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tv   Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow on Trade Tariffs  CSPAN  April 5, 2018 6:23pm-6:31pm EDT

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but we can free up the cbp officer to train to do law enforcement. >> armed or unarmed? >> what i would like to hear from the governors what they want. that is not anything we have proposed but we want to get border security so we will do everything we can. >> mexican officials they unarmed? >> in the past there were weapons we are continuing negotiations. >> thinks we appreciate it. >> we will let you know that.
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>> but my impressions with the governor we would love to see the information he asked me about different parts of the border. >> thank you >> what about the bond on capitol hill with the back-and-forth with china so
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what is your response to that? >> what does she want to reconsider? the neck with regard to the china trade policy and tariffs ? >> no tariffs are enacted yet these are proposals and part of the discussion and negotiation. there are good voice that how it plays out. don't forget technically, both countries just proposed tariffs there is nothing enacted. that is an important point in here in the united states we will put it out to congress for a couple months, i want to pinpoint a deadline but i would just say there will be a big discussion and all the senators weigh-in and we will welcome that. >> what is the end goal with regard to the trade relationship with china.
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>> growth. if you tear down barriers and you play by the rules both sides should benefit. i mean that. if it is good for them and us in the whole world economy if you open the market and investment opportunity which china is not doing, i make this point it is a trade coalition. everybody in the world knows china has not played by the rules for many years. europe, latin, japan, they notice and they don't like it so here's president trump, the first guy in decades to show some backbone on this issue and at the end of the rainbow a little pot of gold that says growth and investment and jobs and wages. >> but we will be head of the
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tariffs go into effect. >> we don't know yet but i agree and we are in conversation i understand it is part of the discussion but don't jump to the worst case the part of the president is to grow the american economy are farm sector is doing great china should give them more export opportunities that is important. this should not be viewed as punitive damages it has to be in the context of economic growth which is what this administration is all about. that is the endgame. [inaudible] >> nothing has been enacted. >> that the decision-making process?
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>> i don't mean to be rude i'm just saying that i appreciate your concerns absolutely but give us some time to play this out i may say now is in consultation with china it is all part of a very delicate broad race negotiation that is long overdue. that is all i am saying. >> could retake short-term painter forced china into a more fair trade relationship? >> short-term pain? >> like the stock market or the economy? the neck that is not his intention. mail with china and the
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damage to our economy comes from china's restrictive pet practices my thought on that is blame china. they have been doing this for decades don't blame trunks he is doing what everyone in the world has said we should do with the grand coalition is out there and you will see more on that point. our intention is not to punish anybody but you open the markets and investments that is the deal. once in a while president have to need i worked for president 35 years ago and you have to lead. that is what he is trying to do don't beat him up. he did not create this. china created this. don't forget that.
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[inaudible] moving in the right direction. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations]


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