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tv   President Biden Participates in 50 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Ceremony  CSPAN  February 26, 2021 1:46am-2:13am EST

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strength or an equal recovery. the only way with the pandemic to help the american people is to pass the plan as quickly as possible. the vast majority from both parties support that data. grateful too many of you that express support as well. we are not the type of nation that will stand by to watch her people suffer needlessly through no fault of her own. does a against our conscience and sound economics. is not who we are people know there's nothing we have ever failed to do when we set our mind to do it. let's get this done. i have over 400 mayors contacting me to get the plan passed. to send millions of americans wherever they live or whoever they voted for a strong message that help and hope are
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on the way. we can do this. i hope that we can welcome you to the white house for next year's meeting. may god bless you all and may god protect our troops. we have a lot to do but we can do it >>
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>> thank you all. thank you for your leadership and for being here. two weeks ago i spent the time
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with you and doctor francis collins, excuse me the director of the nih giving me a tour of the vaccine research center in bethesda maryland and that's a place where the top scientists spend years researching and developing vaccines and treatments of all kinds for all kinds of area on - - viruses. the team made possible the rapid deployment of the covid-19 vaccines. on this administration will follow the science to deliver more breakthroughs. were doing that with covid-19 and cancer that's personal to so many families we've asked the doctor lander to service may science advisor and head
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of office and science technology policy and co- lead the presidential council on advisory science and technology. these are the white house offices to bring together the country's top scientists to address the most pressing needs and part of the work to develop advanced research efforts on cancer and other diseases just like we do in the defense department with breakthrough projects to secure our national security. i am delighted to see the nation's leading cancer centers to join forces to build on the work of the cancer moonshot i could do during the obama biden administration to breakthrough cancer research and we are making progress. there is so much we can do. so much progress within our reach prickle that is why i am thankful to the folks here today forgetting their vaccine
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shots. dc firefighters, i said to corey, god made man then made a few firefighters. think that we have them. and the manager at safeway grocery store in bethesda and victoria who is a local school counselor and elizabeth calloway a registered nurse to administer the shots. the more people that get vaccinated that faster we will be the pandemic. that's i one of my first goals in office just before i was sworn in to indicate my goal was 100 million covid vaccine shots in people's arms my first 100 days as president. the first critics said it was too ambitious then they said
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it was too small with the bottom line america will be the first country or the only one to get that done. today i'm here to report we are halfway there. 15million shots in the 37 days weeks ahead of schedule. even with the setbacks we face with the recent winter storms which devastated millions of midwestern cities and towns and the south. we are moving in the right direction despite will be inherited from the previous administration that left us with no plan to vaccinate all americans. every time we administer another 50 million i will report to the american people on the vaccination program the good and the bad. the success in the failures. here's the deal. the story of the vaccination campaign is like everything
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hard and new america does some confusion and setbacks at the start and then if we do the right thing in the right plan that's what we are seeing right now. weeks before he became president of the previous administrations are 6 million shots this coming week we will administer over 12 million double the pace and just six weeks we have been in office. another milestone. increased vaccine distribution by 70 percent nearly 60 percent people over the age of 75 have now received at least one shot. 14 percent six weeks ago and how close to 50 percent those over 65 have at least one shot now that was 8 percent six weeks ago. it is important because people over 65 account for 80 percent of all the covid deaths. additionally, 75 percent of
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the people who live in long-term facilities have gotten the first shot and those are the lowest level since reporting began in may. it starts with increasing the supply. my team is worked very hard with the vaccine
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