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tv   Nick Adams Discusses Green Card Warrior  CSPAN  January 8, 2017 2:45pm-4:05pm EST

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states, nor does does it appear to be very uncommon in england. that has been repeatedly censored by critics both here and there is improper. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> it evening. every christmas, happy hanukkah time so glad everyone is here. for some furnace foremost i want to welcome c-span here tonight. so be on your best behavior. [applause] secondly i'd like to welcome nick adams who is finally here for you foreign veterans you may recall he was supposed to be here last summer but he wasn't. he will be telling you why i'm a little bit about that as well. finally a guest is 32 and he said a remarkable life. life. he's been an officeholder in australia, he is an author of
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three books is a tv commentator and you may have seen them on shows like fox on o'reilly most recently started an organization , foundation for liberty and american greatness. you'll be hearing more about that. are excited that he's doing this because flag is dedicated to reversing the toxins of political correctness on the defamation of america. the way he's doing it is starting with elementary, middle, and high school students. that's his goal to do that. [applause] because had recommendations for his books on works from notables such as dana perino, ben carson colonel north most importantly a formal am not of colonel west serve on the board. so we encourage him to speak as well. in lieu of books selling and
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signing were doing something different. because seeking to raise donations for flag. they are all tax-deductible in between his talk and the q&a, there will be jars being passed around. we'd we'd like you to be as generous as you can. this is going to be a very important organization and at the end of the talk he will be down at his table with his materials. there's materials at your table and for people who make donations of $200 or more, you'll get a free signed book for you and check should be made payable to flake. with no further do, were happy to introduce a new friend of mine, mr. nick adams. [applause] >> good evening ladies and
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gentlemen, as a a conservative form of silicon valley. [applause] what an honor it is to be able to be here with each and every single one of you. i have to extend my profound gratitude to the president -- and eric for being instrumental in ensuring that i could be here with you this evening. it was not easy as many of you well-known. but we managed we managed to achieve it and i'm thrilled to be here. i'd also like to send out a very big thank you to bob and carrie for their kindness and generosity the last couple of days making my inaugural visit to silicon valley so deeply special. what a pleasure and privilege it is to be in the land of the free
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and the home of the brave. [applause] and the world's exceptional nation and civilizations indispensable country. to top it off, if all of that were not enough, in silicon valley, living and breathing validation of conservative principles, where human entrepreneurial, individual, spirit truly thrives. a place where individual investment, innovation and ingenuity marks that which is exceptional in the united states of america. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, i want to share with you a story and as i
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share with you the story i invite you to close your eyes and imagine what it is that i'm telling you. it is december of 1985, two parents are at their wits end. something is wrong with their 16 month old child. for months they been to dr. after dr., pediatrician after pediatrician, but nobody can tell them what is wrong. one night on the 23rd of december, with their child more unsettled than usual the head to the emergency department of the local children's hospital. the ward is almost deserted but there is one overnight doctor.
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a young man with a smiling face and an accent. as as he looks the child over his smile quickly evaporates. i'm not sure, he says, but i think your child has neuroblastoma and i think it is a net advance stage and you need to make sure you get your child in protest the first thing tomorrow morning. the very next day the parents worst fears would be confirmed. their child had stage four neuroblastoma. a very rare form of childhood cancer. the parents, were mine. the dr. was an american. the child, was me.
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the cause of neuroblastoma remains unknown to this day with only one in 100,000 children big diagnosed with it each year. because it's difficult to diagnose when it is the tumor has almost always already metastasize. an infant with stage iv neuroblastoma is given just a 5% chance of life. only one in 20 survive. through the healing hands of god, our master physician i underwent 33 years of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and in operation. i defied the odds, and i survived. the instinct of that american dr. fresh out of college, just in australia for a summer internship, just in the nick of time proved crucial to my survival.
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so ladies and gentlemen, i have not only studied american exceptionalism, i have lived it. in fact, i am alive because of it. [applause] since that early adversity, i have been unstoppable. as publicly elected to political office at the age of 19. it became the youngest uppity merit of hit and australian history. just eight days after my birthday. i was was the best-selling author by the age of 30. now having to 32, have spoken and more than half of the states in the united states of america, and i know there aren't 57.
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[laughter] have appeared on almost every single major radio and television program in the country. was spoken in five different nations, i'm a regular on fox news, and wrote ride and recognized as an authority on american exceptionalism. in fact, i, i have decided to dedicate my life to protecting, promoting, and preserving the united states of america. [applause] and if all that were not enough, on the 29th of july, 2016, mere five months ago, after four and a half long, torturous, arduous years, and almost $50000 later, i finally immigrated to the united states of america. i am an american. [applause]
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which gives me a very unique trifecta. i am australian by birth, texan by appointment, thank you you governor rick perry, an american by choice. [applause] so what is it that i believe in? i believe in god, personal responsibility, the sanctity of human life, that we should be a community and church responsibility. i believe this the social program is a job. i believe in free markets, individual liberty, i believe in the state of israel, a strong, national defense. [applause] i believe in the right to bear arms, but with all of those
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things i believe in america. and i want you to know something. that despite all of the cultural problems of america, that we may have right now, this is still, by far and away, the greatest country in the history of the world. [applause] every single time i speak in front of an audience of the next generation of america, the future leaders of the united states, whether it's an elementary school, middle school, school, a high school, or college, i tell the students that the day they were born in the united states of america is the day they won the lottery of life. [applause] and i implore them, i beseech
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them to never, ever buy into the narratives of -- that america is an awful place, terrible place that america only carried her caters to certain people. this is is the best country in the world to be cut born inches the best country the world to live inches the best the best country in the world to start a business in. the best country in the world to work in. this is a country where you could throw down 5000 times but if you have the grit and determination to get up 5001, you and one, you can do it and you can make it. this is the nation of the world. where you can rise above the circumstances of your birth to go on and achieve whatever it is that is in your heart to be achieved. this is the country where risk,
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hustle, and initiative go further than anywhere else. america is special because america is not just a country, not simply a stretch of land, not nearly merely a geographic entity. america is an idea. it's an ideal. it is the notion, it's an improbable and daring experiment that remains just as improbable and daring today. it is the hope that banishes all hopelessness. therefore ways a nation is said to be exceptional, culturally, militarily, economically, and scientifically. economically, and scientifically. on each of those four measurements, and almost 5000 years of recorded human history, we have never before seen a
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nation, a culture, or a people dominate the way the united states of america has. but ladies and gentlemen, american exceptionalism is not an accident. it's intentional. the men who walk this earth were america's founders. they understood that the key to unleashing human potential, the key to a unlocking ingenuity, the key to unleashing human innovation was to make sure that men and women were as on incompetent as possible by red tape and the need for government approvals. and and it is for all of those reasons that this is the exceptional and indispensable country in the world.
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but the american value system is the value system of all mankind. it's also why why america's role of the world is unlike any other. you see, the world's fortunes travel with the united states of america. when america strong the world is strong. when america's week, the world is a weak and dangerous place. now that's not a hypothesis but i'd screw google on the back of a cocktail napkin after a few drinks come were leaving that reality right now, in real time. as the elites in our government have deliberately sought to make america retreat, have intentionally nature the influence of the united states has waned in recent years.
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as a result, the world we live in right now is a world that is full of problems. i want you to consider for a fleeting moment ladies and gentlemen, what the world would look like without the united states of america. north korea would invade south korea, taiwan would be overrun by china. russia would rebuild the soviet empire. islamic terrorists would act with complete impunity. war would break out in the middle east. north north africa would run around even more mercilessly than what they already do. the world would be covered in a
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biblical style darkness. with individual liberty gradually diminishing and ultimately becoming extinct. that is what the world would look like without the united states of america. there are ten things that america needs to do to be strong here at home. so that that like domestically can shine abroad. pay back the debt, protect the borders, exercise -- and keep the peace through unquestioned military advantage. these are the things, this is
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the agenda that america needs to get behind. but ladies and gentlemen, without a doubt the greatest threat facing the united states of america, the american idea, the virtues and values of americans is political correctness. political correctness is killing the united states of america. you see, most people think political correctness is merely an imposition on speech. well, that would be bad enough without tradition of the first amendment. but i have to tell you, with three grad in my voice that political correctness is infinitely more than that. political correctness is a cultural mindset. it is an attitude, a way of life
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that tells you to strive to mediocrity and not greatness. it punishes you for coloring outside of the line. it tells you that life is about kissing but rather than kicking it. what could be more antithetical to the american promise than that proposition. america has always been about kicking but not kissing it. yet political correctness would seek to turn that on its head. it is and gentlemen, political correctness is a choking conformity. a totalitarian ideology that strips us of our individualism. that eliminates our confidence, that removes our patriotism. political correctness is turning the american dream into the european nightmare.
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america is complex, but american exceptionalism is easy. it's individualism individualism not collectivism. his patriotism not relativism. it's fate not secularism. god not government. it's. it's equality of opportunity not equality of outcome. it's about being bold not being planned. it's not about radical culturalism. these are the things that have always served to differentiate the united states of america from every other place in the world. and yet, those elites and the media, and academia, academia, and in every other cultural institution would seek to remove every point of difference between america and the rest of the world.
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they want to see america become just another european country. just another -- ladies and gentlemen that's exactly what they need to push back against with renewed optimism with our country's direction the spring has returned america at the brink of the entire world watching teetering on the precipice of mediocrity, wrestling with potential
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obscurity, up against every imaginable opposition, america is pulled one out again for mankind. granted us a reprieve, secured our immediate media inoculation, stayed often struck a deadly blow at the epicenter of the black heart of islamist. for at least four years. i'm reminded ladies and gentlemen, of my political hero and the greatest figure of the 20th century whose tie up ride the wear tonight, sir winston churchill. [applause] his affectionate jibe that america always does the right thing after exhausting every
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other option. [laughter] ladies and gentlemen, we did our part at the ballot box. the conspicuously gallant men and women of the united states military will continue to protect the homeland. and chill the bones of any man who harbors, or dreams of tierney. but now now with all of this set up for us, with the wind at our backs, now is not the time to ask in the delivery of the glow of victory. now is the time to capitalize and now is the time for us to storm the gates of the left this
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is our time, this is our moment. it is now time to fight the ideological war. it is time to impact the future. it is time to mobilize middle america. this is the moment we have been waiting for. this is the moment that we can change the course of history. now we can transform a generation and we can change a culture that we can change the narrative. that we can crush political correctness and relegated to the dusty bookshelf right where it belongs. this is the time to heal the division that the left purposefully broke wide open. but more than that, most importantly of all, this is our chance to do something that we
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as americans have not done. that we simply assume would be passed on. this is our opportunity to pass on what it means to be an american. what americanism is. a country, a society much like any individual has to have a reason in order for it to survive. where there is a why, there is a how. americans have lost our how. that is is what we need to get back. the most stunning change in the global mind in the last 50 years is the prevalence of this idea
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that america is a billing, perpetrator, predator and an imperialist or, a terrorist that america is evil. all collective societies around the world now see america as a common enemy and have joined forces against her. the elite in the media academia, and education are deliberately and recklessly depicting america is a hateful and bigoted place. intentionally seeking to raise a generation of americans that are ambivalent, if not overtly and outwardly hostile to their country of birth and residence. you see, conservatives are builders. leftist or destroyers.
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they have to destroy in order to try and build the utopia that they seek. they have destroyed our patriotism. they have destroyed our confidence. they have destroyed the family unit. ladies and gentlemen, it is now our turn in our time to stand up amid that destruction. we need to punch back is hard as we possibly can. many of us in this room have felt the heat of the left. we have lost jobs, we have missed out on opportunities, we have been forced out of organization, we have been ostracized and blacklisted and punished and dragged over the hot coals.
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all of my adult life i have been up against the ogre of the left. any times over my life has been turned upside down by some of the most repulsive and quite frankly evil people i have ever met. i became unemployable in australia is a high school english teacher because the views that i expressed in fox news studios half the world away in new york city. my father, lifelong teacher of mathematics, of impeccable standing. once they find out who his son was they went after him
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and forced him into early retirement. my dream of becoming an american almost did not materialize despite having earned a next-door ordinary green card and having it already approved by the united states citizenship and immigration service. one at the last second and activist of the left and the u.s. state department decided to try to overturn my approval. leading to a time in my life when i had no future in australia and was facing the prospect of never, ever been able to return here to the united states of america, the contrail love in the country i have worked so hard to build up a life and a career in. it is and gentlemen, i am sick of these people.
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i am ready to clean them out. [applause] i am ready to make sure that the country that we leave our children and our grandchildren and their great, great grandchildren was not a country where place like the one that we currently inhabit. i am now in america and for me, my destiny is complete. i am here now to serve america. that is so i have set up an organization called flag. the foundation for liberty and american greatness. flag is committed to stopping the deformation of the american people, the american nation and the american culture.
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flag is not a think tank. flag is a battle tank. flag it's all about changing the culture and changing the media narrative, by using the tactics of the left back against them. that's how we win. that's how we reverse the tide. flag is an educational nonprofit, we we go into as many elementary, middle and high schools as we possibly can talking to kids about what makes america special. what makes america different, why is the constitution the best political document ever written? what what would the world look like today had it not been for american leadership in the 20th century? what would the world look like in the future if there was no america? what all has the united states given the world? why has it been
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in nonparallel force for good in this world? please and gentlemen, we seek to counter the army of anti-american activist masquerading as teachers that are deliberately. [applause] trying to raise a generation of american haters. flag is also immediate response on. the days of the left playing on a post are over. , flag will -- on every major cable television from msnbc to fox news and we'll make sure that every single time america's reputation is on the line, every time someone seeks to slander or
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libel or defame the united states of america, we are countering reproof. we are countering with facts. please and gentlemen, it is time for us to start writing the petitions. it's time for us to start calling for heads to roll. i want people to know that if they are going to go out there and they are going to mop, produce, castigate, libel slander or defame the united states of america, there is an organization that will hold them to account. [applause] here's the deal.
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if you care one 16th about the united states of america, but any other culture people you would be held over the hot coals of every discrimination tribunal and human rights commission you could speak at. but if you, say something awful about the united states of america, the culture treats you like you are a hero. it is a disgraceful illusion of logic, of fairness and of decency. and while our gallant men and women of the united states military have our backs everywhere, at sea, land, and there, heck even in space, the one place where we need to stand up if not for ourselves, at least for them as we need to stand up for america in the culture. that is exactly what flag is all
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about doing. this last july america celebrated the 240th birthday. a time for great celebration. but i'd also suggest ladies and gentlemen a time for sober and somber reflection. because if you ask any historian worth their salt how long great nations tend to last, they will will tell you somewhere between 23250 years. that puts america right in the kill zone. that is why the stakes are higher today than what they have ever been. because the enemies of the
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united states are no longer simply form. there are also domestic. that is why the battle that we are going to have to embark on is going to require us to muster every once of patriotism. every seat of passion from the soles of our feet from the tops of our heads. to rescue this country. i've come to the united states at a time when most people have written her off. when most people say that america's best days are behind her. most people say that america's glory time is finished. i don't believe the for a single solitary second. as a student of american
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history, there is a boom around resilience feature of the american society and the average american from the early defeats by britain and the work independence to pearl harbor, to the days following september 11, every single time america has been under attack every single time freedom has been under attack america has bounced back bigger, stronger, and better than ever before. it is and gentlemen, flag is committed to presiding over a conservative patriotic constitutional renaissance that will secure the american dream for another 200 years at least. in just three months we have already trained to almost 4000
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students at 31 different schools, 28 of which eight of which were public schools in 12 different states. [applause] we are currently in the middle of producing the world's first kids friendly constitution. we are getting the constitution into plain english. we are making it relatable with images and in graphic design and it is our goal to make sure that kid friendly constitution one day gets into the hands of every single american child. flag envisions a day 80s and gentlemen where every child at the beginning of the child year will receive a flake freedom bay. in that freedom back will be a
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copy of the constitution, a copy of the kid from the constitution, a declaration of independence, of independence, and to an american flag. because we want our children, the future leaders of tomorrow to be anchored and tethered to the values and virtues that have catapulted america to the pinnacle nation on this earth. we are doing incredibly well. on flag's advisory council i have managed to assemble an all star conservative cast. my mentor, lieutenant colonel allen west. [applause] another mentor, dennis, conservative radio tight type healing from this very state. [applause] my good friend pete in iraq and afghanistan veteran.
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i guild graduate and recently made permanent host on fox and friends weekend. john sullivan, the executive the executive producer two of the three the next to films. [applause] johnny kirk of turning point usa. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, this group is committed to making sure that we stop the rot. we are committed to making sure that all of those areas of influence that the left has so successfully infiltrated or going to be over. we are not going to do it with research papers. were not going to do it sitting behind a desk. flag is about going out there and taking the fight to the left.
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we are about making the case for america, on apologetically, robustly, aggressively, and swiftly. without retreating and without taking a backward step because that is precisely what is needed right now. but we cannot do it by ourselves. we need an army. flake needs an army of every day ordinary, regular, hard-working american men and women who share our vision is sure concern for the land and the american idea that we will bequeath to former generations. we need financial help. flag is a 5o1c3 organization. all donations are 100%
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tax-deductible. i want to ask all of you to please consider making a tax deductible gift to flag tonight. anything you can offer whether it's $10, 50, a hundred, 505,000. whatever you can assist with will help us enormously. there's is about 150 people here tonight, just think $100 from every person is 15,000 dollars. that would enable us to get into 15 schools. we 15 schools. we could get 6000 constitution something kid friendly righty to students. we could reach hearts and minds. lisa and gentlemen, we are in the fight of our lives. the left control just about every single major shape or
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influencer culture. culture trunks politics. culture transcends politics. the culture is where the fight is. and it's where we need to be. we need need to commit ourselves to this fight. with everything that we have. ladies and gentlemen, america is freedom's coliseum. freedom to live in freedom will perish right here. the rest of the world is way too far gone. it rests on our shoulders. we're the only country that is capable of crushing political correctness. were for the only country that is capable of
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bringing the guardian of liberty and that is what we must continue to be. ladies and gentlemen, this is the best country in the world whether you're a black person, person, white person, person, person, it doesn't matter. it's in the interest of everyone that america be as strong as possible. if you can be an american and you can love the united states of america even if you have never set your little toe on american soil. because as thomas pyne put it, the cause of america is the cause for mankind. thank you ladies and gentlemen. god bless you, god bless california, and god bless the united states of america. thank you so much. [applause] thank you very much. thank you.
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thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> you can ask me questions about anything. [inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i happen to know a lot about : cap drink because in the last three we've had a good hand in dealing with the unpatriotic actions and gestures of the nfl. so when he came out and did what he did in took any and still does take any, i went on fox
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news and i call for his resignation. . .
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. [applause] . . >> . >> guest: somebody has a practical question. can people buy the kid friendly constitution now? >> it's not quite ready yet. we're finished writing it and we're in the stages of making sure that we get all of the cartoons and illustrations and the graphic design right. but i can promise you this that we will keep the conservative form of silicon valley and in effect, be happy to partner with the conservative form of silicon valley in distributing and getting out the kid friendly constitutions. [applause]. >> is your nemesis on the state department still employed? >> to the best of my knowledge, the individual that was at the center of turning my life upsidedown for a period of time
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remains an employee of the state department, but the good news is, that on the 20th of january there's a change coming. [applaus [applause]. >> i've had a request. we're happy you have a good time, but keep your personal conversations to a minimum because i understand they're having a problem hearing, so thank you very much. you mentioned charlie curt of turning point, a former alum. someone wants to know how are your two missions different? >> they're very different. flag is about focusing on american exceptionalism so turning point has a much broader approach and they're focused, really on colleges and flag's few we need to get in there as quick as we possibly can. we go to elementary schools, even. middle schools and high schools. but, turning point is really
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about teaching students philosophies about conservativism and things like that. flag is just about being the watch guard for america and for promoting american exceptionalism. we are very specific. we are very targeted to that and there is no organization anywhere in the world that has the same target or the same mission as us. we are unique in the 501 c3 movement. >> a practical question, how the heck are you getting in public schools? >> when i first began flag, everyone said, nick, it's a fantastic idea, but there's no way in the world you are ever going to get into schools. well, ladies and gentlemen, can i tell you, we have not been
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turned down once yet. it has been amazing. we go there, we state we're going to educate on patriotic principles. our message is patriotic, i know these guys that's politically incorrect, but our message is patriotic, it's motivational, it's uplifting. it explains to students that because they're american they've got a head start in life and they can do whatever it is that they want to do. we make sure that we point out what is different about the united states, both in terms of the legal setup. both in terms of the documents that have shaped america, and in particular. the culture. so when i go into elementary school i talk about walt disney and the example of american exceptionalism and the positive influence that walt disney has had on kids right around the world. when i go to a middle school or
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a high school, i talk about tipping and i alert the students to the fact that the only country in the world where tipping is an integrated part of the economy is america. and i can't think of a more american concept than tipping. number one, it causes you to care about your fellow human being. a lot of people rely on tips to make ends meet. number two there's no limit to what you can possibly earn in tips, if you wait on the right person and give great service, no telling how much money you may walk away with and tipping provides incentive for good work and they're all things that make america a special place, so it's by making kids aware just how different the united states is to everywhere else, that's how we capture them and i have so many students come up to me and
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we've been into some tough schools. we've been into inner city orlando schools, in florida, in inner city arlington schools, and i've had students come up to me afterwards and say, mr. adams, you know, i don't quite know yet if i agree with you, but you've put things in a way that i hadn't previously considered. and to me, ladies and gentlemen, that's a victory in and of itself. because that's the start of the process to changing those hearts and reaching those minds and i'm going to go back to those schools. i'm not going to give up on those kids. just last week i was in missouri and because of this administration and because of the politically correct narrative advanced, i can report to you that in st. louis racial tensions are worse than they have ever been. and i went into the school, i went into a particular school,
3:40 pm
it was actually a catholic school in st. louis and i was hosted by a club on campus. there with a -- was a row of african-american students who pushed back against me hard and i was there for a full two hours, explaining to these students that this is the best country in the world for a black person to live. and i pointed out to them that more black africans have i am imgreated to the united states than came as slave and almost no black americans have ever left to go anywhere else, once they're here. ladies and gentlemen, we need to counter with fact, truth and reality, and i have never ever been more sure that we can have
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an impact than the last three months when i have been at the caldron talking to all students of all different stripes. >> has donald trump acknowledged flag? >> you know, i belong to a very rare breed. i supported donald trump or started to support donald trump on the 6th day of june, 2015. i don't know if anyone remembers that day was, but that was the day that he announced that he was running for president of the united states. i read the art of the deal when i was 11. and i've been a lifelong admirer of donald trump. it wasn't that he best represented my political belief system. i'm a conservative, and senator ted cruz probably would have
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been the best representation of my politics. marco rubio was a fairly conservative face and a pleasant face for conservatives and republicans. governor perry is a good friend of mine, ben carson has endorsed my work. there were many people up on that stage in the 17 candidates that could have made great presidents, but i realized early on, ladies and gentlemen, that where the world was at, at this point in time, it required someone bigger than politics. it required someone different because i knew of the obstacles, the hurdles, the opposition that any republican candidate for president is going to get, the media, academia, hollywood, everyone piling up. the only person that could withstand all of that, and i got into this game to change
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the culture, that has always been what i've wanted to do. i got in this game to change the culture and i viewed donald trump as the best chance for that change in culture. and i think we can all agree, looking at that electoral map that the only candidate of those 17 that could have won on the 8th of november, 2016, was donned j tr-- donald j trump. and i was thrilled i was able to be in his rallies in the pre-program lineup. he's rather busy at the moment, but i can tell you that i definitely have it on my radar to bring flag onto his radar. because i figure if michelle obama can go to the school talking about healthy eating. the trump organization can send
3:44 pm
an organization around to schools talking about american exceptionalism. [applause]. >> are you thought about getting together with the n.r.a. and go into the schools and talk about the value of the second amendment? >> look, i'm not the second amendment. i think that the second amendment is central to american existentialalism. civilian disarmament is based on the idea that unless you work for the government, you can't be trusted. america was founded on precisely the opposite premise. and without the second amendment all other amendments are simply a recommendation. [laughter] >> and so, i think that anybody that doesn't support the second amendment doesn't quite understand what it is to be an american. and it's absolutely right that
3:45 pm
we make sure that everyone is aware of the importance of the second amendment to america's continued success and safety. >> the question is very timely since we've got this wonderful aussie accent of yours. do you have an update on the immigrant exchange that was signed by barack obama? >> many people don't realize that the flag was involved in breaking the story here in the united states. i was actually told about it-- it's my pleasure. i was told about it by my parents who said, nick, you're never going to believe this one. and i said tell me. well, the australian prime minister has done a deal with president obama to take 2500 illegal immigrants that tried to go to australia, that we
3:46 pm
didn't want, and we put into detention. and they're-- 99% if not 100% of them are all muslim and they're from iran, iraq, sudan, somalia, and the rest are stateless. so just think about this. president obama wants to take 2500 illegal muslim immigrants that australia didn't want, and placed into detention because they're law breakers and queue. and president obama and john kerry take them. and the trade is that america gives australia 2500 christian refugees from costa rica.
3:47 pm
that's the swap. that's the deal. 2500 christian refugees from costa rica for 2500 illegal muslim immigrants from countries that, a couple of which are on the state sponsor of terror list that the state department keeps and i don't need to remind you at a higher state just a couple of weeks ago, the student at the center of that, he was a somalia refugee and many of these illegal muslim immigrants that tried to go to australia were from somalia. there's no upside for america in this deal. but it is a parting gift from president obama and it is in line with the obama administration's mission to transform the united states of america.
3:48 pm
to make it a different place to what it's always been. i can promise you this, flag has made sure it's now front and center of the american media. before, this has been a big story in australia, but it was not a big story in america up until last week when i was in new york and i did back to back television shows. now we all know about it. i can promise you this, flag is keeping its eye on what is going on. we're going to make sure that president trump knows about it. one idea, australia has secretly sent an emissary, a representative of the australia government to sell the idea to president-elect trump. so we're staying on top of it. we will keep you updated. but i promise you, we have got america's back. we are not going to let this deal happen. [applaus
3:49 pm
[applause] >> different people are wondering how you got your final 1-c status. >> someone blinked. someone blinked. look, we were very lucky and-- well, we weren't lucky, obviously, we are a 501 c3 and we're educational. we were just fortunate that the irs did the right thing and were fair to us and i'm sure that previous experience straightened up and we were the beneficiaries of the unfortunate and very unfair casualties of our tea party brothers and sisters that were going through the process a couple of years ago. >> great, glad to hear it. next question is, what's your view of the threat of islam in the united states?
3:50 pm
and also, do you have any views of the threat of islam in australia? >> look, islam is a threat everywhere, as far as i'm concerned. an american's view of life is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. and islamist view, is death, slavery and pursuit of power. the two are profoundly incompatible and if you want to know about islam, if you want to understand islam, i've read the koran, but if you want to understand islam. if you really want a cultural appreciation for it, go and talk to the people that have had to have lived alongside islam their entire lives. go and talk to israelis. go and talk to greeks. go and talk to indians.
3:51 pm
go and talk to egyptians, and lebanese, and they will tell you about islam. they will explain to you what it is about islam that causes the problems that it causes. i am infinitely concerned about islam in america and to western civilization. these people will not stop until all of us are gone. they will not stop until they have achieved the caliphate that they so passionately want. the issue for us is up until now, they have wanted to win more than us. it's just like any street fight.
3:52 pm
the person who wants it the most, who wants it more, wins. we have to match their intensity. we have to match their hunger. we've got to want to live as much as they want to die. we have got to want to protect western civilization as much as they want to establish the caliphate. until that happens, we will continue to be oppressed by this ideology that since the 7th century has gone out seeking to convert alternative mankind to islam. this is nothing new. from the battle of
3:53 pm
constantinople, to the barberi pirates. what these guys are doing is exactly what that little black book tells them to do. we need to fight back hard against them. [applaus [applause] >> people look at the culture, hollywood culture, what can conservatives do to counter hollywood? >> it's a great question. look, we need to engage in the culture war. we need to get out there on the front lines. not all of us can act and sing and dance and do all of those kinds of things. some of us can, and those of us that can need to get involved, but all of us can in some way support those of us that can, sing, dance, act or write. so, it's really, really
3:54 pm
important that we don't allow these guys to play unopposed. it's really important that we make sure that we are coming up with conservative movies, that we are-- it doesn't have to be overtly conservative. that's just going to-- no one is interested in that, but we need to make sure that we have patriotic films. we need to make sure that subconsciously, just like the left does, subconsciously, we ent enter the minds of everyday americans with stories of patriotism and heroism and someone standing up to the government. that's the way that we get our message across. we can't be intimidated. you see, political correctness has already cost us so much. imagine the plays never been written. imagine the movies that have never been made. we cannot allow ourselves to be
3:55 pm
intimidated into silence. the voice of freedom should always be as boisterous as possible. i'll never ever forget on september 11th, the words of mohammad atta on that flight. i think it was american flight 11 and his last words to all of the people in that passenger yet were be quiet and it will be okay. we should never ever be quiet. and just a little more than an hour or two hours later, the world heard the roar of freedom when those other passengers on the jet that would end in shanksville made sure that everyone heard the voice of freedom, let's roll! and that is my message here tonight, let's roll! .
3:56 pm
[applause] >> a couple of questions on the educational side. your thoughts on common core, and we know this, common core apparently does not teach the correct history of the constitution. what your feelings in public schools about common core. >> look, common core, and i would extend it more than that, i think that these red pen edits of teachers that are trying to change history, that are trying to distort history to present it in the worst light imaginable, are nothing short of treasonous. [applause] america, like any human being, is not perfect. america has made mistakes. but it is the best thing that we have.
3:57 pm
and for anyone to put it otherwise is just not being honest. did america have slavery? yes. did other countries have slavery? yes. but you want to know the only country that went to war with itself about slavery? america. america. >> that's right. >> america is the only country that tore itself up over that evil. so, ladies and gentlemen, i want our kids to be burning for the united states of america. i'm not calling for a curriculum that sugar coats american history. i just want an objective, i just want it real, i just want it factual, not like the common core stuff that is being put out there. not like these teachers that are deliberately trying to
3:58 pm
choose text like howard zin. how many of you are familiar? this is what our students are reading. this is why flag is so necessary. we're going in there and we're talking to kids about why they should be proud to be americans. why they should hold their head up high to be an american. why they should never apologize for being american. why would you want to be a world citizen when you could be an american? [applaus [applause] >> that's a great response and once again, well, a couple more questions. since you just said that, what's your position of the u.s. pulling out of the u.n.? >> yeah! >> the united nations is the most feckless, the most toothless, the most gut leless
3:59 pm
organization you can imagine. year after year we are regailed with tales of remarkable irony. like the safety of women committee of the united nations being chaired by saudi arabia or a country like that. we have the united nations who has condemned israel 10,000 times, but never said boo about the true evil, the real evil, but they want to attack the one democracy, the one island in a sea of tyranny and evil. they want to attack the one good thing of that region. ladies and gentlemen, the united nations is so upsidedown, to quote my good friend evan, i know has been a speaker here a couple of times. they turn the beautiful into
4:00 pm
the ugly. the profound into the profane. they just invert everything. and the united nations is the best example of that and i believe that this is-- i believe that a belief in american exceptionalism is incompatible with the united nations. we don't ever want another country 0 are another foreign body coming into america and telling us what we can do or what we can't do. we are the united states of america. we have freed more people than anyone else. our military is the greatest vehicle against evil ever. our constitution is the best political document ever written. we are going to be proud and we are going to push back. that's exactly what we have to do. >> thank you. [applause] >> this is the last question.
4:01 pm
and it goes right down to the table. here you are in silicon valley, and the, certainly the powers that be of silicon valley appear to be extremely liberal. do you think this is a private attitude or do you have an opinion on it? >> look, i probably haven't spent enough time to be able to give a proper answer to that. but i can tell you that unfortunately, a lot of people have been intimidated into not voicing their opinions and conservative sentiment has been reduced to hushed tones and behind the closed doors and locker room talk, to use the phrase that became popular during the election. but ladies and gentlemen, i think there are a lot of people that do understand the beauty of the united states.
4:02 pm
that do understand that america is a conservative oasis in a socialistic world desert that understand that conservative principles are what have made america the pinnacle nation on this earth and i think it's incumbent upon us to make sure that we empower, to use the langage with an of the left, that we empower those people to feel confident enough to come out and be voices for those opinions that they hold. we cannot allow ourselves to be bullied by the anti-bullying brigade. we have got to stand up and we've got to do it right now because time is running out. if we want to make sure that america reaches her third
4:03 pm
centennial in 2076, our work begins on the 13th of december, 2016. [applause] >> thank you. >> thank you. [applause] thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> i'm going to be down here at this table. any of that you want to come and see me about a signed book, or a donation, please come by and see me. if you'd like to come and talk about something, you can also do that. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. gentlemen. >> . >> guest: we're in balboa park in san diego, california where c-span is learning more about the city's literary scene. we take you to the mexico-california border to hear more about the book "the coyotes bicycle". >> it doesn't look like it, but
4:04 pm
it's a broad river valley. in the winter when we get rain storms, it can flood significantly. and i came down here in 2008 to do a story about thousands of car tires that washed into the united states from mexico during any significant rain. and the thing that was interesting about that, those car tires originated in the united states. when we buy a new set of tires we leave the old once at the dealer and we actually pay a fee to have them disposed of proper properly, but most often they're sold to mexican middle men and taken to baja to use. and when it rains they wash back into the united states for free. i was here talking to the tynans who operate the place about the car tires they were picking up at that moment and putting into a big dumpster.


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