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tv   German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Future of Europe  CSPAN  November 19, 2018 11:27am-11:56am EST

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afterwards. put writer, derek hunter, saturday 8:00 p.m. eastern. surprise winning war photographer, lindsay, talks about photos he's taken in the middle east. sunday at 9:00 p.m., on afterwards, surprise winning journalist josé, on american history tv, c-span three. thursday at 5:30 p.m. eastern, on american the facts. celebrating the first english things giving a jamestown in 1619. friday at 6:30 p.m., on the presidency. reflections on former first lady, barbara bush. saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, on lectures in history, how the pilgrims became part of america's founding story. sunday at 9:00 a.m., constitutional scholars, philip and -- have the u.s. constitution defines impeachable offenses by the president. thanks giving weekend, on the c-span network. german chancellor talked about
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the european parliament last week. he expects the european army defend the germanys immigration policies and to the end of nationalism in europe. recently announced that she would not seek election when term ends in 2021. >> president of the european parliament, president of european commission. latest and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen. as 50 year, the german president at the time, described european unification as an exempt exemplary experiment. this was ten years before the
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elections to the year the european parliament. about time, the european community was still in its, achievements such as title market, revisionary projects. the foundations have been laid and hundreds of years of wars and citizens of europe were over for the first time, they had a stable peaceful future ahead of them. today, i'm here with joy, but also attitude in front of the greatest parliament of the world. we have 751 members from 28 countries that represent the half-million people,
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approximately 7% of the world population. in this house, we feel at the heart of democracy, beating, 10000 by 28 countries and this describes, examples about your. this is one of the greatest strengths of in europe. because despite diversity, we have commitment to unity, to compromise despite different origins, despite different opinions. what we are doing here, is to come through the benefit of our community. it's a year since i last spoke to this house. 2007, presidency of the council. i talked about time about diversity which pieces together,
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it does not separate us. about piece which we have to defend. about the fact that we met in europe, need to bring good, i talked about freedom and diversity being connected in your. i spoke about tourists, i also mentioned the fact that tolerance so off europe. it's indispensable basic value for europeans. last year, we have experienced how much the world has changed and we have experienced, also, how do europe is being affected. the global political economic and technological challenge which we have to save. moving forward, more and more rapid pace, we have experienced a series of crisis. we have experienced international terrorism, violence, on, conflicts,
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migration movements, which has had a serious impact on us in europe. and of course, digital progress has considerably changed. we are expanding the results of private change and we are seeing values, according to question, the united kingdom is a country which is soon going to leave the european union with the world. i think that turning to him now, for what he is done, at the quicken all look forward to it. members of the european parliament, we are realizing that it is very difficult, more difficult to balance development but also, we are expanding the
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fact that it's becoming more and more difficult to speak alone on the global stage. to push our interest forward. unless it becomes even more important that we stand side-by-side if europeans that's the european union more than ever needs to respect both the interests of its own members and of others. we need to understand that tolerance is the center of your. it's essential component of what makes europeans. only together, with you, can we develop that. to ensure that we also take account of the needs of others as well. and that, rings us to the core of europeans solidarity. without which we cannot be
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successful. this solidarity is being found tolerance. it's represents our strength as europeans. which we can find nowhere else. three reasons for this. we have to work for each other. it is essential, the prerequisite. for families, villages, for sports associations as well as communities such as european union. solidarity is a component of the european that treaty. it's a central of our values. is a cornerstone, of your. supports economic development and also helps combat unemployment. we are faced, either with
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terrorist attacks or other attacks on our bodies. we have european crisis, so-called which was recovering and help solve financial problems. we have a few examples here which demonstrates how individuals can -- countries of european union and citizens of european union in the difficulties. they do not stand alone. so we have a few examples of this. on the other side of the going, we have national issues which always have an impact on the community as a whole. therefore, secondly, solidarity is always linked to commitment of the community. and the principles based on the role in my country, threats of opposition and double society are affected adversely.
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but state, the rules of law in general, is something which is not just national. it is for all of us. for europe, it can only operate properly as a community which is based on laws apply. we tried to deal with our problems then we compromised the strength and stability of our europe. our common currency can only work properly if each individual member shares the responsibility. who actually tries to jeopardize the agreements of europe on individual institutes for example, policies or others that
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are affecting the entire european foreign policy. europe can only be a voice to the world if it works together. that means that solidarity always means that we have to overcome national animism. i am well aware of this. i am from germany and i know that this is not always been the case. for example, in those years, before 2000 -- 2015, we took far too long to realize that the issue of refugees was an issue for the whole of europe and not just germany. in order to understand this, we have to realize that this is a common europe task. thirdly, using tough solidarity
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for everybody means that we have to deal with our own interest. we have to respect others but this is not something that contradicts our own interest. quite to the contrary. for example, we need to work to combat aggression problems with third countries. this is an issue that was just better. we have to at the same time, ensure that people have their living conditions improved. it is often because of difficult conditions that they flee towards your. looking at climate change, this has economic and social consequences. it is crucial that we do this. if countries produce being
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scarce. our system becomes -- it is also important for all europeans if they develop within years. if everybody participates in protection against climate change, it's going to help all europeans. if we tackle together those affected by by immigration. accepting refugees, by different states on the basis of development and their own histories. solidarity means we should do absolutely our utmost to find air common approach to tackle this and other subsequent results that work together as a community. solidarity is a universal basic value.
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it is as possibly for our community and solidarity is also in our own interests. the interest of our well-being. so unity and determination are key for us. i like to go on issues that are particular important. first of all, security policy. if europeans, we notice that we can descend interest when we work together, only a stronger europe is going to be able to defend its values and interest worldwide. the times we could write my on our best, this means that we, as europeans now have to really take our fate for the -- in our own hands if we want to defend
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our community. that means that in the long-term, we have to develop our foreign policy. we need to think this through, we need to try and do without people working on their own behalf for the benefit of our citizens. i have suggested that we establish european security consul with the changing presidents and states. the decisions can be taken more rapidly. we have to create a unity and intervention for us so that we can tackle issues immediately on the ground. we have already achieved cooperation here.
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that is good. we are going to continue to support this. what we should do and this is really important, if we look at the development for the past year, we have to work on division of one day, creating a real, true european army. [applause] already said that our common european army would show the world that there will never again be war in europe. i'm not saying against -- we can be a good supplement to nato.
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[applause] it would be a lot easier to cooperate with us if we have more than 160 weapon systems and the u.s. has only 50 or 60. if we had, we realize that all of the different instances need education. if we could work together and for our effort together, we could work together with nato, with a european army. [applause]
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i'm pleased about this. this is great. i'm annoying some people. i'm a part of it. [applause] we need the common development of systems within europe and this of course, needs a difficult task for the federal republican germany. we are going to have to develop also, a common european experts policy. ladies and gentlemen, it's come onto the economic issues. this is the basis of our strength and the prerequisite for opposition in the world. if we are not economically strong, we are politically strong. i am thankful to have looked at his plan, the investment fund which is a considerable impact
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over the past few years. it has 500 billion euros invested. up until 2020. 350 are already in the part. a good program for better investment is something which is really important. we've been working on it for a long time. i think we should be talking about this now. the 350 million are a real contribution to improving prosperity in europe. of course, to stable and -- a stable europe for its citizens also needs a stable economy. we need to develop our monetary policy better. we are working on a banking union. funds have already made some statements on this. i think that we need to very closely to the midterm msf.
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we have to look at responsibility and control. then later, a european insurance system. this is something which is going to reduce the risk for national country -- government. what we are looking at here, is something which is two sides of the same coin. can the european council and these journeys on board friends that is going to be able to make more progress. we've had in discussions over the past few days on digital taxation for example, in that, i know. germany is not asking whether we feel that this goes without saying, the question is how are we going to do this? i think that what is important,
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democratically, to take care of the commissions on board. and to look at how international context we can get international solutions. we're looking at minimum taxation, if that does work, we can't wait forever. we are going to have to work on it in europe independently. if we are honest with ourselves, and if we look into the future, and think of our lifestyle and well-being, we have to realize that it is not defend today, as it was hundred or 150 years ago. it always came from here. a lot of inventions and innovations come from asia and the united states. then of course, we have to put the question that -- to ourselves is to how on our
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continent, we are going to determine the mobility of the future. we have to look at the fact that for example, chinese companies are investing in germany. that's fine. but i want to make sure that we are stronger in europe and that we want to be able to master the inability technologies of the future. we have got to mention this. we got everything before us. we've got to look at development of artificial intelligence. this is still possible because we have a stock investor basis in europe that we can build upon. we have to avail ourselves without -- and innovation is therefore essential focal points. the third, i should like to refer to, is immigration. and refugees.
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during our crisis, we had to overcome many hurdles come to a common solution. we've been successful in many areas, immigrations is something not yet brought europe together. as i would like it to. this is a real core topic. an issue which reflects our relationship with our neighbors and we got to find common approaches. we have made progress. we all agree that we need a european border protection. perhaps saying that we have an area with free movement, then start working on who comes in, who comes out. then we find out we are fudging the principles once again. it's true that we've developed commissions in my opinion, good.
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everybody wants to reclaim their international response bullets and doesn't want to give anything away, they can be as big as, as good as they want to be. they won't be up to do what they have to. we have to work on this together. and we also have to think through development aid, economic development and how we can participate in they have excellent results compared to what we have had two years ago. individual members states with the commission have been working
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in individual members states, and achieve more than they would do individual. i think we can learn a lot from that. this is part of the way down the road. therefore, we also need to develop european asylum policy. if everybody takes decisions individually, nobody can be surprised that countries from a particular country, know about his own country immediately. then we get second immigration. we have to make an effort to ensure that we have the same playing field for the internal market. even on issues such as right to asylum. and humanitarian response release. we have to deal with this issue together. we have to have a common policy. ladies and gentlemen, three examples of many that i could have come up with. the fact that i have really hit the nail and head is devastated by the protest [background noises] pgh which i have been hearing. i think that what people want is
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that europe really tackles the difficult problems. these burning problems. we need to tackle the issues, which are facing us. this doesn't mean europe has to be everywhere. not every problem in europe is a european problem. solidarity means that europe deals with things the where it is necessary and when it does so, it does it in a decisive effective manner. i think europe gives us our best chance to lasting peace, lasting well-being. and a safe and secure future. in paris, the invitation of the front chip presidency, when we think the first world war came to 100 years ago. once again, we should think through what happens if countries have a respect for
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each other. what happens if countries and the association, in those days. collapses. therefore, we should not give up our european opportunity. if we do, we will adversely affect, the younger generation. nationalism and -- should no longer have a provision in europe. tolerance and solidarity represent our common future.
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alex, it is well worth fighting for. thank you. [applause] [silence]
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>> later this afternoon, a look at the impact of religious voters have on the 2018 midterm elections. begins live from georgetown university at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. congress out for the things giving recess, booktv is in prime time tonight. we'll show you books on military history, with max and his book, vietnam and epic tragedy. i-40 five to 1975. then, neil, the escape artist about german prisoner of war camps during world war i. later, mary joe, the war. booktv begins tonight at 830 eastern. here on c-span2. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service. by america's cable television company. and today, we continue tori


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