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tv   President Biden Gives Update on COVID-19 Vaccinations  CSPAN  March 18, 2021 4:38pm-4:51pm EDT

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asian americans of the house judiciary subcommittee on the constitution civil rights and civil liberties and you hear from witnesses including covers woman judy chair of the congressional asian pacific american caucus pretty watch the hearing in its entirety tonight starting at 8:00 o'clock eastern on "c-span2". earlier today president biden give an update on the state of covid-19 vaccinations across the country. [inaudible]. biden: it is good to see you all, i announced in early december a goal that i set for
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administering 100 million shots of the virus in the first 100 days of office. 100 million shots and 100 days. it was considered an ambitious and some even suggested that audacious, expert said that the plan was definitely aggressive. in distribution would have to be seamless for us to be successful. in one headline simply put it quote it will be easy and of quote. and it wasn't. and when i took office and we took office there was a lot that had to be done more vaccines and more vaccinator's and more places to give vaccinations. we needed whole government approach. so i directed the coordinator of our covid-19 response to put a
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sauna more strong footing and a method in a literal sense to get us on track to truly beat this virus. i'm proud to announce that tomorrow, 58 days into our administration, we will have met michael administering 100 million shots to our fellow americans. it is weeks ahead of schedule. even setbacks with the winter storms. another big step, on the path of checking in putting checks into the pockets and shots in people's arms. we crossed the 50 million doses just three weeks ago. i told you that every time we had the 15 million mark them i would update you on the progress. so here is what we are today. eight weeks ago, only 8 percent of seniors, those most vulnerable to covid-19 and received the vaccination.
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today, 65 percent of people aged 65 or older have received at least one shot. and 36 percent are fully vaccinated. and that is key. as the population represents any percent of over 500,000 covid-19 debts that have occurred in america. nearly double the amount of vaccine doses that we distribute to the states tribes and territories each week. we have gone from 1 million shots a day and a promise in december, before we were sworn in an average of two and a half million shots a day. facing the rest of the world significantly. and here is how we accomplish this. using the power given to the president under these production act, we expedited critical materials and vaccine production such as equipment and machinery
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and supplies. we work vaccine manufacturers to speed up delivery of millions more doses and broken historic manufacture partnership between competing companies. but patriotism and public health first. these steps put us on track have enough vaccines supply for every adult american by the end of may. months earlier than expected. and we stood up and supplied or than 600 community vaccination sites that are administered hundreds of thousands of shots per day. relaunch the federal pharmacy program which is allowed millions of americans to get a shot at one of 1000 or excuse me, one of 14000 local pharmacies in this country. the same way to get the flu shot. and for folks who are not near a
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pharmacy, or mass vaccination center, we supplied or than 500 mobile clinics like pop-up sites are millions and meeting people where they are. meeting people where they are read we've developed nearly 6000 federal personnel including fema, active-duty military, and department of human health and human services to support vaccination and serve as vaccinate hours putting the needle into the arms. were also supporting the vaccines to community health centers, and treat those who have been the hardest hit. the hardest hit and suffered the most. especially black latino and native americans in our rural communities. this is important. we believe in speed and efficiency must be matched with fairness and equity. vice president and harris and i
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took a tour in arizona not long ago. one of the nurses on the tour injecting people and giving vaccinations said that he shot his like administering a dose of hope. that is how she phrased it. behind these 100 million shots, are millions of lives changed from the people receiving that dose of hope. grandparents can hug their grandchildren again. frontline workers who can show up at the job without the same fear the used to have. teachers, they can head back into the classroom with confidence. these milestones are significant accomplishments. though we have much more to do. much more to do. and the american rescue plan will help us do it. in addition, to the cash
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payments provides you and your families but also provides the funds that vaccinate hours to supply more community vaccination centers. any face testing it. it help us accelerate nationwide efforts to reopen our schools safely. it is until i directed allstate tribes and territories to make all eligible adults no later than may 1st. legacy there already taken the next step to make more and more americans eligible even before may 1st. tomorrow, will hit 100 million doses that are administration has administered. and i have always said that is just the floor. we will not stop until we beat this pandemic. next week, i'll announce our next goal but shots in the arms.
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this is a time for optimism. and is not atone for relaxation. i need all americans to do your part. wash your hands. staying socially distance. keep messing up as recommended by the cdc. and get vaccinated when it is your turn. it knows all the time to let down our guard. in the last week, we have seen increases in the number of cases in several states. scientists have made clear that things may get worse as the new variance of this virus spread. getting vaccinated it is the best thing that we can do to fight back against these variance. while millions of people are vaccinated, we need millions more to be vaccinated and partied and again, i need you to get vaccinated when it is your turn in your able to do that predict need your help. i need you to help.
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such as the countries with your family and your friends and neighbors get them vaccinated as well. keep your guard up and stick together and stick with the science, the fourth of july will fill it a bit more formal. small groups able to gather for cookouts in the backyards. and where we begin to declare independence on independence day from the virus. but together were going to come through this stronger and with renewed faith in each other in our government that fulfills is most protection of the american people. maybe there again, wearing this mask in the meantime. making sure you wash your hands printed making sure your socially distance and listen to the cdc. i got to reach the point where we have heard immunity meeting where we have the vast majority of the american people have been
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vaccinated before we can stop wearing these so please, please don't let se would has happening in europe. keep the faith. keep wearing the mask. keep washing your hands. and keep socially distance printed we are going to beat this predict we are way ahead of schedule. when a long way to go. i just want to bring you up-to-date and thank you very much. may god bless america and may god protect our troops. [inaudible]. [inaudible].
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[inaudible]. >> you listen to cspan podcast weekly this week research fellow, on the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill and how it impacts united states already going federal - >> my big problem is that this is massive bill which amounts and is a totally disconnected. and by this pandemic. >> find cspan the weekly, when you get your podcast. the senate confirming not more nominees to serve and the biden administration by the vote of 50 - 49, air became the first latino to have the health and human services department. and the republican to vote in favor of this nomination the
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only one in the senate also agreed by voice parts to make burns the next elector of the cia. more nominations are expected on the floor next week and a confirmation vote is set for 5:30 p.m. eastern on monday boston mayor walsh to become labor secretary throughout the week, sinners vaulting of the nominations murphy to be u.s. surgeon general and young to be deputy white house budget director. as always you can follow the senate live here on "c-span2". the senate finance committee the hearing to review forced labor and trade and global supply chains this is just under two hours. finance committee will come to order. this is our third hearing of the week. in the attendance among the members has been terrific on both sides of the aisle. i see senator crapo here i appreciate his eff


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