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tv   U.S.- Israel Relations and Middle East Senator Sanders  CSPAN  February 27, 2017 11:49pm-12:30am EST

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this congress is going to be the busiest that we have had in decades. >> the democratic response and reaction along with comments from the members on tuesday at 9 p.m. c-span and and
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listen on the radio at. >> former presidential candidate bernie sanders condemned recent anti-semitism including the desecration of jewish cemeteries and bomb threats to jewish organizations. >> i am a member of the board of directors. [cheering] it is my privilege and honor to introduce this afternoon a man who needs little introduction. [cheering] for all of us that followed the
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political events of the past several years, we feel we have come to know him on a first name basis. i am speaking of course of the junior senator from vermont, senator bernie sanders. [cheering] during the course of the senator's presidential campaign, i heard from many who described the old-school brooklyn accent reminded them of their uncle or grandfather, a familiar passionate voice ready to impart lessons and take on tough arguments. for me, it was and how senator sanders spoke but it's what he was saying that recalled an earlier generation in my family.
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his principled accuracy for the rights and dignity of working people and average americans reminded me of my grandparents and my uncle, union organizers in wisconsin. [cheering] [applause] they worked and fought for an america that would live up to its promise in the land of freedom, justice and equality for all of its citizens. they were clearheaded about the challenges in opposition they face and they refused to give up. those were their values and is their tradition. it's senator sanders tradition and it's our tradition, too. the same values also formed the backbone of the senator's strong support for israel. a country founded by progressive
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dreamers hoping to build a social democracy and they have driven him to provide strong support for u.s. leadership towards a two state solution. during the campaign, senator sanders made clear that the future of israelis and palestinians are intertwined. he said in one speech is from violence and metabolism but also the security for every palestinian. [cheering] it means achieving self-determination, civil rights and an economic well-being to the palestinian people. [applause] along with secretary clinton, senator sanders helped establish
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a new standard for discourse in israel and the democratic party as the candidates show the politicians can win support from the voters by touting the importance of diplomacy comes serious compromise and progress towards peace. [applause] in this difficult era, we know senator sanders will be an important voice setting up a dangerous policies and standing up for leadership that benefits all americans and holds true to our democratic values at home and abroad. [applause] it is my honor to welcome to the stage senator bernie sanders. [cheering]
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thank you. thank you. [cheering] with me begin by -- thank you. [cheering] let me begin by thanking you for inviting me to be here with you today. it is an honor and a pleasure to be standing within organization that has shown incredible courage taking on some. difficult opposition but understanding that the future of israel and
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the middle east and future of this world requires us to fight for progressive foreign-policy ideas. [applause] i am forever delighted to be in the company of friends from israel and all over the middle east and in fact all over the world who i know in these challenging and difficult times will continue the fight for a world of peace, a world of justice and a world of environmental sanity. [cheering] i managed to catch a bit of a discussion on the last panel and one made a very important point.
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that is despair is not an opti option. now more than ever we have to continue the fight for justice at all levels. and let me note in the last several months since donald trump's victory in the presidential race, there's been a significant outbreak of anti-semitism in our country. i., and i know all of you are along the desecration of jewish cemeteries about bomb threats against jewish organizations, and about more and more anti-semitic language. when we see as a nation violence and verbal racist attacks against minorities, whether they
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be african-americans, jews were most runs in our country, immigrants in our country, or the lg bt community, these attacks must be condemned at the highest levels of government. [cheering] it was rather extraordinary that in the white house holocaust remembrance statement, the murder of 6 million jews wasn't mentioned by the trump administration. i hope very much president trump and his political adviser understand that the entire world is watching and it is imperative that their voices be loud and
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clear including the murder of two young men from india. [applause] and condemning all forms of bigotry in this country and around the world. our nation has had a very rocky road in the fight for democracy and equal rights. we have struggled from the inception of the country the fight against racism, the fight against sexism, against xenophobia and homophobia and we are telling mr. trump and his friends loud and clear we are
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not going backwards, we are going forwards. [applause] [cheering] we will continue to fight against all forms of bigotry and discrimination and i must also say i found it very troubling in a recent press conference when president trump was given an opportunity to condemn the anti-semitism that has arisen in the wake of his election he chose to respond by bragging about the size of his electoral college victory. ..
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>> >> when president trump was given the opportunity to condemn of bigotry and anti-semitism that has arisen in the wake of his election coming he chose to respond by bragging about the size of his electoral college victory. the function of a president president, a serious conservative president has
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always been the function, it to bring us together, and not divide us up in. [applause] let me take this opportunity to think jay street for the voice they have provided in support of american leadership in the middle east and ongoing efforts with peace between israelis and palestinians i vendor stand and you understand given the political climate in this capital that has not always been easy. i also applied j street to be part of a broad coalition of groups that successfully fought for the historic nuclear agreement between united states and iran.
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[applause] that agreement demonstrated that a real american leadership, real leadership leadership, real americans has not been shown by our ability to both things up. and to bring parties together to forge the international consensus. for many years, leaders across the world including me israeli prime minister has sounded the alarm of the iranian nuclear weapons in. but the obama administration
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could do with the support of groups like it j. street to get any treatment that froze and dismantle large parts of that program with the most intensive inspections in history to remove fat prospect of a nuclear weapon from less tough global threats. >> as a member of the u.s. senate as i'm sure you appreciate i hear a lot of this dish listening to many of my colleagues how tough the united states has got to be and how and the end of the day but that the
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incentive plans all that matter pronounce those say to those colleagues that it is easy to kill if species -- speeches at the floor of the senate or the house would in this is will harden in one in to live through the devastation of war. [applause] because i was in the house and photog and all of the rhetoric thank cavemen image that came to that war.
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[applause] as a foreign policy blunder of the enormous and unthinkable magnitude. leading to the death of 4400 want and many times more
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people than that it created a cascade of instability around the region that we are still dealing with today in syria and elsewhere that we will be dealing with that for many years to come. by the way, the boy a in iraq caused those trillions of dollars with money that should have been spent on
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health care education and infrastructure. [cheers and applause] quemoy is easy to give a powerful speech jeff to go to war but minute try to go one and to solve global conflicts without going to war. [applause] and those consequences and the up making yes less safe. not more safe. in contrast the irene and
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nuclear deal that did not prompt and did deal that was enormously complicated but that deal hope to strindberg
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[cheers and applause] as some of you may know a few years ago i was a young man. i had a connection that the lived in very weak -- a few weeks and was a powerful
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experience that i will never forget. it was there that i saw and experience for myself those of which the state of israel was founded. it is important one is established to have a homeland for those jewish people for centuries of displacement & q should that have the of. [applause] the redo know there was another side.
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but like our own country the founding of israel involve the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people already living there, in to tuned to the mines israel geneva and any more than knowledge seeing the trend -- the trail of tears anybody will jeopardize the united states of america.
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i did not come here simply to leave his but the question here today on all of our minds munis what now practice but that should be the u.s. policy to end the conflict that has gone on for so long to assure the occupation to create ford jews and arabs and palestinians alike. [cheers and applause]
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but those the have taken so much from so many. would know whether countries spend such nobody gains with children. children and do an engine and an 10 become suicide bombers. ninety-eight it is about war and hatred rather an increase -- peace in the gulf.
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[applause] so think for a moment about the incredible potential that is being lost when israelis and palestinians are not coming to kill their in with those economic touches of the region spirit guide did get a small set of the from jordan and dejected the other countries, not to talk about the political differences but the economic crisis in did it provides
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the future. water. our goal is to bring people together in the region to certain a serious problem groot to have peace in and and and and to have a ration with the israelis to half. [applause] but that vision division
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where people come together and it with the serious skin fired mental problems that existed. but but in these days we cannot afford to give up. [applause] but to bring that kind of future to the people.
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but it is often said the u.s. in one but that is what we are talking about. but as progressives coming here some of the values that we share in this country and around the world. we believe did democracy in but to protect the rights of minorities. >> but those values are based upon the their paid and with that notion that it goes back thousands the
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hearsay but nowhere does is a bill out human beings no matter the color of our skin one but we share a common humanity. and that humanity is annual the area of when met and the to have projects -- meaningful and productive jobs and water that they can drink which is clean and air they can brief which is also clean.
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[applause] and together we and the stand if we continue along this same path but aside from those values we need to do wreathing we can to oppose those political forces in our country and around but this is of a save mocking phenomenon. ewe house press but i am
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looking at but i think we should be clear the two-state solution that involves the establishment of a palestinian state in the to occupy at --- occupied from 1967 has been partisan policy for many years it is also supported by the overwhelming international consensus that was
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reaffirmed in december by the united nations security council resolution 2334. i understand that the trump the administration walked that statement back in the casual manner in which she appeared of the tuesday policy was extremely concerning but also unfortunately atypical of the callousness with which he has a man's -- managed american foreign policy. [applause] , the president said he supports a peace deal but this does not mean much. the real question is peace on what terms? does peace means of palestinians are forced to live on the perpetual
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israeli rule in a series of disconnected communities in the west bay. that is not tolerable and that is not peace. [applause] if palestinians and the occupied territories once self-determination will they receive full citizenship and equal rights and meaning the end of a jewish restored the state's. these are very serious questions with significant implications for the broader regional partnerships. united states and the state of israel going back with a strong bond. there is no question that we
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should be and will be their friend and ally in the years to come. there is no debate about that. debt the same time we must recognize israel's continued occupation of palestinian territories of the palestinian people to fundamental american values and is really values as well. [applause] former secretary of state john kerry said in his speech in december, friends need to tell each of the hard truth. the hard truth is the continued occupation that
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the occupation sustained the possibility of peace and contributes to suffering in the violence. [applause] as the u.n. security council reaffirmed the settlements also constitute a flagrant violation of international law and by eight applied the obama administration decision with the veto security council resolution. [applause] those of us who worry about the future of israel for those who support israel of israel and the palestinians reaching a peaceful
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resolution recognized that palestinian conflict involves says it does the of legitimate historical claims of people of the same region so let me be as clear as i can be. to oppose the policies of right wing in government does not make anti-israel or anti-semitic. imbedded. [applause]
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we cannot oppose the of policies of president trump's without being anti-american. we can oppose the policies of the netanyahu without being anti-israel we can oppose the of policies of islamic extremism without being anti-muslim. and as i have said many times peace means security medal me for every israeli but for every palestinian. with self-determination and
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civil rights for both peoples. these are based with the shared values that we condemn an anti-semitic bigotry to make society in more perfect society. the values of inclusiveness democracy and justice with the region and the world. [applause] united states will continue the unwavering commitment to the safety of this state of israel but also we must me
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clear to peacefully resolve this conflict is the best way to ensure the long-term safety to make america more secure. . .


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