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tv   Senate Minority Leader Schumer D-NY Press Conference on Kavanaugh Meeting  CSPAN  August 21, 2018 7:32pm-7:49pm EDT

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documents that contain names, dates of birth, social security numbers, bank numbers, personal communications with family members, other sensitive matters and of course some of the most sensitive issues related to the president's core constitutional duties. i yield the floor and suggest the absence of a quorum. >> senate minority leader, chuck schumer spoke with reporters after meeting with judge kavanaugh. >> good afternoon everybody. before i begin, i have been
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meeting with judge kavanaugh until about 45 minutes ago. i have not had a chance to view all of the details of the plea deal and the verdict. but i will say this, i understand the president is his way to a rally. he better not talk about pardons for michael : are paul manafort tonight or anytime in the future. now i will tell you about my meeting with kavanaugh. i've concluded that meeting. we met for an hour and half. i asked for extra time and he gave it. the conversation was cordial and direct. unfortunately, judge kavanaugh refused to answer even the most basic questions about his jurisprudence and basic philosophy. i will walk some of the topics. first, on women's reproductive freedom. i understand that the judge told other members today that he considered grow versus wade severed law. he did not say that to me.
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that is not the partnered decisive question. everything it settled law until the majority of the supreme court decides to unsettle it. conservative justices have a habit of saying something to settled law during the confirmation, and then overturning it the minute they get on the bench. i asked judge kavanaugh the appropriate question. i asked him if you agreed that roe versus wade and planned parenthood were correctly decided. he would not say yes. that should send shivers down the spine of any american who believes in reproductive freedom for women. i asked judge kavanaugh about any restrictions for women's right to choose. such as banning abortion after four weeks or six weeks, or requiring the rate approval of two physicians. he would not say those constituted non- do burden on a
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woman's right. even four weeks he would not say it's an undue burden. judge kavanaugh has a special obligation to make his views clear. he said everybody says settled bond does not answer questions. i reminded him he's in a unique position. no other president has nominated someone to the supreme court after saying i will only nominate someone who will overturn roe versus wade. he had a special obligation to dispute that, he did not. at all. i asked him when he was in the president's office, i want you to understand it is settled law. i want you to understand that you cannot count me is absolutely overturning roe versus wade.
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he did not venture any of that. it would seem to me that the presidents has an impression that his standard was being met. judge kavanaugh has a special obligation to make his views on this topic clear, given the presidents litmus test that he would only appoint judges that would overturn roe. under that obligation judge kavanaugh failed spectacularly. he would not give me any reassurance that he believed grover casey's word correctly decided or should be left alone. we talked about the litmus test. i asked if he met with the president. he refused to answer that question. a similar pattern played out on other issues. i asked him to reassure me that
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he believed the affordable care act is constitutional. he refused to do so. as with reproductive rights, it is not good enough for this justice to say, this potential justice, this judge to say, well, he will follow existing law. because, that changes all of the time. the president promised the american people he would only appointed justices who were hostile to the affordable care act. in our meeting, judge kavanaugh did not convince me that his beliefs on the eca were any different than what the president articulated. on the issue of executive power in which judge kavanaugh holds an unbounded view, i asked whether he believed a sitting president must comply with the subpoena were testify, or provide records.
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he would not say that the president must comply with the subpoena or provide records. the major civil rights case, shall be versus holder which gutted the civil rights act and lead many discrimination laws he would not save it work correctly decided. i reminded him that after the case was decided and chief justice roberts said, the world is changed we do not need this law anymore, 19 states change their law. in few of them there were documentation that were changing the law to prevent people of color from voting. giving that new evidence would and he agreed that shelby was wrongly decided? he would not agree. we also spent a good deal of time going over his years in the bush white house.
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unfortunately, the judge either would not answer could not remember key moments of his tenure. he acknowledged being part of the enron case but would not provide details of what he did. his lack of recollection. i asked if he had ever discussed roe versus wade at the federalist society. his lack of recollection on almost everything did not ring true. this is a bright man, he recalls a lot. on every key question like those, he said i couldn't reca recall. he said, i did ask him about his tenure as secretary. he said the partial-birth abortion ban in 2003 came across his desk but he could not or
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would not describe his involvement. i asked if he make comments about it. was it the right thing or wrong thing to do. he cannot recall. that is why, the fact that judge kavanaugh cannot recall almost anything that happened while he was secretary to the president or while he was counsel is why we need his full records released. the american people have good reason to fear her judge kavanaugh might rule on issues from reproductive rights, healthcare, executive power, civil rights, environmental rights, nominees have to be able to answer questions with sufficient substance and give
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the senators comfort that once on the bench they would not up in centuries of precedent and disturb the well-established rights of the american people. in our meeting, judge kavanaugh was unwilling or unable to provide that comfort to me for the american people. i'll take questions on the subject only. >> i am not going to answer any questions. i have to study what happened on the subject please. [inaudible question] >> i will say what i have said before. if the american people are convinced that judge kavanaugh
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as it justice would overturn breaux versus wade, would overturn the aca, and the right to be protected when you have a preconditioning condition. [inaudible question] >> i will be but that what i said. >> you did not talk about executive power. >> i asked him and it does have special relevance right now. could he tell me in some instances that the president should be subpoenaed and he did not say yes. [inaudible question] i told you what i have said.
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>> again, he said a lot of things. at some points he said i cannot talk about a case that might come before me. so i gave him hypotheticals and he said he could not talk about hypotheticals. this was a dodge. he pulled out of thin air citizens united. justice gorsuch said he would obey precedence and totally reverse precedent on the janice case and many others. so, they dodge it because they know if they stated their views to the american people they would be defeated. our job is to try to get those out. [inaudible question] >> i asked judge kavanaugh,
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regardless of what president bush are the people in the room with him said, would he commit to not going to a hearing until the documents are reached. i said you said you are fair-minded balanced person. any person would agree that we ought to have the documents. particularly when he couldn't remember anything when he was counsel and secretary. he would not commit. >> we just have to keep at it in the waste we have been. what i heard today should upset large numbers of the american people. [inaudible question] one of the worries we greatly have is that judge kavanaugh seems to have the most expanded
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view of any nominee i've ever come across. so yes, it is very frightening that judge kavanaugh had to comply. i asked him so even so you would not jeopardize national security. >> we think we should get all of the documents. we think they are rushing that to judgment. even worse now. >> can you clarify one thing? you said the president is going to rally he better not talk about -- what are the consequences? >> i said what i was going to say. thank you everybody.
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[inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] >> supreme court nominee, judge brett kavanaugh testifies before the senate judiciary committee beginning tuesday, september 4. judge kavanaugh currently sits on the d.c. circuit court of appeals. judiciary committee chair, chuck grassley expects the confirmation hearing to last three or four days. watch it on, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> tonight, but tv is in prime time with a look at recent books on america at war. susan dunn, humanities professor at -- college explains her book. sam on his book, the flying
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tigers. the untold story of the american pilots who waged a secret war against japan. for the 2018 book festival in maryland, philip reported on his book, advocating overload. the dth strategy in the atomic bomb. but tv this week on prime time on c-span2. sunday night on afterwards, the economist discusses her book, and of chaos. she's interviewed by jason furman, former chairman of the economic advisers during obama's administration. >> you wrote a book quite a lot about politics. why did you do that? >> the most important thing was that it's born out of frustration. after you write my interest in economic background but you think about the global economy today there's a host of
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structural long-term economy that they have to contend with. things like demographic shift, what the impact of technology would be for the jobless, concerns about productivity and debt overhang. something when i was doing my phd was never discussed and is now a top three big issue. these are long-term structural problems. yet, the people charged with overseeing this are very short-term. >> watch sunday night at nine eastern on c-span twos, but tv. >> in alexandria, virginia the trial former cam campaign chairn found mr. manafort guilty on eight of 18 charges.


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