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tv   Panel Discussion on Economics  CSPAN  November 24, 2016 5:55pm-6:01pm EST

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so much of the town revenue comes from arresting citizens. 20,000 people in 16,000 have warrants. can you imagine 20,000 people in 16,000 of them having warrants.
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he was stopped for jaywalking. these are the types of events where they were stopped. between that of public housing st. louis was a failed experiment by any measure liberal and conservative. all of those things lead people to go to ferguson, lead people to see what happened and to some extent it's a much deeper story and we were back in new york and eric garner who would have been killed or i should say david pantaleo we often don't talk about the police but daniel pantaleo who killed eric gardner was not indicted and we are marching in the streets. we were back to ferguson before that's because an indictment of darrell wilson. we went on this tour of the next year of high-profile cases.
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eric garner might drown the walter scott who was shot in the back running away. freddie gray who was beaten because he had the audacity to the bikoff in the eye which is why they chased them which is why he ran it at the set was an age of the cases my book tries to get underneath that. public housing and joblessness in the case of freddie gray was at the prosecutor's office and at some present of the amount of power prosecutors have and public defenders have been disempowered. in a case of. >> bland is the way that black women and girls are criminalized in their interactions with police officers and mental illness is criminalized. i'm going down it was in each of the cases to get a deeper issue that i think is partly about racism and largely embedded into the legacy of white supremacy but we can't at any moment ignore the fact that all of these things exist within the context of the neoliberal moments where the market becomes
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a measure goodness. a market becomes the ultimate court of appeal to adjudicate competing worlds privatization to regulation austerity of buzzwords weeds that have become common. as long as it was in a condescending state that will have these things going on. my book is ticking and it's the cases to big is the bigger story of what it means to be nobody in 21st century america. a look now at some authors recently featured on booktv's "after words." there we lay author interview program.
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the phrase when dog bites man, that's not news. it's when man bites dog that is news. people are being extraordinary and what are the results and why do the results keep buying the same people and what can we do about it. >> "after words" airs at sunday's 97 and you can watch previous "after words" program on our website >> thank you everyone for coming on behalf of harper magazine, we are so pleased to be here


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