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Charles Schumer
  Senate Minority Leader Schumer News Conference  CSPAN  August 1, 2019 10:19pm-10:39pm EDT

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until september 9, as senators spend the next month back in the home state to meet with constituents. >> senators began a month long recess back in the state. chuck schumer held a news conference, to discuss the agenda up until this point including recently passed to your budget and debt limit deal. other topics included election security, immigration and trade with canada, mexico and china. >> good afternoon. and i feel really bad that i will not be wishing you a good afternoon for another five weeks. thank you for coming. after a stunning rebuke in the midterm elections that delivered of the historic house majority, mcconnell faced a choice. in a newly divided government he
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could've chosen to work with the democrats to advance legislation we are interested aligned. no one expected him to past the democratic agenda the congress should be in the business of finding common ground. seven months into this congress we all know that leader mcconnell unfortunately chose a different path. leader mcconnell has turned what used to be the world latest body into a legislative graveyard. the perfect complement to our get nothing done president. from healthcare to gun safety to climate change, republicans just say no despite the overwhelming consensus of the american people on these issues. even on the least controversial, least part of the issues, violence against women, election security, protected status and venezuelan nationals. leader mcconnell senate has been a big black hole.
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there has not been a single bill open for amendment all year, not one bill. in the minority, leader mcconnell proclaimed bitterly about the same procedural tactics and said he'd run things carefully. let me tell you, minority leader mcconnell would be aghast at how majority leader mcconnell is running the senate. recently, there have been a few solitary, we passed a bipartisan agreement to raise domestic spending, 10 billion more than defense spending and we reauthorized 9/11 victim compensation fund. if not for outside pressure i'm not sure the senate would have done either of those. the two things actually came the way they did because of democratic efforts and
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democratic pressure. but those few accomplishments sadly with the exception, not the role. after nearly three years of leadership under republican president senate republicans only significant legislative coverage is a usually unpopular and unsuccessful tax bill that favors the very wealthy. in three years, senate republicans managed only to tie a 2-ton anchor when it comes to taxes around the next, around there next in the form of a tax bill. an anchor republicans up and down the ballot will be forced to wear through 2020 and the 2018 election is not a single republican that i can recall campaigning on the tax bill, it'd become an such poison.
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now looking forward, i believe senator mcconnell legislative graveyard is unsustainable. the american people are fed up with an action. while healthcare costs continue to rise. drug cost. income inequality continues to deepen as a top 1% more in more wealth in the income in this country. nonviolence and supporting thousands americans year, climate change, greater devastation every season. in the entire national security and intelligence committee warns about foreign elections, foreign interference and her upcoming presidential election. these problems are knocking to be solved by day-to-day -- they will not be solved by appropriations alone. confirming more far right judges won't make an ounce of improvement in the day-to-day lives of the average americans who probably make things worse
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for most of them. the pressure on leader mcconnell to bring legislation to the floor is growing greater every day. i am not naïve. i don't think leader mcconnell will change his behavior overnight. but i do want to make one prediction, i predict that the pressure will continue to amount on republican senators especially leader mcconnell and they will be forced to join us in taking meaningful action on election security this fall. on the issues were republicans continue the progress, democrats will force the issue, in september we will be putting republicans on the spot with two cra votes, one to protect americans with pre-existing conditions from junk insurance plans, and another to help middle-class homeowners who have been devastated or the ministrations new rules on state and local tax deductions.
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lastly, i want to say one thing about what happened in the senate judiciary committee this morning. instead of working with democrats, to solve the root causes of migration from central america, chairman graham and judiciary committee republicans are breaking their committee rules to jam through a partisan bill that would allow president trump to keep children, young children in cages for a longer period of time. we cannot and will not support this partisan process for this partisan bill. how fitting, republicans and another work. by helping president trump continue his un-american, inhumane and highly unpopular immigration policies when it comes to kids of the border. i'm ready for your questions. >> right before you came in he announced he was good to reimpose tariffs on china, i wanted to get your thoughts on
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that -- >> i'm not seeing what he said so i cannot comment on that in general. we have to be really tough on china, they have taken advantage of us, america has lost trillions of dollars and millions of jobs because china has not play fair. and being tough on china is the right way to be but i have not seen these tariff. >> what kind of work in progress do you expect to make over this recess. as it comes to the u.s. in ca is our deadline -- >> the closer we get to the next election the harder it is. speaker pelosi and i are united in that we believe, we talk about this a lot, speaker plus he and i are united and believe you need strong and enforceable labor protections in this bill as well as environmental protections and undoing of some of the things on prescription drugs. if that does not happen, there
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will not be a bill. plain and simple. [inaudible question. >> here we are again, the political disposition on what should be done on the asylum issues, but this bill is not been tackled and you'll be back here dealing with another border bill like they did -- >> what we should do is just what you said, the answer to this is comprehensive immigration reform. it got broad bipartisan support, it dealt in a far more companies away with all of the problems we speak of whether border security, what to do with the people who are here and not here legally, how to change by the existing rules on immigration so we can get more people we need in the job areas, both high and low in and people who work in the stores.
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and that is a really separate president trump call me a few month ago and said what can we do on immigration prayed i said if you looked at the actual language of comprehensive immigration reform, you might find it's better than you thought. that is the answer print have learned over the last five years people who approach these do not work. so republicans analyst insecurity that the intelligence committee is already doing many of the things the bill already does. it is bringing some of the election security builds a stunt as they say. >> the bottom line is simple, we want to do something on election security. we want to do something to emigrate -- we want to do something on election security. if leader mcconnell would bring something to the floor that we can debate we wouldn't have to have qcs. we are forcing his hand.
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i think as you've seen by his reaction is having success. he knows it is not good for america and not good for the republican party and not very good for him. so we will keep pushing, my prediction are relentless pushing immigration reform will produce results. there are some things that the intelligence agencies are doing, they would be the first to say there's more that needs to be done. and they said it to me, the states, 21 state attorney general's say they do not have enough money to secure their election machinery from cyber attacks and interference. nine states need paper ballots in case god for bid they mess up the election count. we need this and let me just say, i have not heard one good reason from republicans why they should not do it. is it, i hope not. if they think that richard interviews it will benefit them. is it, i hope not that president
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trump who has a childish and puerile view that a few minutes there's russian interference and makes his election illegitimate. there's no good reason why they should not help us. >> full understanding that you're on the same page with speaker plus he on the impeachment issue. is there any point or threshold at all which you would believe that impeachment proceedings should start without nancy pelosi coming out and saying it's time to do it? . . .
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>> but has the political path change now the house democrats call for impeachment inquiry? to make every member of the house and senate will do what they think is appropriate prickle as i said leader pelosi or speaker pelosi is heading this appropriately sumac on immigration you prefer a more comprehensive approach that lindsey graham would like that to become a part of appropriations but you would reject that quick. >> i am against lindsey graham's bill for i cannot imagine the house accepting any appropriations process with that bill. and he knows that. back in 2013 he took a lot of
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political grief and showed a lot of courage, the last major bipartisan approach of immigration and the most comprehensive and would've been the most successful. that is the answer. [inaudible] >> i never expressed concern. >> i don't know the details but at the hearing this reminds me of general flint when i saw him on tv in front of people to say lock her up. and should be acting the way he did miss is about war and
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peace. if we don't have the dni speaking truth to power. and in a much more dangerous world. and with that bleak picture of the senate right now but what if you put on that campaign hat?
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>>. >> but they are not the traditional politician the majority of the candidates are women and many have unique backgrounds many have a business that was successful and we are excited about our candidates and excited about 2020. >> but spent the candidates are as good as any traditional politicians are better than one - - in this day and age. i hope the cr is not necessary senator leahy and senator shelby are trying to work things out with three oh two b and it is better than a
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sequestration. but republicans have the impetus but with these huge forces like technology around the middle class and hopefully can get this done. >> with that legislation and with those concert one - - with those issues like i.c.e. quick. >> some of them are poison pills but hopefully we can work them out. >> but what about senator wyden and senator grassley expo gets a good step but it doesn't go far enough and we democrats will caucus it
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unless we get a vote on negotiation and is far more sweeping despite the senators very fine efforts. not letting you get away with those issues along the edges. and then to raise drug prices and make them less accessible. into vote for those amendments and maybe others. thank you and have a good break.
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>> look at the european union. and look at other countries that are not doing well. and after this last budget and then at some point very soon we had to rebuild the military didn't have a choice.