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tv   U.S. Senate GOP Whip Thune Not Surprised by Lack of GOP Support  CSPAN  July 29, 2020 7:03pm-7:11pm EDT

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so this absurd, nasty insinuation by the republican leaders not pass the laugh test by the fact that leader mcconnell would even consider the idea that political party might demand nice support for theor american people in order to help win an election says more about the republican leader than anybody else. >> the democratic leader indicated the republican bill is not a serious bill. frankly, i think it could be argued that the bill he has endorsed pass by the house of representatives was not a serious bill. it was about three and half trillion dollars, which would make it about a trillion dollars larger loan the massive coronavirus relief bill he passed unanimously the senate back in march. that bill at the time for a lot of people represented something unlike anything they've ever seen before in terms of scale and scope.
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the expanse of all the issues it addressed and i think in many respects it was a bill that most members believed at the time we need to get as much expected entrance out there as we could and as a consequence of that there is broad support for that. we'll see several months later 's that enables us to look at what might be effective, what works what habit works, have a lot of input from state an schools, hospitals have been impacted by the virus and able to respond to his or has already been done by congress in terms ofoi assistance. so i think at this point my look at what the greatest needs are its pretty clear we have to do something that will provide a safety net assistance for those who have lost jobs in the forman of unemployment insurance.
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think there is a commitment on both sides to address that. i would argue that the proposal advanced by the democrats would just be ain continuation of the existing program, is not one i think most people across this country thanks is wise policy. and certainly to the degree that provides incentive forit people to stay home and not go back to work. disincentive to work pretty think that is something this legislation ought to address. that's a widely held view not just by republicans by democrat democrats. there are democrats are in the senate, democrats in the house, democrats saying the existing unemployment needs to be modified, needs to be reformed companies be revised. the question has been raised at whatt level. it strikes me at least we ought not be putting a benefit out of that exceeds the amount people would make if they were actually working.
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because what that essentially says is those who are working, those who stayed in the workforce and are basically paying benefits to those who did not when in fact if there wasde a benefit that exceeded the amount they made when they were working, they might get back in the workforce of those jobs become available again. that's certainly something we would to incentivize. i would help in any deal that isan struck, as we address unemployment insurance for your come up with a solution that does tailor it to get people back to work.ha we went out policies ande create jobs. i think that something that ought to be first and foremost in this bill. b indicated that should be about kids getting back to school in the fall. ship ought to be about healthcare, it ought to be about therapeutic similar testing, better testing. and it ought to be about ultimately helping to get a vaccine. then the meantime addressing
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the needs of our providers, doctors and nurses. nursing home caregivers on the front lines. those are things, the priorities that ought to be in this bill. there spun a broom for bipartisan cooperation. but it will take that. it also strikes me with the suggestion that you have to do more.arise isn't always necessarily a sound approach. in fact i would argue anything we do right now ought to be targeted. ought to be focus on those who have needs. if it does assistance to state and localyt governments to those creating small jobs. anything we do at this point ought to be based and predicated upon the needs. and we need to have it for the funds going out there. impression is that the more we spend the better it
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i don't think the american people subscribe to that deal? i think they realize likeer i do that we are operating in an environment we have 26 trillion-dollar debt. already added this week because of the first coronavirus bill how about another $3 trillion to that debt. increase the that gdp ratio up to over one 100% if you know that is dangerous territory to look at any metric in history. i would argue madam president the approach we take right now comment ought to be focused, not to be targeted, taught to be measured, it ought to be directed to those who really have the needs by that i mean people who are unemployed through unemployment insurance comment ought to be to small businesses were trying to keep their employees employed. in trying to get back and going again and creating jobs. it ought to be healthcare are arguing with the frontline crisis. on also the heavy investment we need to make an ultimate solution was to be the vaccine.
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and of course in terms of the fall, getting people back to school. that entails a whole lot more testing for those are all things that are included in the bill that was put forth by the republicans. most of the democratic objections to that bill is not generous enough. will again, i think we have to be very, very careful. very, very thoughtful. aware and conscious of the factor operating in a time we have $26 trillion in debt. for every dollar we spend is a borrowed dollar. i would need to be effective, surgical, targeted, and wise about how we spend the american people's hard-earned tax dollar dollars. so, i am hopeful these discussions will lead to a solution paired we knew right away there weren't going to be -- there wasn't going to be unanimous support for this. it's not like the last time
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around. i have said all along i would not expect every republican to support a bill that came out and released a couple days ago. i think it's a starting point and i hope the democrats will negotiate in good faith and not simply try to raise the ante because they have a bill that is already passed the house at three to have trillion dollars. that to me, not to mention the size of it, but also the components of it was a very irresponsible bill. it was not a serious bill. the fact that it mentions the word cannabisns more times than mentions the word jobs, i think gives you all you need to know about how serious that effort was. but there is a place we can land that addresses critical elements i mention. i hope not withstanding the were hearing from theea democratic leader that democrats will enter in


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