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tv   Washington Journal Alex Bolton  CSPAN  October 20, 2020 3:14am-3:24am EDT

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enormous debt they can never service but the collapse under the influence and control of china. we can do it but we need allies to do it and leadership, leadership. >> thank you, sir. ambassador, final word. >> both parties have pronounced tendencies to say let's just focus on domestic issues. let's forget about all the stuff internationally. and the fact is we can have a strong position in the world as a whole unless we have a strong economy at home. but make no mistake without a strong american prisons around the world, we will not have a strong society and economy here period. >> very interesting discussion. thank you so much for joining me today. it's really fascinating. and thank you all out there. i think the atlantic council for hosting this timely event. everyone have a great day and
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stay safe wait for you for a few minutes to let us know what your top issue is. we will talk about matters of the supremeof court. amy coney barrett had her hearings last week. that process resumes this week. senior reporter from the hill. good morning. thanks for joining us. guest: good morning. host: walk us through the next steps. what's going on behind the scenes as the week starts off? next steps are october 22, there will be of vote in committee on her nomination. she's expected to get every single republican vote. isry single democrat expected to vote against her. is goingonnell says he to take up her nomination on the floor friday.
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what that means is he is going to file cloture. the expectation is there would be a procedural vote. intervening day for the vote. if mcconnell could speed things up by keeping the senate over the weekend, the expectation is he files on friday. on tuesday. the final up or down vote will be wednesday. senators 30ive hours of debate to talk about the nomination. then it's in the books. strategy goinghe into next week? guest: there's not a lot they
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can do. graham has blocked in the vote for the 22nd. typically what happens, democrats hold over the nomination for an extra week. that's not going to happen. graham has locked in the vote. there is nothing they can do. boycotting the meeting on the 22nd. willepublican say they rewrite the rules. rule that yourum need to have minority members present to vote on something. deprive the to republicans of the quorum, it won't make any difference. they will vote on a new set of rules. that is something ted cruz has said, he's been in contact with
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lindsey graham. they will do whatever it takes to get this moving. democrats have said there is no procedure to stop this. host: this is alex bolton of the hill. morning,a story this when it comes to looking at joe biden and chuck schumer in the senate and what might happen if the democrats win the white house and the senate. could you talk about this? one of the big stories coming out of the confirmation hearings is you calling for dine feinstein to step down as a top democrat of the committee. it's a preview of the headaches that biden and schumer will face
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if they do win. if democrats take back the senate, if biden's president, there are expectations. forhave groups gunning dianne feinstein after she at the end of the hearing, praise lindsey graham for his leadership. was what 25 years ago it was not so remarkable. the committee has been wracked by acrimony going back to brett kavanaugh and before. after she did that, you had groups calling for her head. that democratic
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activists and some of these ,unior firebrands in the caucus they are not any mood to conciliate with the republicans. they want to get things done. they want bold change. there isoes to show pressure on schumer right off the bat to move ahead with withuster reform, to move old change. there will be pressure for medicare expansion. thee will be pressure for public option or repealing the trump tax cuts. there hasn't been a lot of talk about what the governing strategy is going to be for
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democrats. they haven't talked much about the agenda. there is somet tension between the establishment and the activist groups. them byun afoul of doing something as minor as it's a lindsey graham, call for you to be stepped down. i think it's a tough call for schumer. the first group that called for her was to man justice, a group that opposed trump nominees. it's a relatively new group. other groups, a major group in the democratic think that becomes very tough. back theemocrats win white house and the senate, it's
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not going to be peachy keen. there will be internal arguments that we haven't begun to see. we are starting to. host: if you want to read the story for coronavirus.
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the aspen institute hosted this discussion. >> we will now moveir


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