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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Next Coronavirus Relief Bill  CSPAN  July 23, 2020 5:25pm-5:39pm EDT

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quorum call? the presiding officer: no. mr. mcconnell: mr. president, as i said tuesday, our nation stands at a critical midway stands at a critical midway mr. president as i said tuesday our nation stands at a critical midway point in our fight against coronavirus. we made it through theri springtime lockdown. americans sacrificed and saved our medical system and the historic cares act helped millions of families make it through. this terrible virus is still with us. it kills more americans every day. some areas that have reopened have seen cases fight or their iders especially our full mobile citizens are nowhere near out of the woods. meanwhile although the early days of ourec economic recovery
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have beaten expectations and surprise the experts we have really only begun to repair the damage. more than 17 million other americans are still jobless. far tooil many families are stil hurting. this is not over. america's fight continues and support for her people must continue as well. the senate majority has assembled the framework of cares to be the administration has requested additional time to review the findings but we will be laying down this proposal early next week. we have an agreement in principle on the shape of the package. it is the framework that will enable congress to enable more relief to the american people that is tailored precisely to this phase of the crisis.
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chairman grassley alexander collins rubio shell bead blunt and senators cornyn have each spearheaded a part of cares to and so on monday the committee chairman and republican members will introduce each camp on it. the sum of these efforts will be a strong targeted piece of legislation aimed direct we at the challenges we face right now. mr. president our country is at a middle ground between strict lockdowns of a few months ago and a future day when the vaccine will put all this finally behind us. our project now is to build a middle ground that is smart and safe but more sustainable. we are still waging a health care war against the virus and we cannot let up on that.
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we need to continue to strengthen the defenses we have built encouraging mask wearing reporting testing and raising -- racing towards treatment. atre the same time we need to gt back on offense. we need to carefully but proactively step back toward normalcy. this disease has already stolen the lives of more than 140,000 americans. it has stolen half a year of our national life. we cannot let the robbery continue without a fight. we cannot let this pandemic rob us and definitely about children's education and the likelihood of 17 million americanan workers. we need to get americans back to work and school while continuing to fight for our nation's health. that is what cares ii is
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designed to do. our proposal will not waste the american people's time with go nowhere socialist plans. we are not choreographing political stunts or teeing up the same partisan trench warfare. our proposal will focus on three things, jobs and health care. number one, a function of society needs to educate his children and young adults. our kids need us to invest in their future and working parents face uncertainty. we need as many k-12 schools colleges and universities as possible to be safely welcoming students this fall. chairman alexander chairman shelby and chairman blunt are finalizing an ambitious package of funding policies to help our schools reopened. they will lay out a reopening
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related funding package for schools and universities north of $100 billion. that's more money than a house democrats proposed for a similar fund.rt there will be several important policies to help childcare providers grant flexibility to elementary and secondary schools and more. number two, jobs and the economy. two provisions of the cares act works especially well to help households stay afloat and help as many workers as possible stay employed. as chairman grassley will explain republicans won't send the second round of direct payment to american households and senator collins and senator rubio have crafted a sequel to their historic and incredibly successful paycheck rejection it would give the hardest hit
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small businesses an opportunity to receiveoa a second loan if ty continue to pay their workers. we also intend to continue temporary federal supplements to unemployment insurance while fixing the obvious craziness of paying people more to remain out of the workforce. small-business owners across the country have explained how this slows rehiring and recovery. we are going to provide help but make sure it ensures reopening the economy. temporary relief relief cannot be her endgame. americans cannot just scrape i pray they want to thrive again. they want a roadmap to the incredible job market we had just a few months ago. chairman grassley will also lay out policies to incentivize encourage rehiring of laid-off americans and help this has is obtained ppe and
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supplies to protect their employees and entice customers. think of it this way mr. president.d in the spring our economy needed support and today while continuing to support families we must also get the economy into physical therapy so it can actually regain its strength. and finally looking to the long-term the covid covid-19 crisis has weakened the critical federal trust funds that americans rely on. as senator romney will explain our proposal includes a nonpartisan bill cosponsored by senate democrats to help a future congress to evaluate a proposal for protecting the programs that americans count on. now our third policy, our third pillar is the most important of
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all, health care. our entire reopening of recovery depends on stopping -- knocking this entire virus onto its heels so as chairman alexander blunt and grassley will explain cares ii will continue to treat the root causes of this medical crisis. more resources for hospitals and health care workers, more help to keep spreading toward diagnostic treatment and vaccines, new policies to shield a spike in medicare premiums and new legislation that will leave us with better surge capacity to produce medical countermeasures right heret at home the next tie a crisis strikes. there is one more essential element that ties schools jobs and health care altogether.
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legal protections to prevent our historic recovery efforts from simply lining the pockets of trial lawyers. we will preserve accountability in cases i of actual gross negligence or intentional. but we are going to make sure that nurses and doctors of an unknown enemy are not swamped by a tidal wave of malpractice suits. we will make sure that school districts, colleges, churches, non-profits and employers that obey official guidance did not have to delay reopening to go as they are afraid they will spend 10 years in court. so this is where senate republicans are focused. more support for health care, more direct help for american families and strong policies to help our country. it into a savory opening. we will propose to continue to
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renew some of the most successful cares ii policies while adding bold new ideas to help get schools and jobs open for the american people. this is the package our country needs. this is what we will introduce. we are repeating this strategy that produced historic the bipartisan historic cares act in march. first i asked a number of republicans to spearhead a serious rap and then we put those elements together and invited her democratic colleagues to the table and guided by a roadmap working with the administration to senate reached a bipartisan outcome. early this week even speaker pelosi and leader schumer said he can see that things go better when republicans lead. they themselves said the real work offt his next bill will ony begin after republicans lay out the framework.
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i'm glad my democratic friends see it the same idea. i just hope they meet our serious effect based proposal for productive and bipartisan >> that got us the cares 2 rather than the cynical partisanship thatti led them to loss police reform just last month. doctors and nurses will need democrats to come to the table. unemployed americans will need democrats to come to the table. working parents and school children will need democrats to come to the table. we have known all along the american people understand that we are all in this together, every single one of us that if we want to deliver more historic relief the senate will need to remember the very same thing.
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>> our countries are linked by trade and travel. >> our ongoing efforts to focus on the mission to save lives and meet the needs of our states, are health care workers. >> thanks for coming out to say hello.
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>> the gentlewoman from new york is recognized


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