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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Majority Leader Mc Connell on Supreme Court Nominee...  CSPAN  September 24, 2018 9:31pm-9:45pm EDT

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dispensed. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: let me start with a quote, mr. president.
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i'm going to fight this i'm going to fight this >> let me start with a quote mister president. i will fight this nomination with everything i've got. that was the democratic leader on television hours after judge kavanaugh was first nominated to the supreme court. others pledged opposition before he was even named. without one lick of evidence are before they heard one minute of testimony. democrats already made up their mind and had chosen their tactics to lie and obstruct and resist. whatever it took or whatever the truth really was, they will do whatever they could to stop this qualified and experienced mainstream
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nominee. democrats have signaled for monthse whatever this special interest demanded to do whatever they could do to manufacture. but even by the far left standards this shameful smear campaign has hit a new low. i will get into the specifics in just a moment but to be perfectly clear what is taking place, senate democrats and their allies are trying to destroy a man's personal and professional life on the basis of decades-old allegations unsubstantiated and uncorroborated. that, mister president is where we are.
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this so-called resistance has become a smear campaign peer and simple aided and abetted by members of the united states senate. eight weeks ago the judiciary committee received a letter from that christine ford was the uncorroborated allegation of misconductt. she requested the matter be handled discreetly and confidential. the responsible next step would be to alert the full committee so of confidential bipartisan investigation could begin to follow their standard practice for investigating background information. they would have questioned judge kavanaugh in their meetings or in closed session
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while respecting doctor ford's request for confidentiality. but democrats did not do they sat on doctor ford's letter for seven weeks and kept the secret and did nothing and then through her own wishes they leaked it to the press our colleague from delaware in himself indicated in the ranking member's office the democratic committee staff likely leaked the document we know the chain of custody went to the democratic side of the judiciary committee. so mister president, does this sound like the democratic
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senators take the responsibility seriously to want to get to the truth? >> or does it sound like a choreographed smear campaign to ignore doctor ford's request for confidentiality to inflict maximum damage at the last minute on judge kavanaugh and his family? >> this is an allegation of misconduct of supposed witnesses that they cannot verify and in addition the other three supposed witnesses have said they have no knowledge. no knowledge no recollection. no recollection. and no memory of the alleged incident. is not just one witness but
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literally every person who was supposedly there. one of those supposed witnesses says she does not even know judge kavanaugh. so all the witnesses doctor ford were present at the party pe record under the penalty of felony they all confirmed they do not remember any such party they do not know judge kavanaugh and have not seen him do anything remotely like has been alleged. and that unsubstantiated allegations with her character dating all the way back to high school like a complete
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lack of evidence or confidentiality with a good smear. it is despicable and the contrast of chairman grassley could not be starker as they learned about thisegn, allegatin handling it through proper channels to gather the facts with a transcribed interview of judge kavanaugh that under penalty of felony denied the last minute allegations. in the office received statements to deny anything about it.
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and to ensure that doctor ford could be heard in a forum of her own choosing either here or in california i in public or private with the staff or with the members to go above and beyond to accommodate her. we have a fair and open hearing scheduled on thursday and doctor ford can state allegations under earth long - - oath where she can respond but the smear campaign did not stop there. according to the reporter of the second allegation the accuser came forward because senate democrats were calling for even further delays over a
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second allegation that is so unsupported the new york times refused to run a story it is so dubious that the new york times passed on the story entirely after looking into it they declined to publish to interview several dozen people and could find no one, no one with firsthand knowledge. to support these allegations. and then with these on the record denials. the times also reported that
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she herself is uncertain of her own claim. all the news that is fit to print and it found the latest allegations not even fit to print. with further delays. andy's republicans by the way so the committee could not take proper action they wanted it to wind up in the press with a last-minute hit and now
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they act like it is a legitimate reason to delay things. if they hadn't already promised or whatever it took and whatever it took or whatever the cost. so now we turn to the fax to have a fair hearing onay thursday o hundreds of men and women and a man of strong character and integrity numerous witnesses testify before the judiciary committee
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more than 75 women with that decades-old knowledge as a responsible guy who treats with kindness and respect and a true gentleman in all aspects of his life. and separately and unreasonable dispute that the legal brilliance making one of the most qualifiedry supreme court nominees in history. maybe that's why the democrats are so panicked to bring down this nomination. but in the meantime a good and honorable man are receiving death threats and with those
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smears h facing senate democrats with no presumption of innocenc innocence. but before the week is that both judge kavanaugh and doctor ford will testify under oath before the judiciary committee. chairman grassley has made sure the facts will be heard that the american people deserve nothing less. but to make it pretty clear mister president here on the senate floor. up or down. to be nominated to the supreme court in the senate in the near future. >> it is the senate's job to thoroughly review the nominees credentials