and a lobby on behalf of every student on campus instituting free speech zones or for impressing the most possibly leftist curricula in every single department possible in campus. it's through engaging more and more leadership develop and opportunities that i realize the goal of my university is not education at all. it's what they claimed their goal was on their website, but in reality they were much more interested in operating a factory of little leftist
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soldiers that would graduate and take those crazy ideas with them the on campus. one day in student government i had enough with the extreme leftism. enough with passing yet another bill this at all 33000 students on the campus were extreme left disappeared i did something that would forever be what i like to call my snapping point in my college experience. it was not anything all that controversial. and honestly should not have had the outcome it did. but i raised my hand and i said i disagree. i don't think every student on this campus believes in the leftism we talk about every week it student senate. at least one person on this campus disagrees. rendering her jobs and talk about politics are supposed to be trading student programming that benefits the student body that create stronger students and stronger adults that can thrive in the real world. and you probably would have thought the sky was falling in
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that student government meeting. and from that, for i experienced what it meant to be a conservative student lawyer and activists surrounded by the extreme leftism of today's academic environment. instantly in front of everyone in a big crowded room like this i was called a racist and a white supremacist and not see rbi supposed because of my braun hair. antiwoman trans- phobic homophobic you name at the session went on for hours. members of my administration are sitting in the crowd and said nothing. all of this leftist comments, these labels the left loves to throw conservative was allowed to continue for hours but the second i raise my hand to try to defend myself i was and gaveled out by the person running the senate meeting saying i was too emotional and i was not keeping decorum. a couple of weeks later of sitting in the student government office really avoiding any conversation whatsoever with all of these people who were convinced i
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was some radical crazy white wearing white supremacist on campus. a scrum to my social media on facebook only to find an ad popping up that was pink and purple and sparkly for it had the faces of a few people i recognize, carly had run for president just a few years before, ben shapira because i saw some of his videos on facebook recently and tomi lahren who i really didn't know that much about summons that i look like her once. so i recognized her name. it was after some ties and something called the young women's leadership summit for some organization called turning point usa. i had no idea what it was in at this conference i had to google who charlie kirk was when he got on stage to start the whole thing which is a great sort of left until now. but something in my gut told me i had to attend this conference. maybe this was the answer for how isolated and alone i was feeling in my community so i went i drag my younger sister with me because i did not all alone and instantly from the
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first moment of that first turning point usa conference i fell in love with what this organization is doing every day. finally somebody got it. as a young woman in america i did not need permission from the government or for my professors or other people in the community to do whatever he wanted in life. as an american i have a right to my american dreams. nothing can hold me back from that as long as i have my own passion, drive, and determination to make that a reality. i'm back to campus that bouncer at a turning point usa chapter colorado state university. never thought the backlash for conservatives is bad before that i was just about to find a how bad it would be. it's in the eye became known as that turning point girl on campus or that conservative girl. and literally was the only person setting up a table the heart of campus handing out socialism sucked advertising for meetings but as often yelled and screamed out for
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everybody under the sign you're the absolute worst i can't believe you're promoting this ideology, every once in a while people would come up, look around making sure nobody than it was around them and they would whisper at my table, thank you for doing this. for the first time i see another conservative in my community and i really thought i was the only one. that community continue to grow as the backlash continue to grow. with the first speaker coming to campus, charlie kirk and fabry 2018 i was informed by the local police department that it had been at least ten years since a notable conservative had been invited to speak on campus. meanwhile bernie sanders came twice during my freshman year end we had hosted known communists activists angela davis paying for the other student fees and former msnbc host melissa harrison. if you know anything about is an extreme leftist. these police officers were quietly so supportive of our
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events. they knew we were standing for was right on campus they were excited to help us out. but they had a really tough job to for the next few weeks. as the turning point usa chapter president i was given countless death threats, threats of violence, threats of rate from individual i worked with in student government that is set to in class and even professors on campus and older people in my community. the day before the event the one bedroom apartment i was living and had its address leaked online because i gave an interview to our local newspaper on behalf of the turning point usa chapter pizza all the sudden noah resave. campus wasn't safety student government office was safe. even religion loan and my partner was not a safe place to be. all because i didn't do a thing all that conservative part i just want to progressive dialogue and debate truly progressive by the way now at the left is advocating for about ideological diversity. i wanted to talk about our differences of opinion and bridge those divides come together. you know what college is
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supposed to be about, challenging your viewpoints exposing yourself to new ways of thinking and maybe even changing your mind. despite all that insanity it was absolutely worth it. that first event had 800 people come to see charlie kirk speak. there is lots of discussion and bait, crazy protest outside as i'm sure you can imagine the national guard even had to come the state of colorado national guard. we had snipers on top of the computer science building because our campus was so afraid of debate and discussion. in asking questions of a guy who had been labeled as a crazy white supremacist not see all for being conservative. over the next years we really built such momentum with their turning point usa chapter on campus i did not even recognize my own community anymore. we held event with candice owens on the plaza which is basically open space in the middle of campus where she change people at minded tabling events he brought
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dennis kreger were 12 students and across a state of colorado and wyoming came to a different perspective in a different point of view. by the time i was a senior i saw hundreds of people walking around a turning point usa stickers on their water bottle, socialism sucked spins on their backpacks and mega habits and don't tread on me on-campus t-shirts. when i was a freshman know would be caught dead doing any of that. it truly spoke to the power of one person willing to be the first person. it was never easy when i did any of these things. yes, like a lot of you got failing grades on assignments that i professors not want to be my mentor anymore. and i lost a lot of friendships along the way. my reputation probably is not as stellar has i'd intended to be as a freshman at csu by the time i graduated. a lot more people know me is that turning point girl or that conservative girl than elizabeth brown oil medical scientist for i know what that is like i live that every
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single day but sometimes people just need somebody else to be the first person the first person to raise their hand the first person to say something back to the teacher in class for the first person to post something on social media that everybody's thinking but nobody is willing to say. that was the most valuable lessons i learned throughout my time in my undergraduate institution that colorado state university. by the time i graduate i transitioned into a very different space in the conservative movement. office i did not go to medical school so my plans changed quite a bit after graduation. but today i get to do all the same things i was doing on campus professionally for turning points. and i get to do with all of you. traveling the country, interacting with so many members of our amazing and generation i have learned so much about what it means regeneration see that's you and i that's our generation born in 1997 or later in the united states for it so i am 23 on the first of our generation. in all of you guys are currently in college or high school can call yourself jen
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zebra here at turning point usa would like to say that genz is jen free for a talk about this a lot when i go on the news or when i'm on the radio or speaking to older crowds the gop fundraisers or state conventions, a lot of people scratch their heads wondering what the heck that could possibly mean? when you heard the word millennial what comes to mind? shout out a few words. liberal, blue hair, frail, what else? [laughter] give me a few more. weak, spoiled like that one. there throwing temper tantrums asked dream leftist their millennial's i felt true millennial's are the people that got out on the ground a few years ago and screamed at the sky thinking that it was literally the death of our country because the candidate of choice did not win. that is what we associate with young people in the united states. and especially want to speak to people who are parents and
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grandparents age. every time they think youth in america so people like you and me, they think blue haired crybaby liberal, all of the things you guys just said. but that is not true about generation z. that is not true about you and me. actually, the opposite is true. so if you guys have not heard this, this is a really important statistic to share with people in your communities. tell your teachers, tell your parents tell your friends, genz has been proven to be by several national polls and surveys to be the most conservative generation our country has seen since world war ii. yes that deserves a woo that deserves exciting applause. that is a really, really big deal. not just because we're conservative but think of that dramatic transformation between millennial soy started going to college with, the blue haired, scream at the sky temper tantrum liberals and people like you and i. we are proud of america.
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we are patriotic about the place we live. we love free speech and the opportunity to build your american dream into a reality. and most importantly we are not afraid to say it. and i know how scary it can be, i have lived that i've been called every label the left can possibly scream you should read because i do this professionally for fun after graduation. that was even my experience when i was a student. i got the failing grades, i lost the friends i walked a very difficult road of being the only outspoken conservative in my community as that group for turning point was continuing to grow in my campus. so i did it, it is scary. i remember when i set about being the first person? sometimes that's all people need to create a massive movement in your high school committee or church committee, your college community, your sorority another club you're part of her sport might play outside of school.
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and i'm often told from older people in particular found people our age are extreme leftists, once they get to the rural world after graduation and just going to get it. going to have a job there going to a boss that the answer to someone they have to pay their taxes which is seriously not funny or high schools not going to teach you how to do is to start asking your parents how to start paying taxes is not something to look forward too. people assume young people are going to get beyond college get beyond this crazy world of alternate reality that has rejected objective truth and be conservative at age 30, age 40, age 50. you guys are probably heard the saying if you're not a liberal when you're 20 you don't have a heart if you're not a conservative by the time you're 50 you have no brain. think that's probably been true for several decades in the united states. but we just watch the results of what happens when we embrace that apathy in 2020 and now and 2021.
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an entire generation of people who were left alone by their older generations because it was assumed they would be conservative when they graduated left their college campuses and brought that insanity with them. that insanity is now the real world. we can undertake this idea of the real world for granted. because look what happened last year. those ideas have permeated the halls of congress literally right now our u.s. senators are debating whether you at 16 can vote in a federal election. i remember was like to be 16 let's be honest it's an emotional roller coaster. i don't know that i would trust myself and i was 16 to choose the next president of the united states, right? i do know if you guys would trust yourselves. some of your probably a lot more auteur than most 16 year old i'll give you that. people are arguing right now to completely get rid of voter id requirement to vote. anybody can vote multiple times probably up they wanted to get away with that.
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they are talking about completely getting rid of the first amendment with some of these committees in our united states congress. because hate speech as they defined it should not be free speech. these are the ideological leaders of the political left. they're open social's they went idl just like what we see in cuba, venezuela and north korea to thrive in the united states. they want the government to control your entire life. these ideas have permeated corporate boardroom so what happened coca-cola last week. could someone inform me how you could be less white? i really have no idea that looks like. honestly he really tried to change your skin color, what is that racist? that's my own 2 cents on the issue. this is the ideology driving our corporations. there are a handful of corporations that drive all of the information you see. what started it controlled by?
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left, right? these ideas are even permeating our streets in america. we literally saw the most impactful influential social groups of our time, nt patton blm inc. burn our society to the ground last year. literally setting churches on fire. raiding businesses, destroying people's livelihoods because potentially all they had ever been taught on their college campuses was that our society had to burn to the ground to make way for something that is more progressive, more equitable in the future whatever that's supposed to look like with socialism. that is what happens when we abandon these ideas and we abandon this call to action to influence the people who are our age right now. to have these conversations i could've turning point usa have club meetings. when you do raise your hand until your professor what you said is crazy or your teacher
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in high school. when you fight back against some of these crazy decisions from your administration to stand for the things that you believe in. so i get told all the time young people just grow up they will get it. and frankly is about you're too young at 23 to be talked about the stuff professionally. he got to get more life experience. here are some interesting information you should share with people when they tell you that in 1776 the documents signed and written. no? gary go. [laughter] with independent it's okay you may not of taken ap u.s. history it, i want you to remember these numbers okay? the signatories the people who signed the declaration of independence were not old white guys for your professors probably telling you that i think we have that assumption because they wear white waves that was a custom of the times. so they look old and oliver pictures in her paintings and her understanding of u.s. history. but james monroe when he signed the declaration of
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independence was 18 years old. john marshall was 28 years old, younger than me air number. alexander hamilton 21. james mattis was only 25 and thomas jefferson who wrote the whole gosh darn thing was only 33 years old in 1776. america has always depended on young patriots, young conservatives young people who are proud of this country getting involved in the process. and i have some good for use now in 2021 it's not that hard you do not have to write the declaration of independence take that weight off your shoulders that is already been done. i could also sites not rocket science i've never taken a rocket science class but i have taken a lot of other classes. i would argue organic chemistry is probably a little bit more difficult than some rocket science classes and
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having been there as a science student being a student like you guys are not doing what i do professionally, i can tell you that all of this that we do at turning point usa even at the highest levels of what we do at hq boils down to one thing, tell the truth in whatever way you possibly can to your community. maybe it's as easy as raising your hand and telling your professor know or your teacher know that's wrong and here's the facts behind it here is the statistic i can back that up with. maybe it's sitting in your living room making a thirty second video about something crazy or principal said that week but everybody's too afraid to say but everybody's honestly thinking to give someone else the courage to stand up and do something about it. maybe it was starting a turning point usa chapter in your high school community and handing someone a socialism socks a button. you may not think these tiny things one by one actually make a huge difference but when you multiply every single one of those interactions by every single one of you in every single high school we operate in in the united states and every single
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college campus we have a presence on every time a person watches a turning point usa production, video on social media. every time you have these discussions with your family around the dinner table, that is the modern american revolution. that is how you become countercultural to the left because they are controlling every aspect of culture from hollywood to congress and everything in between. and does not have to look all that difficult but it does rely on every single one of you doing a little bit of soul-searching and deciding what your place in your call to action is within this culture war. i had no idea what that look like for me if money started turning point usa chapter of my college campus. i still thought is going to be a doctor, through my last semester of college. but he learned, honestly it doesn't matter how you decide to make a difference in the conservative movement. all that matters did you do decide to do something to make a difference in the conservative movement for there's a big secret of them
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dying to let you all in on fake it until you make if you have no idea what you're doing. a couple of years ago i knew nothing about video production i did not know how when these wireless microphones work for goodness sakes. i did not know what it meant to be a spokesperson for an organization or go on national tv several times a week to talk about jen's eb and gender free. i learned as i went honestly of the opinion now doing what a deal here at hq every day and having comparable you guys are sitting as a college student as a campus activist that turning point usa that what you do every day is a lot more impactful than what i do every day. i get to address a lot of people all at once. that's really come exciting, fun exhilarating and honestly beyond my wildest dreams of what i ever thought i would be doing with my life. but the people i talked to everyday they are not my friends necessarily mean we are friendly don't sit next to them in class. i don't go home to them as my siblings only parents at home every day.
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they are not my teachers teaching the subjects i learn every day in school, they do not necessarily get to know me personally. but all of the people in your community to know you. and when you take the time to respectfully, patiently excitedly explain white free-speech matters, white america is the greatest country to ever exist in the history of the world why capitalism is answer to poverty is that of socialism that is when everyone our age will wake up and get it. i think we're already started to see a lot of that in our generation right now, right question that is why jen's the is jen free thanks to groups like turning point usa in these events we get to do the conversations you having a high school community every day. but i what you guys to think about what happened last year. i don't know about you but 2020 was the worst year ever. think we can all agree on that. but if we embrace the apathy that every generation before us did, 2020 is going to look
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like kindergarten recess. i would rather have every single generation look like you and me. have a pride in our communities. want to preserve this american experience and shirt with the world for generations to come. whether that's making a little video raising her hand in class, reading a book doing a show at turning point usa, by the mothers more great stuff coming that's the only hint i'm allowed to give you but the backdrop around me right now here in the next couple of month going to big or small. but the actions that you and i get to take in the culture war every single day will make every generation to come generation free. awesome, thank you guys so much. i would love to take any of your questions. [applause] think were walking out the microphone. so if you have a question please raise your hand will come to you. again it can be about anything my book, my show at turning point or anything else.
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there's one of the backplate stomach awesome tell me guises names i want to get to know you. >> hi i am erica. i am a junior in high school. and i am 17. my question for you is, when i think about where i want to go in the future as far as like my career, i think about people like you or ben shapiro or charlie kirk. you guys are the kind of people i look up to. what is one peace of information you could give for some he is trying to go down that career path? great question totally warms my heart and is very humbling that you guys think that of me. because like i said honestly i was in your seat as a college student. a few years older than you, two years ago as a student having no idea knowing what to do getting in the movement, having a following approach in these organizations. the best advice i can provide
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to you is just get started. honestly a lot of the stuff you figure out as you go. it's trial and area have to dare to fail a little bit pretty willing to pay her name out there start experiencing with what your unique brand will look like in the conservative movement i guarantee you any single one of you could be sitting here and you're from network two years from now. all it takes is per surveillance diligence and keep putting yourself out there. most important ask for opportunities. i actually asked for jobs with some of these organizations i been really fortunate to work with in college that did not exist. i wrote business proposals which i certainly did not teach me in organic chemistry had to learn that on my own. i use the connections through turning point chapters and some of the grips of supportive to take that next step and move beyond what it meant to be a student activist to do this professionally.
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semi stories like that. so many other people i work with have similar situations to mine. were all very excited to reach her hand down to the next generation and achieve that. it is not to be highly produced that doesn't have been a cool fancy studio from an led wall like this. if video productions where heart is going to start making videos in your car, not will driving she please like in his driveway or in your living room for just get your southard's or to hone in on the subjects you are most passionate about. i will guarantee you will have success in the future. some of it my high my name is daniel first year grad student 23 years old just like you. so how do you reach out you know how some the left has stereotypes women being more liberal, how would you reach out to a woman i say for myself also for me to it reach out to my fellow latinos are also seen by the left that we have to be fallen in with the principles we have conservative principles that benefit women and many latinos like myself.
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as latinos which are conservative without even knowing it. >> i love what you just said. a lot of that's going to be my answer to, sorry white guys this answer probably would not apply to you but i promise you're not the evil people of the left want to say are. i think there is this assumption because you fall into a certain group as a minority or certain identity you have to be a leftist. that is because they left has been so good over the last few decades at dividing america and as many ways as possible. he started to see that division continue to grow over and over and over again with every alphabet letter to lgbtq plus per that's a new identity all the time maybe have several identities. as a trans woman of color who is disabled you are actually more oppressed than everybody else at did in identifying you as a group as you are labeled not as an individual. and no human being on earth once to be identified with the group.
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they want to be their unique self. even if they don't realize it at the time. so regardless of what group or individual identity or person you're trying to reach out to whether that's a woman, a latino, a black american or anybody else who has a specific identity, white guys included by the way, you just explain to people that the left claims to value individuality. they claim to let you have autonomy over your own life and do whatever you want to do. but in reality when you look at all these policies and you look at how they are specifically identifying you as a group, they are not interested in that it all. easiest way to reach people who are in grad school, high school, college or step number one is do you want to have a tom any of your own life customer do you want to make your own decisions or do it somebody else for that your parents or the government or your boss tell you what you need to do every day? they are of course when to say no i want to make my own decisions. that is a perfect catalyst to get that conversation
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started. submit hello. [inaudible] >> hi i am jp my question is is is working? >> i will repeat your question. >> the stores are getting we see real news story the more ridiculous than you come up with. and the reason i bring it up as you said that coca-cola thing. happening right now. i want to know where you get your news from and what new sources you recommend? >> i get this question all the time i think this is my most frequently asked question but i go speak to groups like you guys. yes the news is crazy predication haven't noticed the news is not actually the news. because the media today is a lot more interested in driving your interest then reporting what is actually happening and current events. so when things are absolute crazy and need to be reported are happening in real life,
12:10 pm
you hear crickets from the media. for example all the sexual harassment allegations against governor cuomo in new york. that's a great example to happening right now before our eyes. we wanted to address that problem with my show with turning point usa freedom feeds but everything will they per one minute were giving us facts, information, data statistics of is not my opinion it's not what is isabel brown think about xyz what is charlie think about xyz or turning point usa to literally giving you a fact in the place you can go to learn more about that fact with the hope you can take that information out into the world and use that as your metaphorical ammo to win culture war. hide all the research and the writing of the scrips in every thing for that. i've a few places if you look for more in-depth information would suggest you go up at first and foremost avoid main stream media always at all costs do not even type it in regardless of what side of the aisle they fall on. objective made it does not exist in 2021 bird that's a
12:11 pm
very frustrating were trying to build a place in the market for you guys. the library of congress, i know, lamest thing you've ever heard your life for please bear with me it's actually very helpful has something called the congressional research service. there is a massive part of the federal government most bill do not know exist call the library of congress. we employ people from literally every country around the world who are experts in the most minute subjects that have ever existed to write reports for our policymakers. for members of congress are people work at executive departments and agencies and very easy to understand ways but appoints maybe ten or 15 pages long getting really get the gist of what a subject is completely in depth. so check out the research serves a feeling for more of a conservative leaning aspect but maybe that's not overtly political the heritage foundation provides really great briefs that are two to four pages on any issue under the sun with other data
12:12 pm
statistics and sources you can jump to from there. so utilizes we had to write papers or prove semi- wrong on the subject are not going to have any of that opinion, commentary or bias associate with this but the hard to read so just be prepared they are definitely academic and a little stuffy. >> thank you. >> hi i am drew i'm an officer for the gc you chapter. in my question is for like when you're writing a book what was like the most difficult aspect one of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome when you're getting a book written or published? >> great question. frazier had if you love writing, cancel razor have to hate writing most people are young do not love writing. i was in the love writing category. even as someone who loves riding in love reading your always for my nose in a book i was a kid. it's really challenging to take the story of your life and what you experience and put that on paper and a book you think people actually want to read.
12:13 pm
first and foremost anybody can write about. literally any of you could write about tomorrow i encourage you go write books about things your passion about way expresses a bit in this movement. i self publish my book is a first-time author. very difficult for first-time authors to get connected. i use a company to do that many of my friends have used to i own all the rights to my book there's a big publisher anything heaven on amazon, barnes & noble and all that. and if you can make that happen i be happy to help with that process. when it comes to the actual writing my best advice don't do it chronologically don't do it all at once. if you are really passionate about something that day, one particular story or how you felt about one instance that happen to you or happened in the world, right about that for a few pages, ten pages 20 pages walk away several days and then come back you can always be arrange things you can peace things together later in the end. they are best writing is going to come in short blocks set all at once. again happy to provide any of
12:14 pm
my own experience you guys and some guidance in that process too. >> board on. think those are last question going to stick around for any other ones if you guys want. if you've not purchase a copy of my book and you want to move a few copies maybe not for everybody but enough are some of you guys that we can sell and i'm happy to sign any of your books and take some pictures after the event to thank you so, so much for coming i'm so appreciative to all of you guys let's give a round of applause. been to every weekend for the latest nonfiction books and authors. funding for book tv comes from these television companies who support cspan2 as a public service. >> here's a look at some books being published this week and a beautiful things president biden's son hunter biden
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reflects on his life and his experiences with substance abuse. former republican congressman argues progressive z's crisis such as the corrupt which the policy goals in her letter crisis grow to waste. in homegrown hate looks at the threat of white supremacist and islamic terrorist in the united states. also being published this week duke university sociology professor chris bayle offers his thoughts on how to polarizing and breaking the social media prison. journalist amanda ripley asserts an us versus them mentality has replaced healthy debate in high conflict. and in securing democracy journalists glenn greenwald reports on the difficulties he has faced covering brazil's president. find these titles this coming week wherever books are sold to reno watched for many of the authors in the


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