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tv   Day 3 of Trial for Derek Chauvin Accused in Death of George Floyd  CSPAN  March 31, 2021 10:30am-1:06pm EDT

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>> all right. >> do we have the person with the cell phone? can we have that person come >> just remind all of our trial coverage is available at here c-span2 back live now to the hennepin county courthouse for day three of former minneapolis police officer derek sjogren's trial in the death of george floyd on may 25, 2020. derek sjogren's facing three counts. this is the third day of the trial but we expect to be a three-week trial. after ending the testimony of minneapolis police -- firefighter i should say genevieve hansen. she is expected back on the stand this morning.
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according to the "washington post." will have live coverage here this morning on c-span2 and all day long.
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deseeded please. deseeded, please. >> we call ms. hansen.
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just a reminder you are still under. >> yes. >> mr. nelson. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i actually just have one follow-up on her final question for you. when you were on the scene on may 25, 2020, did you show any identification identifying yourself as a minneapolis firefighter? >> no, sir. >> thank thank you very muc. i have no further questions. >> redress.
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>> good morning. >> good morning. >> just a real quick follow-up. did you have any id with you at that point in time? >> no, sir. >> you were not on duty? >> no, sir. >> okay. you asked about seeing the fluid running down the street there and you thought, you considered whether it might be bodily fluids for mr. floyd, correct? >> correct. >> if you knew it wasn't bodily fluid from mr. floyd would it have changed your assessment of his medical needs at that point in time? >> no, sir. it's just something i noticed. >> and your assessment of his medical condition at that time, did you believe you need immediate medical attention? >> yes, sir. >> you asked about whether you could hear the officers talking.
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did the officers ever -- let me be more specific. other than officer thao who you told us you spoke directly to, they the other three officers talk to you at all? >> not that i remember. >> did any of the officers tell you hey, we have got an ambulance coming? >> not that i remember. >> did any of the officers tell you we've got the fire department come? >> no. >> you asked a little bit about what you thought would be a typical response time for the fire department because that's who you work for, correct? >> correct. >> you are being asked about something you really don't know about in terms of the fire departments response in this case. >> correct. >> and you don't know anything about who called indolence or who called fire for this particular case? >> correct. >> so the answers you were giving mr. nelson which is a sort of typical case? >> correct.
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>> and that's all the questions i have. thank you. >> anything further? thank you. you may step down. >> thank you. [inaudible] >> okay.
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>> your honor, the state calls christopher martin to the stand. >> come on up here, sir. >> asked you to just stand there and raise your right hand. do you swear or affirm under penalty of perjury the tasman you about to give will be the
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truth and nothing but the truth? >> i do. >> and we have various barriers and mask on that we would ask you to take your mask off when you give testimony. pull up a little to the microphone so we can hear you. state your full name. >> christopher martin. >> mr. frank. >> thanks, your honor. >> mr. martin come how old are you? [inaudible] >> can you tell the jurors where you -- you don't have to give us your address book just generally where you live. >> bloomington minnesota. >> and taking you back to may 25 of 2020, last year, where were you living at that time? >> i was living above cup foods
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in the apartments on 38th street, or chicago. >> howling at the time had you been living there? >> about four months. >> who did you live there with? >> my mom and my sister. >> so fair to say you are pretty familiar with the area 38 38d chicago? >> yes. >> and on that date were you in school at the time? >> no. >> okay. did you go on and do some schooling after that? >> no. i usually do schooling in the morning. >> what do you mean by that? >> so i went to my mentors office which is death and minneapolis and i would do my school online, and that would take the bus home. >> and did you also, where you work at the time? >> yes, i work at cup foods. >> full-time part-time? >> a full-time job. >> what kind of shift did you pull there? >> usually work every day except wednesday in sunday's three to .
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>> and so what kinds of things to did at cup foods? >> so i was a cashier, so i would either work in tobacco if someone would come in or i could help like if people wanted to buy things from the deli. i would help them with that. just like various snacks. >> so i may 25 of 2020, how long had you been working at cup foods by that day? >> probably about two months. >> and can you just described for the jurors what is cup foods? what all can customers get there? >> so there's actually a delegator so you can order food. you can get winning combos, italian beef sandwiches. there's groceries there. there's toiletries in there. and there's tobacco products there and also there's phone products there as well. >> what do you mean by phone products? >> you could actually go metro
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pcs i think, via phone, set up a plan. >> do they also or does cup foods did have people they could fix and repair phone? >> yes. >> so they did a lot there at cup foods. is that yes? >> yes. >> did i promise i will tell you i would fix that? >> you did. >> so fairly busy store in may of 2020? >> yes. >> get a lot of customers? >> yes. >> apart the sole tobacco was that separate it from the rest of the store so? >> yes. so when you first walk in there's a door. there's a door to your left if you open that door that's where you go in and you can get food or snacks or toiletries, as i explained, or if you go to the right door or just straight in front of you that's where the tobacco is. >> is the tobacco part sectioned off from the rest of the -- >> yes basically. >> you would work both places, the tobacco area and the regular
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-- >> yes. >> and so going to may 25 of 2020, when you working on that day? >> yes. >> and you know that date, the incident occurred that brings you to court today, correct? >> yes. >> was your shift three to eight that day? >> yes, three to close. >> so the store closed at eight? >> yes, , sorry. >> that's all right. so when you are working -- let's look at that date. generally how many coworkers did you have working with you that day? >> about four four to fivet least one manager present. >> and so let's go to approximately 7:45 p.m. you are working. did you have a customer came into the store that you know now
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is mr. floyd? >> yes. >> did you know him before he came into the store? >> i did not. >> had you ever seen them before in the store? >> no. >> and what was it about him that sort of gave you notice? >> probably just the size. i could tell that he was big, so i noticed. other than that i just saw him as another customer. >> you said it was his size. >> yeah. >> tall guy? >> yes. >> did you actually interact with him in the store? >> i did have one conversation with him. >> not what was said but what was the conversation generally about? >> it was about i asked him if he played football, or no, asked him if he played he said he played football. >> and when you were
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communicating with him to do described for the jurors, what was his condition like? >> so when i asked him if he played baseball, he went on -- would not respond to that but it took him a little long to get to what he was trying to say. so it would appear he was high. >> so you just had some signs that you thought is under the influence of something? >> yes. >> but were you able to carry on alleys some conversation with him? >> yes. >> did you eventually sell him something? >> yes. >> that was, was what? >> e-cigarettes. >> that was later after was in the store? >> later on. the conversation we had he didn't purchase anything. >> right but later when he purchased things from you you are able to understand what he
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was buying? >> yes. >> when he was in the store, well, i was going to ask you for how long he was in the store. was it a quicktime or was he and, therefore, a little bit? >> he was in there for a little bit. i think he came in to make some repairs on his phone so we might have had to wait in line and then -- >> well, let me ask it this way. at cup foods you are aware there are security cameras inside, correct? >> yes. >> one of those security cameras is in the back of the store and facing the store to the front, correct? >> yes. >> and that will capture the employees, the counter with a cashiers are? >> yes. >> and prior to come in to court we showed you a video or a couple videos of the time that mr. floyd was in the store.
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>> yes. >> and that is -- well, when you solve that did you recognize that as a fair and accurate representation of the time that he was in the store? >> yes. >> your honor, i'm going to offer exhibit 29. >> 29 is received. >> and then mr. martin weevil play that for you now and there is no audio on this, correct? it is used video, is that right? >> yes. >> so we'll just sit and watch it and then i will ask you questions after the beauty shows, okay? -- the video shows, okay?
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now, i'm going to pose a stews for a moment right here, okay? well, let's see if we -- can you click forwards just a few more frames? let's just keep going here for a little bit. i like. stop it right there, please. thank you. i couple things and just for the record the timestamp on the video hurley is 7:34:57 but vista martin, you don't know if that timestamp is the actual correct time that this was being taped, do you? >> i do not. >> and there are ways we can deal with that later but you are not -- well, i think you answered that question. so if you would in this photograph described for the jurors kind of what we're seeing here in the layout of the store and one of the things i want to let you know is in front of you should be a stylist like this, okay? and if you take it and see how
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you can draw a right on the screen? so if you would as you are just telling the jurors kind of the layout of the store may be just mark the screen when you're talking about different areas of the store, okay? >> okay. so when you enter here, the next-door with the right here. this is where -- sorry. this is where the tobacco is so that's kind of how it is closed off and then if you take a left here, there's a door here and then these are all the stacks. this is where the deli is located, kind of like talked off here. right here is just kind of like my managers space, usually where they are and watch to see who comes in and out. and then back you you can't really see it but that's usually where most of the people are that can help you with your
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phone. and then writer in the front is just mainly where i sit all day when i work cashier. >> all right. and then, your honor, i think you can clear this green and one fell swoop, right? thank you. when we are looking, had you identify this individual here. >> george floyd. >> that's mr. floyd the you had a conversation with? >> correct. >> and then this individual right in here, who is not? >> that's me. >> and then these of the three individuals are coworkers? >> yes. >> whence antibusiness the area when you work? >> yes. >> except when at his tobacco and that is over here? >> correct. >> okay, and then we can --
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[inaudible] >> i'm going to pause here for another moment, please. see there is an individual sitting here? >> yes. >> you don't have to give us his day but is he a covert creswell? >> yes. >> and so it looks like -- is he a coworker as well. >> it just looks like in this frame four coworkers? >> yes. >> with their be a manager on duty at this time is all? >> yes. >> where would the manager be? >> he would be talked off here
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in the corner of the store. just like right in the corner. usually behind the computer and what people need help he would pop out. >> all right.
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[video clip plays]
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>> stop right here for a moment, please. mr. martin, d.c. were you are -- do you see where you are in the store right now? >> yes what his application? >> tobacco section. >> so that's we go to sell cigarettes to people and other tobacco products? >> yes. >> all right. and while we are watching this, mr. martin, can you tell us it looks like windows on the far wall, correct? >> yes. >> what street is outside of those windows? >> thirty-eighth. >> is that actually chicago? >> chicago, sorry. were you talking about the ones in the front? >> the ones with the bus is right now. >> that's 38, sorry about that.
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>> is that actually chicago? >> sorry, actually chicago. >> [video clip plays]
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>> i'm going to stop you here if we could, please. and for the record this is at 7:39:09. you see an individual has just walked into the frame, correct? this individual here. >> yes. >> again you don't have to give us his day but who is that? >> that is the manager. >> so he is, from the manager area of the store? >> yes. >> all right. we can continue then, please. [video clip plays] now if we could pause here for a moment please and can for the record this is 7:39:28. we. we see mr. floyd has walked off
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the screen, correct? >> yes. >> so what every of the store is at where he has walked to? >> the cell phone area. >> all right. and then if we can continue. [video clip plays]
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>> and mr. martin, at some point does mr. floyd make his way to the tobacco counter to make a purchase with you? >> yes. >> so we we'll see that comep here in a minute or two.
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.. [background noises] [background noises]
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[background noises] >> let me pause this right here. 74436. we see you standing at the cashier area, speaking with mr. floyd, correct? >> correct. >> were you able to understand the conversation with him? >> yes. >> let's keep rolling, please. [background noises] let's stop here. 74449. where are you now with mr. floyd? >> in the back of the store.
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>> did you sell him something there? >> i did. >> do you recall what was? >> a pack of cigarettes. >> we saw you reach to your left where the cigarettes are stored. had he already told you? >> yes. >> you didn't have any difficulty understanding what he wanted? >> no. >> did you complete the transaction? >> yes. >> after that, what did mr. floyd do? >> you went back outside to his vehicle. >> we'll let this run then. [background noises]
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sorry, i was going to let it run but we saw you holding something up. can you describe, this is 74510, describe what you are doing. >> i was holding up the 20-dollar bill i just received. >> was there something about it? >> when i saw the bill, i noticed a blue pigment to it kind of how a 100-dollar bill have and i found it odd saw a assumed it was baked. >> mr. floyd was still there? >> you completed the transaction? >> as. >> did you leave the store? let's let that run. [background noises]
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after you looked at the bill, you didn't leave immediately. >> no. [background noises] [background noises] is it 29? i believe -- 74551, correct? >> yes. >> we saw that with the timestamp on their. we could look at other video to determine if that time is correct. >> yes. >> after he left, did you look at the bill again?
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>> i did. >> at the time you were working may 25, was the store policy about the 20-dollar bills? >> it is up to the counterfeit $20 bill, you have to take it out of your own pocket. >> did you think the bill might not be legitimate? >> i didn't. >> what did you do? >> i took it anyway and i planned to just put it on my tab so i second-guessed myself and as you can see, i kept examining it and i told my manager. >> when you told your manager, what happened next what were you told to do? >> he told us to go out to the vehicle and ask him to come inside to discuss what happened.
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>> when you say vehicle, what are you referring to? >> the suv, i think, george floyd was in. >> how did you know that? >> i could see it for more i was standing from the store. >> so we know from the video those windows we could see where the bus was, that's chicago, 38 runs along the backside of the store. >> yes. >> that's a way to look out onto 38 from the store? >> yes. >> what i am questioning, how did you know he was in that vehicle? >> i watched him walk to it. >> you saw him go to the vehicle after he made the purchase. >> yes. >> your manager, what were your instructions? >> go to the vehicle and ask him to come inside to speak to the manager. >> did you do that?
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>> yes. >> when you went out there, how many times did you go out there? >> twice. >> the first time you would out there, did you go by yourself or other people? >> the first time i went with one other person. >> you are aware that there is security video on the restaurant across the street, correct? >> yes. >> dragon walk in prior coming to court, we showed security video captured you and other employees going out to the vehicle, correct? >> yes. >> that also shows, we use footage from inside the store to show when you leave the store to all the, correct? >> yes. >> we view that video as a fairly and accurately depict time you and others went to the
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suv about the bill. >> yes. >> we are going to exhibit 31 and again -- >> we are going to hold on. take a quick stretch break. why don't we take five minutes. [silence] [silence]
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[silence] >> day number three in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin in the death of george floyd they 25th, 2020. they continue with witness testimony and taking a short break here at the courthouse we expect them to take several breaks as they've done over the past couple days and remind you that you can see testimony from both yesterday and the day before available at our website and react the entire testimony today coming up tonight beginning 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. [silence]
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[silence] [silence] [silence] >> third day trial of former officer derek chauvin cases getting underway about an hour
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ago, the death of george floyd occurring may 25, 2020. they've been hearing from witness testimony the past couple days resuming this morning with the firefighter minneapolis genevieve hansen is finishing up testimony and moving on with more video and witness testimony as well. a stretch break, five-minute break or so here. we expect several of those throughout the day including a longer lunch break somewhere around 1:30 p.m. eastern. [silence] [silence]
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[inaudible conversations] [silence] [silence]
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[silence] waiting for the child to resume the third day of derek chauvin and the death floyd, a short break and covering another case, entirely different case on c-span this morning, supreme court hearing argument about paying college athletes, ncaa, that case by the way, the oral argument will re- air tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern on a companion network c-span. today's testimony from minneapolis will re- air tonight on c-span2 getting underway 8:00 p.m. eastern. [silence]
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[silence] [silence] [silence] former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin faces
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three charges in the death of george floyd may 25, 2020 in minneapolis. second and third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. it's the third day of the trial, the jury continues to hear from witnesses, continues to seek video from that day. in the courthouse, live coverage all day long on c-span2 and react the entire hearing, the entire trial tonight 8:00 eastern. [silence] [silence]
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[silence] >> this was a short stretch break, stretching a bit longer than expected. while we wait for the trial to resume here in minneapolis, we are going to show you some testimony from earlier, this is testimony from yesterday. by the way, you can find all previous days testimonies bailable at will be back live coverage when they resume. [silence] >> we'll start a little early so that's probably good. mr. williams, a reminder you are still under oath.
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>> good morning. >> yesterday when we finished an abrupt end because of the question about the feet and that's been worked out, just to revisit where we were when we left off yesterday, we been going through that piece of video, identified for the jurors, things you saw, particularly what you saw so want to move on from there and continue on with our questioning morning. while you were standing there watching this from the curb, where there things you saw on mr. floyd's face that are significant to you?
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>> correct. you see he was going through tremendous pain and you could see it in his face from the grunting, and his eyes slowly rolling back and you could his head and him having his mouth open, wide open slowly with rule and slob and dryness on his mouth. you could see he's trying to gasp for air and be able to brief as he's down there and trying to move face side to side, i'm assuming gasp for more air. >> as you were standing there seeing all of this, how are you
11:23 am
feeling? >> as i was sitting there, i was trying to keep my professionalism and make sure to speak out for floyd because i felt he was in very much danger and to see another man like me be in control and that way -- >> let me just -- >> another question. >> were you scared for yourself? >> i was scared for my safety and the people around me. >> did you feel you could intervene in the situation more than speaking? >> not as much, and energy didn't let me.
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>> you learned the name of the officer tou thao standing there so i want you to know who i am referring to and at some time, did you stepped off the curb and have an interaction with officer tou thao? >> yes. >> what did officer tou thao do? >> he put his hand on my chest, i stepped back to the curb. >> did you make any further moves toward the officer? >> i did not. >> did a person come up and identify that you will a firefighter? >> correct. >> did you know her before? >> i did not. >> i think you said earlier she asked they check his pulse.
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>> correct. >> other than you and her, bystanders on the sidewalk. >> there were other bystanders. >> did you hear any of them threaten the safety of the police officers? >> i did not. >> did you help restrain some of the individuals? >> correct when the situation got intense with someone behind me, i spoke to a gentleman and i said this is not the time or place and he proceeded to go back. >> did you know the individual? >> i did not know. >> did you recognize or know where he was from?
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>> correct. i did call the police on the police. >> why did you do that? >> because i believe i witnessed a murder. >> and so he felt the need to call the police? >> felt the need to call the police on the place. >> there were police there? >> there were police there. >> why didn't you just talk to them about it? >> i believe that we just didn't have no connection. i spoke to them not on a connection of a human being relationship. >> did you believe they were involved? >> yes totally. >> when you made that 911 call,
11:33 am
about how long after the ambulance left was that? >> time recollection i don't know. >> a a matter of minutes? >> minutes, seconds. not too long after they retreated to the other side of the street i proceeded to call the police. >> prior to today have had an opportunity to listen to a recording of that 911 call? >> can you please repeat the question? >> tried to come to court today did reflect copy of that 911 call, a recording of it? >> i can't remember at this moment. >> if you are that today would you be able to recognize it as a 911 call that you made? >> that is correct. >> we have no marked that as exhibit 20, and your honor, we would ask that it be, we're offering as exhibit 20.
11:34 am
>> twenty is received. >> so if we can't at this point please play exhibit 20. >> 9/11 what is the address of the emergency? >> -- [inaudible] killing a citizen front of us in front of the chicago store. this guy wasn't resisting arrest. he had his knee on the dudes neck the whole time. a man stopped breathing. he wasn't resisting arrest or nothing. they pretty much -- i don't know if he is dead or not but the anglos english came and got it. [inaudible] would you like to speak with a sergeant? >> yeah, like -- he was
11:35 am
unresponsive come he wasn't resisting arrest or any of it. >> let me get you over to the desk to speak with a sergeant. >> .. [inaudible] numeral years. murderer. murderers, broke. it stupefies you. >> he wants us 32012. >> thirty-three, 46. may 25, 2020. >> is at an accurate recording you call?
11:36 am
>> yes. >> at the beginning you refer to officer 987. where did you get that number from? >> it popped in my head, i looked at his badge that's what i saw on his badge. >> which officer for you referring to? >> the officer over the. >> was also the officer that had his knee on george floyd's neck? >> yes. >> you are pointing to the defendant mr. chauvin? >> yes. >> so the purpose in making, what was the purpose of making the 911 call? >> i felt like it was the right thing to do, i didn't know what else to do. all i knew was to call. >> the response was then to retransfer you. >> correct.
11:37 am
>> that's some time, it sounds like your talking to officer tou thao. do you recall if you are talking to him? >> that is correct. i kind of think at the moment i was making a call, he proceeded to intimidate me is camera in my face. >> the call ends abruptly. did you hang up and terminate the call? >> not one 100% but i may have when it happened at the front of the store. >> from there after hanging up, did you stick around and talk to other people there? >> yes, for investigation. [background noises]
11:38 am
>> i have no further questions. [background noises] >> good morning, sir. can i ask what you are looking at? >> notes. >> okay, i'm going to ask you
11:39 am
put those to the side. thank you for your patience yesterday and thank you for being here this one, i have some follow-up questions for you. you testified yesterday you started wrestling in the seventh grade, correct? >> correct. >> over time he talked about how to learn how to control your body weight. one of the things you talked about was early in your instruction in wrestling, you call it i think slow wrestling. >> correct. >> correct me if i'm wrong, slow wrestling is learning how to keep your center felons, sometimes it may feel, use your arms when you should really use your like, just learning how your body works. >> correct. less resistance. >> sometimes less resistance is better in certain circumstances? >> repeat that. >> sure. if you're on the mat and your
11:40 am
instinct is to push her arm out to the side to use your body weight to roll, he may want your legs to roll the other way, right? like flow. >> correct but not really. >> how would you describe it? >> flow is more without using my strength, 50% of it. when you get into half nelson and feel half nelson and you're in an outflowing and you float off your back and get into a position where you stand up into a gate. flow is where you get in on a double and finish the devil and now flow into my defensive position, a different position. >> so you learn how to use your body weight against the weight
11:41 am
of the other person, in-and-out. >> flow. >> right. something you learned at a young age in the sport of wrestling. >> correct. >> as you continued your wrestling career, you testified you rest of russell through high school and into college for a few years as well. >> yes. >> you would agree wrestling is a sport. >> a lifestyle. >> there are rules, points, referees so there is a sport, to. >> correct. >> i understand as a wrestler, lifestyle but to the casual observer, maybe just a sport. >> correct. >> you are learning how to keep your center of gravity and grapple with people. >> correct. >> you testified that after you got out of college or finished
11:42 am
your career, you started moving more toward mixed martial arts. >> correct. >> you were training in digit two. >> correct. >> again, jujitsu is a form of martial arts. >> correct. >> lots of forms of martial arts. judo, karate, krav maga, these are various forms of martial arts. you have some familiarity with it but your training is specifically and jujitsu. >> i am a monster arts, -- [inaudible] >> you are still under oath. i believe we are dealing with exhibit 31. >> correct. for the record, i did 31, i will reoffer exhibit 31. >> to be published.
11:43 am
>> yes, your honor. what i'm going to do is play exhibit 31 like the previous video, at some.we will just stop and ask questions about it. >> all right. >> this is about 755. and 46 seconds roughly based on the time stamp on the video. correct? [background noises] i'm going to posit here because the first part we watched showed
11:44 am
you and somebody walking out of the store, correct? >> yes. >> that portion of the video is from security camera inside the store. >> yes. >> the person who are walking out with -- [inaudible] >> yes. >> we are looking at a separate camera angle. correct? now. >> this is 38th street. >> if you can, use the stylus to show the door, 38 and chicago. that is the door? >> correct.
11:45 am
>> which history is 38? just so we are clear. okay. then chicago is the other street depicted. >> correct. >> where you sell backup products, is this visible. [background noises] then let's, if you could clear the sand please. we will roll the video here.
11:46 am
[background noises] i'll stop here. can you tell the jurors when you cross the road, the video shows you approaching the passenger side. >> correct. >> why did you approach the passenger side? >> i didn't want to stand on the drivers the side because that's where george was but there's also on coming traffic so i chose to go around. >> why did you want to go to the side where mr. floyd was? >> because of oncoming traffic. >> so it wasn't about mr. floyd, it was traffic. >> yes. >> we see you behind your coworker.
11:47 am
tell us, did you have a conversation with the occupants of the car? >> sort of i notified he needed to go back into the store and my boss wanted to talk to them, to george. not both of them, just george. >> when you approached the car from the passenger side, did you see how many people were in the car? >> three. >> where were the three people in the car? >> george was in the driver's seat, his friend in the passenger seat and there was a woman in the backseat. on the right, back, behind the passenger seat. >> did you see any of those individuals before that day? >> no. >> have you seen them in the store earlier? >> to just -- [inaudible] >> when you had this conversation, who were you talking to? >> the person george was with. >> the passenger seat?
11:48 am
>> correct. >> did you make any observations at that time of mr. floyd? >> correct yermak what did you see rex. >> he seemed like why is this happening? sort of thing. >> did he seem awake? >> yes. >> did he talk to you? >> not really. >> the passenger, the front passenger seat, did he talk to you? >> correct. >> i want you to tell us what he said but the endo result, did he come into the store? >> no. >> when you are at the vehicle, who did you talk to? >> the present in the passenger's seat. >> did you think you are talking loud enough for the other people in the vehicle to hear you? >> correct. >> so after that conversation,
11:49 am
what did you do? >> i went back inside with my coworker. >> when you got back inside the store, what did you do? >> i told my manager he did not want to come into the store. >> did you get further direction from your manager? >> correct. he said to come back in the store so we could talk to him. >> for the second trip did you go with other coworkers? >> correct. >> like to start exhibit 31 and watch that process. okay? [background noises]
11:50 am
[background noises] [background noises] [background noises] >> stop exhibit 31 here briefly because the images change. now this video inside. correct? >> correct. >> this is when you have the conversation about the first trip.
11:51 am
let 31 run again. [background noises] if we can stop here for a moment, timestamp reflects 75736. he walked off screen. what was going on at this time? >> i think that was the conversation i had with my manager when i was saying he did not want to come inside but i just told him to come back inside. >> did you tell manager you would just take care of it? >> i believe so. i did. >> he directed you to go back to the vehicle again? >> correct. >> was so you go out with
11:52 am
another employee and he did not come back into the store. >> no, he left. >> when you were told by the manager to go out a second time, you took other coworkers? >> correct. >> whose idea was that? >> i'm not sure. >> let's run exhibit 31 again, please. [background noises] [background noises]
11:53 am
pause the video here if we could. for the record, back outside again. >> correct. >> record should reflect pause at 2021 what he three. so to other individuals coming out before you. >> correct. >> there appears to be a woman in a black jacket. was she a coworker? >> correct. >> did she work there longer than you? >> correct. >> the other individual in a white t-shirt, did he work longer than you? >> correct. >> was he related to the owners of the store? >> correct. >> so you have to keep up with him. >> correct. >> let's run 31000.
11:54 am
[background noises] [background noises] let's pause here for a moment. the record should reflect 202215, timestamp. i'm for deposit. the individual in the white t-shirt to the driver side, correct? >> correct. >> we see you behind the suv and eventually the individual in the white t-shirt went to the passengers door which is open. >> correct. >> where you able to hear the conversation the guy in the white t-shirt was having? >> at this time i was not able. >> it run the video, please. if we could pause here, please.
11:55 am
202221, he walked to the passenger side. >> correct. >> were you able to hear the conversations individual and white t-shirt was having? >> correct. >> were you able to hear what they were saying in the vehicle? >> correct. >> can you describe for the jurors will occur during this period at the suv? >> the second time, the person in the passenger seat was doing most of the talking, who are talking to george and the person in the passenger seat saying how it not me, i tried to use a fake bill and i ripped it. he also tried to use fake bill i did not let him use and he ripped it so he was explaining what happened. >> just to be clear, he said the
11:56 am
passenger seat, you're talking about the front passenger seat? >> correct. >> did you have any interaction with mr. floyd directly at that time? >> i do not recall. >> let's run exhibit 31. [background noises] going to posit here quickly. 202234, for the record. we saw the individual in the white t-shirt and over to pick something up. can you tell the jury. >> he was picking up the fake bill the individual in the passenger seat tried to use. >> it was torn in half? all right. let's keep running 31, please. [background noises]
11:57 am
[background noises] [background noises] i'm going to posit right here, please. timestamp 202335. two of you are walking away. >> correct.
11:58 am
>> during those moments, it appears the two of you are talking with at least some occupants of the vehicle. >> correct. >> did you have conversations with mr. floyd or was it just the front seat passenger? >> front seat passenger. >> could you see mr. floyd? >> correct. >> what did you see? >> she was just shaking his head and why is this happening to me? i don't understand what's happening, sort of thing. >> so he was awake? >> correct. >> so what was the end result of that conversation? >> they did not, george was not succumbing to the story. >> the passengers front -- >> correct. >> let's watch exhibit 31 here, please.
11:59 am
[background noises] so the end of the video shows you and the other visual entering back into the store. >> correct. >> when you got back into the store, what did you do about the two trips out to the vehicle? >> we told our manager he refused to come into the store. >> do you know what the editor decided to do? >> he instructed my coworker to call police. >> did you know that happened? >> correct. >> somebody did call police? >> yes. >> did you call?
12:00 pm
>> no. >> another coworker? >> yes. >> did you ask a coworker to make the call? >> no. >> were you present when he made the call? >> correct. >> you are next to him? >> correct. >> so at some time, did the police respond? >> correct. ... >> so what did you do? >> i was still working cashier. >> just when about your business? >> correct. >> as you did that as you continued working did you notice
12:01 pm
a commotion out in front of the store? >> correct. >> you recall what it was a first to your attention after? >> i saw a few people at first and then the crowd grew larger and pretty soon the store was in the as well so there was no one thought he needed to help inside the store so that i proceeded to go outside to see what is happening. >> when you saw this crowd gathered where was the crowd? >> it was right with the bus stop is on chicago. >> so speed is a little to the left. >> i'm sorry, i spoke over you. >> i was just saying it was ten paces to the left of the bus stop. >> and so the bus stop as you are looking out from the store? >> correct. >> and so did you, in fact, decide to go out and look into what the crowd was gathering for? >> correct. >> when you went out there what
12:02 pm
did you see? >> i saw people yelling and screaming. i saw derek with his knee on george's neck on the ground. >> let me back up a little bit. you say derek, you mean mr. chauvin? >> correct. >> did you know who that person was at the time? >> no. >> so you just learned his name since then? >> correct. >> was that person wearing a police uniform? >> correct. >> where did you see that individual? >> on top of george floyd. >> other than seeing mr. floyd that day you did not know him before that? >> correct. >> did you recognize them as a person had been in the store earlier? >> correct. >> and the person you try to talk to in the suv? >> correct. >> did you see any other officers in the area? >> i saw i think his name was officer thao. >> where did you see him?
12:03 pm
>> he was in front of the crowd kind of telling people to stand back. >> do you remember about how many people were in the crowd? >> that was about several. >> and when they were -- well, what did you see the officer on mr. floyd, what was the relation of their two bodies? what was happening there? >> george was motionless, lamp, and chauvin seem like he was very resting state, meaning like he just rested his knee on his neck. >> what did you do when you saw that? >> i pulled my phone out first and i called my mom and told her not to come downstairs and then i started recording. >> and did you make a recording? >> correct. >> did you keep that recording? >> no.
12:04 pm
>> why not? >> later on that night i deleted it because when they picked george up off of the ground the ambulance went straight on 38th instead of going straight on chicago and if you live in south minneapolis the easiest way to get to the hospital woodhaven straight on chicago so that any kind of made it like clear that he was no longer with us. >> so you thought he had died? >> correct. >> i'm not quite sure that would make you delete the video? >> i just didn't want to have to show to anyone. >> and so after you called your mom started taking a video what did you do after that? >> i was recording until one of my coworkers was pushed by an officer. >> and so what had you seen the coworker do right before the push?
12:05 pm
>> he was yelling at the officer and kind of with the other people in the crowd were doing and asking them to check his pulse, if he's breathing, see if he's okay, kind of thing. >> so did he leave the sidewalk curb area and go on the road? >> correct. >> how far? >> i cannot recall. >> this coworker of yours that pushed do you know how old he was that day? >> i do not recall. >> is the older or younger than you? >> younger. >> so teenager? >> correct. >> and after he got pushed did you see what happened to him or what became of him? >> yes. my other coworker just like grabbed him up and brought it inside. >> so we moved in from the scene? >> correct. >> prior to coming into court did we show you a security video
12:06 pm
from cup foods that shows that a? >> correct. >> and that area while you out there? >> correct. >> and did that appear to depict truly and accurately that time period in which you were out there during this incident? >> correct. >> and your honor, i would offer than what we've marked as exhibit 33. >> thirty-three is received. >> so now i'm going to start showing exhibit 33 and we may possis like we've done the other videos, all right? [video clip plays] i'm going to posit writer for a moment. you recognize this scene? >> correct. >> and this is you in the foreground? >> correct. >> and what were you doing right
12:07 pm
at that moment? >> that was when i was calling my mom telling her not to come dusters. >> and if she were to come down the stairs, this is where you are living, correct? >> correct. >> is the door that she would of come out what had that been in the scene? >> correct. >> can you take the stylist and show with the door be? >> it would swing open right here. >> so it should content she would come right into the scene? >> correct. >> and then you talked about the coworker was younger than you who came out, is that the individual in the white t-shirt? >> correct. >> and so then we will continue to run exhibit 33 please. [video clip plays]
12:08 pm
>> i am going to posit right here please. for the record this is a 2:83:4r the jurors what you're doing at this moment? >> i was recording the scene.
12:09 pm
>> so you walked farther over towards the scene? >> correct. >> really by the door where your mom would have come out? >> correct. >> and the individual in the white t-shirt, he had stepped off the curb into the street, correct? >> correct. >> so then let's continue to run exhibit 33, please. [video clip plays] and if you would pause right there please at 8:28:41 here is at the moment you're talking about when winter coworkert pushed? >> correct. >> and did you see at all anywhere in their where he touched the police officer? >> no. >> and so then you are now standing around behind that group of people, correct? >> correct. >> did you know anybody in that crowd? >> my two coworkers. >> so right now if you could just put like a line or a dot where your coworkers are.
12:10 pm
and both of those are individuals who went out during the second trip to the suv, correct? >> correct. >> did you know any of the other people there in the crowd at the time? >> not at the time. >> okay. did you know ms. bernard? >> i think -- yes. >> was she there at the time? >> correct. >> do you see where she is now? >> correct. >> and how did you know her? >> just to school. >> and so then let's continue to run exhibit 33, please. we will stop right here please. can you describe for the jurors
12:11 pm
what we are seeing, what's going on in that segment of the video? >> that is when one of the coworkers grabbed the other coworker and got him back inside i was yelling chillout, chillout, chillout. >> so when the coworkers came to get the young man in the white t-shirt he went with them back into the store? >> correct. >> and you were following them? >> correct. >> so let's continue to run 33. [video clip plays] >> i will pause here for a moment here please. for the record 8:29:04. and you tell the jurors what you are doing here? >> at this point i think i was just kind of emotional and it with -- i was standing on the carbon just like, like they are not can help you. this is what we have to deal
12:12 pm
with. >> okay. [inaudible] >> sustained. >> so we had a conversation with another person standing there. >> correct. >> when you walk up there we saw just before i stop it there was a young girl in a green shirt. did you see her when you are walking up there? >> correct. >> du member seeing her in the store earlier? >> correct. >> did you know she was? >> now. >> and do you remember being the cashier when she was in the store earlier? >> correct. >> and then can we continue to run exhibit 33, please. [video clip plays]
12:13 pm
>> i am going to pause here for a moment. the record to reflect a 29:55. we saw you standing there with your hands on your head for a while, correct? >> correct. >> what was going through your mind? >> disbelief. guilt. >> white guilt? [inaudible] this could've been avoided. >> we also saw another individual get pushed by an officer, correct? >> correct. >> what did you do after that happened? >> i was just trying to calm him down, tell him to stand back.
12:14 pm
>> so let's continue running 33. [video clip plays] >> who were you talking there? >> my mom. >> okay. so that takes us to the end of exhibit 33. you are going back into the store. >> correct. >> so then did you just continue to work your shift? >> correct.
12:15 pm
>> so did you continue to work at cup foods as long as you could? >> no. >> why not? >> i didn't feel safe. >> i have no further questions, your honor. >> mr. nelson.
12:16 pm
>> good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> thank you for being here today. you testified you are currently our 20 years old and? >> nineteen. >> nineteen, sorry. didn't hear that. and at the time you were both living and working at cup foods, right? or in the apartments above you were living, and working there? >> correct. >> and you testified you would work there for about a month and half to two months before this incident? >> four months. >> four months. you would agree that you have made a few statements in connection with this case? >> correct. >> you were first interviewed by agents of the bureau of criminal apprehension, and fbi back on
12:17 pm
september 10 of last year, do you recall that? >> correct. >> and then you have had another meeting as of march 12 with prosecutors and other agents of the bca, right? >> correct. >> and you understand that those statements were recorded? >> correct. >> and you understand that we have been provided with transcripts? >> correct. >> have you had an opportunity to review your statements prior to come into court? >> yes. >> and you have an opportunity to review your transcript? >> correct. >> all right. so i just kind of want to walk through again, we have now watched a few videos on both inside the store, outside the store and from a neighboring business, a great? >> correct. >> you've had an opportunity to address some things that happened inside the store, outside the store throughout the whole incident, right? >> correct.
12:18 pm
>> all right. so you were working, your shift you said started about 3 p.m. that day? >> correct. >> and this incident ultimately was around 7:30-8:00, correct? >> right. >> and you come when we're watching the first video you and your coworkers seem to get along quite well. >> correct. >> talking, laughing, having fun, interacting with customers, things of that nature. >> correct. >> the store is sort of like a one-stop kind of a store, right? you can do a lot of things in the store. >> correct. >> they have a dally you said. you have got cell phone service, -- delhi. cell phone, snacks and a separate tobacco area? >> correct. >> now when we see you behind the counter is her entrance for employees into the tobacco area
12:19 pm
that you go through? >> could you ask the question again, please? >> sure. so i understand when a customer comes into cup foods that were e essentially two corsican go through. one of them on the right-hand side is the tobacco shop, right? >> correct. >> the one on the left insight is the convenience store to the general store? >> correct. >> the tobacco shop is separate because you have to be a certain age to go into the store, right? >> correct. >> you had to be 21, right? >> no. >> eighteen? >> to buy products or to simply go into? >> no, to go into the tobacco portion. >> i'm not sure of the age requirement. people came in no matter how old they were. >> is within the store is there a a partition or some sort of glass that is inside the store separates the tobacco area from
12:20 pm
the convenience store? >> correct. >> so my question is, as where you stand yet to walk out through the convenience store door and go into the tobacco store door or is or a separate entrance we can get into the tobacco portion? >> from where you starting? >> if you were the cashier the speedy you can just walk over to the tobacco section. you don't have to go all aroundt it that's what you. >> thank you. i may have not of been articulate that as well. >> no worries. >> and you are in the store and you absorbed a person who you later learned was george floyd come to the store -- i observed? >> correct. >> you ultimate assisted him in the store? >> correct. >> he was in the store and the person that you absorbed in the front passenger seat was also in the figure we just watch, right?
12:21 pm
>> correct. >> he had on a pair of red sweats pants and a white t-shirt i believe? >> correct. >> all right. and did get any interactions with him embodied in the st? >> correct. >> you i believe you said it also attempted to use a counterfeit bill? >> correct. >> but you stopped him? >> correct. >> did that happen before or after your interaction with mr. floyd? >> before. >> and so you gave, when he handed you that bill you knew that that bill was a fraud? >> correct. >> you immediately said hey, , m not taking this bill? >> correct. >> you knew the store policy at that time, right? >> correct. >> and the store policy being if you took a counterfeit bill, that became your responsibility? >> correct. >> and so it would get deducted from your paycheck, in other words? >> correct. >> if some sort of like store tab where you could buy merchandise yourself at the
12:22 pm
store or services and it would get deducted from your salary? >> correct. >> all right. and so that interaction with the other individual approximately was it earlier in the day? was it a few minutes before you interacted with mr. floyd? how long before did that happen? >> earlier in the day. >> so both mr. floyd that individual had been in the store earlier in the day as well? >> correct. >> was that an hour, two hours, did he recall? >> i i do not recall. >> but you remembered him waking back in the store later in the afternoon? >> correct. >> you remember he was the guy who tried to hand you a counterfeit bill from earlier? >> correct. >> had not changed his clothes, didn't look any different? >> i don't think so. >> okay. and so when mr. floyd and this other individual came back in the store, we observed height of
12:23 pm
him walking around the store, right? >> correct. >> and you are helping of the customers, talking to your coworkers. it's fair to say you were not paying a lot of attention to what mr. floyd was doing at all times he was in the store? >> correct. >> but now that you have an opportunity to see the video you get to see some of his other interactions and things of that nature, right? >> correct. >> now, there were other customers in the store. the store is a a pretty busy store, right? >> correct. >> your manager that you talk to, did you notice that he had what appeared to be a pistol in his -- >> correct. >> do you know him to carry a firearm at the store? >> correct. >> and when you watched the video did you see mr. floyd sort of do some little dance at one point? >> no.
12:24 pm
>> we will come back. but you didn't observe that when he was in the store? >> no. >> all right. and if it is on the video it would be on the video, right? >> correct. >> again at some point mr. floyd appeared to purchase some food as well, right? >> rexburg that being a banana at lock like in the video? >> correct. >> and you sell him the banana? >> i do not recall. >> when he handed you that $20 bill, you testified you immediately knew it was a fake. >> correct. >> did it appear to be the same type of fake or maybe even the same counterfeit bill that you had refused earlier in the day? >> correct. it did appear to be similar. >> you took that bill and you held it up and you kind of look at it through the light, right? >> correct. >> what were you looking for? >> that's a good question. i have no idea. i was just looking at it.
12:25 pm
i don't know. >> but you immediately recognized it to be a counterfeit bill? >> correct. >> and some bills have like metal or some kind of a strike through it. could you have been looking for something like that? >> i will be honest i don't know what i was looking for. i just knew it was fake. >> you could tell based on the texture of the built? >> and the call as i stated earlier, it had a blue pigment. >> and you have had a pleasant interaction with mr. floyd? >> correct. >> you ask him about sports and things of that nature, right? >> correct. >> and you formed the opinion of mr. floyd was under the influence of something? >> correct. >> and you based that on sort of i think you said a delay in his speech and response, right? >> correct. >> you had unlike the conversation we may be having right now, that's rapid and, if
12:26 pm
you asked him a question there would be much more of a small or delayed response? >> correct. >> i believe in your interviews you also indicated he was having some trouble with certain words? >> correct. he was trying to form the words. >> so he was delayed in his speech. you believed him to be under the influence of something? >> correct. >> and you were present when your coworker called 911? >> correct. >> do you recall him telling 911 that he appeared under the influence? >> correct. >> and you had also had by the time 911 was called you had ted two other interactions with mr. floyd outside of the car? >> correct. >> and so you made the decision after mr. floyd handed you this
12:27 pm
counterfeit $20 bill that you were not going to call them out on it like you did with the earlier built? >> correct. >> and was said in part because you thought maybe he was under the influence? >> partially. partially. the other person that come in. kind of seemed like he was trying to scheme, like he knew it was a fake and use time to get over it. i thought that george didn't really know that it was a fake though so i thought i would be doing him a favor. >> okay, trying to help him out. and, and could you have, just asking generally. could you have just kind of let medical and told your manager later hey, put it on my tab? >> correct. >> but you made the decision to talk to your manager, show them the bill, your manager instructed you to go talk to mr. floyd and his friend out in the car? >> correct. >> when you win out to the car the first time with your first
12:28 pm
coworker -- went out -- you have a relatively short conversation with him, right? >> correct. >> you went to the passenger side of the vehicle and the person in the red pants in the white t-shirt, that was the same person that had previously tried to pass the fake 20-dollar bill? >> correct. >> you are encouraging them to come into the store? >> correct. >> you were kind of thing here to come in, we have to deal with this, right? >> correct. >> you specifically told them that he used a counterfeit bill? >> correct. >> and that they needed to come in and either pay for the cigarettes or -- >> talk to my manager. >> -- talk to the manager, right? >> correct. >> and how would you describe the general tenor of that
12:29 pm
conversation? what i mean by that is, was it pleasant or was it more aggressive? >> it was pleasant. it wasn't in any way, shape, or form aggressive. it wishes pretty annoying. >> come on in guys, your first attempt to kind of safe, and in guys come here to deal with this? >> right. >> you were trying to be polite to these gentlemen? >> correct. >> and you then had that conversation, and during that first conversation you said that mr. floyd was not really speaking to you, right? >> no. >> and you said he was kind of putting his hands up and putting his head back and things of that nature, right? >> correct. >> and you dimwit back into the store, talk to your manager again and told him it were not agreeable to come into the store? >> correct. >> the second time you left the store you were sort of following
12:30 pm
the other coworkers, agreed? >> correct. >> and you would agree that video shows the three of you almost run out of the store. >> correct. >> you want to get them before they drove away, right? are why would you run the second time? >> correct. >> i mean, so they didn't drive away or for some other reason? >> correct. >> now, in terms of the second exchange at the vehicle, the coworker went to the drivers side at first, right? >> correct. >> used it back a little bit, right? >> correct. >> and then you brought back up to the vehicle, right? >> yes. >> and you heard what was the conversation. you heard what was being said both by the passenger of the vehicle as well as your coworker? >> correct.
12:31 pm
>> you indicated that the passenger pulled out the other 20-dollar bill, right? >> picked up off the ground. >> why was it on the ground? >> because he threw it on the ground. >> bill that mr. floyd used was that still in the store? >> correct. >> so this other 20-dollar bill was thrown come he threw it on the ground, right? >> correct. >> your coworker picks it up and go with it? >> the person that was in the passengers seat. >> your coworker handed it back to him or something? or did he rip it and then throw it on the ground? >> the person in the passenger seat with the bill come to it on the ground. the person picked it up and -- [inaudible] >> and again this conversation was primarily with the passenger of the vehicle? >> correct. >> there was a female in the backseat of the car? >> correct. >> wishy engage in the conversation at all?
12:32 pm
>> no. >> and -- was she engage. >> and mr. floyd again was not part of the conversation at that point either? he didn't say, you don't member him saying anything? >> i would say i do not recall. >> but again you described his behavior as shaking his head, putting his hands up, putting his head back, things of that nature? >> correct. >> the second conversation was the demeanor of or the tenor of that conversation more heated? >> yes. >> and there was an outright refusal by either mr. floyd or his passenger to come back into the store? >> correct. >> and it was based on that conversation that you i decided to, or it was decided by your
12:33 pm
manager to call 911? >> correct. >> and again you were present and heard the 911 call? >> correct. >> now, in your initial conversation with agents when they were at, when they were asking you about approaching the vehicle do you recall describing it as a hot blonde? >> correct. >> what does that mean? >> a lot of situations happen. >> and do you recall describing your conversation and the words that mr. floyd was having trouble saying? >> correct. >> do you remember now today what words mr. floyd was having
12:34 pm
trouble think? >> no. >> we did have been baseball? do you remember saying that works you don't remember? what it refresher recollection -- >> i do not recall. >> when you refresh your recollection to review us transcript understatement? >> absolutely. -- would it refresh -- >> i apologize i can't find it right now. we may come back to that. do you recall describing some
12:35 pm
other behaviors of mr. floyd while he was in the store? >> correct. >> what were those behaviors? >> he was the a couple of stretches, like a lunch. >> like stepping forward? >> it was more of a side lunch like that. >> for the record i am standing ten feet together and stretching over to the side with one leg, right? >> correct. >> putting his arms in front of him and kind of based on your observations of his behavior, his speech patterns, that's what caught should form the impression he was under the influence? >> correct. >> now then you ultimately met with the prosecution team on
12:36 pm
march 12 in preparation for your testimony? >> correct. >> that's when you were abo review some of the videos that we have watched your today? >> correct. >> and again you understood there were agents or law enforcement officers that were there at that time? >> correct. >> do you recall telling them that you felt that mr. floyd couldn't comprehend the conversation? >> which conversation? >> your conversation with him. >> the first conversation we had? >> right. >> i do not recall but if that's in my transcript that's the way it is. >> okay.
12:37 pm
now, you said after that phone call to the police you didn't see the police kind of come in the store. you didn't do with them initially, right? >> correct. >> and you had some come you just kind of went back to work, right? >> correct. >> dealing with customers, your coworkers, just average day? >> correct. >> but then at some point you noticed there was a commotion outside and you decided to go back outside and see was going on, right? >> correct. >> and you said the first thing you did was to called your mom to tell her not to come downstairs? >> correct. >> and then he walked over and you started recording? >> correct. >> after you did some recording, you saw your coworker appear to be pushed by the police officer, right? >> correct.
12:38 pm
>> you've got your coworker and you brought them inside. >> i did not. >> your other coworkers went back inside? >> correct. >> you stayed outside or it appeared you walked back to the door and then walked back to the crowd. >> correct. >> and you described the crowd that they were yelling and screaming. >> correct. >> and at one point you tried to actually stop someone. >> hold them back. >> hold them back? >> correct. >> and that individual appear to be pretty angry? >> correct. >> you've held them back because you didn't want him to get involved? >> yes. well, i would say not necessarily angry. he had just been pushed so he was kind of defending himself.
12:39 pm
>> and you kind of said to him calm down, stand back, right? i have no further questions. thank you for your time. >> any redress? >> yes, sir. >> prior to working or doing your work at cup foods did the ever extend you to turn and how to identify a fake bill? >> no. >> just learning from experience? >> correct. >> when you did interact with mr. floyd in the store what was his demeanor like? >> he seemed very friendly.
12:40 pm
approachable. he was talkative. he seemed to be just having average memorial day, living his life. but he did seem high. >> during the second trip out to the vehicle, it was your coworker who did the majority of the talking to mr. floyd and the passenger? >> correct. >> so mr. nelson asked you to agree that that was a more heated conversation. was it you who made it more heated or your coworker? >> my coworker. >> and mr. nelson asked you to agree if there was an outright refusal to come back into the store? was at the actual wording that was used or was that just mr. nelsons words outright refusal? >> those are mr. nelsons words. >> mr. floyd did i say to you i
12:41 pm
am outright refusing to come back in the store? >> no. >> but to be fair there were not coming back in the store, right? >> correct. >> you are asked also about the stretches that mr. floyd was doing in the store, and mr. nelson demonstrated for us that was a pretty accurate demonstration of which is on? >> correct. >> during that, mr. nelson -- i'm sorry, mr. floyd did not fall down? >> no. >> did not lose his? >> no. >> when he indicated he wanted to go bison cigarettes, you and he both had to go down to the cigarette counter? >> correct. >> is that what he did? 80 tell you i i want to bison cigarettes? >> correct. >> did he tell you what brand he wanted? >> i do not recall. >> we saw you just grabbed a pack, right? >> that could've been the case. >> you gave them to him? >> correct. >> he provided you money and
12:42 pm
took the change, right? >> correct. >> so he was able to complete that transaction? >> absolutely. >> you didn't have to guess what cigarettes he wanted? >> correct. >> i have nothing further, your honor. >> any redress? >> sorry, thank you. you are asked a couple of questions about the counterfeit bill? >> correct. >> did you get a lot of counterfeit bills in that store?
12:43 pm
>> no. >> hasn't happened before? >> correct. >> and and i believe you were previously asked about good counterfeits and that counterfeits in your statements with police. >> i do not recall. >> have you seen some bills that are better counterfeits than other bills? >> i don't think so. >> okay. >> not personally, no. >> but you understood immediately this was a counterfeit bill? >> correct. >> nothing further. >> thank you, sir. you are excused. >> thank you. >> the next witness. >> your honor, the state will
12:44 pm
call christopher belfry to the stand. >> brazier right in. you swear affirm under penalty of perjury the tesla you about to give will be the truth and nothing but the truth? >> yes, sir. >> in order to be able to be hard more clearly i'm going to keep my mask on but if you don't mind if you take your mask off? would you be comfortable doing that? all right thank you. we are going to also test have a microphone picks you up by having you state your full name and spell each of your names. >> christopher belfry here
12:45 pm
c-h-r-i-s-t-o-p-h-e-r b-e-l-f-r-e-y. >> a sounds like it will work fine even if you don't lean in so feel free. all right, mr. frank. >> good morning, mr. belfry. >> good morning. how old are you? >> how old and my? i am 45. >> and just tell us if you would the general area where you live. >> south minneapolis. >> and may 25 of 2020 is at where you live? >> may 25 of 2020 is where i lived? no. >> is at where you lived on that day? >> yes, south minneapolis. >> how long have you lived in south minneapolis? >> about three years. >> and you are -- let me ask it this way. are you familiar with the area of 38th and chicago. >> just. >> is there a store -- yes. >> is are a store at one of the
12:46 pm
course? >> yes. >> police on may 25 there was. >> yes. >> is also a restaurant there? >> yes. >> what . >> was the restaurant at that intersection? >> what was -- >> what was the name of it? >> i really don't know. >> on may 25 of 2020, did you go to the area of 38th and chicago to get some food from one of those restaurants? >> yes, yes. cup foods. >> say what to cup foods gifford? >> right but there's another restaurant across the street i thought she was talking about. >> i was so i apologize. so you went to that intersection some time in the late afternoon and early evening, correct? >> correct. >> and did you drive there? >> yes. >> where did you park? >> on the corner of 38th and chicago on the 38th side. facing bloomington -- what is
12:47 pm
that, cedar? >> what i'm going to do is put up something we've had admitted as exhibit one, and i should come up on the screen in front of you. >> all right. >> do you see that photograph? >> right. >> did you recognize what is depicted there? >> that is 38th and chicago intersection. >> all right. you should have right in front of you a stylus like this maybe a different color, see that? what i would ask you to do is for the jurors draw on the screen where you drove up and where you parked on that day. >> okay. this way, parked right here. >> and when you park partno recall seeing a vehicle in front of you? >> yes, sir. >> do you remember what kind of vehicle that was? >> i mercedes-benz. >> do you remember what color? >> not quite a fan. >> what style of car? >> it was like a hatchback mercedes-benz, like sports truck or something like that. >> when you pulled up their and
12:48 pm
parked, did you see something that do your attention? >> not quite offhand. shortly after, yes, when two officers were coming across the street. i noticed the incoming and they approached the vehicle in front of me. one officer drew a handgun, , ad opened the door and pointed the gun at whoever was in the driver's seat. >> so at that point in time had you gone your food already or not yet? >> no. no sir. >> so you're just sitting in your car and you see these officers pull up? >> yes, sir. >> or walk up, correct? >> right. >> what happened next? >> i kind of startled me, you know, from where i'm from, when you see officer --
12:49 pm
>> don't talk about past experience. talk about what your reaction was. >> it startled me, you know, when i seen the office raise his gun. >> let me just -- >> i started recording. >> is exactly what it i wanto ask about. at some point you started recording. >> right. >> that was because of basically what you saw, correct? >> right. >> and so when you were parked there you started making your recording, correct? >> rexburg at some point you stop recording. >> yes. >> why did you stop recording at that point in time? >> because i heard more cyber pulling up and i did want to be trapped in between the whole commotion of what's going on. i did know exactly what was going on. it was just i didn't want to be in the middle of, you know, a bunch of commotion about what was going on so i moved across the street. >> you move your car?
12:50 pm
>> yes, sir. >> and prior to come into court today did we show you a copy of that video? >> yes, sir. >> did that video accurately represent what you think when you're recording a? >> yes, sir. >> we have marked that as exhibit 35. your honor, i would offer exhibit 35 at this time. >> no objections. >> thirty-five is received. >> mr. belfrey we are going to play that video for you to and we will ask you some questions about it either during or after it, okay? >> okay. [video clip plays]
12:51 pm
[background sounds]
12:52 pm
[background sounds] >> now, , when you were making that recording, do you recall if your window was down? >> yes, sir. >> so we were able to hear some of it on the media. were you able to hear any better sitting there in person than what the video shows? >> i vaguely heard most of it. >> what would you kind of hearing? >> i heard him asking him to let me see your hand. he is saying please, something about being shot or something before, please don't something like that. at that time that's when he heard the sirens pulling out and pulling him out, and that's way with to back up and turn around.
12:53 pm
>> okay. so i'm going to go back now to exhibit one. put that up again. and again if you would take the stylus i just had to show the jurors were you went when you move your vehicle. >> backed up -- >> so for the record you are showing you moved from dragon wok site of 38th to the cup foods side of 38? >> yes, sir. >> when you got over there what did you do? >> i continued to record? >> you started recording again? >> right. >> when you recording, did you have somebody in the car with you? >> yes. my fiancé here she was in the car, cup foods getting food so by the time i turned around she came out and got in the car. >> and so during that recording come some conversations between you and her were also recorded?
12:54 pm
>> yes, sir. >> and, and so did you start recording been at that point? >> yes, sir. >> all right. prior to coming into court did you also have a chance to review that video? >> yes, sir. >> it appears to be a true and accurate copy of the actual video you made? >> yes. >> i will tell you we have deleted the audio from this video. >> yes, sir. >> the conversation you on your fiancé had is not important. it's the video. >> right. >> and so we have marked that as exhibit 36 and we offer offered at this time. >> any objection? >> no, your honor. >> thirty-six will be entered. >> now we will show 36. [video clip plays]
12:55 pm
>> now i would like to pause it right here, please come and there's no timestamp on the video so we'll do our best to describe it. there is a timestamp on the video. this would be approximately 26 seconds. do you see that? all right. and what you are saying here obviously there are two officers -- well, there are now three officers on the scene, correct? >> correct. >> the original two officers are in this of you, and one of the officers is with the individual
12:56 pm
sitting on the ground, correct? >> correct. >> the individual city on the ground, did he recall seeing him from when you were parked behind the mercedes before? >> correct. >> where was that individual when you were parked behind individual? >> he was in the driver's seat. >> so that's the same individual that in the video, prior video had been removed from the driver's seat? >> correct. >> did you see while you are moving the car had those two officers and that individual went from the mercedes in the prior video to where they are now? >> correct. >> how did that happen? >> they brought him out, walking over to the sidewalk, sat him down. one officer went over to the other people that was in the vehicle and started asking them questions. >> and then the other officer had the driver sits on the ground where we see him now?
12:57 pm
>> correct. >> so then we will continue to play exhibit 36, please. [video clip plays]
12:58 pm
>> so exhibit 36 has ended and you stop filming at that moment? >> yes, sir. >> why did you stop recording that? >> slightly still kind of scared, , nervous. one of the officers kept staring at the like while i was recording so i kind of put it down and then went to record again but i was like i really don't want any problems, so i stop recording. >> at that point did you think this incident with his individual and the officers was over? >> somewhat. what i could can when i sg i drove towards the corner as they crossed over with george,
12:59 pm
the two officers that came and approached them in the first place. they went to walking across the street. then we went went to turn to go back home, we seeing them placing them in the police car, so that's all i seen and they kept on driving. i thought he was dating. i thought it was over so i kept on going home. >> you referred to george. >> yes. >> who do you mean by that? >> i felt that george was detained. >> okay. but when you use the name george, this individual who was removed from the suv, the mercedes, did you know that gentle? >> no, not at all. >> have you subsequent to this into that wasn't? >> yes, sir. >> was that george floyd? >> yes, sir. >> so you saw the movie mr. floyd after you start recording? >> right, yes, sir. >> i i will put exhibit one back up, please. >> and if you would again show the jurors, you know, where you saw them dash and welcome if you
1:00 pm
would just put an x on here where you when you made that second video, do you know what i mean? shall we try again? okay. and then if you would show the jurors were you saw them walking mr. floyd after you stopped recording. .. the record should reflect you turned to go what would be southbound on chicago >> correct. >> the record should reflect your indicating officer is walking mister floyd from the corner of what would be northbound on chicago towards
1:01 pm
the cub foods store. when you turned and went south on chicago, and they already walkedmister floyd in front of you over to that or did you cut in front of them ? >> i believe they already crossed, i'm not sure . it was before i can tell you the truth. >> at one point you sawthem putting him in a squad car. where did you see that taking place ? >> over here. >> so when you turn to go southbound is that when you looked ? and then did you have anything else to do with that bad? >> know, that's it. >> i have no further questions.
1:02 pm
>> you may step down. >> thank you.
1:03 pm
>> members of the jury, we will take a lunch breaknow and try to reconvene about 1:15 . thank you. >> the trial of derek chauvin in the death of george floyd is going into a lunch break. sounds like will be back at 1:15 central, 2:15 eastern. we heard from judge peter cahill. we will resume here on c-span2 when the trial resumes at the hennepin county courthouse, debris in the trial of derek chauvin.
1:04 pm
in case you missed the testimony today or previous days available at we will re-air all of today's proceedings at 8:00 eastern tonight here on c-span2@live coverage when they gamble back in at 2:15 eastern or so according to judge cahill. we will show you some of the testimony from earlier today. >>.
1:05 pm
>> a reminder you are still under oath . >> good morning. i have onefollow-up or final question for you . when you were on the scene on may 25 at 2020 did you show any identification identifying yourself as a minneapolis firefighter. >> know. >> i have nofurther questions . >> good morning.


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