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tv   President Biden Signs Executive Orders  CSPAN  January 20, 2021 10:31pm-10:36pm EST

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>> you are watching c-span2, unfiltered view of government. c-span duke was created by america's cable television company. today we are brought to you by these television companies to provide c-span2 two beers as a public service. ♪♪ >> first day of office, president biden signed, mandated people wear a mask on all federal properties. speaking about the letter by president trump calling it very generous. >> first of many here. time to wait and get immediately. we are going to sign orders over
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the next several days and weeks. a crisis of covid and covid-19 along with economic crisis and climate crisis. we are going to combat climate change in ways we have not before. we will support underserved communities what i said throughout the campaign. there will be a lot of focus on this and i think some of the things we are going to do will be bold and there's no time to start like today. what i will be doing, today's
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executive action, i'll start keeping the promises i have made. the first order i will sign here as i said all along, mandating social distancing be kept on federal property. what i am saying here is the support for underserved communities and on make sure we have better equity a quality as it remains to not only treat people in healthcare and other
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things and third the climate accord as of today. >> mr. president -- the president wrote a very generous letter. it is private. i will not talk about it until i talked to him but it's generous. >> regarding this cash -- [inaudible] >> let's go, let's go.
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>> thank you. thank you so much. >> president joe biden held a virtual swearing-in ceremony from the state dining room of the white house. the address nearly 1000 appointees and staff. >> ladies and gentlemen. the president of the united states. >> hello, kathy. >> good evening, everyone. on behalf of the white house office of presidential personnel, i am delighted to welcome you for the swearing-in of the day one appointees of applied in paris administration we are joined by hundreds of white house staff and hundreds more agency appointees, a


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