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tv   Book Discussion on Good for the Money  CSPAN  May 8, 2016 9:00pm-9:03pm EDT

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lj is. it was built along with a new hotel that was opened in 1939. and it was a landmark piece of the whole resort. it began to seriously decline in the late 1950s. there was extensive travel to folks you can get on an airplane at that time and the highways were improving and just a little ways from where we are right now las vegas was beginning to take hold in the 50s and 60s so folks could get on route 66 and go to las vegas so they had a lot more travel opportunities and vacation opportunities.
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the business really declined and they were not able to maintain the facility anymore. the hotel officially closed i believe it was 1961 or 1960. the arrowhead springs resort dates back almost to the very beginning of the whole sounding off san bernardino and its parallels to hold growth of the city of san bernardino and the san bernardino valley. as soon as they both grew up together they were important parts of each other. very symbiotic relationship between the two where they fed off of each other so it's been an ongoing relationship between the arrowhead springs hotel and the entire san bernardino valley and the city of san bernardino since its founding.
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>> asked him "after words, on "r marks reports on the late ceo strategy to revive the company after the 2008 financial crisis. >> host: we are here to discuss the book good for the money and i thought that it was the most no holds barred account of the crisis that i've read. he isn't playing nice at a time when so many others are continuing the need to get along and also thought it was amazing story of leadership, so tell me why did you want to do this but? >> guest: it started with my wife who at the time was an employee. she wrote a lot of the letters


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