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tv   House Minority Leader Mc Carthy Holds Press Briefing  CSPAN  January 21, 2021 11:38am-11:59am EST

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go down that road but i think the republicans definitely didn't realize what they were getting into and definitely there's a lot of people loyal to trump and not republican. i don't want to go down that way. >> i guess it is still good morning. this week the united states completed the process of transitioning to a new president and i want to congratulate president biden and vice president harris and i want to thank donald trump and vice president pence for their service to this country and the many achievements their administration was able to achieve. in four years we were able to build the greatest american economy we have seen in a generation, strengthen our military, past historic piece deals, secure the southern
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border and ratify the united states mexico trade agreement. there was change of political party in the white house, the problems we need to address still impact americans, republican, democrat and independent alike need to work together. president biden takes over at a time when america needs to get back to work, get kids back to school and get every american vaccinated. this is an immediate national priority. we must ask the plan for the biden administration or helping the american people who need it most. we are helping businesses reopen getting america back to work. are we helping students get back into the classroom? after many and millions of kids have been learning from behind computers, almost nearly a year. are we helping individuals especially are most at risk population to gain access to a vaccine.
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that is why i was disappointed to see within hours of assuming office the new administration was more interested in helping illegal immigrants than helping our own citizens. more interested in virtual signals to the climate activists and union workers were building the keystone pipeline. more interested in appeasing the who getting to the bottom of how china does this. a panel established by the who itself. the organization failed to act quickly, and instead of reform it is the wrong signal the biden administration is awarding failure. these are the wrong priorities at the wrong time. americans need help at home and that is where the focus must remain. congress needs to step up as well but instead you heard the
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majority party telling us to go home. one day into a new administration, one day they are the majority in the house, just became the majority in the senate, just sworn into the white house, they tell us to go home already canceling a scheduled work week next week. i can promise you this which when republicans are in the majority we will not take the first week off. we will keep the commitment to america we promised and that is what we will do. republicans are here ready to work, put kids back in school and get a vaccine to every person who wants one. to me, that is a unity agenda, to me is a priority americans want to see out of washington. you tell people to go home and not work, if your focus is more
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on the paris accord, ending the keystone pipeline, those were not the achievements americans want to see. i will take questions. >> your conference seems to be in a split because the freedom caucus members are circulating petitions, calling your conference chairman to resign from her post and democrats who are calling for a censure of two members. will your conference come together to stand behind two members being called on to be censured and where are you as far as leadership is concerned, there is a split as far as you guys are concerned on impeachment. is there any unity whatsoever in congress? >> it is different within our
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party and others, people have differences of opinion. we will have a conference this week, we will answer the questions everybody has, this is the same leadership team with ranking members and others, 5 seats away from winning the majority, we allow differences of opinion, they are welcome but i think there are questions that need to be answered, the style in which things are delivered. at the end of the day we will unify because our policies -- to we have growing pains? yes but we will do it in the private manner of a conference we hold every time. >> willis cheney remain conference chair or no? >> yes. >> after the riders -- rioters came to the u voted to resolve in pennsylvania and arizona signed on to the lawsuit to invalidate the election and waited until a couple weeks ago
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to declare joe biden won the election. do you regret the role you played? >> i denounce anybody, denounce it now and denounce it in the summer, denounce it when it happened last night in portland and seattle as well. i am very consistent but what i vote on was not to overturn an election because it wouldn't. it would not overturn. i signed on to amicus with the same question, a constitutional question, did a legislature have the right to make any changes. the same thing that happened in the last 3 presidential elections, the same thing nancy pelosi sat on the floor when she said this is democracy. it is different than what jim clyburn voted to overturn ohio, it would change the outcome of the presidential election. let's be clear on what we did. my was based on policy and principle, i would stay the course.
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i have always denounced what individuals did here, what they did in the summer and they did last night as un-american and undemocratic and anybody involved should be prosecuted. i have been clear about that from day one. >> why didn't you say the election was free and fair? >> are you concerned about fundraising this quarter but corporate taxes are not going to support people who he read -- elected -- objected to the electoral college result? >> do you think members of congress who had any role on what happened on january 6th should be prosecuted? >> any member who participated in breaking the law or rioting, anybody should be held accountable. i do not know of any member who has done that. this is why i called last week for a bipartisan commission. we should get to the bottom of it. there are so many questions
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that need to be answered, so many questions. i read in the paper that the fbi prior to any rally had information that something was going to happen and conveyed that to the capital police. i want to know why was the republican leader not notified of that? why was i not notified? even though i had house administration attend a meeting where they said they had correct preparation, they knew the national guard and others, the national guard called soon enough, was it brought forward soon enough, was there a reason the national guard -- a reason something happened from the summer of why they were not brought up sooner. i was told protector what doors could not be opened or penetrated. there's a lot of planning and the only way to answer these questions is through a bipartisan commission. let's have all the facts before
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we accuse anybody of anything but based upon the fact that acknowledge what we need to know. >> leader mcconnell said former president trump and other important people provoked those folks to come to the capital. do you believe trump provoked? >> i don't believe he provoked it if you listen to what he said at the rally. >> what role should donald trump have in the republican party going forward? >> every former president has a role in the party, this president brought a lot of great success, brought people to the party who hadn't been involved before and he should continue to engage in that way but one thing, what should the republican party, who should be the leader within the party? one thing we learned in the last four years is listening to voices no one else was hearing.
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the administration, 11 million americans out of work right now. to millions of parents who want to have children go to school to get an education, and without any accountabilities or answers, building the keystone pipeline, lowering energy costs, make us less dependent on the middle east, america became energy independent just about a year ago. why are we moving backwards? why make the costs higher?
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those are the people both parties should be listening to. things that should be working. when they hear the majority leader and the speaker of the house say take the next week off, probably very concerned about both parties. when they hear the first actions are not about getting the economy moving they wonder who is listening in washington. i will promise you this, we are listening and we will take action. >> with democrats holding the balance of power what is the future of the hyde amendment? >> the hyde amendment should not just be an american issue, regardless where you fall on this position, taxpayers money be spent, the hyde amendment has been agreed to for decades not just for republicans but republicans and democrats. they voted for it many times. it would be interesting if
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people change their opinion now. that seems pretty political to me, on what your principles stand for. i hope you have a great week. >> the u.s. senate is about to gavilan in a few minutes. lawmakers will offer general speeches and we could see more biden administration confirmation votes but none are currently scheduled. watch the senate live coming up at noon eastern on c-span2. >> roxanne is in maine, good morning. >> caller: the collar from south carolina, i listened to every word he said and i agree with him totally.
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>> host: roxanne in maine, democrat, good morning. >> caller: good morning. the caller from south carolina, i listened to every word he said and i agree with him totally. i found such calming yesterday which has not been felt in a good two years which i have been on edge, i don't follow the politics ever. only the last four years, because i understood what was going to happen. you can't allow someone to continue to divide and i saw so much division over the past few years. it has been very upsetting. people need to be heard.
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that's not the answer to all the anger. people need to be heard but talk to each other. give joe biden a chance. please. if anybody can stop -- give joe biden a chance. >> host: our previous caller before roxanne concerned how a caller described joe biden's policy when it came to the hyde amendment, just to clear that up, that issue coming up yesterday during jen szaki's -- dodging a question on the abortion policy, owen jensen asked about, quote, two big
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concerns for pro-life america during the press briefing, asking about the hyde amendment which bans the use of federal funds for abortion and the mexico city policy which bars foreign organizations from receiving us funding, providing abortions. biden they say, they go on to quote her in that briefing saying we will have more to say on the policy in the coming days but i will remind all of you that he is a devout catholic and attends church regularly, he started the day attending church with his family yesterday morning but don't have anything more for you on those questions, that might be where the confusion came from from the two collars. denise out of linden, michigan, good morning. >> i'm calling about -- i can't say the word right, people being hypocrites. we have people saying the republicans won and donald trump won by 74 million votes,
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there are 81 million votes for biden. everyone needs to calm down, give joe a little bit of time. the senate needs to come together and stop fighting and be adults and our country might come back. donald trump divided our country so bad, we need to be proud americans which what happened at the capital was horrible. everyone needs to stop. take a breath and allow our country to come back together. thank you. >> host: denise in linden, michigan this morning. the national popular vote tracker 81,281,000 votes in the election, 2020, for joe biden, 74,222,000 votes in this country for donald trump.
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the political report breakdown the national popular vote. taking your phone calls and as we do, show you how the inauguration of joe biden is playing in newspaper headlines from around the world, show you a few of those as we hear more from your calls including john in brewster, massachusetts, a republican, go ahead. >> caller: good morning. what a day. the deal is i am listening to all these people and i will repeat some things people said. as far as being a republican, the man from pennsylvania, i appreciate that, you will probably question to you. i'm a never trump is about er. i voted for johnson wells. i had to vote democrat all the way down the line just to show
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the republican party needs to think about what they are doing. i don't want to be a democrat but i can't stand a democrat party but let me tell you something, republican party just jumped off a cliff. it is crazy. for all you people out there listen to the guy the talked about the news, news stations are not real good. there are a lot of opinions out there. they are not lying, there's just a lot of opinions. you need to pay attention to what you are reading more than anything. joe biden, that me tell you, we need to start thinking what we are going to do for the next election because we can't have joe biden for another four years after this. kamala harris isn't going to get it. we all know that. i don't mean she's a bad person. she is not a good choice. the american people are not going to do it. she's too smart, has too many problems with her job in california. >> host: a republican you think would win the nomination in 2024? >> caller: it is killing me. i was a john kasich fan, he was the guy i wanted to see be
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president. there was a guy that would have pulled himself together. the republican party, here i am, i vote republican because i can't stand the democratic party and this is been going on for a long time, not 5 or 6 years. both sides of been going downhill. as far as trying to find somebody, the man i was talking about to flip the party and vote in your primaries and all that, we've got to figure it out. we have to pull somebody we really depends on into these primaries on both sides. i don't mean just republican. >> host: is there anybody like that you can name on the republican side? >> caller: adam kin! er, he's not going to be president next term but here is could. i will be honest i liked
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buttigieg. i thought pete buttigieg - he had his things, i don't mean that he is gay, he went to harvard, but there was a man who had some information he was trying to get out to people and i listened to him. >> host: will you watch his confirmation hearing coming up in an hour and a half? >> caller: i am going to work. >> host: what work are you win? >> caller: i have a farm and garden and landscape cavity on cape cod. covid-19, unfortunately for everybody that had problems with it, covid-19 -- a bonus for me. >> host: carlisle of millington, michigan, massachusetts as well, independent.
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>> caller: thank you for c-span. with joe biden in their it is going to be more peaceful domestically. i don't think you will have all the rioting, protesting but corporate warmonger. we are going to run into problems internationally. i don't want to get weird, spiritual with karma and all this but we will cause problems all over the world and it is going to come back sooner or later to bite us. that is just my opinion. >> host: now to michigan, randy, a democrat, good morning. >> caller: i would like to start by thanking you and all the other men and women who bring us this great program, you're doing a great service for the nation. >> host: appreciate that. >> caller: i would like to start -- >> u.s. senate is coming into session, lawmakers will offer general


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