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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell Schumer on Immigration Schedule  CSPAN  February 13, 2018 12:33pm-12:38pm EST

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in the past hour, and the majority leader tended to move things forward by suggesting a parent amendment speaking entered and voted on this afternoon. minority leader chuck schumer jack did. we will show their exchange in just a moment. they are making their way through the halls of congress including one offered by republican senator chuck grassley and john korn and, which includes most of a president trump is looking for an agreement including a path to citizenship for dreamers, limits on family migration also known as chain migration and into the visa lottery program and $25 billion for a border wall. after the leader's remarks show what it looks like when they brought their plan upje yesterd. >> mr. president, for months, senators have been clamoring for debate on daca, border security and other urgent issues pertaining too immigration. we certainly have ample time to prepare. now we set aside for this debate
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has arrived. the week my democratic colleagues insisted that we dedicate to this issue. the clock is ticking, but the debate has yet to begin. that is because our democratic colleagues have yet to yield back any of their closed culture time so we can begin this important debate. if we are going to resolve these matters this week, we need to get moving. in my view the proposal unveiled yesterday by senator grassley and a number of other senators offers our best chance to find a solution. i've committed that an amendment process will be fair, both sides will have the opportunity to submit ideas for debate, for both, but for that to happen, our colleagues will have to actually introduced their own amendments rather than just talk about them. my colleague, senator to me, for example, has done just that. he put forward andr amendment to
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address one of the most glaring aspects of our nation's broken immigration, sanctuary cities. i see no reason to further delay consideration of this and other substantive proposals. so let's start by setting up a vote on his amendment in an amendment for my democratic colleagues, and amendment of their choosing, not mine, with their consent we can start the debate and have the first to amendment vote. mr. president, consistent with that, i would ask consent that a 2:15 today, the motion to proceed to h.r. 2579 b. agreed to. i ask unanimous consent that senator toomey or his designee be authorized to offer amendment 1948 and that the democratically or his designee be recognized to offer anam amendment. further, but the time until 3:30 p.m. be equally divided between the leaders or their designee is an following the use
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or yielding back of that time, the senate vote on the amendment to the order listed with 60 affirmative votes required for adoption and the secondary amendments be in order prior to theam vote. finally, if any amendment adopted they become original for purpose further >> mr. president. >> is there objection? >> observing the right to object. >> i appreciate the process of majority leader agreed to this week, but the proposal you just offer does not address the underlying issues of this debate, why we are here. it doesn't address dreamers, nor does it address bordery. securi. as i said this morning, the senate must focus on finding a bipartisan solution that addresses those two issues, dreamers and border security. rather than the partisan proposal offered by the republican leader, i suggest we consider two proposals inside the debate. one for s each side.
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let the republicans offer the president's plan in the form of legislation carried by senators from iowa and arkansas, which the leader supports and the democrats will offer the bipartisan mccain bill, narrow legislation that protects the dreamers, boost border security announce resources for immigrationdd court. each of the opening foray, one for democrats, one for republicans r, and can start the process and let us know where we stand. our b legislation is ready to go and we would be happy to vote as soon as the republicans have their proposal drafted and ready forme an amendment vote. to begin this debate is the republican leader suggests would be getting off on the wrong foot , unrelated to daca, very partisan, respectfully i suggest we move to the bills authored by senator grassley and senator kunz instead. let's get this debate started on the right foot, so


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