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tv   U.S. Senate U.S. Senate  CSPAN  October 19, 2020 7:53pm-8:01pm EDT

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judiciary committee in every single democrat is expected to vote against her. and then mitch mcconnell says he is going to take up her nomination on the floor friday, october 23. so what that means is that he is going to file on her. so the expectation then is there would be a procedural vote on advancing the nomination on the floor. a closure vote on tuesday an intervening day between when it is invoked and when it's filed and voted on. and so via investment mcconnell could speed things up by keeping the senate in over the weekends for the expectation is he close on friday the 23rd. the voucher to advance and donation is on tuesday. and then there would be the final upper down vote for amy county baird on wednesday. and said that would basically give the democratic senators
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30 hours to talk about a nomination. and then it is in the books. >> host: so what's them for the democrats involved in this process? what is the strategy of the speed going into next? >> guest: this not a lot they can do. grandma slapped in the vote for the 22nd. typically what happens is democrats on the committee hold over a nomination for an extra week. but that is not going too happen. graham has locked the vote for the 22nd. there is really nothing they can do. they can try boycotting the meeting on the 22nd. but the republicans say they're going to rewrite the rules. there's a corm rule in the committee you need to have minority members present to vote on something. if the democrats skip to
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deprive the republicans of that corm does not make a difference. they'll vote on a new set of rules. that is something that ted cruz member of the judiciary committee has said to keep in contact with lindsey graham they're going to do whatever it takes to get this nomination moving. some democrats have been saying for weeks that there is no procedural silver bullet to stop this. so it is moving for praise >> this is alex bolton of the hill joining us for he is a senior reporter. you have a story this morning, to change topics a little bit about looking at the joe biden and chuck schumer and the senat senate. and possibly might happen if the democrats are due when, not only the white house but the senates. could you talk a little bit about the story and its importance? >> guest: yes. one of the big stories coming out of the barrett confirmation hearings issue have two groups in particular
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calling for senator dianne feinstein tost step down as the top democrat of the judiciary committee. it is a preview of the headaches that biden and schumer are going to face if they do win big on election day, as is expected. ifra democrats take back the senate, if biden is president, there are a lot of big expectations. the fact that you have groups gunning for dianne feinstein at the end of the amy county baird hearing she prays lindsey graham for his leadership and said some of the r the best hearing she had been a part of and hugged him. this is kind of what 20 years ago or 25 years ago it would have been not so remarkable display of bipartisanship or at least trying too mend some fences on a committee that iss been wracked by i think acrimony going back to
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kavanaugh and before. i'm talk about the brats kavanaugh confirmation hearing of 2018. after she did that you had bruce calling for her head. it goes to show that liberals, democratic activists, groups on the left and also some of these may be junior firebrands in the democratic caucus, they are not in any mood for the republicans. they are in a mood too get things done. and they want bold change. and so itha chose to goes to show there is pressure on schumer right off the back if he wantsad the majority to move ahead with filibuster reform. there's going to be pressure to move with bold change for there's going to be pressure for medicare expansion parade there's going to be pressure for maybe not medicare for all that may be too ambitious. things like the public option
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or repealing i'm sorry it trumps tax cuts. the 2017 tax cuts and jobs act would repeal that right away. there's not been a whole lot of talk about what the governing strategy would be. the focus has mainly been on trump. this shows there is some right now between the establishment and the activistt groups. you do something as minor as chairman lindsey graham, they are going to coffee to step down as the next chairman. i think it is a really tough call for schumer. it's one thing when the first group came out convert dianne neinstein to step down and demand justice. this opposed trump nominees. it's a relatively new group.
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it is profile but you have meanwhile pro-choice america group a major group in the democratic coalition and stepping up for the call for resignation. i think that then becomes very tough. i think even if democrats win back the white house and the senate it is not going to be peachy keen. there's a lot of internal divisions and arguments that we have not even begun to see. and we are starting to with the trouble with dianne feinstein price to act this is on the hill website read it for your selfie is a senior reporter for the publication. mr. bolton thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. : :
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brendan carr is one of five federal communications commission committee members and he is one of three republicans on the commission as well in the majority and he is our guest this week on "the communicators". permission or -- commissioner car, not the politics but the mechanics but what happens to the commission if there is a change in administration after november 3? >> guest: thank you so much, peter, for having me on. five of us are commissioners of the fcc and we serve staggered terms so every year one mem


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