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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2017 2:40pm-2:45pm EDT

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promising that there will be a vote regardless of what democrats do and possibly using what's been referred to as the nuclear option changing the rules to bypass a 60 vote filibuster. and we could see some of that happening on thursday if that's the direction the senate majority leader wants to go in. what happened here during the proceedings in the hearing, laura litman with bloomberg tweeting the breaking, the threshold that was needed was 41, in order to get enough democrats to say that they would be filibustering and that happened when democratic senator chris kuhn said he would filibuster and as laura litman reports and tweets, this is a nuclear option looms. another here again noting that democrats now have 41 votes, enough to block the nomination of judge gorsuch and the washington posthaving the latest , democrats have the vote , to try to block that nomination. now, on the other side, three democrats have said he would vote with republican members.
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those three include senator joe donnelly, he was leading leaving the democrats to say he would work with the republicans as well as heidi hi can , of north dakota and senator go mansion of virginia. so a number of things happening that we could see play out toward the end of the week. on the senate floor itself. as the nomination goes towards a full vote in the senate, two other things happening at the very end of this hourslong , the vote for a deputy and associate attorney general, both of those passing out of committee as well. look at the new york times, it had a running list of the numbers of people who will not support the filibuster, the person at the very end of that middle undecided or unclear lists now having moved over to say that christians of delaware would support the filibuster. >> and a look at how things played out today in the senate, saying that it was a
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tough case on the environment in the senate, the judiciary committee, the session showing the divine. on the gorsuch, the new york times reporting that by the end of the week, judge neil gorsuch could be the newest supreme court justice and in fact republicans and a few democrats ensure that and it did not take long or a bitterly partisan split over the judge to reveal itself, the tenor of the committee today strongly suggesting the full senate debate on judge gorsuch will be even more contentious. join us for that here on c-span2 and the senate having heard more than 20 hours of testimony from the nominee himself, you can always find that at so what does this mean going forward? it means that again we could
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see this nuclear option, a change in set rules and a to hear from guy benson who is a correspondence with fox news says yes, gorsuch filibuster would be yet another totally unprecedented escalation by democrats. and fox news with the article saying that mcconnell, mitch mcconnell, that's the majority leader vowing that he would change those rules, the minority leader chuck schumer predicting he will not be able to get 60 votes to break a filibuster. a couple of other things to look out, one from rebecca siobhan who is talking about funding that lindsey graham mentioned during the hearing, lindsey graham saying this will be the last person subject to a filibuster. because of the change in rules on the senate floor. and again, we could see some of that playing out as early as thursday. of the things to look forward to in the future and this is something that the website above the law had been looking into beyond the gorsuch nomination, rumors that they could see justice
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kennedy's retirement as early as this summer or possibly next and the writer here going through david black, going through and sort of debunking some of that, something that is good to keep an eye on, especially if there are any changes made in how the senate deals with supreme court nominees. the senate coming in and about 16 minutes, 3:00 eastern time. the official matter at hand on the floor will be dealing with rules on anti-vote with respect to a lot of debate on the gorsuch nomination and the final vote on that against the majority leader friday. they are going to take a look back at some of what happened in the senate hearing today. and again, just to reconfirm here, 11 yes votes, nine no. a strict par


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