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tv   Rep. Jayapal Reacts to U.S. Capitol Security Briefing  CSPAN  March 8, 2021 7:40pm-7:50pm EST

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expect your . [inaudible]. >> i think soon. i think in april. i think this is something you will see that customer credit carcass work through and take up. members i believe that the time has come and we need to act will continue to work on members on the other side of the capitol to make sure they get there time. thank you. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. >> i think the recommendations are thorough and the make a lot
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of sense at least at first blush, filled very comprehensively for a very short period of time. i think what has occurred to me is two things, one and they are related. one that we are quite far behind in terms of what we need, the positions that have been unfilled and not to mention the fact that we need more positions on top of that. technology that is not up to date. the training and deep sort of threat assessment levels that don't really exist in the way they should. those are substantial problems they did not just come about immediately. they are a failure for us to invest over years in our security. the second is just that the increase in thrust levels for domestic terror acts. and that is really been since 2017. during this last administration. and i think that the level of
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attention the need to be paid is extremely troubling. and all that leaves me to say and this is a question that i ask, when will we be able to feel safe because some of these recommendations are going to take some time to implement. my question really was how do we know that we can come to work and go home alive. and o'hara lives threatened. general on race, it was that we can feel safe that there are things that have already been addressed. i think that i would like to end up in the not sure that we have quite enough information yet to feel that way. especially as we start to take away some of the things we have in place now which i do think we should try to take those away but we have got fill that gap. [inaudible]. i think a lot of the suggestions that are in there are really important. things around member safety and security when we travel. we have threats to members that
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is increased dramatically in the last four years. in reality his leadership on security but we don't not party did think there was a focus on that we all have been pushing for for some time. i think the whole section of overall training into the capitol police force including background checks. there was one thing that we been pushing part, people will be here protecting us we would like them to go through the same background checks and security assessments to determine that they are actually going to be people who are going to be sore parting aspirated and helping people with an intention. their number of things in there that i think are important. all members will support and frankly, investment dollars that are proposing in my mind is actually small investment when you're talking about protecting the entire capitol complex, not just members but her staff. our custodians and everyone who works here in the capitol. we deserve to feel safe coming
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to work. >> timelines and key parts that will be implemented. in the capitol now national guard. [inaudible]. can you give a timeline. it. >> that was exactly my question is how we feels safe and when will we feel safe and is not going to be for a while, what happens in the interim and what is a timeline predict i did not get a clear answer to that. i think they are saying that there are already up a mini series of things. and of course some of these things cannot be said publicly either because we don't want to lay out her whole plan to everybody out there. so it would be helpful for members i suggested this to the staff that we have a classified set of recommendations for members at these are the things already being put in place and this what they will do and when
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these things will be put in place. a lot of it depends on us approving this money quickly. redirect these people and train them and get the technology set up and we need to get the retractable this is jennifer going that direction. those are things that are going to require congress to appropriate money. [inaudible]. >> every member will look very carefully at the bill and i have a number of conversations over the weekend with a number of members and i think that everybody understands what huge progressive amendment this is for us. as a progressive movement and we were really the ones who push hard for this to be a bold package. president biden's words of the problem is not if we go through big but too small rated the seems that we have been saying that for years plus the stimulus checks, the survival check cycle them, and employment insurance predict i think our members feel as i said in my statement that was bad policy and bad politics
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to weaken any of the things that we have passed in the house. but that ultimately those were relatively minor minor concessions in terms of the entire package. in this $1.9 trillion that will go into money and peak peoples pockets and child tax credits for needed vaccines and shots in people's arms, this is everything that we believe in. in terms of government stepping up and scale that is necessary. we wanted the 15-dollar minimum in our way to input part of that until a lot very last-minute what i have said consistently is if it's on in this package, but we are going to have to reform the filibuster. there's only two ways to do this. we cannot go back to people and say i am sorry, it is a procedural issue. if they will not accept that and they should not. we need to raise late summer not going to stop fighting on that and we've already at the white house for an immediate meeting on the white house strategy is. and we intend to continue to push so that we get a raise for
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32 million parted. >> what is your plan and response you get pretty. >> for detailed discussion about what exactly the plan is here printed to me and is just continuing to make the case as to why we need to eliminate the reform filibuster. and even senator manchin yesterday seems to indicate some openness to some pieces of that but look at the end of the day, this is going to be a crossroads work democrats, we promise we were going to deliver information reform, 15 minimum dollar way to getting money out of politics and voting rights and so any things printed that we have committed to voters to do. and if the senate just becomes the graveyard all the things go to die as it was under mitch mcconnell, then we are going to have a real problem in two years. i think that everybody understands that and we just need to continue the pressure to get some fundamental necessary
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changes in the senate which by the way, the filibuster is not a power debate. to me it limits it the way it set up right now. we need to get rid of it. >> limited you were in and coming to the capitol. [inaudible]. did you feel that you are getting there and your experience firsthand and that you feel safe. about coming to work everyday pretty. >> not yet. i think that it was a big progress, think they did an amazing job in a very short period of time and identifying the carry areas where we need to invest. but i think that the challenges that we do not have a lot of those pieces in place. so i need to understand a little bit better what is the interim plan between now and we get some
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of these critical reforms made. and that is what i'm going to focus on now is getting some of that but i feel very encouraged by the work in general and task force did because i think they identified these big gaping holes in our investments in the way we think about security and also in a dramatic change in happened over the last several years. while donald trump was in the administration and radicalization of domestic terror groups. and thank you so much. [inaudible]. [inaudible].


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