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of haiti to pennsylvania and the adoption agency made an effort to expedite the adoption so the children could go into the familifa familifa fam -- families so they could go in quicker and the u.s. government said no. we are not speeding up the process. there are things that need to be done to make sure this is done appropriately. i think it is important to understand that these issues of what happened to children and their families are really complicated. they can't be solved easily. but that with time, we can get there and we need to do that for the children. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's
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cable companies and brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. here is look at upcoming book festivals around the country. we will be live at the virginia festival of the book live inner charlottesville where topics range from nuclear war to the media. on april 8ths, the annapolis and san antonio book vest full. and then live from the los angeles times festival of books held on the campus of the university of southern california. for more information about the book fairs and festivals booktv will be covering and to watch previous festival coverage, click the book fairs tab on our website >> one of the things i would have put more of in the book is
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a much more explicit argument about just how bad things can get. -- if we don't have the action which requires military strength. when they say these are regional conflicts we can pull back from one and it doesn't have a bearing on the other, i really don't think that is the case. we live in a globalized world. these things are all interconnected. if we were to pull back from that i think the consequences would be felt around the region and globally. >> you know, whether you look at the world through the lens elliot describes of the rules based nomative order we created or if you are looking at it from the point of america first, more
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jobs for americans, our prosperity has rested on freedom of access to the global commons and particularly freedom of the seas which we advocated since our birth as a nation. what china is doing is chipping away at that principle. yes, it knows to the strength of our allies. the prosperity of much of the world depends on this. it is for that reason, i think, that is why we care. that is why we care about the south china sea. this goes to the point of the changing regional balances and some of the rising regional powers, or in some cases declining regional powers, that are exurting themselves to more completely dominate their own
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regions -- esh exerting- themselves they can, through a series of salami slices begin to chip away at the foundations of this order. so, you know, we are faced a very challenging question. as china militarizes these land reclamation projects, these sand bars they are building and puts air strips on them, at what point do you respond? when they put anti aircraft missiles on board maybe you wait until they do done it two times. is that what?
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what about when you wake up and find they created a zone over the area and you can no longer fly over? this is the challenge, i think, that we face and it is not just in the south china sea. it is elsewhere as well. i am not sure what pulling back actually means in the geographic context of the western pacific where the united states has territory. american citizens who were represented in congress in the western pacific. pulling all the way back to u.s. territory means pulling all the way back to guam. it has not every been a realistic option in my sense. >> two brief points. i think we need to rediscover our imagination of the tragic in terms of thinking about what a real breakdown of international order can look like. we have been blessed to have this order for the last 70 years but i think it is hard for
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people to understand what can happen when things really go wrong. the second point is i eco everything that has been said about the south china sea and i would add for any administration, whether it was the obama administration, or the trump administration today, it is important to really have a firm idea of what you are trying to accomplish in the south china sea and whether you are willing to use a level of coercion. i am all for taking a harder line for china. if you take the comment rex tillerson made saying we will deny cline china access the isla islands what is the level of coercion required and are you willing to sign on? if the answer is yes you better understand the consequences and
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be ready for them. if you say no, you just look foolish. here is a look at the best selling booksism former president's george w bush's portrait of courage and discusses his paintings of veterans. and "unshakable" and hillbilly life is number three. bill o'rielly and martin guard account of japan's defeat during world war ii, killing the rising sun, is number four. next is nintendo the legend of zelda. the magnol ia story is next. jesus always by sarah young is next. faumoed by this life i live. and rounding out publisher's
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weekly best selling list is big agenda; president trump's plan to save america. that is a look at the current best selling non-fiction books. some of the authors have or will be appearing on booktv. you can watch them on our website ....


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