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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Murray on Kavanaugh  CSPAN  July 11, 2018 1:14am-1:22am EDT

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i believe that if we give him a chance he will do a very good job. hopefully he will become our next justice on the supreme court. >> i come to the floor today to discuss my strong opposition to the nomination of judge apkavanaugh for a lifetime appointment on the supreme cou court. there are few issues i take more seriously than they do need to consider and vote on supreme court nominees. it was watching the hearings and seeing how my voice and the voices of people like me off across the country were not
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being heard at the company to run for the senate in the first place and i believed it was one of the most important jobs we had on behalf of our constituents. mr. president, my time in t the senate i had the opportunity to consider nominees from democrats and republicans and for each one of these nominees, i need my evaluation and based my decision on their experience and record to protect the rights and freedoms i voted for some of them including president bush and i voted against some of them you tell me the merit and each based on how i thought that they would serve. but mr. president, this time it's different. there will still be scrutiny. they're absolutely need to be but this time we know everything there is to know already and this time the balance of the court is on the line.
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we know exactly where this nominee would fall on specific issues, no matter what he chooses to deliver throughout the process. we know this because he told us openly, publicly and repeatedly. more than any president i have seen coming is an explicit about what he expects from his nominee. he has laid out specific tests and promises to only pick from a prescreened list of people who would absolutely need them. here is what he said and here is how we know exactly what this nominee would do. he said he wants a nominee who is fully committed to overturning roe v. wade, criminalizing abortion in rolling back the ability to access a contraception and other basic healthcare. on the campaign trail he promised it can be changed and that he was going to be putting
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pro-life justices on the court so that it would be overturned automatically. he said he wants a nominee who would immediately declared health-care reform unconstitutional and cut off access to care for people with pre-existing conditions. on the campaign trail he criticized the chief justice because he should have frankly ended obamacare and he didn't and promised a strong test for a strong conservative who would be different. he made it clear he wants a nominee who would keep handing power to begin corporations that wealthiest americans and keep diluting the power of regular voters. he wants a nominee who would eliminate the protections that preserve the air and water and it clear they would roll
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back the freedom for the workers, for americans and many others. so mr. president, there is no doubt that couldn't be any more clear for a nominee that would swing the of the court i'm going to believe president trump has told us theoi truth. the vr sure about where this nominee stands so i want to be clear to anyone who may doubt it or think they need to learn more before making a decision they vote for president trump judge kavanaugh is a vote of five men on the supreme court to overturn roe v. wade. criminalized abortion in america and the rollback of promises we made to make if you could get morgivemore women and girls acco basic health care they need. a vote for the president judge is a vote to put men in charge of the reproductive rights and
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freedom of women and girls and a vote for judge kavanaugh is a vote to go back to the days when women had to go into back alleys for healthcare and ask for permission when women were shamed. politicians have chipped away ag the rights and have been waiting for exactly this moment for someone exactly like the judge to go even further but that's not all.
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aal vote for the judge i the jut eliminate environmental protections and make the air and water dirty andaf less safe erasing so much of the progress we've made iwe have made in rec. a vote for the judge is a vote to t step back from the progress we've made to expand rights and freedoms and basic human decen decency. i could go on. in the coming days and weeks as we learn more about the way that he will fulfill the promises, i absolutely will. i voted against judge kavanaugh when he wasom nominated and they strongly oppose the nomination now and i will be urging my colleagues to stand with me in rejecting him and to send us someone who will stand with
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women and workers and families in which we commit to respecting the rights and freedoms we hold so dear and i will urge people across the country to stand up, speak out, make their voices heard. this is a critical moment right now, they have the power to stop the court from swinging against the rights and freedoms and every senator needs to know that they will be held v accountable for their vote. the


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