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tv   Day 3 of Trial for Derek Chauvin Accused in Death of George Floyd  CSPAN  March 31, 2021 1:05pm-1:42pm EDT

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>> a reminder you are still under oath . >> good morning. i have onefollow-up or final question for you . when you were on the scene on may 25 at 2020 did you show any identification identifying yourself as a minneapolis firefighter. >> know. >> i have nofurther questions . >> good morning.
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that was a quick follow-up to that point. did you have any idea with you at that point ?>> no. >> you were asked about seeing the fluid running down the street there and you thought, you considered whether it might be bodily fluid from mister floyd. >> correct. >> if you knew it wasn't bodily fluid from mister floyd would it have changed your assessment of his medical needs at that point in time? >> no sir. >> and your assessment of his medical condition at that time, you believe he needed immediate medical attention . you were asked whether you could hear the officers talking . let me be more specific. other than officer thao you
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told us you spoke directly to the other threeofficers , did they talk toyou at all ? >> not that i remember. >> did any other officerstell you they had an endless coming ? >> not that i remember. >> it anything you got the fire department coming . >> you were asked what you thought would be a typical response for the fire department, that's who you work for. you were being asked about something you don't know about in terms of the fire departments sponsored in this case. >> correct. >> you don't know anything about google the evidence or fire for this particular case . the answers nelson physical case. >> that's all the questions i
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have. >> thank you, you may step down. >>. [inaudible]
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>> stand there and raise your right hand. >> you swear or affirm under penalty of perjury you will tell the truth, nothing but the truth. >> and we have various
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barriers that you asked if you're comfortable to take your mask off for testimony. and if you could pull up a little bit for the microphone to make sure we can hear you. are going to testify by having you state your full name and spell each of your names. >> christopher martin, ch ris hdr, last name martin. >> thank you your honor. >> this or martin, how oldare you ? and can you tell the jurors where you live. you don't have to give us or our address but generally where you live. >> wilmington. >> and taking you back to may 25 of 2020 last year. where were you living at that time? >> i was living above cub foods in the apartments, 38 street chicago.
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>> along at that time had you been living there west and mark. >> about four months. >> who did you live therewith ? >> my mom and my sister. >> there to say you are familiar with the area of 38 in chicago on the, were you in school? >> no. >> did you go on to do schoolingafter that ? >> know, i usually do school in the morning ? >> what do you mean by that. >> i went to my mentor's office downtown minneapolis and i do my school online. i was taking the bus home. >> did you also have a job, were you working at the time ? >> i work at cub foods. >> part-time or full-time? what type of shifts did you pull. >> usually every day except sundays 30 8 pm. >> what kind of things did you do at cub foods. >> i was a cashier so tobacco
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when someone came in or i could help people wanted to buy things from the deli i would help them there. >> so on may 25, 2020, how long have you been working at cub foods by that day? >> about two months. >> and can you just described for the jurors what all can customers get there? >> there's a deli there so you can order food. you can get wing combos, sandwiches. there's groceries there there's toiletries there . there's tobacco products there and also there's own products there as well. >> what do you mean by phone products ? >> you can go to metro pcs, set up a plan. >> do they also or does cub
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foods have people that could fix and repair phones? >> yes. >> they have a lot there. >> yes. >> and didn't i promise to tell you i'd fix that. so fairly busy store in may 2020? >> yes. >> a lot of customers? >> so yes, but so tobacco was not separated from the restof the store ? >> when you first walk in there's the door to your left, that door is where you go in and you can get food or snacks or toiletries. as i explained or if yougo to the right door or straight in front of you that's where the always . >>the tobacco part section off ? >> basically. >> you would work both places, the tobacco area and the regular ? >> yes.
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>> so going to may 25 of2020 , were you working on that day?>> yes. >> the date the incident occurred, that's in the court today. and was there a shift that day? >> three to close. >> the store closed at eight. >> yes. >> and so when you were working, look at that date. generally how many coworkers did you have working with you that day. >> about 4 to 5 with atleast one manager present . >> and so let's go to approximately 7:40 5 pm. when you are working did you have a customer came into the store. you know now it's mister floyd. >> yes. >> did you know him before he came into the store aftermark
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. >> i did not. >> had you seen him before in the store? >> no. >> what was it about him that you noticed? >> he was big, i noticed. other than that i just saw him as another customer. >> you said you was a tall guy. >> yes. >> did you interact with him in the store after mark. >> i did have one conversation with him. >> what was the conversation generally. >> i asked him if he played football or asked him if he played baseball and he played football. >> when you were getting with
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him could you describe for the jurors tell me what was his demeanor like. >> when i asked him if he played baseball, he went on to respond to that but it kind of took him a little long to get to what he was trying to say so it would appear he was high. >> so you just had some signs you thought you was under the influence of something . >> but were you able to carry out at least some conversation with him. >> yes. >> did you eventually tellhim something ? >> yes. >> that was what. >> that was later after he was in store. >> the conversation we had he didn't purchase anything. >> later when he purchased things you were able to understand what he was buying . >> yes.
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>> when he was in the store, i was going to ask for how long it was in the store. was it quicktime or was he in there for a littlebit . >> he was in there fora little bit . i think he came in and make some repairs on his phone he may have had to wait in line and. >> let me ask it this way, at cub foods food you're aware there are security cameras inside . >> yes. >> one of those camera security cameras in the is in the back of the store to the front . that will capture the employees at the county where the cashiers are. >> yes. >> and prior to coming into court, we showed you a video or videos of the time that mister floyd was in the store . >> yes. >> and that is well, when you
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saw that, recognize that as a fair and accurate representation of the time it was in thestore . >> yes. >> i'm going to offer exhibit 29. >> that is received. >> mister martin were going to play that for you now and there isno audio on this , it's just you. is that right after mark. >> yes. >> so we're going to sit and watch it and i'll havesome questions after the video shows . >> i'm going to pause this for a moment right here.
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let's see if, can you put forward a few more. >> let's just keep going fora little bit . all right, stop it right there. a couple of things and just for the record. the timestamp on the video currently is 7:4457. mister martin, you note that timestamp as beingthe actual correct time . >> i do not. >> are there ways that we can deal with that later i think you've answered my question. so if you would in this photograph describe for the jurors i know what we're seeing in the layout of the store and one of the things i want to tell you in front of youthere should be a stylus like this . and if you take it and see how you can draw on the screen? if you would as you're
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telling the jurors the layout of the store could you just mark the screen when you're talking about different areas of the store . >> when you answer here, the next door we are here. this is where tobacco is. that's kind of how here the door here and then these are all the snacks. this is where the deli is okay. right here is like my manager where they are watching to see who comes in and out and back here can't really see it but that's usually where most of the people are i can help you with your phone . and then right here in the front. that's just the manual exit. all date when i worked there.
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>> then i think you can clear the screen in one fell. >>. >> so when we're looking, have you identified this individual here. >> george floyd. >> floyd you have a conversation with. then this individual right in here, is that me. >> than the other three in the yes. >> so is this area where your cashiering. except when it's tobacco and that's over here.
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>> i'm going to pause here for another woman. i see there's an individual sittinghere . you don't have to give us his name, is he coworker as well? all right. and so it looks like even in this frame. at least for coworkers, correct? would there be a manager on duty at this time as well >> yes . >> where with a manager? >> it would be here in the corner store area so it's just like right in the corner .
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he'd be behind this computer working and then when people needed help pop out and help. >> but continue, thank you.
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>> i'll stop right there for a moment. just for the record we reached out to this 7:37:28, do you seewhere you are in the store ? >> it's tobacco section of the store. >> that's where you go to sell cigarettes and other tobacco products. >> while you're watching, can you tell us it looks like windows on the far wall. >> yes. >> what street is outside of those windows? >> 38. >> is that chicago. >> you're talking about the ones at the front. >> where the busboy is right now. >> is that actually chicago? >> sorry, chicago.
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>> 'sdocument here. and for the record, this is the 7:3909. the individualhas just walked into the frame . >> this individual here. andyou don't have to give us his name is that ? >>. >> he has come out from the manager area of the store. we can continue then please. >> if we could pause here for a moment please. again for the record this is 7:39:28. easy mister floyd haswalked off the screen, correct . and so what area of the store is that where he has walked
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to . >> the cell phone area. >> then if we can continue.
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>>. [silence]
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>>. [silence] >> mister martin at some point does mister floyd make his way to the bathroom counter to make a purchase with you? >> yes. >> we will see thatcoming up in a minute or two . >>
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. >> but because this right here. for the record, 7:4436 area you standing at the cashier area. andsince we you seem to be speaking with mister floyd . and were you able to understandthe conversation with him at that point ? >> yes. >> so let's keep rolling then please. >> let's stop here. for the record at 7:4449. where are you now with mister floyd. >> in the back section of the store. >> did you in factselling something . >> i did. >> do you recall what was often mark.
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>> a pack of cigarettes. >> use reached over to your left, is that where the cigarettes are stored. and he already told you where he was. >> and you didn't have any difficulty understanding what you wanted from you. >> and then did you complete the transaction western mark. >> and after that, what did mister floyd do. >> even went back to his vehicle. >> will let this run then to the end. -- i said it was going to let it run but we see you holding
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something out. can you explain for the record, this is heaven: 45:10 . >> i was holding up a $20 bill i just received. >> is that something you always do ? >> know, when i saw the billi noticed it had a blue pigment to it . kind of like $100 bill would have. i assumed that it was fake. >> but mister floyd is still there, correct. >> yes. >> he completed the transaction often mark. >> yes. >> up on doing that did he leave the store often mark. >> yes. >> now let's runwith the . so after you looked at the bill he didn't leave immediatelydid he ?
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>> no. >> that is the end of exhibit 29. the time there is 7:45:51. you saw that on the timestamp . >> look at that video did her todetermine if time is correct . after he left, did you look at the bill again? >> i did. >> at the time you were working on may 25 what was the store policy about cashiers accepting $20 bills.
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>> the policy was if you took a counterfeit bill you had to pay for it out of your money where your paycheck. >> so you have to be careful about what you take. >> yes. >> did you think that bill might not be legitimate? >> i did. >> what did you decide to do? >> i took it anyways and i was planning to put it on my tab . so i kept examining it and i told my manager. >> and when you told your manager , what happened next? what were you told to do? >> he told us to go out of the vehicle and asked him to come inside to discuss what just happened. >> when you say vehiclewhat are you referring to ? >> the car or the suv i think . >> how did you know that?
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>> i could see it from where i was standing. >> so we know from the video that we can see where the bus was, that's actually chicago. 38 is along the backside of that store. >> is there a way to look then out to 38 from the store . >> yes. >> i guess what i'm questioning is how did you know he was in that vehicle ? >> i watched him walk to it . >> pretty good way to know. so when you saw him walk to that vehicle after hemade the purchase . >> yes. >> so your manager, what were your instructions? >> just to go out to the vehicle and asked him to come inside. >> did you in fact do that western mark. >> yes. >> when you went out there, let me ask you this, how many
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times did you go outthere ? >> once. >> the first time you went out there did you go by yourself or were there other people ? >> the first time i went out with one other person. >> you are aware that there is a security video at the restaurant across the street. >> yes. >> dragon walk is the restaurant. and coming to court we show you security video that captured you and other employees going out to the vehicle, correct ? >> yes. >> we also viewed some of the footage from inside the store showing when you outside the store, correct ? >> and reviewing that video does it fairly and accurately depict the times you went out to the suv about the bill . >> yes. >> are going to offer exhibit
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31. and again -- >> going to hold on. >> just a reminder you are still under oath. and i believe we aredealing with exhibit 31 . >> correct your honor and just for the record i did already offer exhibit 31. i would like to re-offer exhibit 31 . >> yes your honor. >> mister martin what i'm
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going to do now is start playing exhibit 31 just like the previous video at some point we will just stop and i willask some questions about it .for the record it's starting at about 7:55. and i think 46 seconds roughly is the timestamp on the video i'm going to right here because the first part that we watch you and me


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