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tv   In Depth  CSPAN  March 12, 2016 10:54am-11:01am EST

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less and productive. >> host: what did you think about that. >> guest: it has been interesting to watch, the whales that did not want to be harpoon turnout swimming around whereit you can see them, it is such a change from when i started writing about them.he five years ago there are the most secretive billionaires in the country. that was saying something. this was part of the new public relations effort that they're following, they are following, they are trying to talk and put a human face on their views. it's a smart policy probably. they certainly have gotten a lot of great publicity from barbara walters, you can hardly buy publicity like that about give, give, give. give, give. in that interview if you listen carefully what you hear is that
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david is saying i am libertarian do not hate me. i'm really good-mackey santa liberal new yorkers i am good on gay rights, i am fine with abortion but she says will thent wide but you're giving money to all the candidates against them. what you you hear from that is very true.eir liber the koch made where they put their money where it matters, is behind far right candidates that push all kinds of anti- gay right and antiabortion issues, it is not important to them, what's important to them is the economic issues, the fiscal issues. they want fewer taxes and fewer regulations, fewer
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taxes on people like themselves and fewer regulations on businesses like theirs. that's where they're putting their money and that's the movement they are fueling. the rest think it is not that important to them one way or another. so when charlesyohewh says in ts interview that he does not like -- people are like while he said he doesn't like the republicanot party, so he's not really republican, he doesn't like either party so he kinda sounds like someone who is not really that engaged in politics, it'sti really actually the same position he has had since 1980 i when he and his brother had his brother ron on the libertarian ticket. they they are way to the rights of the republican party,t they have been trying to push it to the right all these years and now pouring money into it as candidates but not because they like where it is but becausese they're trying to pull it their way to have lower taxes, smaller government, fewer regulations, they want this government to be way far right of where it is
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now. >> host: while obama's health care bill was useful in riling up protesters his environmental and policies was the real target of many multimillionaires and billionaires, if you had five minutes with charles what would you ask him? >> guest: it is hard to know, i am very interested to know how he got these views, they are really unusually radical. and wh i would like to talk to him about his radicalism and what his position is for this country.ins he talks about things like corporate cronyism which sounds like something everyone can agree is not a good thing.govern what is the libertarian vision of america? what does america look like when it has almost no government? where is the example in the world where there is a place where there is almost no government where there's a happy place?
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i think those are places like failed states, they don't don't look like happy places so i would like to know where is he trying to take this country? >> host: mark in minneapolis, thanks for holding your on. >> caller: thank you for taking my call, thank you to c-span for putting great authors on. the book is marvelous, it is courageous, i have to confess that i cannot read too much without getting up and going for some extra blood pressure medicine. it is daunting about the book and the influence, of the many things i would like to ask you, is there an antidote for something this large? i hate to use a cliché phrase but it seems like it has metastasize. is it being donald trump the
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only way to overtly fight this?n and even then he's just raising a ruckus against it i'm a little lost a night do not want to be help helpless in all this. >> host: thank you so much for those kind words, i am a reporter not a politician so i am not necessarily the person to turn to for the antidotes and everything. my personal reason for doing this kind of work is i do believe the beginning of reforming things that are wrongu is knowledge. >> .. so, the beginning for me is reporting about it, getting the information out, tried to get transparency, trying to let the voters and the citizens in the country understand why, when congress seems to do nothing it won't deal with common sense issues, why is that.
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while coming up understand it's hands are tied by private interests that it's serving and you need to be able to cert-- see who those interests are, so i think knowledge is the beginning. i think activism, people getting involved in voting is truly important. i think both trump and bernie sanders have sh i think trump and bernie sanders have shown there is a very big population in the country that is unhappy with what they perceive to be political corruption right now. is not an issue that has been addressed before this campaign and the amount of anger surrounding it in both parties is fascinating. it is a very live topic out there which means it is a live area where you can see reform. a lot of people are upset a


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