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tv   President Biden Meets with House Democratic Leaders  CSPAN  February 5, 2021 12:34pm-12:40pm EST

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the money to alleviate their suffering, , to get the full employment sooner, to vaccinate america after $8 trillion in deficit spending over the past four years, a bunch of it having gone to the wealthiest people in the country. it is neither true nor necessary. we do have the resources to get to full employment sooner. we do have the tools to reduce a lot of suffering in this country. we just have to choose to use them. so it's time to act. we can reduce suffering in this country. we could put people back to work. we could control, getting control of this virus. that's what the american rescue plan does. that's what i'm determined to do. that's what i hope we are going to be able to do in the near term. so may god bless you all. may god protect our troops, and they truly believe real help is on the way. thank you all so very much. thank you.
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>> mr. president,. [shouting] >> we are going to be talking about the recovery package, but you saw the jobs report. only 6000 private sector jobs have been created, and at that rate is going to take ten years before we get to full employment. that's not hyperbole. that's the factor we going to be in in a situation where it will take a long, long time, and i appreciate you all coming over because any urgency with which you are moving. this is about people's lives. this not just about numbers. this is not people's lives. i don't need to tell any of you, they are really hurting, people being evicted. all the number of people who are needy and seeking mental health services now. suicide is up. people are really, really -- people are really feeling a
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whole cricket on how to get out. you've given them a lot of hope, a lot of hope, and as a say in southern delaware, with a good grace of god we can do something great so thank you all. president obama put be in charge of the recovery act, and he was hard as hell, but get the votes for to begin with and then it was hard as hell to get even the number we got. but one thing we learned is we can't do too much here. we can do too little. we can do too little and spotter. but again the end result is is that just the macroeconomic impact on the economy and our ability to compete internationally. it's people's lives, real life people are hurting and we can fix it and we can succeed and irony of all ironies is, when we help them we are also helping our competitive capacity through the remainder of this decade. it's real.
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we have a chance to do something big here and i think you for last night, yesterday and what you will be doing in this recovery act. and i can hardly wait to sit down with peter defazio to work on infrastructure. so thank you all for being here. thank you for coming in. i appreciate it. [inaudible question] >> white house press secretary jen psaki will be briefing reporters today that was rijo suffered 12:30 p.m. eastern. they are running a little late. she is expected to be joined by council of economic advisers member jared bernstein. planning live coverage when they get underway here on c-span2. >> the senate impeachment trial of former president donald trump begins tuesday with senators decide if the former president
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