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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Intel Vice Chair Calls for Mueller Report to be Public  CSPAN  April 4, 2019 11:49pm-12:04am EDT

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universities. air travel is replacing in many ways people are flying more and more be made that the cornerstone of the new frontier. >> eat eastern on c-span q-and q-and-a. rand paul blocked a resolution calling for the report on the russia probe to be made public. senator mark warner is the chair of the senate intelligence committee. he called for the resolution too thbe passed instead of releasing the basic transparency this is the fifth time senate republicans blocked the measure to release the report. here is what happened on the floor.
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they sent a letter summarizing the major findings for the report. simply put the summary isn't going to cut it. their own letter discusses the extent of the special counsel's investigation. mentioning over 500 witness interviews 500 search warrants and communication records at almost 50 orders for the registers and 13 requests for the government. it is an extraordinarily extensive investigation that yields to a collection of the factfactsabout the attack on our democracy. the american people deserve to see the results so they can judge the facts for themselves. we know from court findings, reports and the committees on investigations that they attempted to influence the campaign inn many ways at least
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17 individuals had over 100 publicly released contacts with officials were intermediaries. and yet, of all of those from the midst of the campaign, somehow not one of those individuals was contacted with offers of assistance from the government called the fbi to report those offers and get the summary of the investigation a summary that may not even accurately reflect the report focuses almost exclusively on the criminal portion with barely any mention of the special counsel's counterintelligence .
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to reach out to those around them candidate trump. it would be the largest building in all of russia negotiated on a deal throughout the whole primary process and even potentially at least according to mr. giuliani may be negotiated all the way through. i think if i was a republican primary voter i would like to know my candidate for still trying to do a deal. the also in our investigation had expressed ongoing communications between the campaign chairman.
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our committee has made multiple referrals to the special prosecutor based off of what we've learned. this is what a counterintelligence investigation is all about. we need to fully understand what they were trying to do and we need to be able to warn future campaigngt candidates about the new tools that the governments will go to undermine our democracy. i believe we ca we cannot make t full guidance to the future campaigns without a full release of this report. some observers have said it cannot be released without anjeopardizing sources and methods. as vice chair of the intelligence s committee no ones more sensitive of those concerns then i am, that the resolution that we haveal specifically stas the report should be released to the public in accordance with
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the law. clearly sources wouldn't be released under this standard or the grand jury information. what we are talking about here is basic transparency. let's make sure it is released to congress including thecl underlining documents of intelligence and then let's make sure the american people see as much of the report as possible and as soon as possible and would fit in that bipartisan way to protect sources and methods therefore i ask unanimous consent in the legislative session it should be made tavailable and which is at the desk and further that the current print resolution be agreed to come of the preamble be agreed to end o and the motio reconsider to be made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate.
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we should know as much about this investigation as we possibly can. we do know we only know part of the story and the report is only part of the story. it's very important we not turn our country into this back and forth where each successive party tries to use the apparatus of government to investigate the previous president. we do know now that the investigation of the campaign reached the highest levels of the white house all the way up to president obama. what we don't know is president obama told the evidence to getst this investigation started was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign. we need to know that, so that isn't part of the report, but
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that's something i'm asking we should attach to this resoluti resolution. we need tont know was president obama told that this information came from the hillaryon clinton campaign. we do not yet know whether or not he was involved and to what r gree. we do not know whether he colluded with british spy agencies. we know that is a rank partisan. we now know that he has called the president a trader essentially saying that he should be put to death.
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this isn't an objective person. we need to know about all of the communications. unso i'm asking unanimous conset that we modify the resolution and find out i don't want to ruin this great country with politically motivated investigations year in and year out. this had to do with placing spies and infiltrating the trump campaign. do you think that our intelligence agencies should be infiltrating each other'si campaigns? i don't wantmo this to happen ta democrat. when president trump came to the hill a week ago he shed because of this shouldn't happen to the next democratic president. we shouldn't misuse the power of our intelligence agencies to go one party after another. how can we get on with the people's business if we are allowing the government to be
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consumed in this kind of stuff? so i ask unanimous consent that we amend the resolutiothe demand look at the entire story not just the investigation, but how we got here. the media wouldn't even print this. it was so scandalous insult unverified it's turned out to be untrue and yet this was the basis for the investigation and for doing something extraordinary. i ask unanimous consent that the unmanned resolution but between the people that got us started and we discover once and for all whether these people misuse their own in starting this investigation. >> does the senator from virginia wish to modify his request? >> reserving the right to object. i would point out in the
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january 27 report reached the unanimous conclusion and that was the russia interfered in our elections. they did attacking into personal information and releasing it subjectively they did it in terms of touching the electoral systems in 21 of our state in ways that frankly found a great deal of vulnerabilities and in ways that manipulated social media which caught our intelligence committee and social media off guard. our committee spent a year reviewing the conclusions of the committee and in january 18 unanimously agreed that the findings were correct russians interfered. and for those reasons i would
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respectfully object. >> is there objection to thees original request? >> the senator from >> the objection is heard. >> i would simply close out i hope that we can move past this. the president has called for the release ofse the report. the house spoke of unanimity and 4220. ..
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. >> donald trump is the other interesting dynamic that will become too much of an obstacle for him that they have to let
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him go program he goes back and forth like when they misused e-mails that is what he went after hillary clinton with onset just get rid of them. but the irony is the president cannot pull the plug on his own and then seems to forget about that topics include corruption charges against prime minister netanyahu and if the party will stay in power. from the washington institute this is an hour and a half. [inaudible conversations]


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