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tv   Rep. Matt Gaetz Reacts to Mueller Testimony  CSPAN  July 24, 2019 10:28pm-10:35pm EDT

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acts that would not be tolerated from anyone else and they shouldn't be tolerated from the white house. >> [inaudible question] >> i think the evidence laid out was so overwhelming in terms of obstruction of justice that was committed that i have to believe a lot of people across the country will have to reassess what they were like to buy the barr and is into what was in the report. i do think it changes the dynamic. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> special counsel had factors that mueller said, there is a legitimate exercise to follow. obstruction occurred in plainfield.
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[inaudible] >> how do you explain that? unequivocally, a great deal for republicans. we are glad the chairman said that.
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>> does it concern you the president could be -- >> one thing uncertain of is that trump's tenure in office may very well have been extended as a consequence of this hearing. the american people see the entire origin of this investigation is so corrupt and so rotten that even robert mueller asked questions about it. how do you explain that he writes nothing simpson looking for democrats the day before and day after the meeting he worked 3500 words. he looks for a way in the report to avoid consequence. it's because he had people on his team is that they would stop trump from being president. it's an insurance policy. he had a lawyer identified by the inspector general pledging his allegiance to resistance, mueller didn't even remember that.
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>> would you like to see andrew testify? >> i think we've seen all we need to see regarding impeachment case. many members who have connections with democrats. we did not see a rigorous defense because there is no response to the fact that they were overwhelmingly democrat donors was important, it's reflected in the work and mueller's inability to answer questions. when he says that outside my purview, whose purview is it and? he doesn't view that in his purview, it teaches he's fundamentally misunderstood. >> the president could be indicted after leaving office. >> i just don't think the president will be leaving the
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office for another four years. that will be a decision they have to make. we are looking at the next four years. democrats have a big day. >> should they be asked before their interview? >> absolutely not. your donations to someone on the other side. that ought to be analyzed. it even had the inspector general testify, at this is improper to take people who investigated hillary clinton e-mail scandal and to migrate them to the office is incorrect. it should not have happened. it resulted in this bias. >> should prosecutors be asked for conflict before they are hired to investigate? >> all lawyers need to evaluate. this isn't a question about someone's personal feels, it is public record of donations that people made to candidates and if
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you had $14000 worth of donations to hillary clinton, it informs on fly even though there was substantial evidence that democrats that mueller is here no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. >> [inaudible question] >> i think it is easy to apply common sense to those questions. i don't think they will be satisfied. to suggest it is outside of his purview, to meetings for the democrat. >> disturbing words


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