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tv   Democratic National Committee DNC Winter Meeting  CSPAN  January 25, 2021 9:32pm-10:54pm EST

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outgoing democratic national committee chair reflected on his term during the dnc winter meeting and jamie harrison who headed up the south carolina democratic party. vice president harris called in to congratulate him on his election. >> good afternoon. good morning, good evening depending on where youg are. at home or wherever you are sitting. it's a little different than we are use to. i call this meeting of the committee to order. good afternoon again, good morning, good evening depending on where you are. i appreciate you being here. as you know we ushered in a new day for the country and i know
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we were all moved by the remarkable inaugural events and as many of you know, we would normally have this meeting here in dc in person after the i am so sorry that that is not possible, but i'm certain that under the leadership of thehe nw administration, we will be able to get together as soon as possible to celebrate and appreciate the work being done. before we get started i want to remind members if you have any questions, please use the chat eoption and the associate director just use that function and you will be able to
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communicate with them. we always start off the meetings as you know by saying the pledge of allegiance so i would ask you to please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you so much. it is now my pleasure to introduce to deliver the invocation one of the newest members of the united states senate from the wonderful state of georgia. you may have seen yesterday there were three new senators who were sworn in by our remarkably new and exciting vice president and one of them is going to deliver our invocation. senator warnock is the first ever black u.s. senator and only the 11th in the country.
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he spent his entire career fighting for equality and affordable healthcare, to make sure that everybody has a seat at the table, that every voice is heard. those that came before him like john lewis, senator warnock will use his platform to help bring our h countries together around the issues that unite us so please join me in welcoming senator warnock to give the coinvocation. >> hello, everybody. it's wonderful to join you in this winter meeting of the democraticic national committee. i'm grateful for the stellar leadership of chairman powell and perez. thank you for your hard work and generous introduction. i'm excited also jamie harrison
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will be the new chair of the party. he ran an amazing race for the senate and inspiredit and encouraged me and so many others. thank you for your voice and vision. it will not be forgotten. i'm sure that it's out there all acrossss the country. and i'm excited now that my mayor, the mayor of atlanta will be the vice chair now of our party. we have had excellent leadership. we have excellent leadership going s forward. thank you so much to all of you for your support for the senate races in georgia. who wouldho have thought that wn the dust settled on november 3rd there would be to senate races and runoffs in our country and
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that both of those would be in georgia and that they would determine the balance of the unitedni states senate and the ability to move forward on the agenda that we must have in order to do the work necessary for all people. i'm excited georgia was able to deliver and that in this defining moment in american history in the state of georgia is sending to the united states senate a young jewish man the sonf of an immigrant, a kid who grew up in public housing, the pastor of ebenezer baptist church where he served the united states senate. this is what our party has been about and this is what america
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is about at its best. i am excited to be with you. we gather virtually and as we do the hard work w of getting this virus under control and distributing the vaccine efficiently and safely and following the science rather than the politics sooner than later we will be able to gather in person. thank you for this privilege. i am deeply honored to serve now in the united states senate that someone like me who grew up in public housing now gets to argue for families and reminds us that america is still a great nation, the greatest country on the planet. let us recommit ourselves to doing the work of building what doctored king called the beloved
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community. i come to you as a proud democrat and proud american. i look forward to rolling up my sleeves, doing the hard work necessary to make sure that every person has access to affordable healthcare and we defend the workers and reward them with a minimum wage and if we call them essential workers we ought to pay them a central wages and we stand up for the ideals and i believe the ideals of america. thank you so much. well you bow with me in prayer. god is known by many names and worshiped in many houses but i saw a great multitude of men and women, boys and girls, people
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from every nation standing shoulder to shoulder from the diverse corners of the world, they were variegated in their humanity and yet they looked into each other's eyes and they were not afraid. and i ask the ones who were standing there, what is this and the angel said this is the kingdom of god with love and justice and so i asked where is this c and the answer came it exists in the hearts of those that have the courage to believe and fight and so i asked what is
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this. the angel said we learned a simple art of loving one another as sisters and brothers, so all gracious god, give us courage to stand up for the highest and the best in the name of the one who loves us and frees us into loving. god bless you, keep the faith and keep looking up. >> thank you so much, senator for your inspiring words and again, congratulations to you. we are so excited and we were so proud to be a partner. let me turn now to the
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distinguishedte secretary. >> thank you mr. chair man and good afternoon, good morning, good evening it's great to be with you. we appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this virtual meeting so thank you for that. i know i can't wait to be together in person again and look forward to the return of a regular meeting. two challenges the house has filed with the committee. neithernt challenges currently under consideration by the committee and as such those members are allowed to participate in the business today. i'm pleased to report we are joined by members participating from acrossss the country and around the world and we definitely have members present. >> outhank you so much, mr. secretary thank you for your
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great work and thanks to all of the members that are here today. we appreciate it. before o we get going with other business, we want to start with a giant in the democratic party. last month we lost that giant when chairman fowler passed away after a battle with cancer. weeks before he passed away, he called me and we had regular conversations. they basically were i could summarize it in four words. but me to work. he always wanted to be put to work and i'm not talking about two or three years ago, but like the middle of november last year when he was battlingtl cancer ad he always answered the bell. his life of service to the party and the nation should indeed
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inspire us all. we had a hall of fame of her democrats, he would be a first ballot inductee. he lived long enough to see the claws that he spent the last few months of his life fighting for and that was the election of joe biden and harris as the next president and vice president. together dawn and his wife, carol, were the dynamic duo fighting tirelessly to build ati brighter future for working families, so today we honor the former chair of this party. please turn your attention now to a video attribute that has been prepared. >> i stand on the shoulders of
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john fowler. >> he was a loyal friend of mine and i will miss his leadership so much. >> we love you, carol and don. we will be alongside of you doing the work.fe >> we know you are suffering a special loss but we share in your grief. let me just say don was truly a faithful devoted friend to me and many others. >> i want to thank him for all he gave the democratic party and the united states of america and i thank you for the example. >> don fowler will always be remembered aser the chair man ad
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he will always be for me, mr. chair. >> the democratic party is so much better off because of him. the united states of america is so much better off because of don fowler. >> of all of the titles, i am the most pleased that i was his friend. >> i was one of the people that he meant toward and received the infamous letter. >> nobody fought harder. he was simply the best. >> whenever i think of the party i think of him. he was the best of our party. he made me proud to be a democrat. he taught generations of students.
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he helped. thank you for sharing him with us. he was an excellent chair who agreed to my call to serve and continued to work to help our candidates to win and i will always be grateful for his leadership and friendships that he gave to me, the council that he gave to so many of us and the support he gave to our party. >> his contributions to the democratic party have been in incalculable and his legacy will endure forever. >> the character and compassion were the legendary leaders. he never stopped finding ways to give back to his country. he worked endlessly by building bridges ands. recognized the moe we invest in communities the more we were harvesting for the future. he was a gentleman's gentle man and a role model for all of the
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chairs to come. >> organize, organize was a great piece of advice. i will always be grateful. >> he was my mentor and friend. when he came to me back in the 88th political cycle and said his son wanted to work on the campaign i took his son under my wing. >> we are all going to miss you. you y have been a great inspiration to every democrat. we are a better party and a betterer country because of you. >> the dedication and commitment, to helping build and strengthen the party your work has not been in vain. we will all help build and strengthen our democratic party. >> we always had gone in our
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corner. [inaudible] we are going to miss you. >> his old-fashioned values, empathy, generosity. he was there. he will be there for us the rest of our lives. >> he is one of the most irreplaceable people. he had in democratic politics. >> he knew every state chair, vice chair, candidates, all of the issues. he was remarkable and deeply in love with the democratic party. he had a fierce and fervent belief in the economic and social justice of the party that continues to fight for them. >> he's been my hero and the epitome of what a good party person is. >> the first thing i thought about fowler is probably when he was born. his crib said don fowler,
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democrat. >> his loyalty to the democrats and our party is one of the many traits that i admire the most. he was a democrats democrat. >> he carried the heart and soul of our party wherever he went. >> thank you. we will miss you. >> may you rest in peace. >> rest in peace my dear friend. >> we will miss you. >> 85 years and 85 seconds. my dad was born in south carolina 85 years ago. one of my father's stories he told me when i was a kid when he was executive director he was doingoi some of the first outreh with two black voters in south carolina and he talked about how
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they would sneak in the back, downstairs of the churches at night, opening notes [inaudible] i asked a couple of times why were you, this white man southerner with conservative churchgoing parents, why are you a democrat because nothing suggests you should be and his answer was quick and always the same, he said it's because of my faith. one of the stories that encapsulates my father's life, when they brought him home from the hospital for the last time, they had to drug him. he was on morphine and other things just so you would go to sleep. and in his half-asleep he called out a, jesus. the last time he said where is
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jesus. i figured out when he got to the gate of st. peter he was already known. that's my father, 85 years and 85 seconds. >> these are the moments i hate in these meetings because if we were together we would all stand up and cheer and we would all say thank you so let's just take a moment to reflect on his life and his legacy.
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>> to see the whole fowler family, i hope you know the dnc family will always be here for you and i hope i will continue to get those calls, and i know i will, from the fowlers. how can i help, put me to work. we have another video and we put it deliberately after this video tribute because he was all about getting the work done, communicating andmu living our values, day in and day out and as we reflect here the day after this historic inauguration, the work that we have done to
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rebuild i want to start by saying thank you so much to all of you because four years ago we had a lot to do and we had done so much to build the party infrastructure and trust and help take back the house in 2018, seamlessly integrated the operations so we could work together and make history this past november. please watch this video that will highlight so much of the work that we did together, so much of the work that don was always calling me up and saying what else can we do and how can i help. you helped inug a huge way and this video is in no small measure a tribute to you and everybody here today that put so much time into rebuilding. you are all indeed first responders in our democracy so let's have the accomplishment
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video if you will. a. >> of the dnc has made history over the last four years. >> in 2017 you could see the beginnings of this suburban tide. >> the most diverse array of men and women to congress. >> in total 114 women were elected ind the midterm. >> since 2017 there've been seven governors eats, for attorney generals, for secretary seats, four senate seats and more than 400 to state legislative. we did all of that by keeping the democratic majority in congress. we traveled and organized across the country and made it our priority toou listen to every voice. with your support we broke records and raised nearly $450 million overall. that is more than any in history. we reimagined the new voter file
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database to combat disinformation cybersecurity attacks. we heavily invested in battleground states and communities with a variety of nationwide initiatives. a. >> we>> had a strong infrastructure including investing in litigation that protected voters rights and technology that helped the team identify individuals at risk. that meant we built and expanded the hotline and made it accessiblenc in english and spanish and to the members of the community. we knocked on more doors and made more phone calls than ever before. we built and mobilized the largest listed the borders and we have restructured the way that we run our primaries to ensure a fair primary process. we hit the debate stage to have meaningful discussions about how to make the promise of america work for all of us. our candidates fueled the momentum to hide the fund.
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>> in these times we developed new strategies in order to meet the voters where they are. by educating people on how to safely vote in whatever way works best for them. but most importantly, we never stop fighting. >> joseph biden junior is elected the 46th president. >> biden and harris will receive the most votes of any presidential ticket ever. >> together we took back the white house. we knowt this work is the beginning but with your support we will continue to make history together. ♪♪ speaking of history, yesterday was truly historic. i had the privilege of being there at the inauguration and i will tell you, i wonder if you slept better last night. i know i sure did. it truly was an honor and a pleasure because i tell you it
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still has not gotten old when i hear the following, president joe biden and vice president harris. at the very site where a violent mob attacked our democracy just two weeks ago, where they turned the u.s. capital into a crime scene we watched them swear an oath to serve the nation with courage and integrity, a testament i think to the endurance of the world's greatest, the united states of america. it truly was a momentous occasion for the party and the country and frankly for the world, the entire world was watching and i cannot wait to see what the biden harris administration accomplishes over the next four years. and think about simply today, dreamers have hoped as a result of executive action. our c climate crisis we've alrey taken the steps by reentering
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the paris climate accord. went are back into the global community to address the pandemic by rejoining the world health association. the muslim ban, which is so insidious and unconstitutional, that has been put in the scrap piece with so many other executive actions to live our values and to help improve the lives of people and we are a little over 24 hours into this administration. it truly was a momentous day for everybody involved. the party, the country and the world. and of course as you know, because you were involved, this moment didn't arrive out of thin air. we worked night and day to make happen and to take a moment to celebrate the incredible work that you've done over the last four years to bring the democratic party roaring back because we have come a long way, folks. when we took over in 2017 and had the privilege of getting
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elected, we were in a ditch, folks. we had 15 democratic governors and now we have 23. we were in the teens on attorney general and now have 24. we didn't have the house, the senate, the white house. we lost hundreds and hundreds of seeds and legislatures. we had to rebuild our infrastructure and rebuild trust. ..
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radioshack and turned it into a fifth avenue apple store. we bolstered our cybersecurity, our cyber readiness, and work together with all of you to expand our voter purse that gin infrastructure. and so proud of our partnership with other states and the leadership of first bait and others like ken martin inrt the states parties. we all did this together, and a time when voter suppression was so rampant. voter protection was so integral to winning an election. there's no doubt our collective work help ramp to this victory. we help facilitate facilitate the democratic. this is a critical component to the critical ecosystem of politics. in the kentucky goo but a tory
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we saw that this tool made a huge difference, and focus when i am excited about with all of this infrastructure we are built to last. we used to talk about in our campaign, jimmy you'll remember this, we talked about the accordion model. we expand every fourth year and then wee contract in between and we wonder we were losing elections. be had for only according out. we are built to last and we need to make sure that it does last because the dnc is the critical part of success. in the infrastructure is so important to that success. as joe biden will attest. we had to rebuild trust as well. we wasn't about me it was and about keith ellison or jamie or anyone else. it is about bringing the party together. and i spoke to keith literally yesterday he said to say hello to everyone. his role andas his leadership was indispensable.
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as we worked closely to rebuild our trust. the work of the unity reform commission, it was indispensable. i want to say a special thanks larry cohen who worked so tirelessly and to all of the members of that commission. we provided a forum to everyone to make sure that the voice was heard and that they participate in the rebuilding of our party. we have passionate discussants, passionate disagreements, passion agreements and that's what familieses do. and you know what things to the work of jim roosevelt and the rain miller we were able to translate recommendations from the unity reform commissions and have concrete action and delicate perform. and look at those caucus states that became primary states. fourteen caucus states and 16 and then seven and 2020. voter participation in those states skyrocketed. that was her goal.
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we won more people to participate and we rented to have people return to the grassroots. we had an unprecedented number of candidates in the presidential primary process.nd and it was unprecedented. and everybody came together around our nominee, because they rent a fair, transparent and inclusive trying primary process. and we always put our values into action, are values that make for the everybody's got a fair shake. our values then make sure that we had debates, we had diverse moderators. this was the most diverse array of debates and moderators in the history of our party. and that did not happen by chance. we insisted on it, because we live our values at every turn. and when her pandemic hit, we reimagined our convention together. and while it was an unconventional convention, it was truly a memorable convention. we will always eat calamari with a different eye as a
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result as a parade of the states in the great state of rhode island. so folks we didn't do this alone. we all work hand-in-hand. yes, there were times we were having a lot of discussions and disagreements but we always came together. and i want to thank every single person involved. we worked hand-in-hand with her state party partners, brothers and sister committees, and other leaders to ensure victory. and the results as i said before speak for themselves, this is a remarkable moments. four years ago we were shut out of governing and now it had terrible roughnecks for people. when i left the labor department in 2016, about four years ago for years and two days ago, someone asked me what are you going to miss most about the labor department? and that an easy question. i'm going to miss helping people. i said to them we know when you have the right people in
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the right places you can help people to scale. with the wrong people are in those places that things have been people. that's a way of seeing the last four yearsf and because of yourur great work, we have come such a p long delay. i'm so proud of joe fighting and kamala harris. it was such an honor to be there yesterday, he is the uniter in chief. he has done so much for so many people throughout his distinguished career. and, harris has provided inspiration to every person in america about what we have and can accomplish. it was such an honor to see her there yesterday and this historic moment. women and girls across america are saying that can be me. and i want to say thank you, we are in a transition period at the dnc. and there were so many people on our staff and team who
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helped out. our officers who have many of them are outgoing officers, some of them are sticking around. you are ceos, past and present, leah daughtry jeff o'donnell, mary beth kate hill my officer partners michael blake and others. grace men also jason ray, keith ellison and of course my good friend and our incoming chair, jamie harrison. jamie is a rock star. and folks in order to know jamie you have to meet his mother. i say this all of the time, you can tell a lot about a person if he spent time with their mother. jamie's mother taught him well. jamiee' is a person of integrity and of great accomplishments. in jamie, you made us all proud of that senate race. and quite make it to the mountaintop but man, you put up a great fight.
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we are going to keep fighting. we know we have a lot of work ahead of us, the challenges before our nation are so many. give a pandemic to battle, and economy to rebuild, climate crisis to battle, systemic racism to demand till end of the democracy to safeguard for future generations. and the time has come for real leadership in then white house and it has arrived. the time is come to put the american, for presidency grounded in hope compassion, facts, science, and it's time to celebrate our nations diversity and fight for our nation's most vulnerable. that is what the american people voted for in november, and they voted in record numbers and that is what we are going to see over the next four years. grace, dignity, empathy, boldness, accomplishment, under job on it and, harris
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the first black and asian american woman to serve as our nation's vice president. already we have made history and we have all already begun to build our nation better. i know thehe dnc will be a critical part of this work. and that is why again, i am so excited to be passing the mantlema to jamie and i are confident that jamie will take ruby are now and bring us to even higher heights. you are a dedicated public servant jamie and a brilliant leader and even better person. it t is the privilege to call you a friend and colic this past year and is going to be an honor in a few short minutes to call you mister chairman for the next four. the democratic party will be stronger because we have joe biden, and, harris leading us and jamie harrison as our remarkableir chair. and i can't wait to see what you accomplish and i will be there for you were gonna have
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an orderly transition over the next few weeks so we can make sure that were getting everything right. and you know folks we know that we're going to had a hard days ahead. we know in midterm election cycle will may have the house and the senate and the white house sometimes you wouldn't a headwind. and you know what the best way to offset that is to make sure that we deliver for the american people. deliver results, bring this pandemic g to an end, build back better, get people back to work. and address the climate crisis, address theht pandemic, we may need to improve people's lives. i know jamie and i don't think you're going to be surprised for what i'm about to say. but there's gonna be some tough days and there will be some bumpy roads, but you know what nothing that's worth fighting for ever comes easy. you can hit some speed bumps and some sidetracks and you're gonna get knocked down every so often. but you know the mantra we
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fall down we get backed up. our nationmo has fallen down numerous times over the last four years, and it has gotten up and it has gotten up big time. as of yesterday. so let's make sure we work together because you know what, you might get hit every so often with cheap shots from the cheap seats and someday jamie i would advise you not to read twitter. but you know what, you know how to do this. and as long as we stay true to our party's values and help elect more democrats up and down the ballot, and we continue to help bo dryden and camilla harris to implement their agenda communicate our accomplishments to the americanwe people i think were going to do great. we are going to continue to win elections in this ministration, we need to combat this most dangerous level of and misinformation. i'm so proud of the infrastructure that we have
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built but we know the other sides going to continue, to try to continue to misinform, going to continue to try to change the subject and as we saw it this direction of the capital there are a lot of folks who feel they are not only entitled to their own opinions up they are entitled to their own set of backs. undeniably our work cut out for us. so equally undeniably we are far better off folks, then we were four years ago. thanks to all of you. it's been a remarkable honor to the privilege of serving as your hair, and i know that movements are built by the many and they're not built by the few,ha and i am so proud to have been part of this continuing movement with all of you. i may not be your chair as of a little while for now but i will always be part of the family, and i will always be fighting for the values of this party.
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>> mister chairman think i was just informed that by the staff that we have another video. so if you can queue up that video here. >> will certainly. >> thank you so much for your friendship, thank you so much for the democratic party who has chosen a new national leader. dnc chair tom perez, thank you it's great to be with you. hi tom, hi tom, my friend has tgiven the last four years of his life for our country. friends of tom's who have translated peoples activism into commitment t into victory. >> if you think of your accomplishments we have the. house of representatives, scented, and the white house back again. it is amazing the work that you have done under the circumstances that we have been and in the past four years. >> but you deserve it an immense amount of credit for a
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remarkable partnership with our state parties. >> you have known and worked almost every district in this country. you know every chair and vice chaire by name. >> between you and the dnc that you led michigan was able to stand up strong, field operation year-round. >> all of that was possible because of your leadership, and your steady hand and making sure that state had what we needed in order to be successful. >> on the first day that you took the helmet you took the ground and hit it running. you helped build the most diverse team and dnc history and you worked hard to make sure that our party truly represents americans and every state and territory. youy. stepped up and maybe one of the darkest moments in what our lifetime, and our politics and in our country. >> despite the dramatic limitations resulting from covid-19 requiring bold innovations, under chairman perez is leadership our nominating process has proceeded smoothly and
10:15 pm
effectively. >> we thought that we could and you made sure that we did and we will be forever grateful for and forever in your debts. >> you ran for chair knowing the extraordinary challenges facing you. you rolled up your sleeve and you worked with all of your energy and commitment. >> you made and can situate an engagement to the north star of the dnc. as you believe that everyone, every votervo has the right to be pursued and has the right to have their vote protected. >> i remember as if it were yesterday when you as a secretary of labor, and i as flewenior from ohio, with biden to announce the overtime rule. which change the lives of literally millions of americans, put money in their pockets, for the work that they did. you have continued that fight for workers in the democratic party and in my state and across the country. >> you're leaving the dnc and a much better l place than what you found it. the mac i also want to say in a personal note,aw how much pride i have taken to see such
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ah successful latino dnc chair. he is been making us very proud and so many ways. his. >> and am especially proud because you are our own. >> to our favorite buffalo bill phan, red sox fan, i cannot believe i just combine those phrases into one that shows how much you love i have for you tom perez, thank you for being our chairman, my friends, my brother. >> i was just so lucky to know you and to love you and. >> i am super proud of you and i camehe to this country over the last four years and can't wait to see you soon. >> hi we are so proud of you and we are so glad it's over, we are so excited to see would you do next and were excited for a little break. i hope you do. thank you for thinking of us dad. >> hi tom, it's me, your
10:17 pm
favorite sister and your only sister. many of you mayst not know is three weeks after the election in 2016, my daughter had suddenly passed away. and i called you and you came that night and stayed for the next week. you stayed with me and my family f in boston and all of the family came together, but you lettuce and helped me, you really really helped me through a dark time. it's not just a quality of her cheerleader, but of a compassionate person, uncle, friends, and brother. >> soap do people know how hard your job is, i do. i saw you perform exquisitely. >> i truly believe that you
10:18 pm
are the greatest chair that the democratic national committee has known. >> joe biden will be a great president and you will have had a big hand in helping him. >> i know r it has been an easy road it all. but really our country and our party is so much better and we are so thankful to you,. >> to you tom perez for doing a spectacular job, i think a friend for life and i look forward to helping you in whatever your future endeavors are. >> thankob you, thank you for foundation. >> thank you for the biggest lesson of all the has continued to strengthen our party in our democracy by working day in and day out and everyu, year to engage community. >> thank you tom.l >> i have big shoes to fill because we have one heck of a chairman, that is you. thank you again for your friendship and for your support tom. >> thank you for what you have done for our party to have our grass roots to build the state level, the work that you do
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the data file. >> thank you tom for your tireless efforts, your vision, your humor,. >> thank you so much for engaging and empowering our dnc members. >> thank you on behalf of all of your dnc colleagues. thank you so much for give me the opportunity to serve. >> thank you for the bottom of my e heart tom. >> thank you tom. >> thank you tom. >> thank you's be met thank you. >> congratulations tom perez is dnc chair. it's no secret that when you took over we have some work to edo. and that is why he made sure that any time someone walked into his office, they would see account down the wall that said days until t the weekend. he would say it to everyone, staff, donors and candidates. we have 200 days until the weekend. we have a hundred and 23 daysng until the weekend. of course tom was talking about, the time until the next
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election. heig wanted to keep people focused on the big goal, and man did it work. under tom's leadership, we took back the house, and the thete, and yes president. at the state level we flipped hundreds of state legislators. we gained the eightve government ships and one office up and down the ballot. we broke five republican super majorities and gained seven democratic ones. and somehow, i don't to think that tom ever get tired of all of the weddings. i think even his buffalo bills started winning playoff games. in all seriousness is a remarkable record and it testament to the resilience and the son of an immigrant who worked in the back of a distressed truck to help pay for college. when tom finished his time as my labor secretary i said he would go down as one of our best in her country had ever sthad. and now he will also go down as one of the best years of any party you've ever seen.
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i think all of this is possible because of the tireless dedication of the staff at the dnc. so to everyone who logs strong towers and strategizing organizing long events in colander donor lists and everything else. i simply want to say thank you and i hope you know that millions of americans thank you two. so tom, i hope you're proud of your legacy, i hope you're proud of the infrastructure that you built, and now i hope you can enjoy a nice long weekend. you've earned it. >> thank you please don't call me this sunday between 3:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock. east coast time. because for those of you my
10:22 pm
wife is from wisconsin, my father-in-law is a lifelong, was a lifelong season-ticket holder of the packers. he had tickets to the famous ice bowl game which was the famous game that the packers won and he didn't go to the game that sunday because he was a staunch catholic and he had forgotten to go to the vigil mass the day before. i explained to him that lambeau field is a place of worship and god would grant to sensation to him. but we didn't know each other back then. so over the past 35 years we've had a buffalo bills super bowl. and it's never been really really close to fruition until this weekend. and so we are going to be doing that this weekend. i'm really speechless from the nice tributes. so i think i'm just gonna stop there and say keep up the work
10:23 pm
i was actually trying to calculate how many days until november of 2022. but my math skills were not quick enough. i know you'll keep it up, no i will keep in touch and i hope when we get back in person i really want to go to the first in person meetings so that we can catch up in earnest. and celebrate, albeit belatedly, our friendships and partnerships. thank you. so i'm looking our next thing here, one of my last official duties is to announce the results of the election for the next flood of officers. as you know our rules of the d&c that we do need some time the first quarter sometime
10:24 pm
during thehe general election during the next term. when we win the general election, our traditions is at the dnc meets the day after the inauguration to let the officers know. the bylaws committee, led by the incomparable jim roosevelt in the incomparable lorraine miller and follow theha rules that govern this process and the approval of the proposed rule of of procedure. the first item on the ballot that i am pleased to say that was a vote of 318 and 15 opposed 11 abstaining as of thursday. the biden harris transition team announced the endorsed slate off officers. this group of officers led by our friends and family member jamie harrison, truly represents the best ofrt our party. this in these leaders know the importance of building on our party successes and are committed to continuing to build party infrastructure in the states and the other advances that we have achieved
10:25 pm
over the last four years. again i want to thank all of the outgoing officers and i want to say thank you to all of the incoming officers. wewe are replacing when a team with another 18. according to the rules and given the virtual nation of the meeting that dnc members were provided a ballot this thing of the candidates who are qualified to run for dnc officer. they were due by noon today and i was pleased to report and pleased to report that the following officers have been elected by a vote of 407 in favor and for a pose. and they are ready to serve our great party. her chair, jamie harrison. vice chair is mayor. governor governor, gretchen, jason ray secretary, virginia macgregor, treasurer earp, and
10:26 pm
chris courts national finance chair. in addition to these officers i'm pleased to announce that my dissent was reelected to the presidency of the association of the state democratic chair at the asd seat meeting held earlier today and will rejoin this amazing group of officers as an automatic vice chair. we are glad to have you back, can, it is my distinct honor now and privilege to turn this meeting over to my friends and our new chairman jamie harrison. mister chairman congratulations! and you are way over addressing me now. you're making me look bad. >> well tom, you know my mom is on and she's watching tonight so i need to make sure that i represent her. otherwise i was going to hear from her. good afternoon everyone, and thank you chair perez for the
10:27 pm
introduction. thank you to president biden and vice president harris for having the faith and confidence in me to lead our party and to serve our nation during this historic and uncertain times. most importantly, i want to think all of you my friends and colleagues. dnc members who are activists, organizers and community leaders, thank you for your support, for your vote and for your confidence. thank you for your inspiration as well. your commitment to service is a guiding light throughout my career and it shines even brighter now. i also want to think my wife marie. and our two beautiful boys and all of my family who are watching from across the country. if they want to thank them for their love and their unwavering support. thank you for always believing lwin me. i literally would not be here without all of you. and my friends and spite of everything that we have been
10:28 pm
through in the past year, i am excited. because today we are embarking upon a new mission, to build back the better and bring hope back to this great nation. to gather we are working to create opportunities so that morel people can tell stories similar to my own. as a son of a single mann in orangeburg south carolina i h.did not grow up with much. weiv lived with my grandparents and even though they worked hard we lived on food stamps and government assistance to make ends meet. my grandparents had to stop school in fourth grade and eighth grade. after i learned to read i would sue the kitchen table and help them read their bills each month. the words didn't always make sense to me, but their faces set everything. we didn't have the money to pay but regardless of what we were missing we always had our families. my family taught me to work hard, tell the truth, say what you mean a mean what you say.
10:29 pm
they showed me there's no greater honor than serving your community and anyway you can. i've dedicated my life to those values, and they will continue to shine through in my new role at the dnc. now, chair perez, tom you know you are a hard act to follow my friends. tom four years ago, we did not have the white house, we did not have d the house, and we do not have the senate. but under tom that all changed. from the organizing in every zip code in town we rebuilt her party from the ground up. and this was not an overnight success, it was hard work. it was the result of smart and strategic investment. it was the result of tireless grassroots organizing and so let me sayay that tom on the half of a very proud party thank you my friend. thank you. and thank you to all of our
10:30 pm
outgoing officers and the brilliant dnc staff and the tens of thousands of volunteers who have been working so long and so hard. thank you to our caucus and council chairs. you know the party and the country are all standing on your shoulders. we are all part of a movement that you all started. and we are not anywhere near done. i have no intention of letting victory turn into complacency. because we've seen what happens when we don't invest everywhere. i plan to get to work to lift up the biden harris administration and build onro our progress and strengthen our party. our records, 81 million of americans hear their voices and they cast their ballots for joe biden inc. can't camilla harris. they wanted new leadership in the white house. leadership grounded in hope and compassion. not intolerance and hate. leadership that unites and not
10:31 pm
divides, leadership that it based on science not falsehoods or conspiracy theories. leadership that sees them and valuesre them. yesterday we swore in those leaders at the united states capital and in doing so we usher in a new era of progress for our nation. and i know, that joe biden inc. camilla harris will lead the administration that will lead the fight for all americans. not just those that voted for them. there is the important work ahead of us as the president and the vice president outlined yesterday. this pandemic is nowhere to be done in our economy struggles and our crisis is demand bold action. and we as a party will fight to empower workers and to protect everyone's rights. the dnc will offer complete support to president biden vice president harris as they take on these challenges. in our work begins by building
10:32 pm
on the strategy like from chairs like pariahs, and my friend the late don powell. i am committed to a 50 states and seven territory strategy that takes no voter and no community for granted. we are done looking at the map, ignoring the red will be focus on a few purple areas. we are done with focusing and our cities and focus on the dirt roads. when i look at the map, i see an entire country that is set state. as my old boss used to say, we are no more or less than the sum of our experiences. and that is true with this country. we are no more, or less than the 50 states and seven territories. and in spite of our differences, our total is one big and beautiful nation. looking for leadership, looking for opportunity, looking for hope.
10:33 pm
my friends, and set of planning for the next cycle let's plan for the next ten years. n let's continue to invest, build and fortify infrastructure. we know progress that will come from a top down it comes from the bottom up. let's learn fromss the successors of organizers and maintain a constant presence in a a community. not just meeting up and leading up to the election because the democratic party can't just be a political organization, we have to be a community organization addressing the needs of people across this country. let's seize the advice of blocks, browns, asians,ow native organizers on the l ground and let's empower them and register voters in every part of the country. from cities to rural towns. we are the party of working people, and we cannot take themem for granted. it is on us to win back our brothers and sisters and their families. it's on us to take action for people of color who consistently give us their supports. it's on us to reach out to
10:34 pm
rural voters who don't fill her bar party. it's on us and spite of young people who just are starting out, whor place their prep trust in us. and we will not turn anyone away. just like our president, we will unites rather than divide. if you stand for opportunity, safety, and hope for a better future than youit stand with the democratic party. the america of 2030 will be built by the diverse and youthful democratic bench that we will build together. we will find and nurture talent on a local level and that will come by working closing with our stoughton state counterparts. as a former state party chair, i have no dissolutions or illusions of the challenges of the parties face each and every day. the success of the dnc, the success the democratic party, depend on the strength of our state departments. then i want to say something directly to every dnc member, being a dnc member will mean more than just sitting through a series of meetings a few
10:35 pm
times a year. through training and workshop committee work, we will help you shine brighter and louder. i will listen to you and support you to be at effective back in your communities. i will always be in your corner. you know my friend, the late john lewis once said, democracy is not to state it is an act. it is not guaranteed, it cannot be taken for granted. and we have a continue working at it to make it work. what happened at the capital two weeks ago was a stark reminder, we suffered an assault of the most important symbol of our democracy. i had the honor and privilege of serving under that dome for nearly a decade. and in the evening walking home and seeing a the dome lit up, a beacon of hope, i was humbled to work and to strive for the idea of government of, by, and for the people.t for me it was a reminder of doctor king's words, that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do
10:36 pm
that. my friends, the future of democracy is under assault. we cannot, we will not live with it. we all have a role to play in protecting our democracy. and i'm grateful to have such amazing team joining me on this journey. our vice chair, bare bottom, center duckworth, congressman, governor whitman, perez, virginia, mcgregor, they represent the diversity of our parsed parties grass roots. our turn secretary and our return finance chair, chris porch, all of them are dedicated public servants and savvy political lines. in all of them are patriots. patriots. you know, that word has been distorted in recent years. plans by those her harbor hates for any part of our country, that doesn't look, talk like and think like them.
10:37 pm
those who stormed the capital, those in congress and the white house who decided that the insurrection, they call themselves patriots. but we are not fooled by presidents who are dressed up in patriotism. because we know patriotism is not determined by the color of your skin, or the country of your origin, is not defined by the language you speak or the faith you practice, it is not decided by who you love or how you identify, no. the true measure of the patriot is once and it significant to the fundamental values of opportunity and democracy. it is believing that the american people can come together to achieve great things. it is believing in the endless possibilities of this country, a place where little brown headed boy from south carolina can grow up to work in the united states congress, run for senate, and serve as the chairman of the democratic
10:38 pm
national committee. it's about our dedication to building a more purposed future. that is what to make somebody patriots. that's what makes presidents bite and a patriot. that's what makes vice president harris a patriot. and i t am proud to join all of you, my fellow patriots in this fight. and i can't wait what we accomplish together. so ladies and gentlemen, i think what we are going to do is turn to the video that we will play next. so please enjoy this video that we will play right now. >> the people of this nation of spoken, joseph r biden junior is elected the 46th president of the united states. >> you ushered in a due day for america. >> camilla harris is set to become the first woman and
10:39 pm
first person of color to the vice president. >> we are right minded tonight of those who fought so hard to make this h happen,. >> joe biden has now made history he is now received the most votes in a presidential election. >> to our campaign staff and volunteers, poll workers andel election officials, and to the american people for turning out in record numbers to vote and make your voices heard. >> i will govern as an american to president, let this series of demonization will end here and now. >> you chose hope and unity, decency, science, and yes truth. >> we are always looking ahead, head to an america that is for your has more jobs, and america that has dignity and respect, the product and most diverse coalition in history. democrats, republicans, and depends, gay, straight, trent judge it, wait, latino, native american, and those moments of
10:40 pm
this campaign read is the african-american community stood up against and stood up for us. period and they all had in my back and i have yours. >> the road ahead will t not be easy. but america is ready. and so are joe and i. >> to someone who has become such a dear friend to someone who has inspired so many people with her emergence with her vice presidency of the united states, i were vice president please welcome the honorable camilla harris. >> thank you chairman, jamie harrison! it is so good to hear your
10:41 pm
voice, thank you for your years of leadership and in particular the way that you have organized democrats. i don't know if you heard me, did you hear me from the beginning? hi jamie, hello schumer. >> can you hear us? >> i can! thank youn, jamie harrison, chairman, for the introduction. i am so excited about your continued leadership for the democratic party. i have seen what you have done in south carolina and spending the time that i did that beautiful states, the people of south carolina know how you been a leader there and we are very fortunate to have you take on this new role. i want to thank tom perez for
10:42 pm
his steadfast leadership, these have not been and they have been difficult times by all measures, and yet throughout, tom you have done the work. you have been taking initiative and innovative in a way that brought the campaign in the election home. so congratulations to you tom for all your work, jamie, congratulations and welcome to the whole place. thank you for your continued focus on the people and the issues that matter most to them. fighting for working people, fighting for those who have been overlooked or left left out. fighting for what we need to do and for seeing the possibilities and fighting for our country in order to achieve that. thank you all, and i just want to say and i want to thank all of the officers past and present, wherever you are and everywhere that you are because joe and i. i would nott and be here without you.
10:43 pm
you all did the work, and you were not able to knock on doors y this year. but you called people, you texted people, you may not have been able to attend rallies in person but you zoomed in.nd you may not have it able to travel to wisconsin, but you created the best roll call that america has ever seen anywhere at any time. i'll never forget sitting in my sweats watching the roll call. while i was in delaware and it was so invigorating because you bring so much energy in class and to the work that you do. and in the end, more voters turned out on o the 2020 election than ever before. i want to thank you all. we have such great victories and we've also had great loss. the president and i as you know we join together with all of you from around the country to memorialize and to remember
10:44 pm
the over 400,000 folks who have passed away this year. from covid-19. but we also remember that in addition folks like chairman, who for all of his years, he showed up everywhere all of the time. whether he was carrying a a title or not. so i do want to mention him and just.out who we are is a party and the kind of leadership that we have had and continue to have in you. so thank you all for all that you have done. today wasul our first full day of work for me and the president and you h heard the president say yesterday and the inauguration speech that thehe cove's crisis the resulting economic crisis, the economic crisis, the climate crisis, the racial inequality crisis, and they require urgent access.
10:45 pm
twenty-four hours in the president has already been asking, we rejoined the international climate agreement, we were first the refugee band, and today we are working to change the course of the pandemic. for more testing and more protective of public health standards. and of course we are also looking as we should, multitasking, and into the future. and that's about our plan to bring broadband to every corner of the country, which is i know something jamie and so many others, are concerned about. we have plans to take on child poverty and to reform or criminal c justice at them in and fix our broken immigration system and soo much more. this is what i call american aspiration, give a speech about that last night. because what i see, is our ability to understand and to perceive what can be unburdened by what has been. it's about the determination to do, not just the dream, but to do. even in hard times, especially in hard times, and i will tell
10:46 pm
you yesterdaydi in addition to being inaugurated as your vice president, i then wentn over to my old stomping grounds at thehe united states senate to swear in our three new senators. and that was a joy for me, it was my replacement in california, the first latino to hold the position of united states senator. alex from california, and then of course the victory that you all were part of in georgia. and that was reverent and jon ossoff. and it was quite a sight that those threee incredible leaders to be sworn in at one time as my first official act after being sworn in p as vice presidents. so, thank you all we have a lot to be proud of and a lot more to do and iorward to working with you and of course the president looks forward to look working with you and again we both think you so very muchor well and
10:47 pm
chairman harrison congratulations again. >> thank you madame vice president, thank you for just inspiring so many of us. his speaking for us and fighting for us. we got your back madam vp, and if you need anything we are right here and we are just a call away and thank you again for everything you are doing and will do for our great nation. >> thank you, thank you, i'll see you soon i hope. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> such aou great honor to have our vice president to be a part of these meetings. you know, i was also honored when i got the call from president biden. to serve and to serve as chair of the democratic natiol committee. i look forward to working with him and thehe team to make sure that we all are doing all that we can to support the
10:48 pm
important work that they are doing to build that better. we are living in an unprecedented times, and have extraordinary challenges facing our country. ii know that we all agree that the biden harris administration will work tirelessly to unify our nation and to tackle what challenges we face. please join me in welcoming, president joe biden for an important message to alomar dnc members. >> hi everyone, thank you for tom perez and everybody. and congratulations to jamie harrison andnd the entire slate of vice chairs and officers. folks, we have the broadest and most diverse coalition ever and we will do it again with the strong dnc working together with state parties, we can truly unite the country. i know we can. despite everything, i had never been more optimistic about the future of america, so let's get to work. raise your right hand and
10:49 pm
repeat after me i chose to our biden junior do solemnly swear. >> i, harris do swear that i will faithfully execute. >> the office. >> unable support and support and defend the constitution of the united states. against threats foreign and domestic,. >> that i will bear, will to the best of my ability serve, protect, andhe defend the constitution that states. >> in and take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of invasion i will round slate the duty of the office which i'm about to enter. so help me god. >> so help me god today my whole goal is this.og bring in america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. without unity there is no peace only bitterness and
10:50 pm
fury. no progress only exhausting outrage, this is our historic moment of crisis and challenge. in unity and unity is the path forward. we will get this through this together, together. tothis will be the story that guides us, the story that inspires us, and the story that tells ages yet to come that we answer the call of history we met the moments with mock receipt, hope, truth, and justice did not die in our watch but it thrived. america's secure liberty at home has stood once again is a beacon to the world. may god bless america, and may god protect her troops. thank youct america.
10:51 pm
thank you to president biden and president and vice president harris for joining us today. i don't know about you but after these past four years i am more determined than ever to do all that i can support this administration because there's so much that we have to do to restore hope in our country. at this time, i will recognize and that there's a few announcements of four members. secretary. >> thank you mister chair thank you voll remembers for joining us today i want to start quickly by thinking the staff in the office of secretary, and the entire dnc staff and their help and us working and pulling off this meeting today. in unprecedented times, so think you tremendously door staff at the d&c for their work. to getting forward to work with all of our members, as you heard chair harrison say and put our dnc
10:52 pm
members to work and in short order. you can. get involved in plug-in and support the administration and build it back up. with that mister chair will turn it back to you. thank you for all that you do. >> we have come to the end of our agenda and i'm so honored to be working with you looking time that wee can all be together in person. i think that many of you can drink. but i think in the meantime i know that you will join me in the work of supporting the biden harris administration and building our party's infrastructure. in helping electoc democrats and red, purple, and blue states all over this country. before we conclude this meeting, i would like to think the dnc staff, our production team, and our sign language interpreters for all of their work in making this meeting happen. i want to thank w you all again as well, our dnc vice chairs,
10:53 pm
chairs, executive directors, council and caucus chairs, and all of our committee leaders and chairs. for all that you have done all of the time i am looking forward to really rolling up our sleeves and working with you to build back better our nation and democratic party. since there is no further business that this meeting is adjourned so we can all get back to work. c with that god bless you all, and take care i will see you at her next dnc meeting.
10:54 pm
not every government decision, and he will be blamed for every government's decision but the president precious time should be in men and made to making tough presidential decisions and getting ready to make tough presidential decisions rather than making governmental decisions. when is your job to make sure that people who are making government's decisions can the right way. from c-span, you get your podcasts. the second impeachment of performance president trump alludes to the senate is that body receives house peach meant members. the trail officially began with mister raskin reading the resolution accusing the former president of high crimes and misdemeanors, stemming from the january attack on the us capitol. here's mister raskin leading the eight other impeachment managers to the capital and onto the senate


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