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tv   U.S. Senate Schumer on Kavanaugh  CSPAN  July 11, 2018 7:11pm-7:24pm EDT

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as the confirmation process gets underway, i have a feeling this isn't the only testimony of the sort that we will be hearing. those who haven't finally announced in a bit of partisanship there was opposition before he was even named. i'm glad he made such a strong selection and i look forward to when our colleagues at the judiciary committee will take up this nomination. >> first let me think my friend and colleague from illinois. he is a lamp, a ligh lamp of light in this horrible moment when children are separated from parents and we don't even know where they are. we don't know who their
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parents are, showing both the inhumanity and incompetence of this administration rolled into one. he has been a constant and vigilant voice to reunite the field and bring some justice and peace. oh. denomination bring up many issues on the supreme court. it will have a chance to influence many important issues and so much more for generations to come. we need to know how he views those issues. on the issue of women's freedom to make her own health decision, yesterday while shepherding judge cavanaugh vice president pence says he wants to see roe v wade overturned. this isn't some ancient belief
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that the country has pushed aside. there are people in high parts of the government, the vice president yesterday, the president constantly and some of the others who want to repeal roe v wade tomorrow. americans should not be complacent. the vast majority want to see it in place but there is an active movement here now personified by judge cavanaugh potential elevation to the bench and we have to be vigilant. vice president pens remark that he wants roe overturned was a reminder that they have promised to appoint strict constitutionalist to the supreme court who would consign roe v wade to the ashy book history unquote. those are the words of the vice president. justice cavanaugh has also
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written some troubling things about environmental protections, consumer protections, common sense gun safety law, all of which should be safely examined by this senate before we have any hearings. there's documents, e-mails, writing, they need to be thoroughly examined, particularly his more recent writings about executive authorities. he argued that a president should not be subject to an investigation while in office. that a president should be about criminal and civil indictment. they go so far as to say they need not enforce the law that the president deemed unconstitutional. those are serious and dangerous beliefs. there particularly dangerous, made even more dangerous now. we have a president who
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clearly wishes to aggregate all power to himself regardless of the separation of power, regardless of the norms this country has had for sentry, regardless of rule of law. senators from both parties need to scrutinize what judge cavanaugh has said because if he is the swing vote on any kind of rational check on this president i worry. conservativism has always believed in small aggregations of power so that the individual would have more freedom. that's the core of conservatism, but when conservatives embrace donald trump who wishes to aggregate power and roll over any checks to his power and now chooses
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to get behind judge cavanaugh who seems to have almost a monarchical view of presidential power, we've got trouble. we should be awfully careful in this country. the senate will have to look at each and every one of these issues in due time. today however, i want to focus on the issue that might have the most profound consequence for the average american most immediately. healthcare and protection for americans with pre-existing conditions. right now, here is what i would like to say. prior to judge cavanaugh's election, president trump, the nomination that would do the right thing, unlike judge roberts on healthcare. those are trump's words. he commissioned a list of judges from the heritage foundation, far right
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special-interest group dedicated to dismantling government including and especially the healthcare law. that's the place for the government spend a lot of money and these people were behind the heritage foundation , they don't want to pay any taxes. where do more tactical than any other place? healthcare because that's what the american people want. who wouldn't give everything they had if their spouse, their child, their relative was sick and needed a lot of money to be cured. that's why we have insurance and why we have the government involved in social security and medicare and medicaid but the heritage foundation, the handful of rich people who fund them and so many republicans who danced their tune, they don't want that. they hide it from the american
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people but they don't want it and they have pushed forward to be the torchbearer on the court for their mission. the list that president trump selected, he was vetted and approved by this foundation. they would not give, the heritage foundation would not give it stamp of approval to anyone would maintain or grow our healthcare law particularly the protections for americans with pre-existing conditions. the american people deserve to know where he stands. this is a serious issue. it not something we can allow a nominee to hide behind and they all follow existing law. we need to know their view of the government's ability to be involved in people healthcare and help it be funded when the average person can't afford it given how high the costs are.
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right now several cases that challenge the structure and constitutionality is winding through. i will say to my fellow americans, your whit right to be protected, god forbid someone in your family is sick is at risk. you're right to have an insurance company cut you off if god for bid someone in your family is sick is at risk if judge cavanaugh ascends to the bench. i've probably the number one reason he is opposed by so many of us on the side of the aisle. can you imagine a supreme court thrusting us back into a time when you could be denied because you needed that so desperately to a time when a mother with a child who has cancer is made to watch her daughter suffer because they can't get affordable
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healthcare, do we want to go back to that? it's not democrat or republican. it's what america believed in. to their credit long term diligence is getting these people on the court. they could never pass such a law in the congress, even with republican majorities but the court, the unelected branch, that's what they're headed for and that's why we have to be so vigilant. up to 130 nonelderly americans have a pre-existing condition. a third of america, more than a third period for insurance companies that used to be the case that a condition as commonplace as asthma was justification for jacking up rates to unaffordable levels. the law was rewrote to prevent
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that from insurance company is on the chopping block, likely to go if judge cavanaugh becomes justice cavanaugh. how can we afford that? the american people should have their eyes wide open to the stakes. president trump's own justice department is currently arguing in court that those protections are unconstitutional. i like president trump at one of his rallies to tell the people at the rally he is taking away their protections when they have someone with a pre-existing condition and their family. he wouldn't dare, but that is what is legal department in hhs injustice is doing.
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the president doesn't tell people what he's doing. he whispers them with you. he doesn't dare tell the american people and that's why it's our job in the minorities , it's our job to that the american people know the peril they are in and the healthcare is in. if anyone doesn't believe that president trump is still intent on tearing down our healthcare system, just look at what the administration did yesterday. the president decimated funding that helps people sign up for health insurance. they cut it to one sixth of what it was two years ago. the funding is used to help people navigate the complex landscape of healthcare and select the plan and program that's right for their family. even worse, they mandated it become used to mandate people
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into the junk insurance plan that doesn't cover basic healthcare. yesterday's news should remind us he remains ruthlessly committed to tearing down our healthcare system. he won't admit it at his rally. he won't dare talk about it, but that is probably the most important thing he's doing in terms of the effect on the american people. were not going to let him hide it. anyone who thanks president trump did not make the supreme court nomination without an end goal of furthering healthcare sabotage is kidding themselves. while there are many rights and freedoms at stake on the supreme court, the right of all americans to be able to afford healthcare is at the very, very top of the list. the selection process for judge cavanaugh and president trump's own words should motivate americans from all corners of the country. they should oppose this


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