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tv   House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Briefs Reporters on Democratic Agenda  CSPAN  June 24, 2016 12:41am-1:08am EDT

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shortly after house minority leader nancy pelosi insisted they are trying to get a vote for no by a no-fly gun legislation isn't over. let's watch. >> i would say good morning. they know it's not morning but i haven't been to sleep yet, since tuesday night so beware. as you all know because you have been there, when we get sworn into congress we take an oath of office to support and defend the constitution and the american people guided by the moral strength of john lewis our sit in sit-in on the floor resonated around the world and focused on the attention of the american
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people on the radical and reckless obstruction of bipartisan, very popular gun safety bills. republicans turned off the microphone and we raised our voices. they turned off the cameras and we went to periscope. they tried to shut down the discussion and what resulted was a discussion heard around the world. all this trouble just because republicans refuse to give us a vote on common sense gun violence legislation overwhelmingly supported by the american people. in the case of one bill 85% and the other 90% of the american people. the republican house should have the courage to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and suspected terrorists. no bill, note. in the dark of night they left the house with two more days of work to do and lasted from most
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two weeks. unbelievable. the point is this, members have just become totally tired and frustrated. every time we have a heartwrenching tragedy in our country from gun violence, the carnage that it produces whether it's little children six years old and new town or whether it's young people last week in orlando, whether its churchgoers in charleston, whether it's across the country you name it it breaks your heart families suffer and they can never really be made whole. we hope to give them some hope that their grief, so many of them who are grieving have turned their grief into action in order to get some gun laws
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passed so other families are spared. every time it happens we have a moment of silence, a moment of silence that is indicative of the silence that will follow. how many more times to members expect us to stand for a moment of silence and we do so wherever and surely in a deep and rare for a way for families but that is not a substitute for the actions that are needed. book of james, deeds not words so you have seen with orlando in the first anniversary in south carolina, june 17, the anniversary we are stepping into a new world in terms of the struggle. and a widening universe of advocates and a widening circle of different sectors of our
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demographics in our country. veterans and committees chaired by mark kelly and gabby giffords , veterans general mcchrystal wrote the op-ed about the involvement of veterans in this body. in many times during the night i quoted some of these relating to the it is not diversity engaged in the anti-gun islands fight and the involvement of our veterans. so public safety, public health, it's all related and what do republicans do? instead of giving us a vote that passed really pathetic bills. it's been four months since president obama submitted his emergency supplemental bill request for his ego.
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four months for emergency. think of that, four months for an emergency funding and house republicans have goggled and delayed and obstructed. they are trying to shortchange a response to this virus and threatens to do devastating damage to america's families and children. we have said before some children that might be affected by this may not be able to walk, talk, hear or see and cost $10 million to sustain their lives for the short time that they will live, maybe 10 years old. malformation, it's sexually-transmitted and it's very dangerous. we shouldn't be messing around this a bill that does nothing and is so bad that it raw to roll to the florida said no debate on the bill. they knew there was no case to be made for it and they knew
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there was a strong case to be made against it. here we have an appropriations bill, milliken -- military construction be a bill. they bring it to the floor and it's required to have a recorded vote. there are requirements on an appropriations bill on the floor. they are usually all entered open rule and now this is a conference report but i tremble at the thought of what they will do next on regular standup ills. the conference reported no debate. no debate on the rules. that is not only highly unusual, if never seen that happen. in the dead of night without debate they enforced a radical and reckless bill more focused
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on attacking women's health in times in this build in protecting america's families. dangerously underfunding our fight against zika cutting off access to birth control and undermines our veterans as well. on the subject, it's a false economy to say i'm not going to pay 2% and contain zika because we get to spend much more money dealing with the aftereffects that are tragic to people's lives. so, dr. fauci said if we don't get the money that the president has asked for, than $1.9 billion that's going to have a serious negative impact on our ability to get the job done. so that was disappointing but again i cannot conceal the satisfaction that democrats had again working with john lewis, with the actions of catherine
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clarke and the management of federal by john arsenault day in steve israel all might, with the periscope to give us access to the outside world or give them access to us. scott and mark takano, so our members are very resourceful and that turned up to a tree that has fallen in the wilderness that no one could hear. we were just talking to ourselves and the chamber. weather was 2.6 billion, what was the figure?
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technology has enabled us to communicate social media. all of this would not have been possible without the activism of the outside groups. of course the brady campaign, the leader of all of us and gabby giffords group, the list goes on and on. the hundreds that worked last sunday in preparation for the activism we needed. with that i will take any questions you may have. if i don't associate your voice in your direction, it's because i haven't been to sleep yet. >> representative lewis said last night that you guys crossed the first bridge and when you guys come back on july 5 you
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expect to continue this in that capacity. speaker ryan said the excessive dangers president for the minority party to hijack the floor. what is the next step? is civil disobedience still on the -- what is next? >> we will be meeting to determine how we go forward and we are still here. we will be as have the debate on the floor and many of them were there overnight and in the rain large crowds of people who have been communicating with congress to the tune of hundreds of thousands of calls. we will finish here and then we have our activism for all of next week because we cannot -- let me be really clear about this. we cannot stop until we get a bill passed.
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this isn't about politics. it's not about elections, it's not about campaigns, it's about the safety of the american people. we want this off the table. we want to issue values and hope that the republicans could agree to that. we will watch carefully what will happen on the senate side. again we are very shall he say democratic with a small d and members will decide what manifestation of opposition to the status quo and positive initiative. as we go home something different in different groups but stay tuned. >> democrats obviously reached a new level with the sudden and vocalizing your frustration with republicans but you also spoke on the floor standing up more
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vocally to speak over republicans times republicans that does this represent a shift in terms of the minority party here in the house trying to get your message across? >> i think you have to take it on a day-to-day basis. the effort yesterday again inspired by john lewis, orchestrated rise some of our members is a reflection of the frustration that we have had and the complete insistence that we cannot go through another moment of silence without taking action a moment of silence just left there in a moment of denial of the need to do something more. so i think that you will see more spontaneity as the form things will take it on the floor of the house we are responding in terms of the maloney amendment and by the way the maloney of minute for those of
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you who don't know president obama issued an executive order enabling otherwise qualified of gpt companies to participate in government contracts, the republicans put in their bill a reversal of that codifying discrimination in fact. we want on the floor to remove that until they were first the boat and that's when activism started. when you go to the floor intending to do anything it's hopefully to win times one vote but when they in a very contrary to regular order way did what they did then that evoked a response. again it's the setting we are in but we have to recognize times have changed. anything that anybody wants to talk about then and now is all different. technology has made and you know that better than i generationally and in your profession, it made a tremendous difference in how in real time
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information is conveyed to the largest number of people invoking a response and that's what we saw yesterday. so we will take it one issue at a time. >> does your agenda pushing gun legislation supersede the need to continue work on appropriate and spill and if so where does the process and? >> the problem with the appropriations bill is this build is this bill that they brought to the floor was a terrible bill with or without the gun issue and they insist on putting poison pills in the appropriation bills knowing that they are doomed and the president will not sign them and that we will sustain a veto so it really proves them. this is contrary to their tradition and as you may know the many years i was an appropriate or in that culture we would try to find compromise and try to find sustainability. i might like i weigh better but
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it changes it changes a bit and it's a more sustainable and more community, sense of community and getting the job done. cole. .. >> in some ways with those who are around all those issues.
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>> do you condemn the republican party the ability to govern, are you worried that you're opening the door to a similar activism among your party. >> no. >> i think a most every member, maybe just a handful of our colleagues participated in this. this is not a fringe element at the tea party. i say it's a fringe element, i element, i think it probably has more element than french, but in our party this was consensus from the part of our caucus to go forward. there were those who were prepared to go to jail. there are other suggestions a long the way. but this worked better. no, i am proud of our caucus and as i said to before, when people ask me all the time how do you keep the democrats unified, when they are so different from the each other and i said i don't unify them.
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our values unify them in our values unified as on the house of the floor. >> i don't if you can particular answer we reminisce when you turn the cameras offer when you turned it off on the republicans to think the rule is obsolete? >> we allow them a lot of time. but we're doing yesterday was largely in recess because they were just not ready to. >> should the speaker have control of the camera? >> i'm sorry. >> should he have control. >> it's a most irrelevant now because technology enables periscope it to take us out, the control of the house belongs to the speaker but the speaker needs to recognize that the world has changed and that there are other ways to get the message out in real-time to a broader audience to people that would probably never be watching c-span.
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a broader audience than everybody would ever be watching c-span. but getting it to c-span enabled it to have additional visibility, but the the large numbers of people watching it were watching it on their own technology. >> so would you treat the rule is obsolete? >> what rule are you talking about? >> the rule that the speaker has control over the cameras on the floor. >> i didn't even think about that. it's irrelevant. yes it the speaker has the power, he has control the lights, the heat, it was freezing in there that night. it was freezing. people were starting with sweaters, blankets and starting with sweaters, blankets and it practically having rugs because it was freezing in there. those one way, but but we would not be deterred. >> the supreme court about executive action not going into effect, is there anything else you can do with that in mind to energize the voters for this
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election, when they first launch trend trans. >> i'm certain the white house is investigating those possibilities. i have not read all the documents yet because i have not been to sleep much. it was a disappointing setback for hard-working immigrant families. it delays the implementation of measures to help those immigrant families. i think it it is important to know that we believe that the court was wrong. i want to remind you that president reagan and president george herbert walker bush dimm or by executive orders, percentage wise, effective more families by their executive actions than president obama. it is hard to understand why this court would say it was okay for president reagan and in president bush, it's not okay for president obama.
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we believe the court will ultimately prevail because the law is on the side of the president. the legal authority, the precedent is there. but this law today, this decision today does not set a precedent. it. it does not set a precedent. it applies only to trend five and expanded daca. not to existing daca. so that presence on existing dapa can be a forest and other parts of the agenda has not been
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again i think we need to pass reform, we just need to give us the signal to take up the votes and same thing with the guns. just give us a vote, we believe we could prevail because the majority of the american people overwhelmingly support these positions. in fact, i'm not happy about the decision but once it was four-four, four - four means it goes back to the lower court. but i i do want to point out that it was not as pervasive as all of daca. not to minimize it, but just to define what it is. again, and i've said to you before, president acted because congress did not act on immigration. back in the '80s congress did act with the immigration act of 1986. it was. it was a very significant immigration bill. congress acted and to president reagan hers credit says, he didn't do enough to honor the family fairness elements of it.
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and he and president george herbert walker bush did just that. a higher percentage of people affected with executive actions of the president obama. i don't know what that tells you, but nonetheless i think the election will help with that because it has evoked such a high registration of people in the commute in the immigrant community though be asian, asian pacific american, hispanic, african, caribbean, all kinds of immigrants to our country affected by it. >> so you don't think these programs are going into effect will deenergize anyone? >> no i think it is an energizer. i think it's an energizer. to the contrary, i think it is an energizer. i would see things a little differently. i think it is an energizer. it says the president did what the president, by law by law and by presidents had the right to do. a court will send it back we
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need a full-court and we need, we really do need comprehensive immigration reform. you're talking about it in this respect, we just had some meetings in the tech community every group that you meet one way or another keeps talking about the need for comprehensive immigration reform. the only people that don't seem to get it, and again is widely popular in the public, the only people who don't seem to get it are the republicans in the house. hopefully we can change that. i would those to take both of those issues off of the table to have immigration reform done, have guns have guns done, not have them be political. i don't really think of them as a difference of opinion on the spectrum of what is the role of government and federal and local. this is just about policy that has been again the republican
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president under president bracken has passed. it is not partisan in terms of the democrat. in any event, thank you all, i never saw the gallery so full. we kept you up late and during the night and all of the rest. i mean except for a state of mean except for a state of the union or visiting dignitary may be. but thank you for your interest. we have six pages, they give a six pages today six small print, full page listings of newspapers around the country where the sit ins were on the front page. i thank you for that. thank you all. none on. [inaudible] not on none.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> across the capital senators address pending legislation in the protest occurring in house. we'll hear from north carolina senator tom tillis, maine senators maine senators angus king and susan collins, amongst others. this is just over 30 minutes.
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>> before i get started on what i really want to talk about today which is the real threat facing our nation, i want to reflect for a few moments on the antics and theater that is going on in the house. mr. president, you and, you and i were both speakers of the house and in your great state of florida and my great state of north carolina and i don't know about you, but the business of the house is more important than the antics that we see going on there and if it were my chamber it would be cleared and people would be arrested if that is what is necessary to get us back to what is at the task at hand. we have a number of things that we need to work on here, economic security, national security, homeland security, and while people would use the pulpit or the house floor, the house chamber to advance their ing - political agenda, to advance their fundraising, go to their political websites and see how many of them had sent out an email over the past couple of days or week exploiting a tragic tragic situation in orlando for their political purposes. i think it is disgusting and i'm disappointed. i i think what we need to do


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