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tv   Summer Reading with Representative Steve Stivers  CSPAN  August 12, 2017 4:06pm-4:11pm EDT

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say my book becomes a tv show. [laughter] then i would like to create some work for my kids to be involved in the industry. >> right on. >> i'd like to bring them along with me. okay, come on. you're going to intern with me. uh-huh, don't steal nothing. [laughter] >> want to wrap it up there? >> okay. yeah, y'all been great. [cheers and applause] >> thank you guys for coming out -- [inaudible] [cheers and applause] >> booktv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they're reading this summer. >> well, i'm reading a few books.
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i'm reading a book called the generals by thomas ricks who was a professor at the war college. i'm a general in the army national guard, and i try to read one military book and one sort of congressional book at the same time. that book has a premise about what's happened to personnel policy with general officers since the time of world war ii with general marshall as chief of staff through today where we used to fire general officers for incompetence. we really haven't done that in the last 15 or 20 years, really since vietnam, even further back. and so it talks about what that means for the military learning its lessons when you're replacing people at the top quickly based on their performance. the organization learns faster. and it -- there's some things it talks about what we needed to do. not just firing general officers, but to continue to learn and grow as a military organization because we need to
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fight and win our country's wars. that's what we're there for, and we need to make sure we as senior leaders learn and have, build learning organizations. so that's the military book i'm reading. i'm reading a book at home, hillbilly elegy, that many people have read. it's a pretty popular book by j.d. vance who's moved into my district recently. and it really describes the plight that many people in my district in rural ohio, i have suburban and rural ohio, are going through. but it also helps us build empathy and ideas of how we can help serve people. especially the forgotten man that's out there that is, needs some help and needs a leg up. and so i'm reading that. and it's really, i think, appropriate for many parts of midwest and near south. and there are many families going through lots of things, and it helps us understand
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what's going on out there. i also am reading a book call "destined for war," getting ready to read it, it's on my night stand, that talks about the american-chinese relationship and how we can choose a path other than war, and hopefully we will. and, you know, that's the coming clash over next 20 years, is the clash between the united states and china as china rises and the united states, being the only superpower in the world right now, you know, the clash that has happened historically and how we can avoid that kind of clash. is so i'm reading that too. i try to vary my books on some, a lot of topics because we are expected to know and do a lot of things. i also frequently refer to the federalist papers. i have a dog-eared copy that i look at probably almost every day, because it's important to keep in mind the ideas and checks and balances that our founding fathers intentionally set up. our system is very elegant, but
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it is also, you know, it's set up for a reason, and i try to think about that as we make choices here to make sure that in the future we head the right path for the people of this country and for posterity. >> booktv wants to know what you're reading. send us your summer reading list via twitter @booktv or instagram @book underscore tv or post it to our facebook page, booktv on c-span2, television for serious readers. >> and now on booktv, we want to introduce you to sam sorbo who's written a book called "they're your kids: an inspirational journey from doubter to self-advocate." are you a teacher? >> i am. >> how did you become a teacher? is. >> i started with my children. well, strangely, no. i started in college because i


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